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  1. They put Kasie in a studio! Same music and graphics, but it sounded like they used a slightly different cut for the open. The second hour at 6 a.m. kicked off with an in-studio discussion with Senator Joe Manchin. In the previous format, it might have been a panel discussion. Not sure Manchin is going to win any viewers over. In the few minutes I checked out, it really feels like a downgrade in the 6 a.m. hour. I'm a Kasie Hunt fan but a solo anchor in the morning is such a different vibe.
  2. Definitely a surprise to hear Andrea clearly indicate that it was not her choice, especially since she seems to be weighing their offer to report during the week. She recently expressed gratitude on social media for being able to only work on weekends so that she could spend time with her young children, so I'd be interested to see if she winds up staying, and if they work out an option where she only works a couple days a week. I wonder if this change had less to do with her performance (she got along very well with Doug and Craig) and more the station's desire to use weekends to better develop a bench for weekday filling in and grooming potential weekday anchors. It sort of sounds like they will be hiring from outside for the job. In recent months, Dave Carlin and Tim McNicholas have been used as fill ins on weekend mornings, but it doesn't seem like they'll be going in this direction.
  3. CNN's morning changes start next week. Kasie Hunt noted the end of the "Early Start" brand after 12 years as show will take on the "CNN This Morning with Kasie Hunt" as it expands to a second hour. I wonder if she will continue anchoring from the flash cam position, or if they will invest in a crew to have her do the two hours from an actual studio in DC. (Since CNN seems to be making cuts in the morning, I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.) Also wondering if the open and theme will be kept. Poppy Harlow and Phil Mattingly thanked the staff, including the studio and control room crews, for their hard work making them look good. I believe all of these positions are being eliminated as this version of the New York-based broadcast has essentially been cut. Hoping to see Phil and Poppy stay prominent faces on the network and that CNN treats the other employees well. Kate Bolduan, John Berman and Sara Sidner announced their new 7-10 a.m. hours. John joked "You might say that we are reimagining the CNN News Central schedule, but we're sure you know that because you've seen all the promos," adding "This is called a soft launch because we don't want to set expectations too high, but we are allowed to say we'll be a revolution in morning television. CNN News Central, more news, less waiting, fewer chairs." Sara thanked Poppy, Phil and the NY and Atlanta teams. Edit: I just noticed some changes in the 4 a.m. hour as well. It used to be "CNN Newsroom with Max Foster and Bianca Nobilo," and they made a point of announcing this team for the U.S. viewers beginning November 1, 2022 (when the Don Lemon version of CNN This Morning launched). But this past Monday it was just "CNN Newsroom with Max Foster." And then since Tuesday morning, it's been an AC360 repeat. CNN's website shows CNN Newsroom listed for next week, so I'm not sure what's going on.
  4. Univision seems to be taking an international NFL Network feed for video and providing Spanish-language play-by-play. Unfortunate that the graphics are in English. Here's Nickelodeon: I've seen NFL Network provide radio audio with graphics for past Super Bowls but this is the first time I've seen live mapping of the players on the field:
  5. The scorebug posted above did not pan out.
  6. Just came across this on WBBM's YouTube page... I'm guessing these are just thumbnails created for their live streams as they do not appear to be screenshots, but it's interesting that they're using a different version of the lower-third. This one more closely resembles what was seen in that demo reel before these graphics launched. The text is much smaller than you'd expect for a typical YouTube thiumbnail. Although maybe the channel banner is proof that the person making graphics for their YouTube page is just throwing things together and not really clear on the correct graphics to use.
  7. Poppy took a few years off of the 9-11am Newsroom to get a degree from Yale Law, which she completed shortly before CNN This Morning started. She was thankful to Jeff Zucker for letting her do that, and she occasionally filled in on weekends and holidays while she wasn't in class.
  8. The bug transforms into a (busy) countdown for Opening Day when talking about Spring Training.
  9. CBS 2 CBS News New York recently added traffic to their ticker/flipper, but, once again, the execution is sloppy. Each bus route is listed separately, even if they all say "planned - route change" or "expect delays". The result is a seemingly endless stream of one bus route at a time with generally the same status update. I'm outside of the city and not familiar with the buses, but it didn't seem like there was some bus armageddon the last few days that required so much dedicated screen time, so my guess is that these statuses are fairly routine. At one point on Saturday when I paid attention, the bus-by-bus information filled the flipper for about five minutes. It just seems like they're looking for automated data feeds to stick on the flipper without any care to the utility of the information. (And while we're at it, I've never found the seven-day forecasts for different towns across the area particularly helpful. I'd rather that be replaced with something like a today/tonight/tomorrow with a short text description to go along with the simple icon. And I'm not in love with the lottery there, either -- but hey, it's a feed that probably requires zero maintenance!) My solution, if bus routes were really important to keep, would be to have "expect delays" and then all of the affected routes listed together. Then repeat for other statuses. Same information, but keeps it moving. Below is an example from this morning, beginning at around 0:30 and remaining on screen for the three minutes left in this clip. Sorry for the unhinged rant.
