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  1. I dunno, I think what KTVI has now looks a lot better than what the in-house stuff they had before.
  2. Kind of dumb when people can watch a stream of WNEP news for free.
  3. Looks like it debuted over the weekend (just in time for an impending winter storm). Looks like they got a KOIN/WFLA style set. https://fox2now.com/news/missouri/fox-2-unveils-new-broadcast-studio/
  4. They haven't. It does air on the "city channel" on Stirr which I think is why they launched those channels. Because outside of The National Desk, there are no local news programs on those channels.
  5. They'll do it for as long as it takes to keep ABC happy (ABC "would like" their affiliates to have local news leading into World News Tonight and out of primetime programming). I wouldn't be shocked if something similar happened with KDNL (Especially if WSYX has the resources for it since KDNL's master control is there)
  6. “We were told we had to change the name of Trump Country,” Morris said in a voicemail message left with The News-Press. “Biden’s team contacted us, and we were afraid we’d lose our license, our license to broadcast, if we didn’t change it. So we went ahead and changed it.” Give me a break, that's such a load of BS. I doubt Biden is concerned about branding on a radio station in SWFL. I think it's more likely Trump's team was the one that called them to stop it. Either that or they saw the lost cause they attached the branding of their new format to and the expiration da
  7. https://amp.newsobserver.com/news/state/north-carolina/article248454550.html?__twitter_impression=true They found who bought the billboard.
  8. The News 4 branding has been with KMOV for ages, they aren't going to drop that. And you are correct, this is more of an update of the previous graphics they got just a couple of years ago moreso than a brand new package overall.
  9. Part of me really does wonder if they chose those colors because they're similar to the St. Louis Blues colors (they do have a media partnership with them). Otherwise KMOV did a nice job.
  10. I get the frustration. Personally I think the current studio KTVI has is still fine.
  11. KWQC has released a statement about their decision. https://www.kwqc.com/2020/12/02/tv6-not-airing-baltimore-ravens-vs-pittsburgh-steelers-game/ The remark about people not being able to stream it easy struck me as incredibly tone deaf.
  12. That's really more of an indictment on the stations in Topeka and Wichita if anything.
  13. Curious if WRTV isn't getting a ratings bump because of all of this.
  14. KTVI/KPLR are getting a new set. https://fox2now.com/news/missouri/fox-2-and-kplr-11-prepare-for-studio-renovations/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  15. This just a bad idea all around. I can only imagine what the sport teams who had no say in this decision are thinking (especially the Cubs since they jumped in late).
  16. Well we now know what will happen to the 95.5 frequency in St. Louis. https://radioinsight.com/headlines/201045/95-5-st-louis-to-get-a-boost-under-new-ownership/
  17. KFTK serves a different niche compared to KMOX. Despite KMOX having Rush Limbaugh, the rest of the shows on there are pretty middle of the road. KFTK is considered the go-to for right wing talk radio in St. Louis. As far as the translator is concerned, that is to fill a coverage gap on the Illinois side of the market. This is because the transmitter is in O'Fallon, MO which is a suburb that is 25 miles northwest of St. Louis whereas the majority of stations in St. Louis are transmitted from a cluster less than 10 miles southwest of St. Louis.
  18. So KYW is finally getting its FM home. I wonder if KMOX is going to get an FM home too out of this deal.
  19. Does this include News 13 and Bay News 9? Because those name still have a lot of cache in Florida.
  20. I dunno. I casually follow KUSA and it seems like the people upset about this already were not fans of KUSA (perceived bias in coverage, people griping about Kyle Clark, etc.) and this was just an additional reason. ABC 7 Denver definitely would have better perspective than me though.
  21. I wonder how that is working? Is he doing these stories from Dallas or is he traveling to Denver to cover this?
  22. Not really. It's pretty obvious that Fox News has a bias and that there's a certain narrative they're trying to create (Antifa kills Patriot). Hence the healthy skepticism with how they're reporting this story. But I disgress.
  23. Thank you. And its worthy noting that one should have a skeptical view of a source that has a clear bias on what kind of story they want to create. KUSA released more video and we have the arrest affidavit. Both of those carry a lot more weight in comparison.

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