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  1. When I went up to Charleston, I do not remember them having a different open, but I was there during their Ultra News days.
  2. I know WPLG had an anchor over in the Bahamas. It is pretty crazy but we got lucky here in South Florida.
  3. Good god..I think the only time they have never started late was when the Renderon gfx came out. Does anyone have WJXT?
  4. I have to say the ones from Guam I can give a big excuse for. WTTG I hope that was just MC messing up. I also dont like the pre-tease graphics, but the open somehow ties it in. I saw the KTVH open and just thought ok..playing it super safe
  5. @PTVNews Fred Roggin is very versatile..has done Olympic coverage for NBC and also has filled in for a lot of the sports stuff. I think maybe its just a pilot to test out a newscast format. Its decent but more than likely will have to be reformatted for live broadcast tv unless it might be formatted for social media and social media only. Either that, or they found an old WTVJ relic from their 4 NEWS NOW era.
  6. Thanks for reminding me that they bought them out recently.
  7. Not a bad deal. Also kept rainmaker
  8. Looks like from the gray graphics hub with some recoloring done
  9. That open looked seriously complex and more involved than most of the trends lately.
  10. The blues parade is on now.. Ktvi is partnered with fs Midwest even using there graphics.. I wonder what kdnl will use?
  11. Remember, FOX is paying over $1B for just Smackdown to WWE that starts in October.
  12. The only station that is even experimenting is KIII and they use probably the best cuts of the package
  13. This will probably go to ABC. Also, it kind of gives a nice insight since they start adding Thursday night games for the week of Wrestlemania so you can now definitely see some heavy promotion of those games and to think that on two nights a week, FOX will be owned by McMahon himself. Geez what an alternate reality that were living in.
  14. How do you do KBMT considering its both an ABC and NBC affiliate? I understand KFMB.
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