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  1. There are many cheaper options for a NewsNation "Texas bureau" than spinning up a full-fledged news operation at KDAF again. Who knows how much longer NewsNation will even be around. That being said, if Nexstar thought it was financially viable to relaunch in-house morning news (ish) on KIAH, I'm sure they're taking a hard look at the numbers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market too. The market just seems to have a hard time supporting many additional news outlets though, with both KTXA and KDAF launching and eventually winding down prime time newscasts over the past decade or so.
  2. The set is great. They've succeeded in making the studio look much larger than before—the old FX-designed set felt very cramped, especially coming from the large set they had back in the old building at 1001 Van Ness. Yeah, some of the light bars are weird, but I love the use of the roof camera showing the Embarcadero, though the shot they were using at 5pm was really blown out with all of the white port buildings along the waterfront being lit by the setting sun. I didn't catch any of the primetime shows tonight but betting it looks much better at night. Also, it is kinda nice to see both anchors in the studio, complying with physical distancing recommendations—I think KRON is the first Bay Area station to do that, with everyone else splitting people up between the studio and newsroom or at home. But, the graphics are head-scratchingly all over the place. The opens are the same as before (but with new music), the lower thirds are new but look terrible with text set in a thin weight of Avenir, and the weather graphics are the most Nexstar-ish with the headers set in bold Montserrat. I don't think Nexstar leads the way with any of their standardized news graphic packages, but at least they're cohesive. Unless they're taking some strange phased launch approach, I was holding out hope we'd see something a bit more unified for KRON here. Aerial might be generic, but Instant Classics had to go. It's been around since 1995—that music is almost as old as I am.
  3. I remember back in the early days of local channels on DirecTV (before spot beams), there were random days (seemed like it was always on the weekends) when you'd be able to watch out-of-market local channels for a few hours. Distinctly remember watching news on KOMO, KIRO, WEWS, WJW from the Sacramento market... there were probably more, but it was always a fun surprise when it would happen.
  4. It all depends on how Fox's legal team wrote the original license agreement with Gari. Since it's a custom theme, I would assume the license was written with Fox owning all rights to the music and thus can do whatever they want with it—including asking SAM use the same signature in an updated composition. Recall it was used nationally on the syndicated version of GDLA back in the mid-2000s, and it's unlikely Fox would have used it there if it required a new licensing agreement covering national use.
  5. The only station group that does virtual studios reasonably well is what Global is doing north of the border at the major-market Global O&O stations originally with Orad, and now Avid. Had hopes Scripps might have figured things out by now for their virtual studio shops but clearly there's more work to be done.
  6. Strong beard game on Kent. Too bad @SuitSnob isn't around here these days to comment.
  7. I thought that was the selling point of Ross OverDrive and Sony ELC? Those systems interface with actual switcher panels to manually punch a show if needed.
  8. Hah, how weird. Very KRON to use one music package for opens and another one for everything else. I think they were supposed to switch to Aerial when these current opens debuted but for whatever reason they stuck with Instant Classics.
  9. So the (nee SouthernMedia) News Music Search Archive claims KRON switched to Stephen Arnold's Aerial today, but I'm watching their 5:30 show now and the tease beds are still Instant Classics and they're still broadcasting from the newsroom. Wonder if they have some inside knowledge...
  10. Uh, no. Nexstar stations already share video and resources between them—NewsNation might have codified that a bit more, but in essence this program is just lifting and shifting that local content into a national broadcast. NewsNation isn't designed to compete with the global newsgathering efforts of a network like CNN. Also there's another 50% of the country that doesn't share your reaction when they hear the "CNN" brand.
  11. Huh, you'd have to think this a temporary look. Also surprised they didn't just use the existing license for Icon News to get away from the NBC chimes of The Tower. Weird and sad at the same time.
  12. Apparently someone in the KPIX graphics department reads TVNT. Now roll this out across the O&Os!
  13. It does seem like the STL tower at the studio collapsed right where at least one of the STL dishes is located, so... things might not be so bad, provided the transmitter mast is still intact?
  14. The few times I've watched CBSN (mostly back when the 10pm show on KBCW was still a thing), the slight misalignment between the bug and lower-third bar drives me crazy. Can't believe no one has fixed this yet.
  15. I'm pretty sure they have the old KRON set from 1001 Van Ness, too. Never quite understood a private art school journalism program, but good for them!
  16. Figured something had to be up when I turned on KRON last week (for the first time in probably over a year!) and saw both anchors fronting the 9pm show from opposite sides of the newsroom. The FX set they've had since moving to 900 Front is fine, but all those textured panels caused it to quickly look rather dated. I'm sure the meatball 4 logo will remain. KRON was occasionally using some (unlicensed?) cuts of either This is the Place or Aerial (can't remember) in promos last year, so I'm sure they'll go with something along those lines. This second coming of Instant Classics has been around for 14 years now, way beyond its useful life. Time for something new.
  17. What a terrible drone shot to use. For a mid-tier US city the Tulsa skyline is actually pretty interesting, and they decided to use a shot that cuts off the top of the BOK building?
  18. Zero surprises here. I think Fox Sports sold the USGA a bill of goods about what they were going to do with the rights and the USGA has been getting increasingly annoyed with Fox since 2015. After 20 years with ESPN/NBC, it made sense that USGA wanted to look at greener pastures and Fox was willing to pay up. But, they weren't ever able to bring in decent golf commentator talent with the limited slate of events, and never made a play to expand golf with a run at PGA Tour rights, so that wasn't going to change. Fox wanting to shove the entire US Open to FS1 this year due to college football and NFL conflicts in September was the straw that broke the camel's back in the eyes of the USGA.
  19. In-flight (and probably oceanic) satellite TV is rapidly moving to IP now that high speed Ku/Ka-band satellites (e.g. Viasat) are in place. Saves a lot of weight to just have one antenna on top of the plane and the associated gear and just stream it through the data connection. Southwest and American are already doing this—the programming is "provided" by Dish Network but it's not transported via their birds.
  20. I would think it'd be challenging to maintain that voice pitch for extended periods of time...
  21. KZSW was a low-powered station broadcasting from Temecula at the time and served a forgotten corner of the Los Angeles DMA. College operations probably have more budget than what they were working with. Regardless, KZSW's newscasts and local programming were canceled shortly after this video.
  22. Do they even have Jose go to New York anymore? Seemed unnecessary even before COVID, but now it's pointless.
  23. It's just unnecessary; most people in the target demographics don't have a cable TV subscription or bother connecting an OTA antenna to their TVs.
  24. Why toss 24 years of brand equity when Microsoft isn't asking NBCU to change it?
  25. Ugh, miss this music so much. Reminds me of my Bay Area growing up days and later, my first TV "job" (read: unpaid internship) in the KTVU newsroom. Good times.
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