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  1. I happened to notice that the top headline on WTVF's website right now is about who won Nashville's mayoral runoff...which happened on Thursday. The story itself was last updated shortly after noon on Friday. I've been to Nashville. Weekends are definitely not that light on news to cover...
  2. Ask @TexasTVNews. He's the one who wrote the sentence I was responding to.
  3. Which is what KTRK did several years ago, I believe. (Naturally, I can't find the video on YouTube.)
  4. Y'know, this sentence gives the impression that Jerry Revish was caught up in this mess. Just sayin'.
  5. mre29

    Out & About

    Thanks. It was starting to give a whole new meaning to "Out & About"...
  6. If you mean "not on-air 24/7", that's not a format.
  7. You weren't around in the '80s when few broadcast stations were 24/7 and nearly every stations played the anthem at sign-on and sign-off, were you?
  8. mre29

    Out & About

    Oh, so the game was un-canceled?
  9. I look forward to the brand synergy and programming opportunities that are available to ViacomCBS now: NCIS: Jersey Shore NCIS: Vanuatu CSI: Nashville Big Country Brother Survivor: New York You Can't Do That on 60 Minutes 48 Hours on Nick Bluegrass Bloods Okay, I'll stop now...
  10. mre29

    Out & About

    One more hour and they'll be able to wish Arizona a Good Afternoon at the end.
  11. The single most valuable component of Viacom is Paramount -- the studio, not the channel. Most of those channels are on borrowed time, and everyone knows it. If the whole merger turns out to be a "Save MTV" scheme, something is definitely wrong. Mike
  12. I, too, suspect that HLN's days are numbered...which is why I think it should throw caution to the wind and host one of the presidential debates.
  13. I still don't understand why Gray was even interested. Is WVIR doing that much better in the ratings?
  14. Hypothetical question: If Sinclair were to end up losing their station licenses, would it be a 22-year court battle like RKO General was? I mean, we don't know if the industry will even be around in 2041..
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