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  1. Cox had a baker's dozen of stations (13 total), so that's about $230.77 million per station compared to $267.5 million for each of the two stations the Wolfes sold to TEGNA. A difference of roughly $37 million. I'm not surprised Dispatch cashed out when they did. The signs were there. Just didn't expect Deathstar 2.0(?) to pick them up.
  2. And yet Zucker hasn't exactly made things better over at that network.
  3. WMBF has had the same Devlin-designed newsroom set since the station first signed on. And that was during a time when the company was churning out "basic-looking" sets that didn't really age well design-wise compared to the ones they have done over the last few years.
  4. Looks very impressive and a lot better than I thought it would look based on the initial pics that were provided, but why do I have the feeling either JHD or Clickspring designed this?
  5. Everything about the new setup is giving off New York Subway vibes with all of the white tiling that's being used. It's like being inside of a train station.
  6. A look inside the new building's newsroom.
  7. Have you seen some of the newer sets Nexstar has rolled out? They've mostly moved on from using the Dalek Desk and have been using a more traditional anchor desk setup with its new builds. As for KDVR, they'll tweak what they have, but will not get rid of the BDI set if they don't need to.
  8. NBC Nashville ...... it doesn't work for me. Sorry. That logo looks very WCNC-ish.
  9. I never understood why WSMV decided to change the name of their newscasts to News 4 when they've been known as "Channel 4 News" and "THE Channel 4 News" for decades. That and it seems redundant considering WKRN goes by that very same branding as well (though ironically, they were known as "Channel 2 News" for over a decade before adopting the News 2 moniker).
  10. Prior to 2003 when they became Channel 13 Action News, KTNV's news branding used different variations of "Inside Las Vegas" throughout the 90s.
  11. He's definitely been busy considering some of his recent works and collaborations as of late. https://mattquinncreative.com/projects
  12. Starting a new thread on this one, and I have to say .... not bad for an in-house job. https://www.facebook.com/WATE6OnYourSide/videos/vb.112945508738113/375286329987783/?type=3&theater
  13. Certainly looks that way, although the main desk design looks to have been tweaked a little.
  14. It didn't matter who was going to purchase WATN/WLMT in the end as the new owners were going to be in an uphill battle competing against the well-established stations in the Memphis market regardless. Then again, with every station changing owners (WMC to Gray, WREG to Nexstar, WHBQ to Terrier (woof), and now WATN/WLMT to TEGNA), it'll be interesting to see how everybody fares going forward.
  15. One of two options: the Dalek Desk or the WISH-TV Special.
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