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  1. Well we now know what will happen to the 95.5 frequency in St. Louis. https://radioinsight.com/headlines/201045/95-5-st-louis-to-get-a-boost-under-new-ownership/
  2. KFTK serves a different niche compared to KMOX. Despite KMOX having Rush Limbaugh, the rest of the shows on there are pretty middle of the road. KFTK is considered the go-to for right wing talk radio in St. Louis. As far as the translator is concerned, that is to fill a coverage gap on the Illinois side of the market. This is because the transmitter is in O'Fallon, MO which is a suburb that is 25 miles northwest of St. Louis whereas the majority of stations in St. Louis are transmitted from a cluster less than 10 miles southwest of St. Louis.
  3. So KYW is finally getting its FM home. I wonder if KMOX is going to get an FM home too out of this deal.
  4. Does this include News 13 and Bay News 9? Because those name still have a lot of cache in Florida.
  5. I dunno. I casually follow KUSA and it seems like the people upset about this already were not fans of KUSA (perceived bias in coverage, people griping about Kyle Clark, etc.) and this was just an additional reason. ABC 7 Denver definitely would have better perspective than me though.
  6. I wonder how that is working? Is he doing these stories from Dallas or is he traveling to Denver to cover this?
  7. Not really. It's pretty obvious that Fox News has a bias and that there's a certain narrative they're trying to create (Antifa kills Patriot). Hence the healthy skepticism with how they're reporting this story. But I disgress.
  8. Thank you. And its worthy noting that one should have a skeptical view of a source that has a clear bias on what kind of story they want to create. KUSA released more video and we have the arrest affidavit. Both of those carry a lot more weight in comparison.
  9. KUSA has just released more video of the incident. (Viewer Discretion advised) https://www.9news.com/mobile/article/news/crime/unlicensed-security-guard-matthew-dolloff-shooting-probable-cause-statement-video/73-a5a0a0e9-11b1-4d7d-972d-7b2a25fd1173 Denver Post also reporting that KUSA did not know that the security guard that was contracted was armed. He was also a security guard for a televised debate for US Senate. https://www.denverpost.com/2020/10/13/9news-protest-shooting-matthew-dolloff/ KMGH has a nice summary of everything. h
  10. Tegna and Pinkerton's legal teams will probably settle out of court. The only liability Tegna has is if they knew he wasn't properly licensed and didn't properly notify Denver PD. If anything, that would result in a fine that Tegna can easily manage. The notion that they're going to lose their license over this is absurd and shows absolute ignorance about how all of this stuff works.
  11. Coastal Television (KYUR/KTBY) is making news for all the wrong reasons (this story ran in the NY Post today too): https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/anchorage/2020/10/12/anchorage-mayor-admits-to-inappropriate-relationship-with-news-anchor/
  12. I'm sure KUSA/Tegna will get some sort of fine and civil penalties. But let's be honest, the people demanding that KUSA's license be stripped are the same people demanding that NBC's license be stripped because they think the news coverage is biased in a way they don't like. They have no clue about the business at all (at least compared to people in this thread) and shouldn't be taken all that seriously.
  13. Not to mention KFQX in Grand Junction. Every Fox affiliate in the state has the same package. The only exception is the small piece of SW Colorado in the Albuquerque market where Fox New Mexico uses the same package KRQE uses. You may be onto something. Considering that KFQX already simulcasts KDVR's morning news as well as its 9:30 newscast.
  14. KMOV shot itself in the foot. He was the most known person on that station. But unfortunately he's been around long enough that it's "costly".
  15. They went the same route that KTVI/KPLR went (Using the same graphics package). No surprise they went with this package. I don't think the actual package is bad. It's just we're used to seeing it on small market Fox affiliate and not markets the size of Denver or St. Louis. And I disagree, this isn't close to the rock bottom days of "The Deuce".
  16. KDNL begs to differ. At least WGNO makes an attempt.
  17. After a few years, Bonneville's KSL has received a new graphics package. Definitely a continuation of the flat look that seems to be trending right now. Actually it looks pretty nice. They also have a new VO (Beau Weaver) https://www.ksl.com/watchit/event/45351
  18. Its official, WFLA has launched their new set and graphics as of 4pm. They're using a different cut of Guardian though (same one that WFTV and WSB use). https://www.wfla.com/newscast/
  19. Simple, Sinclair thought they could get away with it. Just like they thought they could get away with that must-run speech they had their anchors do about "fake news" that turned out to be such a joke it probably jeopardized their acquisition of Tribune because someone complied a video of Sinclair anchors all over the country reading that same script verbatim. Sinclair will never learn. They really are a company run by arrogant people.
  20. The Boston Globe has a nice article about him. https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/07/26/metro/ed-ansin-local-television-news-pioneer-owner-channel-7-dies-he-was-84/ Still waiting for something similar from the Miami Herald.
  21. Yeah I'm watching WSVN right now. Belkys Nerey (10pm anchor) is tearing up as she shared stories about him. They spent the first 12 minutes of their newscast on this. There is a time for speculation and now isn't it.
  22. WSVN starting off their 10pm with an announcement of his death and a look back on his life at the station. Both anchors seem really choked up. He was at the station as late as Friday which is why the station seems so shocked about this.
  23. And it does look like they're getting the KOIN graphics package based on that monitor.
  24. Perhaps. But it definitely has more of a "Floridian" look compared to its Northwestern counterpart.

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