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  1. LOL. Lets hope they get to an agreement before the Super Bowl in 2 weeks. If not, than there will certainly be a lot of New Engladers pissed.
  2. SUNBEAM Stations are going through an ongoing dispute with DirecTV at this time. http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/01/18/2596172/wsvn-directv-still-slugging-it.html
  3. In regards to the Savannah move, that was I think because they were literally moving everything out and setting it up. MY guess was the space wasn't fully ready till just a few hours before the newscast on Monday.
  4. I found video of the new KCRA 3 look and also the new KITV look in HD.
  5. Because its tradition. WSVN as funny as it is changes some stuff quickly, but they are very slow to change anything. That name predates to when they were an NBC affiliate. Some history for a truly remarkable station.
  6. WPLG has picked up Regis and Kelly which will end their 9 AM newscast. They are now though going to be back in the 5 PM News race.
  7. KLBK News @ NOON Open: (Story for Texas Tech v. Texas) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hASInAS89nY&feature=related
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