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  1. I've never been the biggest fan of Ansin's approach (the flashy, tabloid-y look and feel, buying WLVI just to keep it out of NBC's hands, etc), but he did things his way and came out on top, and I have to respect that.
  2. So, not really anything odd as far as the Charlotte market is concerned.
  3. Did it have any O&Os before Fox bought WJZY?
  4. (A big thank-you to whoever split this out into its own thread. )
  5. According to the Washington Post, this is what happened after the break:
  6. AT&T/Warner should just blow up HLN and do something non-news with it.
  7. I'm surprised Nashua is still the CoL, to be honest.
  8. I don't think the name change is petty; in fact, it feels like a straightforward and sensible change. Now, if it had been renamed to "Disney Searchlight Pictures", that would be petty.
  9. Heck, they could make it without other groups.
  10. I hope Nexstar also plans on ensuring that WGNA is available in HD. I can only get it in SD here in southern NH (Xfinity). That said, I like what they're thinking and I'll definitely check News Nation out when it premieres.
  11. Yeah, that string of URL spew at the end is ugly. A bigger issue, though, is that the site isn't responsive; rather, they're still using a separate mobile site. Also, the WVEC logo is tiny! It should be at least twice as big, like I've done below.
  12. Oh, come on. There are more options here than "stay-at-home moms" and people in assisted living/nursing homes. There are: Retired people People who work non-"standard" hours and are thus free to have the TV on in the mornings if they're awake People who work from home and are thus also free to have the TV on Stay-at-home dads And those are just the ones I can think of.
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