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  1. Great find! I was interested as to what was on the other side of the studio... Now we know! I wonder when they might use it.
  2. I think what's more problematic than him having fun while the rest of his colleagues are working is that he's bragging to viewers that he doesn't stay in New York. Sure, he might be there four mornings a week, but it's not really his home anymore.
  3. You're repeating your circular logic and trying to distract by going way off topic. Your argument is that the station should not have bothered to break in for the first hour because... it was no longer breaking news AFTER an hour? That makes zero sense. And then you somehow use your very faulty memory of 9/11 to justify whatever point it is you're struggling to make. Many called the first WTC plane crash breaking news or a special report from the start. Your posts are usually bizarre but the ones in this thread really take the cake.
  4. Sorry, Eat. A helicopter crashing on top of a New York building IS news in New York. Also, it's strange justifying Fox 5's apparently taking an hour to come on the air by saying... it's no longer breaking news an hour later? I'm not sure what the purpose of your word association ranting was but it veered way off topic.
  5. Jake Tapper was in New York today for what I believe was The Lead's first time broadcasting from Hudson Yards. The show used the new AC360 studio and gave us a look at another area that I don't think had been seen on air before. Most recently when The Lead was anchored from Columbus Circle, Tapper would be in the "CNN Tonight" studio. Before that, Tapper would use the newsroom set.
  6. News 12 Long Island morning anchor Carol Silva announced this morning that she will be retiring at the end of December after nearly 30 years at the station. It's always sad to see longtime talent you grew up watching leave.
  7. Apologies if my cropping of the post made it unclear. The caption was under a photo of them together in the CBSN New York studio.
  8. I think it's more likely making room for viewers to switch to Sam Champion.
  9. If John Elliott's Instagram comment this morning is accurate (I only say that because I'm shocked and hoping it's a joke), he has been moved to weekends. Elise Finch has been doing the morning weather this week. I believe John joined in January 2007 and has had the same shift ever since. Elise joined a little later that year. Just seems like such an odd move if it wasn't his request (and it doesn't seem like it was). Wonder if they're just waiting for his contract to be up.
  10. This morning was the first time I've seen CNN use the entire newsroom desk as they had six people (two anchors, plus four guests) on there. Thought it looked interesting. (I think it would look better if the cameras -- at least the main one -- weren't so close to the talent.)
  11. Kate Bolduan and At This Hour finally moved into their new studio a few weeks after temporarily moving into the newsroom. As was the arrangement at Columbus Circle, the show shares the studio with New Day and Cuomo Prime Time. I'm a fan of all the new studios (except for the newsroom) but I wonder if they're "too New York" with all the skyline images. I think New Yorkers tend to think the world revolves around them and I'm just not sure the rest of the country is dying to see Manhattan buildings in national broadcast graphics all the time.
  12. I agree with everything you said, and especially this line.
  13. On the third day of the revamped broadcast, CBS made an adjustment to the graphic behind Gayle. It now looks a little bit less ridiculous.
  14. I was wondering what they'd do when having an in-studio panel. Tonight was our first chance to see the larger desk. (Looks like an extension.)
  15. The newsroom is all robotic cameras, like the previous newsroom. I think this is why the set feels so underwhelming. The cameras just feel very static.
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