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  1. Any predictions on whether or not a new look debuts on Super Bowl Sunday?
  2. Where are you able to search for these on Internet Archive? I can't find the collection.
  3. It's only because Christmas Day and New Year's Day are on Friday this year.
  4. About 10-12 years ago, digital multicast weather channels were quite popular (NBC's WeatherPlus, The Local AccuWeather Channel, and locally-run options). I'm curious whether any still exist. Is it safe to assume their popularity waned in the era of smartphones?
  5. On September 1, public media powerhouse WGBH will rebrand its various platforms under the "GBH" umbrella, citing the fact that fewer people access via broadcast. More information on the rebrand, and the new logo, is available on their website: https://www.wgbh.org/beyondbroadcast. I'm curious what others think about this as it's not limited to public broadcasters. What do you think about dropping the "W" (or "K")?
  6. Was that his normal delivery last weekend? I had to turn it off after five minutes. He sounded out of breath.
  7. Kind of/sort of. Boston is producing the national broadcast.
  8. Don't forget CBS has something else in the pipeline: The Drew Barrymore Show, which is premiering in the fall. I imagine the plan is to have Drew move into the Judy slots in year two.
  9. I seem to recall WFOR/Miami doing something similar, like a quarterly magazine, in the past decade. WBZ/Boston did in the late 90s. I know that many newsrooms are now expanding into digital media (i.e., OTT and podcasts).
  10. WBZ has the new weather graphics, too.
  11. Any word on timeline for the rollout?
  12. Information on the development project: https://www.bldup.com/projects/75-morrissey-boulevard
  13. I believe it was sports reporter Alice Cook.
  14. This may be a reference to WCVB which is located across the highway from the new NBC building.
  15. WABU, which was owned by Boston University, had rights to the Sox after TV38 gave them up due to network obligations to UPN.
  16. Isn't it recorded at 5pm? We're not talking hours in advance.
  17. One interesting effect from the NBC affiliation switch is how other stations in the market will promote themselves. WBZ's entry plays up its heritage in the New England community: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2016/12/15/new-wbz-tv-legacy-promo-whos-who/
  18. Not really. When the City sold the rights to an outside agency (Conventures), the broadcast rights disappeared, too. No station (including WBZ) covered Conventures' First Night last year.

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