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  1. Hate to say it, but neither National Comic Book Day nor International Research Administrator Day are that big.
  2. The UK version, if I recall correctly. Besides, If it was Sky News Australia, would we even notice?
  3. Which of his sons was it that wanted to make Fox News more like Sky News?
  4. I would-- *vanishes in a cloud of topic re-railing* [Update: Continuing the Hearst discussion here.]
  5. I'm surprised CBS didn't opt to run repeats of procedurals like they did back in 2014-15 when they were last between hosts for either late-night slot, or, even better, just keep the Late Late reruns going indefinitely.
  6. I would imagine Scripps is the obvious buyer of KXGN as they already own the rest of the MTN stations. They could also buy KYUS and just maintain the time brokerage deal with Cowles. Or Cowles could just buy the station itself.
  7. As an aside, I'm surprised CBS hasn't put more of their back catalogue on Pluto TV, particularly The Pat Sajak Show and the post-2014 late-night shows. Older episodes of 60 Minutes could also be worth putting up, too.
  8. I was wondering when the inevitable culling of the cable channels would begin. Could this be the opening salvo? It's surprisingly hard to find any mention on CBN's website of ways to watch the 700 Club on cable and broadcast TV channels; the site really only pushes CBN's own streaming service and its accompanying app. This has me thinking that only a small percentage of the show's viewing audience watches via Freeform. (Fun fact: Doing a Google search on "Ways to watch the 700 club" produces a link to a page on what has to be an old version of CBN's website -- or, rather, the development version of an old version of the site, which is still pulling in the latest content. I think their robots.txt file needs to have a "come to Jesus" moment...)
  9. Including WFXT. I don't remember a time when any of the major Boston stations (or WMUR) were blacked out on our system, whether or not we had Harron, Adelphia, or Comcast/Xfinity.
  10. Hopefully DwtS will wipe the floor with it.
  11. There's a pretty good op-ed piece that came out last week from Next TV's Alan Wolk about how Thompson's work should start with CNN.com. As someone who visits the website multiple times a day, I'm paying attention here. YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES! Outbrain and its ilk need to go far, far away from all serious news sites.
  12. I wonder if they'll keep the mid-2000s Fox News color scheme the site has had for many years.
  13. Having the new CEO be the guy who used to lead both the New York Times and the BBC actually sounds like one of the best moves yet.
  14. Former Fox Broadcasting president Jamie Kellner is also calling for a hearing. Fox, meanwhile, has an endorsement letter.
  15. Funny, WBZ doesn't seem to have a problem shoving CBS programming over to WSBK when needed.
  16. If they can find something to trade it for.
  17. And like I've said before, no one is going to type "losangeles9.com" or "sacramento31.com" into their browsers, especially on phones. Short but memorable URLs are key., so those will be what get promoted, even if all they do is redirect to (deep breath) www.cbsnews.com/{cityname}.
  18. So, they're competing against the live streaming offerings from NBC News Now, ABS News Live, and CBS News (the former CBSN)?
  19. It wouldn't surprise me if some meteorologists at Florida-based stations are working behind the scenes (remotely, either from home or from their regular stations) to help -- and provide coaching on how to cover a hurricane. Considering the number of companies that own stations in both regions -- Nexstar, Tegna, Scripps, NBCU, CBS, Fox, Telemundo, etc -- it's bound to be happening in some form. At the very least, someone's brain was picked.
  20. They also grabbed philadelphia57.com. Smart move. Not that anyone's more likely to manually type (or peck on their phones) "philadelphia57.com" over "philly57.com", of course...
  21. Embracing that high channel number like nobody's business. This is the way!
  22. He's not the only one trying to get it retracted. So are a number of journalists.
  23. Heck, there's an entirely FAST channel devoted to Dateline, plus NBC News Now also runs it to fill holes in its schedule.
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