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  1. Information on the development project: https://www.bldup.com/projects/75-morrissey-boulevard
  2. I believe it was sports reporter Alice Cook.
  3. This may be a reference to WCVB which is located across the highway from the new NBC building.
  4. WABU, which was owned by Boston University, had rights to the Sox after TV38 gave them up due to network obligations to UPN.
  5. Completely agree that WBZ's package was amazing. I do think that KBCW's Nightbeat graphics package is a nice evolution:
  6. Isn't it recorded at 5pm? We're not talking hours in advance.
  7. One interesting effect from the NBC affiliation switch is how other stations in the market will promote themselves. WBZ's entry plays up its heritage in the New England community: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2016/12/15/new-wbz-tv-legacy-promo-whos-who/
  8. Not really. When the City sold the rights to an outside agency (Conventures), the broadcast rights disappeared, too. No station (including WBZ) covered Conventures' First Night last year.
  9. Probably pushback from Congress. Accolades from the broadcasting industry.
  10. "Countdown NBC Boston" launched today. The program schedule features NECN simulcasts, COZI TV programming, Dateline, and the syndicated lineup. NBCCountdown.pdf
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