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  1. those are impressive for 1997 for a market that size. Signature fits so well here.
  2. @rkolsen thanks for getting the images of Sinclair's HQ. I will say this about them..yes they are cheap on one end of the spectrum..but it is nice to see that they are trying to still be innovative on the engineering side of the house. I know here in Doha, I have passed by the Al Jazeera/bein Media Group's HQ which is a massive gated off compound..but good job.
  3. Apparently Nexstar filed copyright against Stanley Roberts for his people behaving badly segments. Not cool.
  4. It is Cinemagic's work. It was based off of the FOX Toledo GFX package that CINEMAGIC did for them.
  5. That close from KENS5. Seriously their VTS pack they had is nothing short of remarkable. I wish someone out there had the full thing and could publish it.
  6. Also even though this is somewhat non news, Marvin Zindler on Late night with David Letterman: I wonder if this miffed KPRC that Marvin was being shown on NBC
  7. Ed Brandon with his "Edroom" forecast day: Also, this was in my opinion KTRK's brightest moment early in the century. This was a documentary they did for Tropical Storm Allison. Ed did a really remarkable job here.
  8. Yea..That logo was horrid. Their 2007 look was way better but not by much.
  9. This started a string of KPRC just being bland and trying to re-find themselves.
  10. IIRC, Interstate 10 at the San Jacinto river was closed off for about a month or two, which required drivers coming from the east to have to go up to US 90 (Crosby Freeway) to cross over to get to Houston on the Eastbound side. They temporarily had one of the bridges with reduced lanes running for a bit as well.
  11. Some more from the KTRK archives. This happened in Mont Belvieu, TX (where I am originally from) a year before I was born. In fact, the intersection where Shara Fryer is on is Hwy 146 and Loop 207 (which is the old main loop of Mont Belvieu). Just to give some history..Mont Belvieu sits on top of a massive oil salt dome (which is why its called Barbers Hill)..In 1972, the high school moved east to where FM 3180 (Eagle Drive) is now. What used to be there was just the Chambers county dump. The schools moved out east in the 80s as more and more explosions happened in Mont Belvieu and this explosion pretty much sponsored a mass industry buyout of all the land in and around Highway 146. https://www.joc.com/petrochemical-industry-buys-out-texas-town_19871214.html So, if you go over to Mont Belvieu, there is some stuff alongside Highway 146, but on 146, it stops right by an old apartment complex and strip mall and that goes all the way up to pretty much the current Cherry Hill Subdivision.
  12. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/23296088/tv-anchor-mike-shumann-allegedly-stole-golden-state-warriors-staffer-jacket
  13. Don't know if this WEAR 1999 newscast has been posted up in here. I still love this theme and to me its kind of great in a way (but now it kind of stinks with Sinclair also owning WPMI)..but they have been very unique until the Sinclair acquisition.
  14. A lot easier to grab the money when its a locally produced newscast and political campaigns are willing to always spend a ton of money.
  15. [MEDIA=vimeo]52750093[/MEDIA] Footage from KRIV's old studios and holy moly..I can definitely understand why they got their new diggs off of the Southwest Freeway.
  16. [MEDIA=vimeo]240093710[/MEDIA] A KPRC compliation including the weird mishmash of the NBA on NBC open with the PNP and KPRC. Courtesy to compubit
  17. [MEDIA=vimeo]247424634[/MEDIA] I have to give it to compubit on this find. A custom KTRK close in 95 Shern Min and Larry Audas still at KPRC with the V1 Hometown News look in 1995 Fran and Mike on the evening news of KRIV Plus the last little bit with Bill and Jan Carson (shocked she was still at the station in 1995) for the Rodeo with another custom cut of Hometown News Plus on this one: [MEDIA=vimeo]249612960[/MEDIA] KPRC noon newscast anchored by Emily Akin, who was the stations consumer reporter. I think this is one of if not the only times she anchored a newscast
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=RQ7n3s2ZPm0;m=35;s=1 KHOU back in 1992 with a full long close with the first Hegner package.
  19. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/weather/fl-fea-bryan-norcross-hired-as-hurricane-specialist-wplg-channel-10-story.html Bryan Norcross is coming back to South Florida to where it started for him in Miami at Channel 10. He will be working alongside Max Mayfield for hurricane coverage and WPLG's weather team.
  20. If I recall right, I remember here on the forums right around the period that News in Focus was on WRGB that one of there creative staffers were looking for advice about keeping News in Focus and switching to the WBBM package and other ideas at the time.
  21. sounds like Enforcer V1 mixed in with a custom sig
  22. if it gets approved by the fcc..nope
  23. Wow..thats a good pick up and a great promotion for Skip
  24. I find it incredible how incredibly successful they have been over the years certainly considering that it seems to somewhat be a hotbed for great journalism and somehow great local ownership. I know this probably won't happen, but for whatever reason, if the station ever was on the selling block, what do you think would happen to WFMZ?
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