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  1. Has anyone else noticed how Fox News' countdown clocks always count UP for the tenths of a second? I think I first noticed it in during election coverage in 2016. Weird.
  2. Very sad to hear this news. I used to enjoy watching TalkBack Live after school. It helped me as a kid learn to understand different points of view and be less sure of my own opinions.
  3. I remember him doing this on CBS for The Saturday Early Show (and I think he brought it over to CBS 2 as well sometimes). I had no idea he had been doing this far longer than that. Thank you for sharing!
  4. I think their intention is to keep it on the screen for a while so, if it's rather transparent, it's obstructing less of the action.
  5. I'm a fan of the new look overall. The previous look was too bland and did not present the energy that you think of when you think of Fox. The touchdown graphics are definitely huge but do the trick if you're watching in a bar and not directly in front of a screen.
  6. You could use that argument about any discussion on this board. As long as we don't say something like "people are going to be protesting in the streets if the station changes their logo," I think we're fine here. New anchor? Most viewers just want their news. New graphics? Most viewers just want their news. New set? Most viewers just want their news. New music? Most viewers just want their news. That's why we have TVNT, so that we don't have to bore our real life friends with our mostly trivial comments.
  7. The phrase "special report" has so much history across the networks. "Breaking news" has of course become abused. I think the three network evening newscasts use it for the majority of the stories in their first block, even if it's about a candidate who dropped out of the race at 10 a.m. Does this mean there won't be any generic ABC News Special Report graphics? Will they all be created specifically to deal with the planned coverage, such as the impeachment trial open they've been using the last few weeks?
  8. 1. Yes, most viewers probably do not care. 2. This is TV News Talk. That's what we do here. We talk about graphics, compare them, and share ideas about what we think may make them better. 3. Even if viewers don't explicitly notice fonts, it's possible some may have a subconscious reaction to inconsistencies and sloppiness. Story Time: I have two Target stores near my house. I couldn't figure out why I never felt as great about one of the locations. I kept coming back to the word "dirtier" even though I did not actually observe any dirt or sloppiness. Eventually I realized that the lights they use are just not as bright as my preferred store. Just a small thing that made me come away with an unfavorable opinion, all other things being equal. It pays to be neat.
  9. If you're wondering what ABC 7 did with the old monitor backdrop, wonder no more. It's been donated to Hofstra University. I believe the previous Hofstra set was from ESPN. Before that, many years ago, they had parts of a "News 2" set from the "More News in Less Time, Every Time" era. Looks like a huge upgrade.
  10. Looks like Good Day New York is (usually) using the white version of the lower-thirds. I'm all for smaller graphics but the "live" bugs seem to be very small.
  11. Here are some screenshots from WNYW's 5 p.m. (Sorry if it's repetitive with pictures of the other stations' launches... I haven't been following this too closely.)
  12. I saw it the other week. Very well done. Megyn Kelly hosted a 30-minute discussion of the movie with some other people who were portrayed in the movie:
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