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  1. TennTV1983

    WGGB/WSHM new graphics.

    The graphics they have now were based off of the NBC O&Os' current look, but is in and of itself a custom look (Same with WALA-TV's current look that has elements of KTRK's graphics in it).
  2. TennTV1983

    New ABC27 set taking shape ...

    This is a mirrored carbon copy of the WISH-TV set right down to the desks and monitor arrays. It's definitely better than getting that Dalek Desk many of the other stations have been receiving.
  3. TennTV1983

    WMAZ new studio

    The only thing I see is a lack of chairs or stools on the set. Everyone is standing.
  4. TennTV1983

    WDAF-TV renovations/set

    Love the work BDI did to the place, which makes me a bit sad at the same time since Nexstar is purchasing Tribune's TV assets, and as many people already know, most of their new set builds are usually done in-house (with a few exceptions).
  5. TennTV1983

    ABC going after NFL Sunday package?

    Fox is most certain to pay whatever it takes to keep the NFC games on that channel, CBS is a question mark for the AFC games depending on how the saga between them and Viacom plays out, and NBC may put out a bid, but considering all of their current obligations may opt to just keep the Sunday Night package instead. IMHO, Monday Night Football should go back to being on ABC, and at the very least have a chance to air the Super Bowl once again (something they haven't done since 2006). I don't see ABC/ESPN bidding for the Thursday Night package when Fox's deal expires. Since Verizon owns Yahoo!, we will probably see them fight with Amazon over streaming rights.
  6. TennTV1983

    WGN Sports Loses White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks

    If push comes to shove, Nexstar may have to start running WGN like they currently do WISH-TV and KRON 4.
  7. TennTV1983

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    They will likely move the stations over to SBTV within the next few months, which would be another blow to NewsOn if they do so. The loss of Nexstar and (possibly) the now-former Raycom stations (along with possibly losing the Cordillera stations post-Scripps merger as well) would only leave them with eight TV station groups to work with going forward (Graham, ABC Owned, Meredith, Hearst, Sinclair, Hubbard, Cox, and TEGNA). Seven when you consider Cox is considering putting its stations on the market at the moment.
  8. TennTV1983

    TEGNA Broadcasting and Digital General Discussion

    Or they could wind up with WVEC's old set if they didn't already throw the whole thing in the trash.
  9. TennTV1983

    TEGNA Broadcasting and Digital General Discussion

    In terms of graphics and music, those are definite. In terms of sets, not right away as WTOL's existing one is only a couple of years old, and KWES is more likely to receive a hand-me-down set than a Jack Morton/PDG design.
  10. TennTV1983

    KTLA's Chris Burrous dead at 43

    Just finished watching KTLA's coverage of The Rose Parade, and they closed the program with a shot of the broadcast crew from a previous year in memory of Chris Burrous.
  11. TennTV1983

    WDEF Set

    It debuted back in November. https://wdef.com/2018/11/07/news-12-looking-history-chattanoogas-first-tv-station/ https://wdef.com/2018/11/08/news-12-sets-evolve-years/ Surprising Morris actually invested in a new physical news set for once.
  12. TennTV1983

    New KOLR Graphics / Possible New Nexstar Package?

    Good gravy. They're going the WSPA/WNCN route in terms of logo design, and yet they're keeping the 27 about the same, but with a different typeface.
  13. TennTV1983

    Sinclair Broadcast Group - General Discussion

    Par for the course. This doesn't surprise me at all at this point.
  14. TennTV1983

    Question about Market/Network Dominance

    You have a TEGNA station competing against a Gray and a Nexstar respectively, so they're in no danger of losing too much of a market share. For now.
  15. TennTV1983

    WVEC getting the “Tegna Set-in-a-Box”

    Nope. WUSA still has everyone beat in that regard. With that being said, WVEC's version is definitely better than the standard ones that were rolled out elsewhere. The balanced use of brickwork and wood tones are a nice touch.

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