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  1. They've been stepping up lately as far as their in-house builds go. Not just at WJLA, but at other stations as well.
  2. KWQC finally made the switch to GrayONE, and it's probably the best implementation of the package thus far.
  3. Looks like WSB and/or Coxpollo hired the same company that did the ABC O&O package and WINK's new graphics. The similarities are all there.
  4. The good thing about the new digs is it's still fairly new (only 9 years old, having been constructed in late 2014/early 2015). While I doubt WVUE will be able to fully utilize the entire space, I would suspect Gray would seek to consolidate and/or grow some of their operations there, especially with their InvestigateTV unit being based in New Orleans and all.
  5. GrayONE, from what I've understood, was being developed for usage on systems running on either Chyron or VizRT.
  6. Half of The Weather Channel's main studio is hard set while the rest is a massive chroma key area for their Immersive Mixed Reality (IMR) segments. There are no physical elements over in the chroma area as everything on screen is computer-generated.
  7. WKTV debuted new graphics this week, and they are a knockoff of GrayONE:
  8. That's what the blue-and-gold variant is for (even though WALA in Mobile uses blue and red).
  9. WSMV did the same thing a couple of weeks ago, and most recently changed their weather logo as well - removing the NBC peacock from their branding. And before anyone asks, NBC does not have a mandate for its affiliated stations to have the peacock in its branding.
  10. No, Enforcer is not being retired. The decision by many stations to go with Stephen Arnold's CBS Local has more to do with the larger station groups (i.e., Gray, Nexstar, Scripps, etc.) choosing to go with SAM tracks as opposed to anything under the Warner-Chappell umbrella (Gari, 615 Music, Newsmusic Central) over the last few years.
  11. You call it the WSFA look when it was WMC-TV that launched it first. I'm surprised WWSB's current look was utilized by the likes of WAFF and WDAM. I don't hate it, but there are certain elements of that package that just look dated.
  12. WCTV in Tallahassee is one of those stations along with a couple others with those same graphics.
  13. Apparently, someone is a fan of the old WFOR logo because that's what KMOV's new logo reminds me of. Don't believe me? Look at this.
  14. If it's open for use, that doesn't necessarily mean broadcasts will start originating from there right away. Until an official date is announced by KMOV, take everything with a grain of salt.
  15. WREG is airing its final Live at 9 show today before being reformatted into a lifestyle program - hosted by Kontji Anthony - as of Monday.
  16. Former WMC-TV anchor & reporter Kontji Anthony is returning to television. Anthony will officially take over as the host of WREG's Live at 9, which is getting reformatted as a lifestyle show, beginning November 13th. Promos have started airing as of today.
  17. WREG has added another meteorologist to their staff. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=835742974940941&set=a.521330619715513 Jake Dalton started yesterday after spending some time over at WJTV in Jackson, MS.
  18. Side note: The skyline they used is a fake.
  19. More of WWBT's implementation of GrayONE in action:
  20. Comcast/Xfinity has dropped several Imagicomm stations, and some Cox stations might be next: https://www.xfinity.com/programmingchanges/
  21. No new switches to report, but apparently WBTV has a new logo now - which hasn't made it on air yet (this came from their VUit page). This is different from the one @Axiom81 shared a few months ago, but the basics are about the same.
  22. Imagicomm and Comcast/Xfinity are currently in retransmission dispute. They're threatening to pull at least one of their stations next Friday if a new deal isn't reached. https://www.fox13memphis.com/news/attention-comcast-xfinity-customers/article_0071b388-4842-11ee-ad81-673fd08930f0.html
  23. WMC-TV is moving Dateline reruns to 2:00pm beginning September 11th (replacing The Kelly Clarkson Show) to make room for InvestigateTV+ at 3:00pm while also adding a new 3:30pm newscast. Meanwhile, WHBQ is airing reruns of Dr. Phil (previously on WATN) at 12:00pm - replacing an hour of Family Feud, which will continue to run from 4:00 to 5:00pm. They are also picking up 48 Hours, which will air weeknights at 11:05pm.
  24. A follow-up on what I posted earlier: WATN is doing a 2-hour block of game shows from 2-4 starting September 11. In addition to 25 Words or Less and Pictionary, they will also be airing People Puzzler along with Person, Place, or Thing.
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