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  1. Say goodbye to Eyewitness News at 9pm on My54. The Times-Picayune states it appears that WWL-TV will drop its 9pm newscasts on WUPL after tonight's broadcast. The 9pm newscast will be replaced by an interview-driven program entitled "The 504", hosted by Eyewitness Morning News anchor Melanie Hebert. The program will be taped every morning (after the Eyewitness Morning News) every weekday. The station cites that the 9pm news was the lowest-rated program with a 1.1 rating. So they want to free up the staff members to prepare for the Nightwatch show at 10pm on Channel 4.
  2. They didn't say when, but they also air a tease for this morning's morning show last night, with the current name. So it's safe to say the brand change won't be today. Sweeps do start tomorrow, so we'll see when it happens.
  3. This is total BS. This is what I feared right here. If this new name sticks, then this will be one of the biggest changes this station has done in many years. They obviously doing this because sweeps start on Thursday. I like some of the new content styles on the morning newscast now. But this is going too far. This is how I feared. And starting their 25th year of the Morning News program, you come up with the name "7 in The Morning"? This is not KOTV, and this is not the radio. No doubt Miles is trying to put a stamp on changes and trying to do it very quickly. And the promo music better NOT be the new main theme music. I can't fathom myself hearing it on the newscast itself. This is craziness, and this is just the morning show. Wonder what they're going to do with the rest of the shows? Will Windy City Live see its final stretch once Kelly & Michael come on the fold? And who else is going to get fired. They didn't have the right to fire Evelyn Holmes, she didn't do anything wrong. If this keeps on going it this rate, we have a new Joe Ahern in the Chicago market. And his name is John Idler.
  4. Follow up on the GOCOM acquisition in Northern Caifornia. It appears that the FCC has greenlighted the assignment of licensee of KHSL to GOCOM and KNVN to K4 Media. GOCOM will operate KNVN under the same grandfathered JSA/SSA. Also unrelated to this deal. Recently Raul Broadcasting has agreed to sell Eureka's CBS station KVIQ to Sainte Partners II. Sainte Partners operated the station owned by Raul. It just now decided to acquire the station outright, just close to a year after they'd decided to sell its Fox station to Esteem (Bonten).
  5. Follow Up Time! Last Friday, the FCC has greenlighted the assignment of license of WDON-LP to Gray Television. And it has also planned to change its calls to WRGX-LD. Well fast forward to Tuesday, when the transaction was consummated. Now let's see if Gray will make a formal announcement. Will they announce that they'll become the new NBC affiliate? Let see what happens. EDIT 4/22: The station has changed its callsign to WRGX-LP, and has took its analog signal off the air. The silent STA state that they are hoping to turn the signal back on by June 1st.
  6. Follow-up time. Earlier Today, the FCC has greenlighted the Assignment of Licenses of WPXT & WPME to Ironwood & Cottonwood Communications. It had to been one guy that came up with the idea of naming those firms like that. Maybe he/she likes to "Iron" its t-shirts, made out of "Cotton".
  7. A former WJW weather personality returns to headline its new 4pm program this fall. The Cleveland Plain-Dealer states that former WJW meteorologist Melissa Mack will return to the station, in time for the station's new 4pm newscast, premiering this fall. Melissa was at the station from 2006 to late 2009, where she moved to Boston to do weather at CBS's WBZ 4.
  8. Well. Y'all know what Monday is right? Well, the FCC is reminding broadcasters of a certain rule that's in effect. So if anyone wants to act a fool on Monday (or anyday, at that matter), go right ahead, so the FCC can fine your ass!
  9. So the longest drought of having the distinction of being the largest Fox affiliate to not have a newscast (in any form, in-house or outsourced) will finally be over. Wow.
  10. 41 Action News adds 4pm to its news offerings. The Kansas City Star states that, Scripps-owned NBC affiliate KSHB 41 will extend its early evening newscast to 4pm on April 8. This will give Channel 41 90 minutes of news until the NBC Nightly News at 5:30pm. The new 4pm news will compete with Meredith's CBS station KCTV 5's 4pm news program. ___________ Three Richmond stations are having signal issues. The Richmond Times-Dispatch states Young Broadcasting's ABC station WRIC 8, Sinclair's Fox station WRLH 35 and PBS station WCVE are operating at reduced power because of a broken antenna exciter, which isn't bringing the signals properly. They stated that it isn't affecting everybody since most folks have cable & satellite, but for the folks in the outlying areas, who rely on an over-the-air signal is greatly affected.
  11. New acquisition completion. This time, its making a "First!!!" in Knoxville. Back last November, Lockwood Broadcast Group, owners of Knoxville CW affiliate WBXX (which they bought from ACME Communications a couple of years prior) went and bought WMAK from Daystar's Word of God Fellowship for $2.95 mil. FCC greenlight it on December 21st, and Lockwood took control of the station on February 25, dropping the Daystar programming and become an Independent station. The station is branded "WKNX, The Knox", although the callsign hasn't officially changed. It was officially consummated yesterday, making this the first television duopoly in the Knoxville Market.
