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  1. 22 hours ago, ATLNewsExpert said:

    Saw this when searching for WKTB (Atlanta Telemundo). Given that we hear WGCL's temporary set is to be their permanent set in due course could this mean they are moving into 14th Street with WGCL? 


    Yes Wktb is indeed moving into CBS 46 building and when WGCL moves back to their completed main set their current temporary set will become telemundo Atlanta’s brand new permanent set

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  2. It’s definitely a temporary set I must say pretty impressive. From what I’ve heard following the completion of the main set the temporary set will become the secondary set Taking a page from FOX 5. I would not be surprised if that could be setup for future Monica Pearson one on one episodes this fall or sports shows Friday and Saturday nights.

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  3. 12 hours ago, ATLNewsExpert said:

    By the way your talking has the insider say it will be a new set entirely or a update? Also station executive, reporter, etc?

    An anchor is my insider I’ll get you clarification on whether it’s an update or complete overhaul for you 

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  4. On 6/20/2022 at 5:32 PM, ATLNewsExpert said:

    Alright time to pack it up folks, they are on the main set once again unchanged, sorry to disappoint. This thread will be kept up just in case they pull a newsroom again in the near future

    Don’t table it just yet I can exclusively report from a station insider they will be doing work on the studio in the near future my guess it’ll be a fall renovation don’t know exact timetable to begin but yes WGCL will doing some Reno work soon

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  5. 3 hours ago, DetroitTVNews said:

    The irony of that, I believe WGCL has also been affected by the Dish-Metedith dispute. This may mean satellite customers in the Atlanta market may be without CBS in any form.


    Reminds me of what Dish customers in the Traverse City market in Michigan had to deal with at one point in 2015. They were left with only CMUPT (PBS) on Dish as the respective owners of 9&10/WFQX and 7&9/29&8 were both in the midst of disputes with Dish.

    Yep I believe all satellites subscribers in the Atlanta market currently do not have WGCL on their lineup because of the Dish/Meredith dispute and the AT&T-DirecTV/CBS dispute 

  6. I have DirecTV Now and CBS must really be playing hardball because not only did they pull WUPA here in Atlanta they also yanked WGCL (which isn’t even owned by CBS Corporation!) off too Even though on AT&T/DirecTV website it says CBS here in Atlanta would not be affected 


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