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  1. Such a missed opportunity to have implemented the Rhombus 7. Boring. Bland.
  2. Looks like this monstrosity. Makes you wonder what process goes into design decisions like this...
  3. Doubtful. The numbers for college football aren't the same as NFL, so it doesn't make sense to cannibalize ESPN's viewership to show it for free on ABC.
  4. 99% of stations don't own the choppers, they lease them (or have other sharing agreements) from helicopter operators that provide the maintenance, pilots and photographers. Helicopters Inc. is one of the main players in the US ENG market—in the SF Bay Area for example, they own/operate all helicopters. These days only KTVU's N62TV and KGO's N7QY carry station branding but the feeds are shared among all affiliates in the market. They also have a couple generic birds based at the Hayward airport—for example, N42SL (KTRK's former chopper before Helicopters Inc. upgraded them to a next-gen Bell 50
  5. Wonder if this means NFLN will be going it alone on game production once again?
  6. $$$ Seems like most small market ops find it cheaper (initial cost + maintenance) to have more self-contained cameras in the studio vs. the usual three full robotic peds. You can also occasionally find studios filled with a bunch of stationary tripods and the same PTZ cams mounted on them. Since this was a new build, suspending them from the lighting grid cleans things up and makes it a safer working environment.
  7. Watching the 5pm show now and the lighting on Allen Martin's OTS shot is terrible. It's almost as if there's too much white in the background (a curious design decision—this is TV after all) and so they're shading down the cameras to compensate... and then darkening the talent. They're still splitting co-anchors between the studio and CBSN set in the newsroom, so there's a huge disparity between the two shots. Gross. Weather area looks a bit better, but needs some balancing (sorry for the bad screen grab, Liz): Editing to add another shot – it's VERY
  8. I think they increased the KTVK/KPHO simulcast considerably since March 2020/covid. Understand the financial/staffing reasoning behind it, but "Arizona's Family News" has to be the dumbest brand on local TV right now (and the Calibri logotype makes my eyes bleed)... regardless if it was KTVK's slogan for years prior to the KPHO merger.
  9. I mean, last night NBCSN was showing a night full of drone racing... which (even as a drone pilot) seems to me like it belongs on YouTube or another streaming service and not on linear cable.
  10. Their now-former FX set is about 10 years old now and has aged pretty gracefully IMO. Wonder if they'll get the same design as KCBS/WCBS/WBBM/KOVR et al or something new? KPIX brought up the rear in the last round of CBS O&O set builds, so I figure we should expect the same old BDI set design seen elsewhere.
  11. Do you have some inside information that leads you to believe Fox doesn't like drawing an average of 14 million viewers every Thursday night during football season? With the exception of Masked Singer (who knows why), it seems Fox primetime scripted series are netting around 1-6 million viewers. TNF is a significant (albeit expensive) improvement over their usual primetime lineup on one of the most-watched TV nights of the week...but if any media company can spend big bucks to double a night of primetime ratings, it's Fox. ABC is ESPN is Disney—the other media company with the dee
  12. Neither NBC nor ABC want to blow up their Thursday lineup for the fall football season, so it's probably just going to stay on Fox/NFLN/Amazon Prime Video for the foreseeable future. Beyond an ABC simulcast of ESPN's Monday Night Football and ESPN/ABC getting some Super Bowls, I have a feeling this is going to be one of the more boring NFL rights renewal cycles. The Sunday Ticket negotiations are really the more interesting thing to keep an eye on as it's highly unlikely DirecTV will continue paying the insane amount for it that they have been. I for one welcome this news as I'm l
  13. If that's the case, it's time to figure out how to differentiate graphics feeds for mobile app streaming vs. TV. This sucks.
  14. I'd be willing to bet that was stringer footage. Amusing to see this top story since I live a few blocks from this spot (which is still a taqueria); a good reminder of how much the hood has changed since the early 90s.
  15. Sports highlights from the pro leagues are incredibly expensive to air nationally—part of why all of the non-SportsCenter highlights shows (Fox Sports Live, etc) flop after a year or so since they can't generate the numbers to justify the exorbitant cost. If NewsNation is indeed covering costs at its current ad rates (an assertion that's debatable, in my opinion), you can throw that out the window if they start airing extended sports coverage.

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