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  1. I'm actually surprised it wasn't KABB that got the standard graphics since they're the legacy station in that duopoly.
  2. Wow, picking fights with any of your colleagues is a bad move, especially someone as established and well-respected as Jovita Moore. Sounds like WSB isn't losing much on the radio side.
  3. WSIL is finally getting Quincified. They got a new set as well as the graphics the rest of the stations in the Quincy Media group have.
  4. I'm sure what happened at the CBS Broadcasting Center in New York had all the O&O's evaluating their contingency plan. Makes sense that the back up for KDKA would be KYW since they're in the same state.
  5. In fairness, at least the station disclosed that in the story. That's actually more than I expected a Sinclair station to do.
  6. Ah nevermind.
  7. Dumb question but I wonder if WGN9 will be simulcasting this as well. Because I don't think WGN America ever appeared on the cable lineups in Chicago. They'll obviously have to cut away at 9pm for their own newscasts though. But it seems silly that a majority of Chicago would be unable to see a program that's being produced in Chicago (insert comments about Xfinity and the Cubs Marquee network here).
  8. I personally agree with his opinion, but I also know Tegna tries as hard as it can to be impartial, especially compared to other station groups. So this obviously isn't a good look for them and hence the result. But like others have said, hopefully another station will pick him up after all the dust settles.
  9. Last thing Fox wants to do is downgrade from a station that's been challenging WWL for its market dominance to a station that they would essentially have to build from scratch. They learned from Charlotte which is why they didn't try to do the same thing in Seattle.
  10. Denver is an AFC city. And Milwaukee is more or less an NFC city (it share primary market status with Green Bay's market).
  11. Shoot, I did forget about WALA. My mistake. KTVK/KPHO use the same L3s as the WFTV package. Just like KCTV (their opens mimic WFTV as well), KMOV, and WFSB. And thinking more about it, KVVU uses KPTV's package for the opens but mimics CNN for the L3.
  12. They more or less have. It's either the KPTV version or the WFTV version. The only ones that are not using either version is WNEM which is using the CBS O&O package and WGGB which is using the WABC package.
  13. Finally deviating from NBC O&O graphics (or at least knock off of). New VO too. Scott Chapin is an interesting choice.
  14. With all the craziness going on in the world, we missed this Talkback 16 segment about the new graphics. https://www.wnep.com/mobile/article/opinion/talkback/talkback-feedback-graphic-content/523-72f29d9b-c000-4016-beda-9812766cc30d
  15. I think the reality is that this is the plan in action. As long as WCBS is able to get something out to their audience, they don't care how its done. Even if that relies on a team 3000 miles away.
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