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  1. My six shift tenure at CSN comes in handy for once! If I recall correctly, cameras 1 and 3 are crammed in there, 2 was pretty much in the SportsNite set and was only capable of getting a single shot of the middle guest or a 2-shot of the two rightmost guests. Camera 4, the jib camera, sits next to camera 2 and seems kinda limited...there was a time I was running 2 and had 4 stuck in the corner of my shot. Also, who's idea was it to put the studio and control room on complete opposite sides of a f'ing arena? I would run camera for PST and prompter for SportsNite...I had 2:30 to literally run out of the studio, through the newsroom, across the concourse, down the stairs, around the corner, and hope to god somebody will let me in the control room in time for me to load the prompter.
  2. You know where I stand on this , but yeah, this is really the result of YEARS of under investment and awful, awful, awful management decisions. This is a station that is shooting on surplus DVCPRO cameras from the 1996 Olympics (seriously) and editing tape-to-tape. The switcher is older than half of the on-air staff there can barely key the chroma key wall (OTS and 2-boxes? Those features died off a while ago). None of this is hyperbole, by the way. It's sort of a miracle that they're able to put out six hours of news a day. In spite of the challenges faced, it does serve a nice little niche and is very much so part of the community. Folks still call it TV40 even though they haven't gone by that since the mid-90s, I think. There's an article floating around putting the date of the sale about 18 months from now, but I wouldn't be surprised if the place is gone in less time. Their contract with NBC is up before then, and considering they share a market with an O&O...do the math. The shame of it is that there are some really talented and hard working people there that do the best they can with what little they have. A lot of really talented people have come from there, at least three of which frequent(ed) this board. Yeah, the place is a shithole that pays terribly but 64 people are out of the job. And there's a lot of wood paneling in that place that's going to go unloved.
  3. I don't know when you'll find this message. But you will.
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