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  1. TennTV1983

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    It didn't matter who was going to purchase WATN/WLMT in the end as the new owners were going to be in an uphill battle competing against the well-established stations in the Memphis market regardless. Then again, with every station changing owners (WMC to Gray, WREG to Nexstar, WHBQ to Terrier (woof), and now WATN/WLMT to TEGNA), it'll be interesting to see how everybody fares going forward.
  2. TennTV1983


    One of two options: the Dalek Desk or the WISH-TV Special.
  3. TennTV1983

    KERO set refresh

    Ah yes. This was a carbon copy of KJRH's set back when Scripps had those brown and orange graphics at its stations. Ironically, KJRH's set got refreshed a year and a half ago. https://www.facebook.com/karenlarsenkjrh/posts/we-have-a-new-look-for-our-set-and-we-love-it-our-news-director-warren-stewart-d/1380383868742852/
  4. TennTV1983

    Out & About

    Former WREG-TV weather and sports personality Johnny Dougherty, aka Johnny Dark, has passed away at the age of 75. https://wreg.com/2019/03/11/former-wreg-personality-johnny-dark-dies/
  5. TennTV1983

    Sets that need replacing/oldest sets going

    This was the typical set design Raycom was using from FX back when it was doing a massive rollout of HD upgrades to its stations, as I recall KAIT and WLBT also received that kind of set. In the case of the latter, they replaced the duratrans with a 6x3 monitor array a few years later. At least the current incarnations are an improvement in comparison.
  6. TennTV1983

    Sets that need replacing/oldest sets going

    From what I understood at the time when the current set was built in 2012, WSMV was working with a limited budget and had to settle for what they could afford. Even with the technological upgrades that were made over the last few years, their current setup never really aged well compared to the other stations in the Nashville market (two of which had since gotten newer sets).
  7. TennTV1983

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    Well, that's certainly one way to distinguish your business as being a TOP DOG in the broadcast medium.
  8. TennTV1983

    February 2019 Sweeps Roundup

    You can see why Nexstar would want to keep WREG but ditch WATN in the process. The station is a ratings juggernaut, and it shows (albeit they're the only station that still gives away money during sweeps). As for WATN itself, nearly six years after the station got rebooted, they are still struggling.
  9. TennTV1983

    Out & About

    The station's GM issued a statement earlier today: https://www.wcbi.com/wcbi-statement-following-columbus-tornado/
  10. TennTV1983

    Sets that need replacing/oldest sets going

    If there's one set out there that needs to go, it's KUSI's. How old is that set anyway, and why are the McKinnons being so cheap with that operation that they're not willing to invest in modern infrastructure? Everything there is beyond dated at this point.
  11. TennTV1983

    Out & About

    This is nothing new. If I remember correctly, Kristen Tallent (former anchor/reporter at WHBQ) also works with SCS as a public information officer these days in addition to her work as a spokesperson for a couple of local businesses in the city.
  12. TennTV1983

    2018 NFL Season

    The scoreboard hasn't changed, but there were a couple of changes made to the existing graphics.
  13. TennTV1983

    New WDIO Set & Logo

    Are we sure this is a Hubbard-owned station? I didn't think it was possible to out-local even Nexstar in the set department.
  14. TennTV1983

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Is WATN really doing worse than their sister station? That's a big insult to injury if true.
  15. TennTV1983


    The one right underneath KTVX's fuzzy mic flag.

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