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  1. What KOIN got was an FX job even though most of Nexstar's set builds have largely been done in-house with local contractors. You'll probably see something along the lines of what WJHL, WKBN, and WHO-TV recently received.
  2. You would think with the space they have in the new studio they would've placed an actual weather center in there. Not even WCAU's new digs looked this sterile.
  3. That was typical of the Hearst-Argyle and former McGraw-Hill stations back in the day, and yet WRTV still uses TheIndyChannel.com though to this very day.
  4. If this were the Nexstar of old, you would've seen something like CarolinasHomepage.com, CharlottesHomepage.com, and the like. These days, they have mostly settled on giving their station websites more normal domain names than ridiculous ones. IMHO, the MyFox domain names need to die, as they're an old relic from the Fox O&O/MySpace days.
  5. No major graphic changes at WREG (although the current package did receive some updates today). However, they have switched from inthegroovemusic's Pride to Stephen Arnold's Aerial for music.
  6. Nah. i'd prefer either the WISH-TV or KOIN packages better for WREG than the standard Nexstar CBS package, tbh.
  7. Needs a beveled outline of the Lighthouse.
  8. Realistically speaking, Nexstar would have to purchase the assets of Morris Multimedia (owners of WDEF, a former Park/MG station pre-LIN merger) just to get into that market since Sinclair owns one station (WTVC) and manages two others (WDSI; WFLI), while Sarkes Tarzian (which Gray owns a partial stake in) owns the other (WRCB).
  9. Time lapse video of the set's construction. I know @EastTennesseeWXGeek said they were making two giant rooms into one big set, but I didn't know their studio was THAT big.
  10. Just your typical TEGNA set, but with a lot of grey brickwork. Have to wonder when they'll finally make their way to the other side of the state.
  11. So, give or take, mid-January at the earliest.
  12. To each their own. I mean, the white-and-blue look is a very good package when used correctly as intended, but there will always be those who will manage to botch it.
  13. That third one is a mystery as we haven't heard another Meredith station announce they were getting a new set. At least three are probably overdue for one.
  14. McAfee was a former NFL kicker for the Indianapolis Colts, and has done some college football analysis for both Fox and ESPN, so bringing him on board to do XFL analysis in addition to his current work in radio, on ESPN, and in the WWE just made perfect sense.
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