  10. I'm not entirely sure that would have worked. Robin's show did not have the political and international focus that the main network has. While it might have been refreshing to see CNN getting back to reporting more than three or four topics an hour, I don't think they would do that.
  11. Wow, lots of changes again. Very unstable. I feel bad for Poppy and especially Phil, who gave up his (chief?) White House correspondent role and moved his family to New York only to be screwed over a few months later. I hope they are both taken care of as they are both excellent talents and have done everything asked of them. John Berman and Kate Bolduan both separately served as co-anchors of the previous New Day, so this is a return to the timeslot for both of them. Surprised they're keeping the CNN This Morning name at all. Also interesting that the new morning show, News Central, will be 7-10. They briefly had their morning show (I think during the Soledad O'Brien days?) run at these times but eventually moved it back to 6-9. They're replacing one Chris Licht creation with another. And now CNN Newsroom makes its return to weekdays. Am I correct that only three hours of morning/daytime programming will be anchored from NY now, with the rest from DC, until 7pm? Overall, this seems like a massive cut rather than an investment in mornings.
  12. New graphics premiered. The open basically looks the same, but has been made shorter. The lower-thirds look cartoonish and they went with a bold condensed font for the main text. Is the text an afterthought? The logo, now stacked in two lines, stays on the left side of the screen like the other CBS newscasts and local news. (Previously it would move above the lower-third.) Edit: I should add that this is an upgrade over the previous look, which didn't let the text breathe and had too many sections that were just black. This is mostly white and feels lighter. WCBS seems to be having problems with the ticker. It's been blank most of the time, occasionally running a single headline from the website before being blank again. It also remained on screen during most of the first commercial break.
  13. Wednesday Thursday Wonder why they changed Interestingly, it was done on the first day of sweeps (not sure how much those matter anymore).
  14. Strange graphic issue briefly seen at the top of AC360 just now.
  15. I've never been a fan of this look. Either don't put the desk in the corner, or embrace that piece of the building and stick logos there. It looks so poorly done this way.
  16. Nicely done with the graphics. Not to nit pick but I highly recommend getting microphones and making sure your audience can easily hear your talent.
  17. Brianna Keilar and Boris Sanchez are back to doing the "studio stand-ups" for the afternoon DC edition of News Central.
  18. A great journalist and a great host of Sunday Morning. Hearing his voice again in the obits today really took me back. Charles Osgood will be missed.
  19. I really dislike this trend of having two logos and a huge bug.
  20. Not used to seeing studios putting much effort into the floor. Wonder if the next studio will continue with that.
  21. Do we think the snowy photo in Lee's screen will change depending on the day?
  22. I don't really understand why the lower-third graphics (including the time/temp box and the ticker/flipper line) "expand" when there's a split screen/double box graphic being used. When I first saw it last night, I thought maybe it was just that the background was designed to "continue" the other graphics, but there is a motion to the graphics when they expand for the split screen and then shrink again when the video is taken full. And then I'm sure this has been noted on the overall O&O thread in Graphics, but it's just interested to me the way they incorporate the time in certain full screen transitions, and the time, temperature and forecast in the open. It feels like someone realized they had the ability to program the new graphics this way but it feels like unnecessary clutter. But as I said before, this is a massive improvement for ABC 7. I believe Fox 5 now has the oldest graphics package in NY.
  23. Lots of motion, perhaps too much, but overall it feels fresh and slick. A definite upgrade, though the lower-thirds will still feel familiar to longtime viewers who may be resistant to change. Fonts seem to be unnecessarily large but this is ABC 7 so that shouldn't be a surprise.
  24. This was at 6 a.m. Doug Williams anchored first, saying the storm caused technical difficulties with the studio. My guess is that this was being switched from master control and not the regular control room. There were no graphics or video. He tossed to Craig Allen in the actual weather center, saying Craig couldn't hear him but someone would cue him to go. Craig did weather for something like 12 minutes, before Doug tossed to "In Focus." At 6:31, Andrea Grymes did basically the same thing, with Craig going about as long. This time, however, they were able to go to a John Dias live report. I didn't catch the rest to see if they filled out the half hour but things appeared normal when they were back for the 9 a.m.
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