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  1. Appreciate the update. So weird.
  2. They just didn't do traffic today??
  3. I assume that's supposed to be a newsroom. Looks more like a small cafeteria with some elements from 1960s game shows. I was hoping for a more impressive newsroom. I'm interested to see how many studios they assemble. Currently there's the newsroom that seems to basically be all flash cams. There's one for New Day, At This Hour, Erin Burnett Outfront and Cuomo Prime Time. There's another for AC360. And there's the one for CNN Tonight.
  4. I understand that argument, and you may be right, but it seems to be a bare bones production meant for the internet. And it's not even live. So it's a definite cutback on quality for WLNY, though it may not be by much. They also promote CBSN NY as "hyper local" but it doesn't seem to be any more local than a regular CBS 2 newscast... It's a repurposing of content that was created for TV.
  5. Good question about weekends. Wouldn't be surprised if they dump weekend news completely now. I'm still surprised by this move. I legitimately thought it was a technical mistake at first and that CBSN New York was creatively being used to fill airtime until whatever meltdown was resolved. Nope. It's intentional and B&C was spun into thinking the newscast was "renamed." Also curious if the 10/55 logo will be removed from the mic flag. Since CBSN New York launched a fee months ago, the mic flags had different logos on all four sides: CBS 2, WLNY, the CBS eye, and CBSN New York.
  6. Broadcasting & Cable: WLNY New York Renames Newscast ‘CBSN New York on WLNY’ I think a more accurate headline would be: WLNY cuts producing only remaining newscast, airs internet web show rerun instead Yes, the online stream (I'm sorry, I should use the catchy buzzwords they keep pushing: their "new digital platform") has replaced WLNY's only newscast. The article claims it's "an update of the 8 p.m. news" but, last I checked (and I'll admit it's been a few months since I bothered to check), the 7 p.m. hour is fresh and followed by repeats. The promise of WLNY seemed exciting with more local news. But the 7-9 a.m. show "The Couch" was very fluffy and was canceled years ago. Most of the programming seems to be cheap court shows. And now the 9 p.m. news might just be a two-hour-old internet repeat (perhaps with an "update"). It's probably a smart business decision to cancel a newscast that hardly anyone was watching anyway... but it's still sad to see local news go away. (Kind of reminds me how the weekend CBS Evening News has been rebranded "CBS Weekend News" and much more resembles a CBSN broadcast, but at least it's not a direct similcast.)
  7. Wow. Hard to imagine Eyewitness News This Morning without Bill Evans. I went back and checked and they were using the talent opens that included Evans yesterday but the talent opens were gone this morning. (Though he still appeared in a shot of the four of them at the desk at the end of a Heather O'Rourke promo that aired this morning.)
  8. Good catch! As usual in recent years, CBS 2 seems to be doing things in their piecemeal style, which results in a sloppy on-air appearance. Why move the bug but not reconfigure the lower-third banners? I'd imagine that's coming next but what's with the on-air testing? I just went back and checked the noon broadcast. It seems CBS 2 had no idea what they were doing with the bug. They used the "new bug" at the beginning, then reverted back to the original position at 12:01, then moved it back to the new spot at 12:05. But then it was back in the original spot after the first commercial break and seems to have remained there for the rest of the newscast. Oh, and the left side of the lower-thirds haven't been 4:3 safe since this package debuted a few years ago because that's where they stick things like "Breaking News" and story-specific text. But the bug on the right had been 4:3 safe until today. I'm interested to see how long until they make the adjustments to the lower-thirds and if they can use the full screen for the seven-day forecast (that five-plus-two look should have died years ago but was a holdover of John Bolaris' "+2" thing... Yes, it's that old). (And my fingers are crossed for a complete redesign... This package is sloppy all over.) Update: WLNY has moved the bug over to the right as well tonight.
  9. I really like the new lower thirds. Not original but they're clean and don't take up more space than necessary.
  10. Also, the stories used are old. Heathcare.gov problems? That was when "Obamacare" was launching.
  11. Time lapse for the new studio: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/face-the-nation-to-feature-new-studio-sunday/?ftag=CNM-00-10aab7b&linkId=51531511 Finally a nice set for Face The Nation! I just wish they'd change the logo and make it a bit more memorable. New theme as well: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/behind-the-scenes-recording-a-new-face-the-nation-theme/
  12. Is it possible that they're not actually in the demo area, but that pieces of the demo area are being used in a temporary studio?
  13. It's coming May 13th! [MEDIA=twitter]989661105491529728[/MEDIA]
  14. One thing lost in the updated bug is the show logo's animation when coming back from a break. (The bug would briefly display the show's logo before transitioning to the MSNBC logo.)
  15. I first noticed this last night at 10:30 during a live update in the middle of "Headliners" and assumed it was an error. (It still had the previous design at 9:30.) I'm fine with the bug not being inside a box but it shouldn't look like a mistake the way the L3 just ends.
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