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  1. Interesting! Do you know which library it can be found in?
  2. The new theme is by DreamArtists Music once again.
  3. GMA started using a new theme yesterday. It's again by DreamArtists Music. More percussion, less EDM.
  4. Those are not questions I asked. My sense of the matter is that he was simply approached to do a news theme for KFSN because they liked his work for ABC News.
  5. Matthew Kajcienski told me. (I'm the guy behind NetworkNewsMusic.com)
  6. People might want to watch GMA tomorrow morning.
  7. The serious cut is actually a cut of the Hans Zimmer package.
  8. Yeah, it's one of four alternate bumpers in the package. To be precise, it's the fast bumper.
  9. How was it different? The package only contains one open. I think ABC producers shortened it themselves.
  10. Wouldn't bet on it. I think they want to be seen as doing hard news, all the while serving up soft content. This way the audience thinks it's eating its spinach but in in fact being served sugary treats. Ideal combo from ABC's perspective.
  11. I think changes to the broadcast in terms of content are unlikely. As someone else said, Diane's World News became more tabloidy after Ben Sherwood became president. Secondly, they are having succes in the ratings for the first time in 20 years. Why change course now?
  12. Diane's exit is fascinatingly low key.

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