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  1. With all the craziness going on in the world, we missed this Talkback 16 segment about the new graphics. https://www.wnep.com/mobile/article/opinion/talkback/talkback-feedback-graphic-content/523-72f29d9b-c000-4016-beda-9812766cc30d
  2. I think the reality is that this is the plan in action. As long as WCBS is able to get something out to their audience, they don't care how its done. Even if that relies on a team 3000 miles away.
  3. New VO too. Don't know who it is though. KTVI/KPLR use him too.
  4. Isn't that because it's on ESPN? The music is property of Turner I believe.
  5. You have to wonder if the people complaining about the size of the font are watching it on the SD feed. I figured the font size would be one complaint, but I didn't realize how passionate people were about the colors in a newscast.
  6. There was a Talkback 16 segment that aired earlier tonight. They did have a portion where callers were calling in about the "new changes" that WNEP was promoting in the lead up to today (its toward the end of the video). https://www.wnep.com/mobile/article/opinion/talkback/talkback-16-coronavirus-and-kurts-hair/523-4d31169b-73c0-404e-b200-391d597d762b
  7. Is it me, or does the Fox 59 logo look different now? https://fox59.com/
  8. Here is a critique of the graphics and overall presentation style of Marquee from a former television director at WLS. https://www.bleedcubbieblue.com/platform/amp/2020/2/25/21152154/marquee-network-graphics-style-cubs-tv
  9. Worth mentioning that its geoblocked so you're unable to watch this if you're not in Canada.
  10. I'm wondering if KDVR/KWGN will get a unified package. Unlike their sister counterparts in St. Louis, the Denver duopoly really tried to have separate identities (they still have separate morning shows I believe).
  11. Hopefully this means their opens got an upgrade too.
  12. Surprised they would get the new graphics considering they're about to be sold to Nexstar pretty soon.
  13. Without going full Speculatron, isn't WFXT's affiliation agreement tied to KOKI and WHBQ's?
  14. KTVI is finally outsourcing their graphics? Is it going to be the Tribune Fox package or the Nexstar Fox package?
  15. Curious to see how the ticker will look. Using the ticker from the old package on the new package is definitely not visually appealing.
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