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  1. They have done that for over 20 years!
  2. It appears that they are diverting resources. On September 11, WBTS/Boston will debut "Boston News Daily" at 2pm. The Gracenote description reads, "A look at New England's news, sports, and more." The station airs NBC News Daily at Noon, Access Daily at 1pm and The Kelly Clarkson Show at 3pm.
  3. I don't know that there's anything we didn't already know, but here's a release detailing the transition: https://www.paramountpressexpress.com/cbs-news-and-stations/releases/?view=108406-cbs-to-transition-eight-company-owned-stations-from-affiliates-of-the-cw-to-independents-on-friday-sept-1
  4. Beginning September 11, WBTS/Boston will cut-back its morning news from a 4am start to a 5am start. Early Today will run from 3:30am-5am.
  5. Yes, during the height of the pandemic, they replaced the 4am-5am hour with a 10am-11am hour.
  6. In the major markets it certainly can. It's two hours of programming. This is not akin to losing a major network affiliation with numerous time periods to fill.
  7. KCAL is doing the same thing. I believe KDKA and WCCO do, too. It has never appeared as though this was a one size fits all approach to the brandings.
  8. CBS and Paramount+ NBC and Peacock Fox and Tubi
  9. Other than pure speculation, is there any evidence to indicate that the KCAL branding is transitional?
  10. Even if @Midnight were to run for thirty minutes, I would imagine CBS might run a rebroadcast of CBS Evening News at 1:07am and not return the time to affiliates.
  11. It is, indeed, a crazy era. But why not use the medium to creatively tell a story. Look at what WBZ NewsRadio's Matt Shearer is up to: https://www.bostonmagazine.com/news/2022/08/12/matt-shearer-wbz-tiktok/
  12. I'm curious how the legacy stations will (or in KPIX's case, do) brand outside of news. Does KPIX's syndicated programming bug or top of the hour legal ID have the CBS eye? Or is it simply the same box with the call letters?
  13. WBZ has the same thing leading into their 9am broadcast.
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