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  1. Agreed. The building is unique, however, my reaction at seeing the studio was "meh". It also appears the second studio will be used for cooking segments and miscellaneous productions rather than by WAGT as a news studio; meaning it appears as though the newscasts on both stations will still be simulcast.
  2. After 66 years in their current building and 16+ years on their current set, their new building will be opening up "Later this fall". Was supposed to open up this spring, however, at least it wasn't a construction project from Gray that stalled and then fizzled out.
  3. Please tell me that they plan on stripping and waxing the floors...
  4. Definitely an improvement. I was never a fan of the most recent new sets by FX for Media General with the LED curtain backdrops and the lit side panel backdrops that looked like they were 90's womens' scrunchie shirt material.
  5. WX graphics have already been changed.
  6. Yep, It's definitely the KOIN/WJHL package.
  7. New Graphics to come for WJBF in Augusta, GA. (Monday???) Which looks like it will be the KOIN/WJHL package. All of the weekend newscasts are being done on the desk the faces the newsroom, which has received brand new wall graphics. Possibly a new set on the way, but I wouldn't put my money on it. I would assume that if they were receiving a brand new set they would broadcast from studio #2, the former WAGT studio. I'm going to assume there will be new duras, at the very least. Vimeo video of the new graphics package
  8. I know that the wooden panels on the floor are what are pulled up to put the desk wings into place. I assume there's electrical connections or uplighting underneath for the wings. They may no longer use them except for guest segments. They're removed completely for the Evening News.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m51U82j-ttY the best cut of the bumper/headline theme is at 16:58 and it appears this was a full theme as each segment has it's own custom cut. the NMSA has this theme listed as being a custom composure, however, if there are no other stations who used this theme I was wondering if anyone would be able to identify the artist? I'm asking because this is the newscast that I grew up watching so by default this is my favorite news theme.
  10. I'm sure 15 years ago, many people would have said "rectangular desks and sharp cornered news sets? that kind of design has no place in a serious newscast" "Electric guitar-heavy rythms? No place in a serious newscast". Don't be surprised if this kind of "European" music starts catching on and being developed for more stations/station groups. Call me insane, but the more I've listened to the music the more I have fallen in love with it - even with the weird "scat" vocals. Kudos to Tegna for stepping outside the box and redefining what is used as a theme.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyyIhbCIHBs
  12. Granted, nobody else but me and West Texas will enjoy these... but I recently found some 1994 KVIA news opens, with their famous news theme I grew up listening to and can still hum by heart, as well as that old blue and beige set with copper trim. Fun to see Gary Warner with hair and Estella, well... she looks about the same. (these are all videos of a police officer highlighting his media coverage, but he made sure to include most of the opens) KVIA First in News open with Laura Palka and Robert Rodriguez KVIA's classic 10 at 10 open from 1994 Good Morning El Pas

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