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  1. Does anyone have the video of the noon newscast? Did the incident happen while they were live in studio or during a break (no pun intended)?
  2. WABC news graphics and same ABC7 logo appeared in episode 6 of ABC’s show Emergence. The site wouldn’t let me screenshot it. (Also seen in the recap prior to episode 7). I’ve seen WNBC graphics on various NBC shows over the years but can’t remember seeing one for WABC.
  3. Funny thing... When I asked Siri on iPhone what station the Mets/Yankees game is on tonight, it referred to this station as WB 11. Did Siri even exist back then?
  4. I guess Sam can wear white sneakers at work? It wouldn’t show if he was just using the green screen where his feet wouldn’t be in view.
  5. Any reason not to have this channel as an over the air sub channel?
  6. nope. Although their website has offered a 7 day forecast for a while. they have it set up like CBS2 where days 6 and 7 share the same column and appear after the initial first 5 days.

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