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  1. I definitely noticed the community names. The added beams on the set are a nice touch and a nod to the three bridges (Memphis-Arkansas/1-55, Frisco, & Harahan) on the southern end of downtown Memphis.
  2. This is what the main desk area looks like. Notice the industrial elements in the backdrop.
  3. The desk design is different, and there's a lot of "industrial" framing in various areas of the new set. Other than that, it's no different from the other TEGNA stations that received the Jack Morton/PDG/blackwalnut/Joe Lamberta design.
  4. You're not missing much. It's your typical TEGNA set, albeit with some modifications.
  5. Nice guy, and a very good move up for him too.
  6. I swear KDVR and KWGN cycle through more sets than the average TV station usually does. As for the question you asked about energy efficiency, the seamless LED video walls that are being utilized throughout KDVR's new set are supposedly low maintenance and more efficient than the alternative, which is plastering the studio with grids of giant TV monitors (which Nexstar does when it comes to their in-house builds).
  7. Per Twitter this morning, former WATN/WLMT reporter & sports director Marcus "Doc" Holliday has been hired by WMC-TV to take over as the station's sports director - succeeding Jarvis Greer, who is retiring at the end of the year.
  8. This was all done in-house. Not by FX Group. If they wanted to go for a coastal look, they did a very sterile and generic job at doing so.
  9. So, looking at WHBQ's schedule as of today, the following changes have been made: - Sherri Shephard at 10AM - DISH Nation at 11:30AM - Family Feud at Noon (replacing The Real) in addition to 4PM - Divorce Court at 2:00PM (replacing Judge Jerry) Don't know why they decided to double down (or quadruple down, in this case) on Family Feud, tbh.
  10. My guess is the new setup will be along the lines of what KTHV, WCNC, and (to an extent) KARE all received recently.
  11. WATN is making the following changes to their lineup as of September 12: - 25 Words or Less at 9AM; Pictionary at 9:30AM (replacing Ellen) - Karamo at 3PM (replacing Nick Cannon) - The Jennifer Hudson Show at 4PM (replacing Hot Bench) - iCrime with Elizabeth Vargas at 6:30PM (replacing You Bet Your Life)
  12. I could see a scenario in which WREG takes the CW affiliation from WLMT within the next year and places it on a subchannel (most likely on 3.2 with the NC3A feed being shifted to 3.3 and Antenna TV to 3.4). The same would be the case with WATE taking over from WBXX. The latter stations I mentioned (WLMT & WBXX) are part of existing duopolies and have MNTV to fall back on if need be. WNAB could be a complicated situation since they're "locally" owned, but managed by Sinclair. Would they be willing to shed their current JSA/SSA to join up with Nexstar/WKRN?
  13. Bumping this thread. Per Trevor Birchett on Twitter, the entire studio is now being gutted.
  14. Not a bad choice. The design of the building itself just screams TV station.
  15. Interesting that this happened right before their new set was supposed to debut.
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