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  1. In terms of the copter share WPLG/TVJ/FOR share a helicopter WSVN has their own. They are both based out of N Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines
  2. Really, WRTV should be kicking themselves for letting Ray go when they did.
  3. From what I heard there are 3 stations that are currently exempted from the look which are WTVR/WTKR and WPIX
  4. I would assume KRON and WDAF sent there own team down.
  5. last time WTVX had a newscast it was being produced by KUTV. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and again what happens after Election Day. I have a feeling these newscasts will get pulled by December 1st. Its also the same with the new news department going in @ WSFL
  6. I will try to give an honest opinion and maybe to try and assess levels of difficulty here. I think really difficult and almost near impossible certainly if you are in a bigger market. If you are in a smaller, you might be able to swing it if you can find a network that would be willing to go with you for your startup. You have to think though in smaller markets (hmm Beaumont for example), the NBC affiliate is a digital subchannel of KBMT. Depending on how much automation and how much contracting out of services are you willing to do you can run it o
  7. Way more cash than Gray has. Also remember ESPN was the ones that swayed both the ACC and SEC to go away from syndication.
  8. As much as I would love for the old Jefferson Pilot days to come back, they really do not have the resources that the conferences that they were aligned with prior (ACC/SEC) want. Part of the ACC Network contract is the colleges to do a lot of the production themselves and just have ESPN manage it and ESPN is paying a pretty penny for those two linear networks plus the streaming rights. I know ESPN did not like the fact that for years RAYCOM got FIRST rights to a lot of the ACC conference games in Basketball and had to technically simulcast the Raycom broadcast outside of announcers during the
  9. Hmm..even though its fringe as well..you forgot DMA #7 (Houston) which is very close to Texas A&M. In fact College Station/Bryan is technically split between Waco and Houston
  10. Well if they bring back ole Andy Griffin then they might have ratings jump through the roof. That used to be their lead in
  11. I live in Broward and we kinda do but wish we had something more in focus to Broward. That is why the sun sentinel is still around
  12. TheRob they are probably still in the sun sentinel building in downtown ft Lauderdale. They still have Dave aizer on the payroll and these folks listed on the site https://sflcw.com/contact/people/ Not many on the payroll
  13. Hilltop hot dogs LLC that's an awesome name. But just because Graham is managing WPLG does not mean that they are operating it. From what I recall Graham is managing all of the backend infrastructure (think it website engineering) for WPLG and also the graphics but outside of probably the gfx hub, everyone else is a buffet employee.

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