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  1. I don't know how we missed this but it looks like KATU got them last month.
  2. Here is the close on KTVI. I imagine it's the same on KPLR. Interesting to note: Instead of listing various cities in the background of the close, KTVI/KPLR has decided to list the various counties in the viewing area.
  3. Oh darn, guess I can't watch the news on KDNL then. Seriously though, this will impact markets a lot harder than St. Louis. Columbus comes to mind with Ohio State being on Sinclair stations there.
  4. I'm not surprised, I've seen those Talkback 16 segments. The current controversy seems to be Millionare not airing on WNEP anymore (nevermind the fact the show stopped production). https://wnep.com/2019/09/10/talkback-16-what-happened-to-millionaire/ Curious to see what calls they'll get about their new ownership.
  5. Ick, I hope not. That would be a huge downgrade compared to their current package. I think you're right though sadly.
  6. Nothing against the standard Nexstar CBS affiliates graphics package but it's nice to see that a large market station like KOIN will have something that is somewhat still unique in comparison.
  7. Monday night. It started with WPBF in West Palm and has slowly shifted up the coast at the same rate Dorian has.
  8. This article provides more detail on what's going on. https://www.denverpost.com/2019/08/28/altitude-sports-contracts-nuggets-avalanche/amp/ Worth noting that unlike Fox and Comcast which streams their RSNs through YouTubeTV, Hulu, etc., Altitude doesn't. Seems like they're taking a very backwards approach to a rapidly changing industry.
  9. Thanks for including these. Since the live stream doesn't include the bug, this gives us a better look at how the graphics actually look to viewers.
  10. Pittsburgh viewers are creatures of habit. The only way KDKA will change that is if CBS corporate forces them too. Like you said, their hour-long newscasts separates them from the competition there. That said, if WJZ is doing it, something tells me someone in New York may have pushed that decision.
  11. KDKA delays it until 7pm as well. They have a full hour newscast at 6pm just like WJZ. However I have not heard of any plans for KDKA to change that anytime soon.
  12. I'm sure the fact it's the flagship of both the Blue Jackets and (more importantly) Ohio State athletics played into the overall value of these radio properties.
  13. If I remember correctly, I think that the KNXV newscast was originally going to be based off of then-sister Fox affiliate in Kansas City. This is what those newscasts looked like. In comparison, the newscasts that KNXV started with are definitely a lot more toned down. Go to 1:46 to see the start of the newscast.
  14. Joe Crain from WICS in Springfield is fired after protesting Sinclair's insistence on using "Code Red" branding for their weather coverage. https://www.newsweek.com/joe-crain-springfield-illinois-weatherman-viral-video-code-red-weather-alerts-sinclair-1442776
  15. I'm surprised they haven't done anything like that sooner. Especially since NY1 has had a Spanish language channel for quite some time now.
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