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  1. They've getting a new newsroom. I have a feeling whenever they publicly reveal the new newsroom is when the rebranding will take place.
  2. Also sounds like the theme won't change either based on that small bit we heard.
  3. I'm sure Sinclair is thrilled to hear about this.
  4. I wonder if this has anything to do with it? https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/nbc-to-launch-daytime-national-news-program-in-former-days-of-our-lives-timeslot/511965/
  5. Not to mention that Hearst's graphics hub is based out of WESH so that station is going nowhere.
  6. Between him and Gary Amble retiring at KCTV. One has to wonder when Brian Busby at KMBC will do the same.
  7. Figured that would happen eventually. WDVM had already been trying to expand their coverage into the DC suburbs.
  8. Looks like they're using the Fox News package for their lower thirds.
  9. Shortly after being purchased by Gray, KMOV is planning to move out of its longtime home in downtown St. Louis. Most likely moving to suburban Maryland Heights (same suburb KTVI/KPLR are in). https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/columns/joe-holleman/kmov-plans-to-leave-downtown-st-louis-eyeing-maryland-heights-area/article_6b8252a1-daba-52fa-ab23-a7187370ea4f.html
  10. Nexstar's ABC affiliates are up for renewal at the end of the year so don't be too surprised if they do try to grab the ABC affiliation from WBUP. Nexstar invested a lot into getting that news operation going so i don't think they'll be that eager to shut everything down unless they really have to.
  11. Did Nexstar use the same negotiators that LIN TV used when they botched the affiliation deal with WISH-TV? Wonder if Circle City tried to make an offer to bring CBS back to WISH-TV as well?
  12. This quote right here makes me think the branding will eventually come to KTVN. While the media industry has consolidated and is now mostly controlled by large corporations, Local 3 continues to be owned and operated by a small family-owned broadcasting company, Sarkes Tarzian, Inc. The station remains focused on making local decisions for local viewers. A new name, logo, graphics, and website mark a recommitment of putting local first in news, promotions, sales, and programming. “The new brand serves as a single identity for all the divisions of Local 3,” says Pam Teague, Chief Operating Officer for Sarkes Tarzian, Inc. “This is a new look, but it’s the same station viewers in the Tennessee Valley trust. We are committed to maintaining our stellar reputation as a local source of information, entertainment, and advertising as Local 3.”
  13. Whoops my mistake! In that case, Charlotte actually has six news operations since Spectrum News is in Charlotte too.
  14. Orlando only has 4 English language news operations (WESH/WKCF, WKMG, WFTV/WRDQ, WOFL/WRBW). Charlotte is a unique market and its because of WCCB.
  15. Translation: Peachtree TV is getting more newscasts. Also, it seems like Grey is going to take care of WGCL a lot better than Meredith did.
  16. Considering he does the 10pm news on WPHL, I would be surprised if he's not next in line.
  17. At first KCPQ was asleep at the wheel while the other stations in town were covering it. Then after a while, KCPQ started simulcasting Fox Weather while they were covering the tornado warnings. They eventually did go to local coverage only after the tornado warnings dropped. Either way, KCPQ looked ill prepared today.
  18. Only reason the last one got canceled was because the station they were using to produce the newscasts (WTVR) was sold off to Scripps in order to complete the Tribune/Nexstar merger.
  19. Someone at TVA has been watching football on Fox.
  20. Set to become O&O's January 1, 2022. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/espanol/el-sentinel-in-english/os-ex-english-univision-communications-takes-over-station-20211013-qet4rw4rovhdzjlrgdsmgeqnne-story.html
  21. The way they redesigned it, it would be easy to remove the "Local" branding.
  22. Only a matter of time before the same thing happens with WOI.
  23. I still don't think they've fully recovered from that. Is KTVU still the Bay Area news juggernaut it was under Cox?
  24. Retransmission fees are the biggest scam in broadcasting. And that greed is going to contribute to its ultimate demise. Its upsetting.
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