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  1. Ugh, miss this music so much. Reminds me of my Bay Area growing up days and later, my first TV "job" (read: unpaid internship) in the KTVU newsroom. Good times.
  2. Well, there was a reason I searched for "sports during the Great Depression" earlier today...
  3. Depending on whether the NHL or NBA try to spin up an abbreviated season for 2021, the XFL might have a shot at being one of the first US "pro" sports leagues to return to play next year. Restrictions on gatherings of 50 or more people will likely persist until a COVID-19 vaccine is readily available/administered at scale across the country, making the prospect for any sports league play in 2020 pretty grim.
  4. I think ESPN's College Football Playoff package runs through 2026, so it'll be a few years before the CFP committee starts shopping the package around. I doubt it ends up anywhere else besides ESPN when that deal expires though.
  5. Being comfortable with roommates should also be in the job description, because there's no way this job pays enough to have your own place in SF proper. Or really anywhere within walking distance to a BART station. Signed, Apartment-poor tech worker
  6. Probably just a trigger-happy APC operator. Looks like the steadicam shot held for too long as well, so seems like a one-time mess up.
  7. I don't think KGO has a "chief meteorologist" these days, but he handles weekday weather at 4:00 and 6:00pm.
  8. Well, I don't know if I'd go *that* far...
  9. Non-Stop Music I think had a pretty solid radio business – they created Premier News for KGO-AM (side note: I miss that old KGO all the time), and First News has been used on a ton of news radio stations, most notably being WCBS-AM in New York. But yeah, that's definitely Counterpoint on KMBZ. While I never can remember where I leave my sunglasses, I definitely distinctly remember seeing a clip of WPTV using that cut of Counterpoint as a bump-in in like 2000/2001.
  10. Wow, quick fall for Cohen who's relegated to dawn patrol now. Never was a big fan of his style on the KFMB morning show, and was dubious it would translate well to nightside at KTTV (or anywhere, for that matter). On the other hand, what a crazy rise for Elex. I think he was hired by XETV right out of USC, then shortly bounced back to LA at KABC before landing at KTTV, and now he's their prime anchor. Lesson for you kids out there: if you want to avoid small-market bullshit for the first 5-7 years of your TV career, better start applying for those student loans for an undergrad degree from Annenberg.
  11. Jeeze. KTVU should totally go back to this over the crap Arnold music they're now using...
  12. Not to derail this thread anymore, but... "old timers" knife into chest Anyway, the Wake Up graphics are great. WUSA is lucky to have an in-house designer as great as this guy.
  13. Ugh it pains me to read a current moderator of this very website refer to him as a "former member." He's a bit more significant than that.
  14. Huh. TIL KCBA had its own news operation; always thought it was combined with KCCN/KION.
  15. The downward angle mounting was to eliminate glare/reflections from glossy LCD displays. LED walls are essentially matte and don't have the reflection issues, so you can shoot them straight-on without a problem.
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