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  1. I'm honestly surprised Sinclair hasn't started selling stations. That seems like a sure-fire way to recoup some losses.
  2. You consider retransmission disputes to be entirely the providers' (read: cable companies, Hulu, Fubo, etc.) fault?
  3. An hour of true-crime investigation programming every night? Hard pass. In fact, I doubt affiliates would like it, either.
  4. Maybe it's for a new TLC show: Little People, Big Video Wall.
  5. You put that in plainer, more clear-cut language than Rosenworcel did. Maybe you should've helped draft the order.
  6. And not conflict talkers (Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, et al) and court shows, either. I'd rather have all-day news than those.
  7. Hopefully he's not the only one waiting to make a purchase. I'm sure Graham, Hearst, and any company that has room to buy even one station (yes, even the networks, though they're undoubtedly pickier) is keeping an eye on this saga.
  8. Complete with footwear.
  9. Which is why I'm surprised Martin didn't partner with Allen Media. Right now, the only advantage he gets from partnering with Kim/SG is Tegna's relatively greater reach in terms of reaching the population as the company owns stations in large markets that AM isn't in. But, of course, that's all hypothetical until Kim/SG actually owns the stations.
  10. Is he aware that the issues with the deal have absolutely nothing to do with Soo Kim being a POC? Also, I think Byron Allen might like to have a word with him...
  11. So here's a question I just thought of: If the deal falls through (as it should), what happens to the sale of Standard Media's stations (KBSI/WDKA, WLNE, and KLKN) to Coxpollo and Coxpollo's WFXT to Standard Media? Is that deal strictly contingent on the larger Tegna deal, or does Apollo have its own reason to sue SG for breach of contract?
  12. It'd be poetic justice if he manages to push at least one of the R commissioners into changing their position. But based on who nominated them, I'm not holding my breath.
  13. What @nycnewsjunkie said. All SG had to do was agree to put the Tegna stations in Atlanta, Charlotte, Jacksonville, and Seattle up for sale (no need to make Coxpollo sell its stations when this whole thing was Soo Kim's brainchild) and the deal would've happened. Instead, Kim/SG and ApollCox are joining Sinclair in sitting in the corner wearing egg on their faces. Eggs are for eating, not wearing.
  14. Heck, he could have teamed up with another broadcaster -- Hearst, Graham, Allen, one of the networks, etc. "Look, help me out here and I'll let you pick which stations you get to keep." (This may very well have been how he got Apollo on board.) Hopefully Tegna would have the sense to start selling stations well before then.
  15. "NewsNation Billings".... "NewsNation Elmira".... "NewsNation Escanaba"... "NewsNation Podunk".... I can see their competitors having a field day. "Would you trust news for Escanaba that's coming from CHIGAGO?"
  16. I for one am looking forward to the great culling of cable channels. It's long overdue. The multiplexes should be among the first to go, of course -- all the extra HBOs, Showtimes, MTVs, Nicks, VH1s, etc. It's 2023; who needs eight flavors of HBO (plus their west coast feeds) when you have HBO Max? But the absolute first channels that need to go? Music Choice and its ilk.
  17. They could have easily kept the "Decades" name and simply slowly added more sitcoms, so the name change is all about the marketing.
  18. You can actually get all of those?
  19. I can't wait to see how they re-brand The Movie Channel. "Paramount+ with Showtime and The Movie Channel"? This just feels like Paramount is either raising the white flag of surrender and acknowledging HBO's superiority in the premium cable space...or doing the equivalent of saying, "Hey! No one messes with my son Shoey! He's a PARAMOUNT!"
  20. What, is the NBC logo missing from the station's website?
  21. Someone want to rename this thread? The current title isn't really appropriate anymore. I'm thinking "Disney's A Tale of Two Bobs" would work...
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