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  1. Joe Crain from WICS in Springfield is fired after protesting Sinclair's insistence on using "Code Red" branding for their weather coverage. https://www.newsweek.com/joe-crain-springfield-illinois-weatherman-viral-video-code-red-weather-alerts-sinclair-1442776
  2. I'm surprised they haven't done anything like that sooner. Especially since NY1 has had a Spanish language channel for quite some time now.
  3. WINK also operates WXCW so I wonder if this is a stepping stone towards WINK producing newscasts for WUVF/WLZE. Makes sense considering how fast the Spanish-speaking population is growing in Southwest Florida.
  4. They complain about WNEP still using MCTYW. They'll definitely complain about the Avant-Garde style music that Tegna uses.
  5. They just seem that way because the previous graphics were really nice. These aren't bad either but they do kind of feel like a step backwards.
  6. I like how they publically dump on WGN America saying "it's a channel "very few people watch". Not exactly professional even if its true. These ever increasing retransmission fees for OTA channels are pretty idiotic and a big contributor to the rising cost of cable. Ironically by doing this, broadcasting companies like Tribune are driving viewers away. That said Spectrum couldve worded this a little more professionally. Off topic: I like the background music even if it's a tad overdramatic.
  7. Here is what Spectrum is running on the channels blacked out. (They also make it known how they really feel about WGN America)
  8. They did it last year too. Its basically a simulcast of KLAS's local coverage for New Year's. All the stations in Las Vegas go non-stop with coverage of New Year's celebrations there. The only thing added since Nexstar started simulcasting were the coverage of the countdown in Dallas and Denver (it was Phoenix last year but I think because of the fireworks ban there, they went with just a camera feed of the fireworks in Denver). It is entertaining watching all the different shows going on in Las Vegas at that time. It was simulcast to all Nexstar markets in the Mountain and Pacific timezones. The ones in the southern part of the Central time zone simulcasts KXAS's coverage in Dallas. I do have to admit that it is a smart idea on Nexstars part and gives viewers another option besides a tape-delay of the network's coverage of Times Square. My only issue was that the stream for KLAS kept timing out on me
  9. Its definitely a relic of a day when the Denver channels over C-Band was the source of network programming for rural areas of the West that couldn't get a signal from a station closer to them. I believe KMGH and KDVR were the defacto affiliates in parts of Montana that didnt have a local ABC or Fox affiliate. Its definitely obsolete in the digital era where local stations can put multiple networks on one single signal. Even now a days the local Denver stations barely acknowledge places like Laramie and Gillette on their weather maps.
  10. No question. With WGN, Sinclair would've already had the infrastructure necessary to start a successful RSN. Without it, Sinclair now has to start fresh and make their largest investment the company has ever made to a single channel in order for it to turn out to be successful.
  11. I usually like KDKA but that's a pretty crappy move. He didn't even get to say good bye on the air before they fired him. Probably not. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't WBAL and WIYY some of the best performing stations in Baltimore? I'm sure it's a cash cow for them.
  12. Tribune's "very own" branding actually meshes well with Nexstar's local branding. I wouldn't be surprised if Nexstar expanded that beyond the former Tribune stations. I'm sure Nexstar will take some cues from former Tribune staff similar to how they've taken cues from former MG staff.
  13. You also forgot to mention their tweets which said "We also offer our stations reporting from the Beltway and beyond that are not partisan or bias in any way." And "we are committed to fair, unbiased journalism". You would think their PR department would have something more believable by now. https://mobile.twitter.com/WeAreSinclair/status/1067926594818199552
  14. That's not fair. Usually the dumbass idiot is still somewhat likeable.
  15. It's a combination of that and KMOVs growing dominance (partly as a result of CBS's ratings overall). KSDK has had a whole bunch of turnover and rebranding whereas KMOV and KTVI have remained relatively consistent.
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