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  1. As of this morning, beginning with AMHQ Early, The Weather Channel has started phasing in a complete and total overhaul of its on-air graphics. The first noticeable change is that the reverse L-bar is gone, the lower 3rds have been redone, and the weather ticker at the bottom of the screen is now smaller. Also, the maps have been updated. Any other observations, thoughts, and opinions are welcomed. UPDATE: The Intellistar graphics during Local on the 8s are currently unchanged; however, the typeface has been changed.
  2. In all fairness, typeface aside, WMC executed this particular package much better than its East Texas counterparts.
  3. Oh most definitely when you consider how fast WTOL got TEGNA'd in the graphics and music departments post-sale after Raycom and Gray merged.
  4. Nexstar has had a very good relationship with SAM for years. That and most of the new stuff Warner Chappell has been churning out lately sound rather similar to each other outside of the signature notes.
  5. The hybrid virtual/hard set they had was an interesting but weird concept to begin with. This won't be missed at all.
  6. No realistic path to get into Cincinnati either with Hearst, Scripps, Gray, and Sinclair already in that market and unlikely to be sellers anytime soon.
  7. The more I look at KGPE's new set, the more I have reason to believe that this was an outsourced job that was done by FX. It looks very similar to the sets that were built for WKRN and WNCN by the same company. Usually, Nexstar does most of their set designs and builds in-house, but there have been a few exceptions.
  8. It's likely they're getting a new weather system installed at the station when you consider the rain and lightning in that promo.
  9. BDI built that. Notice the shape of the desk, as it is very similar to what KSWB currently has: http://www.broadcastdesign.com/hot-designs/news-sets/kswb/#.XT_E_fJKjDc
  10. But KSBW's studio wasn't a Devlin job like this one was. At least two Hearst stations went the Z Space route with their sets (KSBW included).
  11. The same argument could be made about KETV and their logo.
  12. Is TEGNA's endgame to name every single morning newscast at their stations either "Wake Up!" or "Get Up!"?
  13. This is more of an update to their current end tag than anything else. The new music is a nice touch with that four-note signature.
  14. If the Gannett name goes away, it'll probably stay gone unless GateHouse assumes it post-merger.
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