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  1. Is Don Lemon going to weather this storm or get let go? Thoughts?
  2. Agree! Really hope they build out a nice new set to use up all that great space and keep it functional for some versatility in shots.
  3. Walked past the channel 2 studio today. They had black curtains down around all of the windows. I remember reading how they were going to begin reusing the street-level studio after the jumbotron was repaired. Does anyone know if they started building out the studio?
  4. What if they hire from outside? I wonder if they’d do that for a lead. The only time in recent memory was when Ron Magers left channel 5…
  5. I miss the theme from the Bob Sirott years and the animated movement graphics with the titles/video/scenes of Chicago. The Paris Schutz theme was ok but not great. This new one is pretty forgettable. But they did a great job with the graphics and the set!
  6. https://www.facebook.com/wttwnews/videos/new-set-new-graphics-new-music-updated-website-the-wttw-news-and-chicago-tonight/6302057526478125/
  7. Nice to see Linda reporting the news again!
  8. Dang - watching cbs 2 news at 10 right now and albert ramon is doing the 10pm weather...he also was on for the morning show today too.
  9. Is this the other side of those windows? Sucks they only have a few windows for that entire wall. But good they have some light coming in!
  10. I walk past there every Friday and they have put a few cubicles in there. Not very many lights and it’s dark but there are people working on desks there. It’s very odd.
  11. Miss that voiceover! (I don't like Bill Ratner's delivery on the current ones.)
  12. Would really like to see Brian Williams as the new face of CBS Evening News!
  13. Show sucks now. Used to watch the hard news CBS This Morning when it relaunched in 2012 and kept watching through to 2016ish. When they started making unnecessary changes to the show, including format, anchors, music and graphics even, things started to go downhill. I wanted to give this latest incarnation a chance, I really did, but this show is total crap. Gayle is more aggravating every day and Nate doesn’t look comfortable (none of them do). The random bits and silliness really take away from their mission. And I imagine viewers are tuning out in droves too.
  14. Anthony Mason signed off last week. Anyone know when the new guy starts on air and when the new studio debuts? I imagine they’d coordinate it.
  15. Any news or updates on this set/relocation to Times Square?
  16. Former WFLD reporter and anchor Larry Yellen was featured in a hilarious cold open on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night. Did anyone catch it?
  17. Thanks ... my mistake maybe these eyes are getting old but I never noticed the logo in the desk before tonight. Sorry for the confusion.
  18. The circular desk is back and the "horizontal striped" desk is gone tonight. Norah also is standing at the beginning of the broadcast.
  19. Count me in the hundreds of thousands of people that have stopped tuning in. I was loyal to CBS This Morning since the 2012 relaunch, but don’t really like the new format now or the way the anchors don’t really seem to gel with each other. Liked the old desk setup and the harder news focus. Wish they would have named some bigger draws instead of Mason and Dokoupil. And I like Gayle but she is better as a supporting anchor.
  20. I really dislike the mix of typefaces they're using. Stick with one family, or at least use fonts that complement each other. They're using Avenir for the titles but Franklin Heavy for the L3's with italics and condensed and it's all over the place. Either stick with Avenir or go completely to Franklin. IMO during the intros when they use Franklin Heavy italic and it looks too much like a "fake TV show newscast" like Murphy Brown. The graphics seem to be a mishmash. They are using an angled shadow under the CBS Eye/CBS This Morning bug on the left but the rest of the L3s don't follow that angular approach. It's not a great presentation.
  21. Really dislike Brad Edwards AND Erica Sargent. I kept up with channel 2 news throughout all of the changes but this is the final straw. Bye!
  22. She didn't get fired. Ahern was poaching people from everywhere and gave her an offer she couldn't refuse. Funny that she would identify herself that way but its not all that uncommon. Antonio Mora did the same thing IN promo spots for WBBM when he was named anchor. He specifically referenced himself "from Good Morning America" which at the time I found interesting because he was joining a CBS station.
  23. The L3s look like the blue and white boxes with reversed type WBBM used when they launched their 2008 streetside studio.
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