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  1. World Channel, which is available on most (but not all) PBS member stations, has been carrying the hearings.
  2. Whereas Paramount isn't leaving anytime soon.
  3. Since I'm sure the coverage was live in all time zones, what did network affiliates in the western time zones (Pacific, Mountain, Alaska, Hawaii) do for primetime?
  4. This is news to me. I would think National Amusements would be more interested in selling off its movie theaters.
  5. I would think they would go to P+, while the WB Discovery-owned shows would go to HBO Max. As for "The CW" as a name/branding, it'd probably be best to retire it and require the new owner to come up with their own name.
  6. I believe there's a saying for this: "If it bleeds, it leads." The fact that it bled five hours ago is apparently immaterial.
  7. There's always HLN, though she'd have to switch her focus to true crime.
  8. All we need is "MSNBC Overnight".
  9. Or, y'know, just not base their purchasing decisions on games involving grown men getting concussions and throwing weirdly-shaped objects wrapped in pigskin. I'm sure people in St. Louis would love for someone to do the same with KDNL.
  10. And, more importantly, since MyNet programming is just reruns. In fact, since MyNet isn't considered a network anymore but simply a programming service, its affiliates are effectively independent stations.
  11. Looks like WBZ got the new site: https://www.cbsnews.com/boston/
  12. Maybe they should move all the opinionated shows to HLN. It'd be better than 19 hours a day of Forensic Files.
  13. More info here: https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/chris-wallace-cnn-sunday-1235270703/
  14. The original point was to provide an option for the WB and UPN affiliates who weren't going to be CW affiliates and who were deathly afraid of becoming independent again. Never mind that their programming was an untested experiment -- 65-episode serials running nightly for 13 weeks -- that was eventually abandoned. Never mind that viewers were increasingly moving away from broadcast television even back then in 2006. Stations needed to make money, and apparently they were utterly convinced they couldn't do that as independents. Actually, I imagine a lot of the CW's viewers who keep up with the shows watch them on the network's streaming app(s). As for their presence on Netflix...well, the shows are slowly moving to HBO Max and Paramount+. You may want to read this article about the CW's recent show cancellations. Well, maybe just KSTW, WTOG, and WUPA -- the stations that aren't part of duopolies.
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