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  1. Columbus/Tupelo/West Point, MS
  2. Nope. The opens are still the same, except now the 4:00pm news has been assimilated with the new look. New First at 4 Open: Most recent open:
  3. They definitely dodged a bullet when the Bonten deal fell through. That company was Sinclair-lite in every aspect.
  4. Same set as before, but with a few minimal changes.
  5. Assimilation takes time. It'll probably be by year's end before everyone has been switched over to C Clarity and Troika along with the TEGNA websites. Did Nexstar receive Tribune's entertainment division in that transaction? If so, they've got some original programming content to push across the board, and especially on their legacy stations. The price would have to be right for them to unload both WGN America and the now-former Tribune Studios.
  6. That's interesting. I'm rather surprised Nexstar is allowing more outsourcing of their set builds these days than doing it all in house like we've seen with the KLAS knock-offs (aka "Dalek Desk") and the WISH-TV clones over the past couple of years. It would likely explain why stations like WJHL, KGPE, and a few others received some more complex designs as of late.
  7. Imagine WREG doing this sort of thing for WJKT in Jackson now that it's been severed from WATN/WLMT post-merger and subsequent separation. I know they're in separate markets, but I doubt Nexstar will just start up a new news operation from scratch.
  8. None. It's just "(C) 2019 WATN" and nothing else.
  9. Have any of the newly-rechristened TEGNA stations received their new corporate ID files yet? Or are at least running this at the end of their newscasts? I'm asking because WATN's copyright stuff post-sale is just (C) 2019 WATN in very small font and nothing else.
  10. WJHL has started using the KOIN package as of Tuesday.
  11. WJHL, the CBS and ABC-affiliated station in the Tri-Cities (Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City), recently debuted a new set this past Tuesday, and with it received new graphics that are much like the ones currently used at KOIN 6. Article: https://www.wjhl.com/news/local/wjhl-abc-tri-cities-debuts-new-studio-tuesday-at-5-p-m/ Update: In addition to new graphics, they have also dumped Canvas for Aerial.
  12. It's at the bottom of WATN's website too. Also, WREG is now using the new Nexstar copyright stuff at the end of their newscasts. The Nexstar logo isn't on the bottom of their website yet.
  13. Maybe it's time for them to re-consider their usage of SSAs and JSAs in certain markets.
  14. Seven years on that set, and it never really aged well, even with the updates done in between. Here's hoping the new one better utilizes the studio space at the station.
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