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  1. Just your typical in-house setup by Nexstar, though I'm surprised they were able to put in so much into such a small studio space like that.
  2. Hope to hear more about this particular project from Mr. Devlin himself in the coming weeks.
  3. I still think a full changeover to the TEGNA look is going to happen soon, but the real question is when? Right now, it's just a mess.
  4. It's possible, though I would much rather see WREG use the KOIN package instead (like what WJHL currently uses).
  5. Considering all of the demo work that is still being done, it likely won't be until some time in the early Fall before we see them broadcasting from Studio A once again. The place is massive, though I also have to wonder if, as a result of this work, Nexstar is also considering doing newscasts for WJKT in addition to WREG in the future. That had always been speculated ever since the station got separated from WATN/WLMT post-Tribune merger.
  6. Based on the details you gave, are we to assume this is not an in-house job, but rather something being handled by a third party?
  7. We do have at least four TV stations with "TN" in their call letters though.
  8. Being allowed to own multiple Big 4s in a market? Yeah, there is one glaring example of that already in the Greenville/Greenwood, MS market as Cox (through its merger with Brian Brady's Northwest Broadcasting via Apollo) practically owns all of the broadcast stations there (in part as a result of a series of moves made by the Harker Family over the years). I see Pruett's quote about deregulation as concerning, especially in sub-50/sub-100 markets and lower where ownership rules are more laxed. Side cars are one thing, but with the current corporate-friendly FCC we have in place, the odds are good that Pruett and people like him may actually get what they want in the end.
  9. It appears that WREG in Memphis is preparing to get a new set in the coming weeks, with the current weather center and news desk both being moved to temporary locations as of this weekend. At this time, we do not know to what extent the studio renovations are being done, but according to Chief Meteorologist Tim Simpson via his Facebook page, the work has been going on behind the scenes for some time. It'll be interesting to see what the finished product looks like when you consider WREG has been in the same newsroom studio setup for roughly 23 years with some updates done along the way.
  10. I was wondering why the weather center was in a different location this morning.
  11. The chances of Raleigh/Durham getting an NFL team: ZERO (Especially considering the Panthers, while technically a Charlotte-based franchise, are marketed as a statewide team). The chances of Raleigh/Durham getting an NBA team: Never say never, but the only way I would see them getting a franchise is through expansion, which is something that won't happen unless the sports market is favorable enough to do so. NOTE: I really think these sports discussions should be separated into its own thread.
  12. Why am I not surprised? I'm pretty sure FedEx has been guilty of using VNR tactics too.
  13. Possibly, but there's also no ruling out WFLA using FX Group for their new set also since they've handled a few studio builds over the last couple of years for Nexstar stations that chose not to go the in-house route (i.e., KOIN, WNCN, WKRN, and KGPE).
  14. That is incorrect. The Titans (then Oilers) were always bound for Nashville. Memphis only served as a temporary home for the team until their new stadium was finished in two years. Their one-year stay did not turn out well for a multitude of reasons: 1) The team was based in Nashville, but played games in Memphis, which meant a 6-hour-plus drive between both cities for gameday; 2) As much as the Oilers/Titans wanted to build a statewide fan base, most Memphians refused to attend their home games; 3) Those two factors resulted in the Oilers/Titans having to move to Nashville a year earlier than planned, using Vanderbilt's stadium for games the following year. Raleigh-Durham's situation sounds similar to Memphis, as the metro sits right in the middle of SEC country. Apart from the Memphis Tigers, the stations here also tend to give focus to at least three SEC schools in their sports coverage (i.e., Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Arkansas). The basketball culture along with some politicking is what ultimately lured the Grizzlies here. I could go on, but that's something that should really be discussed in the Breakroom without taking this thread further off topic.
  15. Is it just me, or is their roundtable HUGE? You could seat 10-12 people around that thing.
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