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  1. Side note: The skyline they used is a fake.
  2. More of WWBT's implementation of GrayONE in action:
  3. Comcast/Xfinity has dropped several Imagicomm stations, and some Cox stations might be next: https://www.xfinity.com/programmingchanges/
  4. No new switches to report, but apparently WBTV has a new logo now - which hasn't made it on air yet (this came from their VUit page). This is different from the one @Axiom81 shared a few months ago, but the basics are about the same.
  5. Imagicomm and Comcast/Xfinity are currently in retransmission dispute. They're threatening to pull at least one of their stations next Friday if a new deal isn't reached. https://www.fox13memphis.com/news/attention-comcast-xfinity-customers/article_0071b388-4842-11ee-ad81-673fd08930f0.html
  6. WMC-TV is moving Dateline reruns to 2:00pm beginning September 11th (replacing The Kelly Clarkson Show) to make room for InvestigateTV+ at 3:00pm while also adding a new 3:30pm newscast. Meanwhile, WHBQ is airing reruns of Dr. Phil (previously on WATN) at 12:00pm - replacing an hour of Family Feud, which will continue to run from 4:00 to 5:00pm. They are also picking up 48 Hours, which will air weeknights at 11:05pm.
  7. A follow-up on what I posted earlier: WATN is doing a 2-hour block of game shows from 2-4 starting September 11. In addition to 25 Words or Less and Pictionary, they will also be airing People Puzzler along with Person, Place, or Thing.
  8. WATN is bringing back Live with Kelly and Mark to their weekday morning schedule beginning next month. I'm not sure what their afternoon schedule will look like now that Dr. Phil has ended, but I would suspect Jennifer Hudson and Karamo are sticking around.
  9. WJLA's set from the now-defunct Park Place Studio was very basic in design, and with Sinclair having chosen to do all of their new builds in-house as of late, I'm not holding my breath on this new look being on par with the other stations in the DC metro market.
  10. Her first day back was this past Monday.
  11. Current WTVT meteorologist Tyler Eliasen has been tapped to be the new Chief Meteorologist at WREG in Memphis, according to a new promo released yesterday by the station in tandem with Tim Simpson's announced retirement this past Friday. https://www.facebook.com/timsimpsonwreg/videos/999355947768392
  12. WREG Chief Meteorologist Tim Simpson announced tonight during the 6:00pm news that he will be retiring after nearly three decades at the station. His final day has not been determined yet, but he said on-air that he'll be there for a few more weeks before moving to South Carolina to be closer to his family. https://wreg.com/news/weather-expert-tim-simpson-retiring-after-29-years/
  13. Keep that guy away, especially with how Zuck ruins everything he touches. NBC, CNN, etc.
  14. They were one of the only things left untouched since the last update, so I wouldn't be surprised.
  15. All roads lead back to Soo Kim and his failed attempt to get on TEGNA's board via proxy a few years ago. He never went away.
  16. That's all Soo Kim had to do was unload the conflicts, but no. He wants to be stubborn like a mule with how he's handling this.
  17. That looks like a blue-and-gold variant, which I wouldn't mind seeing WMC-TV use down the road.
  18. The set is okay. I have no real issue with it. The graphics on the other hand just screams CHEAP. You can also tell that the opens tried to mimic the CBS O&O look in a way animation-wise, but overall, it just looks awful compared to the other stations in the market.
  19. It's not a ripoff if Rey Rodriguez is the one making looks for and outside Nexstar.
  20. Ellis' arrival comes as Brittney Bryant is leaving the station and news altogether. Her last on-air appearance was this morning.
  21. They'll probably give WZVN the WMUR treatment despite not owning that station outright.
  22. That logo is taking a page (somewhat) from its sister station WCTV in Tallahassee.
  23. Their current logo is a nod to the last one they had under Jefferson-Pilot's ownership prior to Raycom's purchase (albeit is not quite the same):
  24. Exactly. Conflicts are conflicts. Sinclair tried doing this with Tribune and got dragged tremendously, so why should Soo Kim be treated any differently in this bad faith of a deal he's trying to pull off?
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