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  1. KWGN's recent open with new graphics. The graphics debuted over two weeks ago. [yt]aQOI2EsxcG8[/yt] Video Courtesy of JackBauer152 from YT
  2. Here's WPTV's close, including a "bonus" right near the end of the close. [yt]5k1NfYPKdZo[/yt] Video Courtesy of Richardsrfs25 from YT
  3. WPTV's new open. [yt]rm4SGke1CXI[/yt] Video Courtesy of richardsrfs25 from YT
  4. Based on what I've read, they're supposedly playing the MCTYW theme for the station's 50th Anniversary.
  5. I actually liked this open with the sound effect. IMO, KB died when the dropped MCTYW. I despise RHRN. They're ratings have stayed in the basement. I wished they would bring back the old theme one day.
  6. Here's the KMOV Opening with Weather Segment from March 31st, 2008 [yt]Z-5M9Bwoziw[/yt] Video courtesy of BusbyFlock from YT EDIT: The question still remains, what is the name of this theme? It sounds more like a production cut because all you here is one theme.
  7. I swear to God, I heard this opening theme from some commercial back in the day. Isn't this a college station or some sort?
  8. Just be thankful they do put an effort to even have an only newscast in Eureka, even if they do have older graphics and theme music.
  9. That resynchronization doesn't fit well with the graphics. They would have to go with a completely different graphics pack to incorporate the music. But their current music is not bad. It does fit well with their graphics, even though the graphics does screams 1989!! I actually love this open. I don't even call this the worst open at all. This is actually one of my favorite themes from Hello and adding the "Catch 5" signature logo makes it more lively. I even like the 11pm promo music too, which is basically the same.
  10. This video has news segments from various Chicago stations regarding the Max Headroom Video Piracy, which happened on November 22nd, 1987.
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