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  1. The FCC does not require stations to relay weather alerts. They are only "required to provide the capability for the President to address the public during a national emergency." (https://www.fcc.gov/emergency-alert-system) You can make the argument that relaying alerts from the National Weather Service is in the public interest, but it is not required.
  2. Does anyone have any insight into the timeline for a graphics package change? Is it tied to when KCAL launches their morning news block sometime next month? ...or when WWJ launches its newscasts? (Any estimated launch date?) One thing to note (though perhaps unrelated), WBZ/Boston has not used the CBSN graphics package on its CBS News Boston OTT stream newscasts in several months, instead using the O&O graphics package.
  3. I don't think that affiliates are clamoring for additional inventory when the syndication market is barren and the advertisers for noon newscasts is dearth. Both Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful remain profitable.
  4. Yes, it was solely for unified branding.
  5. Did production for WTOG's news move from Dallas to Boston? The hybrid national/local broadcast is not a new concept. In fact, CBS and Group W partnered on a very similar effort in the mid '90s called Day & Date, which had local cut-ins and national segments. The program started out news/topical, but later moved toward tabloid and entertainment. It aired in the afternoons leading into local stations' news blocks.
  6. I agree that this is not indicative of a rebrand of the station, but potentially, a rebrand of its newscasts. You could, however, be correct in that this is simply a new, 10pm newscast that will simulcast on the OTT CBS News Boston and OTA on WSBK.
  7. In perhaps a sign of wider things to come, WBZ/Boston is (yet again) launching a 10pm newscast airing on sister-station WSBK/Boston on July 18. It will be titled "CBS News Boston Now on TV38." I've included a screenshot from the station's TitanTV program schedule. Could this be a sign of a full rebrand from WBZ News? While it could certainly be part of the "hybrid, local-to-national multiplatform newscasts for several of the company’s CW, independent and MyNetwork TV-affiliated stations" that CBS Stations is launching, the branding is odd. If it's just going to air on TV38, why include the station's brand in the title?
  8. CBS' local news innovation lab will be based out of Dallas: https://variety.com/2022/biz/news/cbs-stations-texas-local-news-innovation-lab-1235151080/. The greater exposure, I'm sure, was one reason for the move.
  9. Perhaps unforeseen circumstances?
  10. Is the heritage brand truly being de-emphasized? That's counter to Wendy McMahon's textbook marketing strategy when she was at both WCCO and WBZ. I would agree, however, that the O&Os branding is very inconsistent; not just within the group, but even at the station-level. I present the table below with no intent of making this a "list" thread, but to simply illustrate my point.
  11. WBZ/Boston adopted the "Next Weather" brand beginning Monday as well.
  12. IIRC, stations have to license the branding. Perhaps in cases where the NBC O&O has it already, the CBS will retain Storm Watch.
  13. WBZ/Boston did the same. The FCC relaxed E/I programming restrictions in the past couple of years. Stations are able to offload 1 hour of E/I programming to one of their digital channels, leaving only two hours required each week on the main program stream. It looks like ViacomCBS is now taking advantage.
  14. WLNE, Providence, RI's ABC affiliate, has a YouTube page setup called "Providence Now ABC6" which features a new station logo (attached). The page was started in October 2021. There is no sign of the new look on air (yet).
  15. I think the larger objective for CBS is to utilize Detroit as a "laboratory" of sorts to try out some new things. There's no risk of alienating an existing audience. It should be very interesting to watch the operation unfold.
  16. Weren't they on most CBS O&Os until the late '80s?
  17. The date in question was a Sunday. The Sunday Morning studio would have been staffed and ready for that day's broadcast.
  18. And, prior to that, was CSD at WCCO during their successful run at emphasizing the local brand.
  19. At approximately 3:58am this morning, shortly before CBS Morning News began, CBS broadcast CBS News Flash, an approximately 1-minute news digest that was anchored by Tom Hanson. CBS, like the other networks, previously had updates broadcast throughout the day. I found an edition of CBS News Flash from earlier this month on YouTube, included as part of a video history of the CBS Newsbreak. I'm curious if this just airs a 3:58am EDT (But then, why?) or if it is airing in other dayparts.
  20. I was just coming here to post the stories from the LA Times. Here's the second, https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2021-01-24/cbs-television-stations-peter-dunn-racism-sexism, referring to alleged mistreatment by Dunn and the stations group. Fascinating reads.
  21. Any predictions on whether or not a new look debuts on Super Bowl Sunday?
  22. Where are you able to search for these on Internet Archive? I can't find the collection.
  23. It's only because Christmas Day and New Year's Day are on Friday this year.
  24. About 10-12 years ago, digital multicast weather channels were quite popular (NBC's WeatherPlus, The Local AccuWeather Channel, and locally-run options). I'm curious whether any still exist. Is it safe to assume their popularity waned in the era of smartphones?
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