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  1. I still don't understand why Gray was even interested. Is WVIR doing that much better in the ratings?
  2. Hypothetical question: If Sinclair were to end up losing their station licenses, would it be a 22-year court battle like RKO General was? I mean, we don't know if the industry will even be around in 2041..
  3. I was referring to Nexstar buying back WPIX, actually.
  4. Can the buyback be done via a swap? Or is it cash only?
  5. That would give Nexstar a bit of breathing room with regards to the cap, wouldn't it?
  6. MyNet* is basically a competitor not for the five major networks, but all the "old TV and movies" diginets (Antenna, Buzz, Comet, Cozi, Decades, Heroes & Icons, MeTV, This, That, Start TV, etc.). The only reason it has as many affiliates as it does is because they were all scared of being independents again after The WB and UPN merged to create The CW. What's more amazing is the sheer number of those affiliates that changed their call letters to reference their new network. * Though maybe it should be called My Procedural...
  7. The "NBC4i.com" URL must have really taken off in the Columbus area -- wcmh.com and nbc4columbus.com both redirect to it.
  8. Remember, Capitol owns more than just WRAL; they also own WRAZ and WILM, though the latter is probably duopoly bait now that it's an independent. Meanwhile, there's also KSL. And Sunbeam.
  9. Damn. I was hoping Hearst or Graham would get WBNS and WTHR. Silly me.
  10. mre29

    Out & About

    Okay, that makes sense. But. If the crash had been in SF and the story broke during WABC's noon newscast, would WABC have covered it? And would ABC News have aired a special report for it?
  11. Ugh. I was just thinking the other day that Gray's "own" stations have the better website designs.
  12. mre29

    Out & About

    Why would a station in San Francisco interrupt their regular programming to simulcast coverage of a helicopter crash in NYC?
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