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  1. Add WGCL to the list of getting the new graphics looks like they’ve dropped the “CBS” from their logo too
  2. Yep I believe all satellites subscribers in the Atlanta market currently do not have WGCL on their lineup because of the Dish/Meredith dispute and the AT&T-DirecTV/CBS dispute
  3. I have DirecTV Now and CBS must really be playing hardball because not only did they pull WUPA here in Atlanta they also yanked WGCL (which isn’t even owned by CBS Corporation!) off too Even though on AT&T/DirecTV website it says CBS here in Atlanta would not be affected
  4. It was at the top of the newscast...also they have started to use the slanted version of the blue background in their recent promos
  5. To bump this thread I think WSB is about to roll out some new graphics very soon possibly a slight change to the logo this is from tonight’s 11pm newscast
  6. Looks like WSB has premiered a new opening for their newscast today the graphics and music are the same but they did update their transition graphics as well A1470220-CC06-493F-8951-89946F22F4BD.MOV
  7. If the Sinclair/Tribune deal falls through I could absolutely see a possible Cox Media/Tribune merger
  8. KTBC did go HD and have the new graphics I saw their news online
  9. yeah i noticed that too i liked the old blue L3 because it made them unique now they're blanded with the other o&o L3s now and its just like the rest now
  10. add WTVT they finally went HD tonight adapting the O&O graphics that all FOX station uses also WOFL tweaked their graphics to the same as all the other stations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEQJmuXBTyM heres the new HD open for WTVT its very interesting theyre still using the late Don LaFontaine as V/O
  11. heres the link to the new look of WOFL new HD graphics i think it looks good on them
  12. for those of you that are interested in WOFL HD look here it is. Personality I think it looks good on them
  13. they started monday it looks like its widescreen i saw their newscast yesterday and today they are no longer are in 4:3 for sure. I have their HD and SD channels on Direct TV roger simmons forum has a topic about it (look under orlando TV) http://www.rogersimmons.com/forum/
  14. Hey quick HD update in Orlando Fox 35 started today to broadcast either in HD or 16x9 Widescreen. This is either the 3rd HD station or 2nd 16x9 Widescreen station but either way all the stations here are either in HD or widescreen

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