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  1. John was back on this morning. I didn’t hear them say that he was in for Elise so hopefully he’s back for good!
  2. If I remember reading it correctly, Bill Evans wanted to keep the morning slot, however he was the chief meteorologist at the station, due to his seniority.
  3. Chris Burrous passes away https://ktla.com/2018/12/27/chris-burrous-beloved-ktla-anchor-dead-at-43/
  4. If Anthony Mason isn’t offered the job, I’d say Harry Smith. I’m not sure how much longer he has on his NBC contract but he’s a familiar and trusted face and has been an important part of CBS This Morning since the late 80s. I know most would argue been there, done that...they’ll never be #1 with Harry, etc but he’s solid and completely under utilized on NBC.
  5. I'm sure Dana feels remorse about how she treated Michele back in the day. I do remember when Dana celebrated I think 20 or 25 years at the station she thanked Michele, Carol and Jim Jensen which was a classy move. I grew up watching a lot of news back in the day. I like Dana and I know she's been there 27 years now vs Michele's 17 years but to me Michele will always be the biggest female anchor on channel 2. I always hoped she would come back or resurface somewhere because she was one of the all-time greats. When I think of channel 4, I think of Sue Simmons. When I think of channel 7, I think of Roz Abrams. And when I think of channel 2, I still think of Michele Marsh even though she's been gone 21 years. To me, Michele was the equivalent of Sue and Roz in terms of name value and legendary status. She worked with every male anchor and worked well with each one, whether it was Rolland Smith, Jim Jensen, Mike Schneider, Tony Guida, Ernie Anastos, etc. I've never heard a bad word spoken about her and often wondered if everyone still kept in touch through the years. Either way, she will be greatly missed and will forever be a legend in this business.
  6. According to the TV listings it looks like a lot of the schedule is being revamped once the 6:30 starts: 5a-PIX 11 morning news 9a/930a-Celebrity name game 10a-Maury 11a-Jerry Springer 12p-Jerry Springer 1p-Bill Cunningham show 2p-Crime watch daily 3p-Steve Wilkos 4p-Maury 5p-PIX 11 news at 5 6p-PIX 11 news at 6 630p-PIX 11 news at 6:30 7p-Friends 730p-Seinfeld 8p-the CW 10p-PIX 11 news at 10 11p-Seinfeld 1130p/12a-Two and a Half Men 1230a-Friends 1a/130a-Everybody Loves Raymond 2a-Crime watch daily 3a-America's Court 330a-Rules of Engagement 4a-Good Times 430a-The Jeffersons
  7. Brian Conybeare filed a report tonight on the 11pm. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it already or heard anything about him being hired.
  8. When Cindy Hsu reported her passing on CBS 2 News at 11 tonight you could hear her voice start to crack as she was getting emotional. When the camera went on Cindy she looked like she was about to break down and cry. Shows you what an impact Lisa had on everyone who knew her/knew of her.
  9. She was one of the best reporters on WABC and in New York in general. Whether she was reporting or filling in on the morning show, she excelled at everything she did at the station. What a tragic loss.
  10. It's been like that for a couple of weeks. They also have been airing the 6a-7a portion of the morning news for some reason.
  11. I wish they never got rid of Julie Grauert. She was pretty good!
  12. According to the new TV listings, the TMZ repeat will now air at 1pm followed by Inside Edition at 130pm. Dr Oz moves to 2pm, People's Court stays put at 3pm and TMZ Live now moves to 4pm.
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