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  1. Best of luck to Lauren Scala, I believe she replaced Megan Meany
  2. j.wer

    Amy Freeze

    He only freelanced at CBS and WPIX I believe.
  3. I am a big fan of Blue Bloods, so I left Channel 2 on again after it ended last night just to see and, once again it was John Elliott. filling in, It seems now on most stations the A teams get Friday's off.
  4. I don't usually watch their evening news, but I haven't seen Lonnie Quinn in a while What's going on?
  5. She tweeted me that she will be there all week!
  6. Is Lori Stokes to 6 pm a temporary a permanent move?
  7. j.wer


    What's become of Melissa Lee?
  8. I dont know if I missed it but what's become of Stacey Bell?
  9. What about pairing Greg Kelly with Teresa Priolo to succeed Suki and Jenn?
  10. I hope they bring back Teresa Priolo
  11. Like I had previously posted though saddened to see Antwan and Teresa go, Suki makes sense but the second choice........?? I'm surprised no one mentioned that Suki did not fill in for Roseanne today....
  12. You gotta be kidding...I can see hiring Suki...but...............???
  13. Juliet brought a veteran presence to the early morning and she will be missed. Perhaps by some. and not by others.. Personally I was never a fan... I'd love to see Theresa succeed her...not sure about the male counterpart, if there is one..
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