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  1. Corporate can only do so much. The rest is largely handled by the people managing the station.
  2. Granted, it's a very good concept, but it's missing the Channel 5 imagery. With a few tweaks, this would've been an improvement compared to the opens WRAL currently uses.
  3. Allbritton had been notoriously cheap when it came to set upgrades for HD, and while Sinclair did spend money giving some of their stations new sets over the years post-merger, you still have some like the example you gave with WSET who have received very little from the mothership.
  4. The layout of KPIX's set had some similarities to the standardized looks that KCBS/KOVR/WCBS/WBBM/WFOR/WJZ all received from BDI despite it being much older. At the very least, the walls could've been refreshed in addition to replacing the desks rather than just doing a complete tear down and rebuild. KYW has been on the same set since 2007 when they moved into their new building. Since then, it's been refreshed at least twice: First was when the current desk was put in place, and the second was when all of the faux wood was removed and replaced with blue duratrans throug
  5. It really does. Just wish Gray had a better CSD than what they currently have.
  6. Not gonna lie. Seeing these graphics used at WGCL is giving me old Atlanta's NewsChannel vibes. I like how WALA implemented this look. However, I have one complaint: WHAT THE BLANK IS UP WITH THAT RANDOM FLYING WHITE BOX DURING THE OPEN?!!
  7. WHBQ airs the program at 4:00 in the morning.
  8. I just noticed they managed to put Fleur De Lis accents throughout the studio. A nice custom touch to what is otherwise an in-house job by Nexstar. EDIT: I like the new digs WHNT rolled out. It looks like they borrowed a lot of ideas from KTVX's set and improved on the design. Well done!
  9. Looking at the time lapse posted today, WGNO's new set is an in-house job, as in the whole thing is being built from scratch in the studio.
  10. I wouldn't mind seeing WREG return to its old "News 3" branding, tbh. The "News Channel" branding is okay, but I think now would be a good time for change.
  11. FX confirmed tonight that this was indeed their work (I kinda figured it was):
  12. That will happen eventually. One thing I have noticed while watching the evening newscasts today is that they're utilizing AR (augmented reality) a lot now during their weather segments. Are any other Nexstar stations doing that, or is WREG the first one?
  13. That's why I said over on Discord that it puts WFLA and KRON's new sets to shame. In-house or not, I think they nailed it.
  14. New set launched today, along with a modified version of the Nexstar CBS graphics. EDIT: Time lapse video of the set construction added. https://youtu.be/Xz00IGWNMY8
  15. WOI-TV in Des Moines went Full TEGNA as of this Midday, complete with a new logo: WOI-TV Local 5 News Midday Open (10-14-20)_mpeg4.avi
  16. That's why Annette Peagler said this was a soft launch tonight. They're still fine tuning some things.
  17. WATN officially switched over to the full TEGNA graphics as of tonight. Note: The live stream is currently down, so I can't record.
  18. That was originally given to Bob Sellers before he was shown the door two years later.
  19. Um, WAGA, KSAZ, KRIV, WJBK, and KTVU would all like to have several words with you as their sets were built by Devlin. WBRC's new digs are okay. It's not spectacular, but it works for them. Easily on par with WVTM and WIAT, and a bit better than WBMA's.
  20. No. Not really. It does however look like a hybrid of the standardized Gray and Raycom sets that FX has produced over the last couple of years.
  21. WATN in Memphis is adding the TEGNA-produced Daily Blast Live starting in September. Promos have started running as of today.
  22. It's this (as seen on KARK-TV and other NBC-affiliated Nexstar stations):
  23. I'm not gonna lie. That new WRTV logo is generic as Hell. It's like they saw what WKYC did with their logo and decided "We wanna do something like that, but without the number and the circle."
  24. Except that stairwell actually leads to the station's newsroom.

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