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  1. That's not what irony is, and Stelter is a student of cable news so he was a perfect person to write about this. And he mentioned that he previously worked at CNN.
  2. Former CNN media reporter Brian Stelter writes about the demise of HLN for The Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/culture/archive/2022/12/hln-network-layoffs-cnn/672332/ The End of Companion Television CNN’s Headline News may seem thoroughly old-fashioned now that it’s dead. But its demise is a reminder of the creeping nature of media obsolescence.
  3. Sorry to hear that HLN is essentially gone. I had hope when they brought back the "Headline News" in the bug but it stopped being a destination for news. I see they're doing this weird thing with Tuesdays again. CNN This Morning debuted on a Tuesday. Now Tuesday, December 6th is when HLN will stop producing live programming. I'm probably way off but I wonder if it is a way to give Robin and the team a proper sendoff, as Robin was not in this morning (and presumably out for the week). Simulcasting CNN This Morning is an odd choice, unless there was going to be some Headline News-style ticker providing some sort of variation. Also sorry for all of the people who were laid off, most of whom are names we would not recognize. I have a feeling that contributors such as Susan Glasser and Jonathan Martin may still pop up, but not as often and will no longer be exclusive to CNN.
  4. Why are Drew Barrymore and Dr. Phil involved in a promo about local news?
  5. I know they're public figures but that story and those photos feel incredibly creepy.
  6. I take it this means that Shep nor The News will be returning before their announced ending of later this month.
  7. I was trying to figure that out, too. At first I thought they wanted us to believe that Norah and company would be hanging out in there. But I have a feeling it will show results. I guess if NBC and Fox News can make it look like they are projecting election results on their NYC buildings, CBS has to, too.
  8. I feel like I'm back in 1999 when The Early Show started putting their logo in unrealistic places by their Fifth Avenue cameras.
  9. I don't think that would be taking advantage of Shep's strengths. He's especially good with live newscasts and breaking news. He's not really known for being an investigative reporter.
  10. Sad to hear this. I just happened to turn The News on last week and was impressed with the pacing and other stories that are skipped by cable news these days. But it always felt out of place on CNBC. CNN is also going to be going through cuts soon... I can't imagine them spending the kind of money Shep would command in this environment.
  11. I'm fine with it. The pandemic accelerated a lot of changes. Ties feel excessively formal and stuffy.
  12. This is the same outlet that made it seem like Norah O'Donnell was on her way out at CBS, before she wasn't. It seems like this may be based on a single source, described as an "insider," but that doesn't even necessarily mean this person works there. I don't even see this "insider" describing a situation they witnessed or citing a person he or she heard this from. The Post has a political axe to grind and this story is perfect for them. Take any Post gossip with a spoonful of salt.
  13. So far I like the feel of CNN This Morning. The way the CNN part of the logo animates in the open reminds me of CNNI designs. The rest of the look feels a lot brighter and "more airy" than the previous red and black New Day look, which used a lot of black and white photos and had a dramatic theme that did not feel at all designed for a morning show. I like the teaming of Poppy, Don and Kaitlan. All are familiar faces to CNN viewers so it's not like anyone has to get used to new people. They all seem very eager to remind people that they have to wake up early -- feels like a tired comment, especially to make several times in an hour. The set, if it is indeed temporary, looks pretty nice, even if it is mostly "flat." I like that the backdrop behind the anchors isn't just another NYC skyline -- it has the Brooklyn Bridge on the right, the Golden Gate on the left, with the White House, Chicago and the Hollywood sign in between (and I'm sure a few others that I missed). (I remember when Chris Licht's CBS This Morning debuted in 2012, they also tried to include shots from around the country next to the logo bug, and they even made sure to include farmlands in the photography in the lower-thirds -- didn't spot any farms on CNN today.) As far as substance, it feels a lot like New Day the last few months: Not dominated by political panels debating the same few topics all hour every hour. Not sure if it hits the promise of informing viewers if they only have 5 or 15 minutes, as mentioned in the promo, but I didn't expect this to be the old CNN Headline News. It's just amazing how much brighter colors and music can affect the feel of a show.
  14. Small peek at CNN This Morning's graphics and set.
  15. Just seems strange to me to start on a Tuesday when Monday isn't a holiday. The November sweeps month actually starts today, but I have noticed that it seems like CNN (and other cable news networks?) don't care about it the way broadcast networks and local stations do. I think you're right and thank you for the correction! (I was looking at my YouTube TV guide and didn't see Early Start listed past Monday, but now I see that I was looking only at October.)
  16. It's not just the 6-9 a.m. slot that's getting a makeover on Tuesday. CNN/U.S. will air CNN International's new London-based CNN Newsroom with Max Foster and Bianca Nobilo at 4 a.m. This looks to be replacing Early Start with Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett, which has occupied the 5 a.m. hour. [Removed my apparently incorrect guess] https://cnnpressroom.blogs.cnn.com/2022/10/27/cnn-newsroom-with-max-foster-and-bianca-nobilo-joins-new-cnn-line-up/ Any idea why these changes are happening on Tuesday and not Monday?
  17. I thought that at first, but I'm not sure it's helpful being too crazy for the crazies. Guessing being a 60 Minutes correspondent pays better than getting kicked off Newsmax.
  18. A very well done look at some of the great work they've put out over the years. I like that they included the time NBC O&Os were about to lose the channel numbers. (Unless I'm misremembering, this look was never really used, aside from maybe some promos and bus stop ads before an aborted launch, correct?)
  19. 1. What did Newsmax think was going to happen? 2. What happened to Lara? What is it that infects the minds of once rational and respected people to fall off such a nonsense cliff?
  20. CNN This Morning now has a promo. Key line for me is when Poppy Harlow says "We need to cover more, what is happening across America." They also mention needing to inform viewers in either 5 or 15 minutes. Seems to indicate it will be less focused on DC politics and a higher story count (which is what New Day has been doing lately). Background graphics at the end seem to have light wood tones, and the three anchors are in a well-lit cafe with brick walls. Wonder if either of that hints at the new graphics or set.
  21. 1. Can we rename this thread? 2. Do we think Chris Licht and Discovery will unveil new graphics for CNN sometime soon? The current package has been around since August 2014 (Jeff Zucker took over January 2013), with the only real change being the font in April 2016 (and maybe some of the gradients?). I think it works but I would like to see something a little smaller, and where the main banner text doesn't have to keep getting squished to fit.
  22. Very interesting! I can't tell if this is permanent or not. You would expect Brennan to say something like "I'm joining the team" or "from now on, I'll be with Dana." It feels like he hopes it's permanent but maybe it's just a trial for the next few weeks through the election.
  23. It definitely seems messy from our perspective of comparing different stations across the country. A new package IS coming, but it seems there were delays (possibly with management changes) and stations were eager to get something in place for the fall. So they're using elements that were given to them or creating their own takes of the network look in the interim.
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