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  1. Interesting that this happened right before their new set was supposed to debut.
  2. Yes. WREG and WATE were the first two stations to roll out the new website format. I believe @KentBrockman made a mention of this over on Discord a while back.
  3. The new couch setup replaced the corner desk area in the main studio (first picture in the slideshow). https://www.clickspringdesign.com/portfolio/twc-studio/ Before that, the second half of America's Morning Headquarters was done from a small table and two chair setup in front of the 4x4 video wall.
  4. Here we go again with the flagship talk.
  5. WATN in Memphis has been using the updated look for the last couple of weeks now. I'll post a compilation on my channel later this week. WATN WLMT - Updated TEGNA Graphics.mp4 WATN WLMT - Updated TEGNA Graphics.mp4
  6. KLRT/KASN was on that set for about two years before the sale from Newport/Providence Equity to Nexstar was completed in 2013 and all operations got moved to KARK's studio space inside the Victory Building soon after. So that's a little over a decade of continuous use & re-use between KLRT/KASN and WATN/WLMT.
  7. WDEF meteorologist Danielle Moss is leaving the station after recently accepting a job at WATN in Memphis. Her last day is tomorrow.
  8. This looks to be more of a remodel/refresh being done considering they're still doing news in the studio (for now) from a makeshift area on the other side. Removing the desk was step 1 in that process. Looking forward to seeing to what extent this makeover will actually go.
  9. I remember Jovita Moore when she was working at WMC-TV in the mid 90s. She even chaperoned a field trip I was on at one time in elementary school. A brief article mentioning her passing was posted on WMC's website earlier today: https://www.actionnews5.com/2021/10/29/former-action-news-5-anchor-jovita-moore-dies-after-battle-with-brain-cancer/ My condolences to her entire family.
  10. Even for a refresh, it's a vast improvement from the old setup.
  11. WALA's set has not aged well, which can be said of just about every FX-designed set from that era. I doubt they would get a setup like this, but anything from this early decade would be better than what they had.
  12. I've also noticed the flags have text in the corners that read "NEWS RIGHT NOW". Could be a hint about the news branding come Monday.
  13. Wouldn't be too hard to do, especially if they reverted back to their old ABC 5 branding in the near future. Here's a mock-up I made in under 30 minutes:
  14. Not entirely. Just some modifications were done for the on-air graphics while keeping the logo basically the same sans the whole WKRC copycat thing.
  15. I see. So, they're going with a WVEC-esque look now. Link to the story: https://www.localmemphis.com/article/about-us/local-memphis-and-local-24-becoming-abc24-on-september-27/522-1dd5ae03-80cb-47d4-8227-c123a5e42cd5?utm_medium=social&utm_source=undefined_janiceTVnews
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