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  1. Bruce Beck was robbed right outside the NBC4 building: https://nypost.com/2023/08/24/nbc-4-ny-sports-anchor-bruce-beck-robbed-of-wallet-in-nyc/?fbclid=IwAR0NjhvL2A-SS7e3rRhOQnXnEzAeBBBUqOIrUPlhOlsUkQMZXis0LjqOlLs_aem_ASIlCzJ0hs4_K4Xppo6odhWTv0F-GlWsAH_4b4233CfqBhc579e30yA6q00jenlgCyk&mibextid=Zxz2cZ
  2. ESPN Sports Center’s Christina Alexander doing sports tonight. In for Sam Ryan who is off.
  3. During the Super Bowl pregame on FOX, they showed a couple of minutes of an interview with Michael Strahan and Damar Hamlin. It was an excerpt of the full interview which will air on GMA Monday morning. At the end they even mentioned for viewers to watch the full interview on Good Morning America on ABC. I know Michael Strahan is an employee of both FOX and ABC, but has this happened before where FOX basically ran a promo for ABC?
  4. For the non-CBS ads, do they charge the same ad rates as if those advertisers had full screen ads? I know this has been done during some sports games for a few years, but I am curious to know how that works. If I were an advertiser I would want to have a full screen so that there aren’t other things distracting the viewers from the ad I am paying for.
  5. Here is an article just posted about some NY TV news people starting from the 80s/90s. Wish there would be a more complete list: https://nj1015.com/ixp/942/p/where-are-they-now-new-york-anchors/?fbclid=IwAR2_U8MQQn3GXIO7mfQ6oVjJ2xfSObPqtj8LKdFVMdWWmLq3jvxnD7YKQEY&mibextid=Zxz2cZ
  6. Graphic blunder at 10 right now. When they have split screen, each time it says “Eyewitness News at 6:00PM” at the bottom. Throughout the broadcast. Oops
  7. Is this the first NYE they are on at 10? I remember in the past they were on at 11 but reduced to 30 minutes (instead of 35 minutes for weekday or 60 minutes for weekend)
  8. Is there not a way to have a flat logo used for mobile devices while keeping the previous logo for over the air? Meaning I’ve seen different logos before when watching local news on a station’s streaming app (or website) in L3 as compared to watching it at the same time live on my TV. If they have been able to do it until now, why the need to change it fully across the board? With regard to the CBS logo being too small, It seems counterproductive to the above argument where logos are being made to be able to be seen better on smaller devices. If you can barely see it on the TV because it’s so small, won’t it be harder to see on a smart phone? Just seems odd to me.
  9. If they are supposedly getting new O&O standardized graphics sometime soon, why would they introduce a new intro now?
  10. In NY when ABC had an owned radio station, they had 770 which I assume was obtained for the 7’s. WABC is still at 770 today but not owned by ABC anymore.
  11. The 11pm news tonight now has the flat abc dot as part of the ABC7 logo in the bottom right. Same size as before.
  12. Does anyone have the video of the noon newscast? Did the incident happen while they were live in studio or during a break (no pun intended)?
  13. WABC news graphics and same ABC7 logo appeared in episode 6 of ABC’s show Emergence. The site wouldn’t let me screenshot it. (Also seen in the recap prior to episode 7). I’ve seen WNBC graphics on various NBC shows over the years but can’t remember seeing one for WABC.
  14. Funny thing... When I asked Siri on iPhone what station the Mets/Yankees game is on tonight, it referred to this station as WB 11. Did Siri even exist back then?
  15. Any reason not to have this channel as an over the air sub channel?
  16. nope. Although their website has offered a 7 day forecast for a while. they have it set up like CBS2 where days 6 and 7 share the same column and appear after the initial first 5 days.
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