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  1. I think this is the best studio in New York, at least the parts we've seen. Graphics look nice, though the lower-thirds and even the bug ruin it for me. Not a fan of the very thin text bar on top... Text feels squished in there. The way the lower-thirds and the text on the full screens feels clunky to me. But overall I think this is a very big improvement for PIX.
  2. What a shame for viewers to hear that Doug and Danielle are out. Even though News 12 often felt like a cheaper version of the city stations, it was nice getting local news from people who know the island and you've trusted for decades. But with more and more veterans leaving, and the station apparently covering more city and national news, there's less of a reason to watch, unfortunately. Still plenty of good people in front of and behind the camera (and the new people may be fine as well!) but it's feeling much less familiar.
  3. I kept hearing an ad on the radio last month (sweeps) saying Mr. G did weather "from 4 to 10" (which is incorrect in two ways). And now they're beginning to reduce his hours.
  4. I'm sure we're all thinking about the KCBS/KCAL failure with that name but I'm interested to see what they've got.
  5. I miss the days when news sets weren't just screens everywhere. And then to fill those screens with mostly just logos?
  6. I can't imagine local stations/newscasts adopting the NewsNation branding. Specifically because of the word "nation" in there if they want to emphasize being local ("New York's own"). I also think "NewsNation" is a lame name. Sounds more like a news fan club or something. Not a newscast, and certainly not a channel (that only sometimes has news).
  7. Sidner made a name for herself reporting from war zones and on domestic white supremacy terrorists. She was tapped anchor her own daily CNN+ broadcast but that went away quickly, of course. She's scheduled to be part of one of the three-anchor teams when the new "Newsroom" (or whatever they rename it) debuts soon.
  8. I could not disagree more. Fox certainly tries to disguise itself as a news channel. But there is a huge difference between talking about the news and making up the news. And making up the news is called lying, and these texts prove once again that Fox knows they're lying. And it's bad for the country. (See: January 6th and other attacks since then.)
  9. False equivalence. This isn't simply about bias. It's about knowingly spreading baseless and dangerous lies. Fox doesn't believe the disinformation they are peddling. That means they are lying.
  10. It's not news that Fox isn't news. And yet it is still stunning to read these texts. (Summary: https://www.cnn.com/2023/02/16/media/fox-news-stars-executives-court-documents/index.html) Fox is NOT an organization simply presenting a conservative spin on the news and fighting to prove their point of view with facts. Instead, they are knowingly LYING to their viewers by feeding them baseless conspiracy theories to make money. Otherwise, these viewers have been conditioned to seek these lies out from other outlets, and Fox can't afford to lose their viewers. They've decided that lies are good for business, but it's awful for a representative democracy and hurts all of us. Tucker wanted to FIRE a reporter who had the nerve to fact check the former guy via tweet. He said this act of truth telling was "measurably hurting the company." (That tweet was soon deleted.) Bret Baier, the guy Fox often points to when trying to claim to be a news organization, asked the president of Fox to rescind the network's correct call of Biden winning Arizona. (Fox was the first to accurately make this call, days before other organizations. They soon FIRED their politics editor and Washington bureau chief, both of whom were involved in this accurate projection.) Fox. Isn't. News.
  11. I cannot imagine the plan right now is to *temporarily* rename KCBS as KCAL just to drop KCAL less than a year later. The only way this is temporarily is if it is seen to be a failure and they change their minds, or new management comes in and changes course.
  12. I watched this live. It was good to see. Broadcast networks don't really have the luxury of going long on segments. And Kaitlin is a very strong interviewer, reporter and analyst.
  13. My guess have been that sports graphics are getting bigger, after years of being made smaller, because networks want them (at least the scores) to be more easily seen from across a bar. But watching in my own den, these graphics often look comically large.
  14. Is this the best set in NY?
  15. Newsroom looks nice, but is it never going to be seen on camera? The flash cam position looks to be in front of a monitor. What's the point of going live to the newsroom if it's just another reporter in front of a monitor?
  16. I was wondering about this, too. I wouldn't want anything distracting from my message. However, on the other side, perhaps the countdown keeps viewers more likely to stay on the channel and paying attention to something on the screen, and more likely to hear the ad. So, maybe in the end, it cancels out? Though, if that were the case, then this would probably be a permanent feature everywhere. So maybe I'm wrong.
  17. I don't like this. I was actually just watching some of Maher this morning and was reminded of how much I dislike him. He doesn't offer any unique insight, spends a lot of time complaining about younger generations based on very exaggerated stereotypes, and "both sides"ing everything. And he seems disappointed that his in-studio isn't nearly as smart as he thinks he is. Feels like a bad fit for CNN and a lazy choice. Not producing anything new, just taking something that HBO shot earlier that night.
  18. My friend alerted me to this today: Doug Williams, formerly part of SNY's Mets coverage, will be joining CBS 2 as a weekend morning co-anchor and weekday reporter. CBS 2 used to have Cindy Hsu and Andrea Grymes co-anchor on weekend mornings, but switched to Cindy being solo once the pandemic hit. (Andrea joined Cindy on Cindy's last day in August, before Cindy moved to 9 a.m. weekdays and Andrea took over weekends.) Interesting seeing the move from sports to news once again.
  19. I don't think many of us expected this outcome when this all came to light. Perhaps it was a result of some of the additional information they uncovered, but I have a feeling a lot of the reason they are out is the way TJ and Amy reacted. It seems as if they went to war with ABC and that's never helpful if your goal is to stay employed there. Plus they seemed to lack any ounce of discretion. Fairly or unfairly, they became too big of a story.
  20. Is it too small? Or are we just looking at small screenshots of weather graphics that aren't full screen?
  21. Yeah, I can't tell from the screenshots what's happening. The cloudy one isn't so great, either. Perhaps the animations were caught in a bad frame, along with not being super clear because they're being shot off of a monitor. But the overall look is pretty nice.
  22. Did we get sucked back in time?!
  23. I think this was Sam Ryan's schedule when she was the lead sports anchor at CBS 2. I seem to remember this being somewhat common at some point but I'm not sure it's still as much of a trend these days.
  24. I cannot imagine CNN trying a comedy show again, this night on weeknights, would work.
  25. Former News 12 Long Island meteorologist Bruce Avery passed away on Saturday. https://www.instagram.com/p/CnhYqtnu59_/ Bruce retired last summer from being the general manager of WRHU 88.7 Radio Hofstra University, where I first worked with him as a student. I posted this on my social media accounts and figured I would share it here as well:
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