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  1. I saw it the other week. Very well done. Megyn Kelly hosted a 30-minute discussion of the movie with some other people who were portrayed in the movie:
  2. I'm not a fan of the solid black. But at least, for the first time since John Bolaris was the chief meteorologist, all the days on CBS 2's extended forecast are the same size.
  3. Definitely a CNN vibe. Some parts remind me of Wolf Blitzer's studio.
  4. The studio looks nice. The graphics are a nice update from the super plain look that debuted a few months ago, though it still feels a bit on the cartoonish side to me. Strange that the old lower-third banners appeared sometimes, including for the top story. (That has to be a mistake, right?) I still hate the show's logo taking up a bar on the bottom of the screen. They had this for Jeff Glor but then switched to a box on the left. But why is this necessary at all? Neither ABC nor NBC has anything like this in the evening. The opening theme still feels lost to me. Sounds almost like a weak close, not an open. But overall, an upgrade from a visual perspective. Let's see if they can take advantage of being in D.C., put on a solid broadcast, and earn the trust of new viewers. I'm interested to see if the special report graphics are updated. I imagine we'll see that on Wednesday.
  5. I like Jeff but felt he was a bit weak and bland as a lead network anchor. I preferred Scott Pelley. His writing was solid and I felt the broadcast chose the right stories to lead with. Once Pelley left, it felt like the broadcast became less serious and it stopped becoming required viewing for me.
  6. From the B&C article: I think that's a mistake. I wish CBS would use the Washington location as a reason to focus on politics. It could be the political broadcast as a way to differentiate itself from the others. While ABC and NBC lead with the latest weather event, CBS could focus on what's happening in politics. There sure won't be a shortage of political drama anytime soon. But that's not going to happen. Apparently it'll be the same broadcast in a different studio. I'm sure that'll work.
  7. Can you believe this is what O&Os look like?!
  8. You're comparing the ratings of Fox News to Judge Judy and using that to prove... What exactly? The article you linked to says 11.4 million people watched on Day 4. I don't know how that compares to the usual daytime viewership but a Variety article about Day 3's ratings says 12 million watched and declared it "drew big numbers yet again." 11.4 is less than 12, yes, but only slightly, so it seems Day 4 is still near "big numbers" territory. Not that ratings should determine whether impeachment hearings about the president of the United States should be carried on television, but if that's your goal: Ratings are strong. Americans are interested. But you never seem to let facts get in the way of meandering message board posts with bold text.
  9. Absolutely nothing in this post is accurate. Ratings are doing well. That means there IS interest. The hearings are not being buried. They are being carried across cable news and broadcast networks. The fact that the hearings are on C-SPAN 3 is not indicative of expected interest. C-SPAN carries the House floor, C-SPAN 2 carries the Senate, and C-SPAN 3 is for hearings. Yes, sometimes there is overlap, but this is the general setup. Let facts inform your opinions. I fear that too many people are letting their opinions inform their facts.
  10. I'm disappointed that there wasn't a bigger change to the graphics as I was hoping for a totally new look. Thought they might go for some Euro-inspired package seeing as Altice is from France and The Netherlands and the logo sort of gives me that feel. Instead, the graphics are largely very similar. Sure, they use more white and lighter blues. The lower-thirds with a person's name and title are super bland. The info bar is similar, but no longer shrinks its height for one-line items (I hated when it did this). Weather graphics appear untouched (I'm expecting them to switch to the lighter colors). New slogan is "Local Matters." To RGSJenkins, I agree that the ticker looks too small, but I believe it's only used for weather alerts. With the look that's being phased out, I think it slightly covered the info bar. Outgoing look for reference: A few screenshots:
  11. Logo changed on Twitter and Facebook. I don't receive News 12 on TV but I'm not noticing any on-air changes yet while looking at the most recent video on their website.
  12. Not sure when this happened as it's been at least a few days since I was last there but news12.com has a different look this morning. However, the logo has not changed.
  13. CBS 2 News at 5:00 had a spooky close tonight.
  14. So there's a video of someone sharing their opinion of Jeff Zucker? Wow, what a bombshell. An employee has unfavorable interpretation of his boss' views. ::yawn::
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