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  1. Absolutely nothing in this post is accurate. Ratings are doing well. That means there IS interest. The hearings are not being buried. They are being carried across cable news and broadcast networks. The fact that the hearings are on C-SPAN 3 is not indicative of expected interest. C-SPAN carries the House floor, C-SPAN 2 carries the Senate, and C-SPAN 3 is for hearings. Yes, sometimes there is overlap, but this is the general setup. Let facts inform your opinions. I fear that too many people are letting their opinions inform their facts.
  2. I'm disappointed that there wasn't a bigger change to the graphics as I was hoping for a totally new look. Thought they might go for some Euro-inspired package seeing as Altice is from France and The Netherlands and the logo sort of gives me that feel. Instead, the graphics are largely very similar. Sure, they use more white and lighter blues. The lower-thirds with a person's name and title are super bland. The info bar is similar, but no longer shrinks its height for one-line items (I hated when it did this). Weather graphics appear untouched (I'm expecting them to switch to the lighter colors). New slogan is "Local Matters." To RGSJenkins, I agree that the ticker looks too small, but I believe it's only used for weather alerts. With the look that's being phased out, I think it slightly covered the info bar. Outgoing look for reference: A few screenshots:
  3. Logo changed on Twitter and Facebook. I don't receive News 12 on TV but I'm not noticing any on-air changes yet while looking at the most recent video on their website.
  4. Not sure when this happened as it's been at least a few days since I was last there but news12.com has a different look this morning. However, the logo has not changed.
  5. CBS 2 News at 5:00 had a spooky close tonight.
  6. So there's a video of someone sharing their opinion of Jeff Zucker? Wow, what a bombshell. An employee has unfavorable interpretation of his boss' views. ::yawn::
  7. This is assuming Fox will still have a "news" division.
  8. I'm not understanding this talking point that implies that there's less information on the screen now. The attached images are not a perfect 1:1 comparison but the best I have at the moment. It's the same amount of information. They made the ticker text a bit smaller but now there are five lines of text overall instead of the original four, with the show's logo (which alternates with guests' names) taking up a lot of real estate.
  9. I checked out FBN during the day and there were barely any reports from the NYSE or other trading floors. It was mostly interviews and panels. Just like the rest of cable news. No more bumping into and out of breaks with live stock charts. Very different from what I remember.
  10. Fox Business doesn't just sound like Fox News... Now they look like them, too. https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/fox-business-network-refresh-barrons-fox-news-1203353248/ Gone is the gold logo. Now it's blue and red, also like Fox News. I think it's a shame. Fox Business had some of the most beautiful graphics in cable news. Everything seemed to be planned and it all lined up nicely. This look was definitely a step-up for Fox News a while back but it feels like a major downgrade for Fox Business. But I understand the benefits of having a similar look for both networks.
  11. For those who want more context: https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/09/espn-mnf-yellow-scoreboard-down-distance-graphic-fans-reaction-twitter I'm impressed by the speed! I don't love how huge the graphics are (they're for easy viewing at bars, right?) but I do really like the design.
  12. I believe News 12 Varsity vanished as a channel a few years ago. They streamed a smaller selection of games online using a bare bones staff. They then decided to put some games back on TV on News 12 Traffic and Weather, which is now News 12+. I am unsure of the current situation. Their Twitter account hasn't posted since the end of June, though maybe that's just because school was out. I don't think Fios 1 is doing anything come November.
  13. Coming in November, followed by i24 News and Cheddar in 2020. This comes after Fios is ending its relationship with RNN to produce Fios 1 News. https://www.verizon.com/about/news/verizon-fios-partners-altice-usa-hyperlocal-news-and-content RealNews18's guess was right!
  14. Their studio looks so much better with the new screens.
  15. I was surprised Alex wasn't filling in for Chris at the anchor desk. Perhaps they decided they should do traffic and no one else is capable?
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