  12. Another acquisition is in the works. This time it's in the nation's 49th state and there's already plenty of opposition. Back on November 12, Denali Media Holdings agreed to acquire Anchorage's CBS affiliate KTVA from Affiliated Media and Juneau's NBC affiliate KATH-LD with low-power Sitka translator KSCT-LP from North Star Television. Denali Media is a subsidiary of Alaska's largest telecommunications provider General Communication Inc. or GCI. Fast forward to late last week when many broadcasters in the state have filed a petition to deny, stating that granting the applications would give a combo of two television stations in three Alaska markets, along with their largest (and exclusive) provider in cable & broadband services for the entire state. Among the broadcasters that have joined in this petition of denial are, Fireweed Communications, Vision Alaska/Coastal Television, Ketchikan TV, and the only non-Alaskan group Schurz Communications (Northern Lights Media). GCI has already made its opposition on Fireweed's denial petition.
  13. Well it may not be a falling out after all. Or is it? Here's the follow-up on the KUQI/National Communications deal. From the FCC site, KUQI filed yet another Extension of Consummation notice. Usually when they call off a sell, a non-consummation note is issued. Their reasoning for the extension of time is as they said on the note is "because of certain unanticipated pre-closing business issues", and ask for another three months to close on the deal. So I don't know if the current owners, High Maintenance Broadcasting is going to follow through on this measure.
  14. New Age Media is hoping the second time is a charm to unload its Maine properties. Last year, New Age Media tried to sell its Portland properties WPXT CW 51 & WPME My 35 to Tyche Broadcasting. The deal was approved, however the deal was never finalized. This time around it has found a new buyer. From the paperwork, WPXT is being sold to Ironwood Communications for $1.525 million. It's sister station (owned by New Age shell, MPS Media) WPME is being sold to Ironwood's shell Cottonwood Communications for $75,000, making the total deal to $1.6 million. New Age Media owns stations in the Gainesville, Tallahassee, Chattanooga & the Wilkes-Barre-Scranton markets.
  15. Starting Wednesday, WPMT Fox 43 in York, PA will become the fifth Tribune-owned station to have a 4:00am newscast (after WPIX, WGN, KTLA & WXIN). 4am seems to be too early in market like Harrisburg but WHTM 27 & WGAL 8 already have a 4:30am newscast every weekday morning.
  16. We have ourselves another acquisition deal and it appears GOCOM is ready to expand again. From the paperwork posted this morning (2/6) via FCC website, it appears that Catamount Broadcasting is selling Chico, CA's NBC affiliate KHSL to GOCOM Media for $5.45 mil. Catamount also operates Evans Broadcasting-owned, CBS affiliate KNVN, which that station will concurrently be sold by (I guess this will be GOCOM shell partner) K4 Media Holdings for $1.5 mil. The Chico News & Review stated last month that they heard rumors that Nexstar would buy KHSL/KNVN. GOCOM (which also owns Fox affiliate WRSP/WCCU & CW affiliate WBUI in Springfield-Champaign, IL) is partially related to the old station group company, Piedmont Television (which also used the GOCOM name at one point); that group owned more than 15 stations from 1997 to 2008.
  17. The Springfield Republican states that WSHM-LD CBS 3 in Springfield, MA announce that it has expanded its news offerings. Along with its 6pm & 11pm newscasts, it has now added an hourly newscast at 4pm. WSHM-LD is the sister station to Hartford's WFSB.
  18. Last March, High Maintenance Broadcasting, the owners of KUQI 38 in Corpus Christi, Texas was planning to sell its station to National Communications for an undisclosed amount. The FCC approved the deal in August, but it was never close. Fast forward to two weeks ago and the Caller-Times announce the deal officially fell through. Should've the deal would've have been completed, the station would've had their calls changed to KFCC and it would've been a sister-station to London Broadcasting's KIII 3. Also, remember McGraw-Hill, the company that sold its entire television arm to E.W. Scripps back in late 2011? Well almost one year after selling its television arm, they're now selling its educational arm as well. They don't care about the children now? When you think of McGraw-Hill, I don't think television stations, but I think about the educational textbooks I use to do when I was in school. McGraw-Hill is selling its educational firm to Apollo Capital Management for $2.5 billion. Now they will be focusing on its sole 'business infomational operations'.
  19. An anchor shakeup is happening in Hawaii. The Star-Advertiser states that Hawaii News Now anchor Teri Okita, the 6 & 6:30 pm anchor, will be leaving at the end of the February books period. She will be enroute to London. A former anchor at Hawaii News Now, Grace Lee, who left for KPIX 5 in the Bay, will return to the news organization. Sunrise anchor Tannya Joaquin will move from the mornings to Teri's newscast timeslots.
  20. TVNewsCheck stating that little Michigan station, WBKB 11 in Alpena has agreed to affiliate with the ABC Network of digital subchannel 11.3. WBKB is primarily a CBS affiliate (on its main channel) and Fox/MyNetworkTV on its second stream. WBKB plans to add newscasts to the ABC stream including adding a morning news program. The affiliation is effective immediately.
  21. KFSN 30 becomes the fourth ABC-owned station to produce a newscast for another station in the market. Starting tomorrow, KFSN will produce its ABC 30 Action News every weeknight at 10pm on KAIL My 7. This newscast will compete with KMPH's 10pm Newscast. The 10pm News on KAIL will be a half-hour in length and it won't be any weekend shows on that timeslot.
  22. As this company emerges from chapter 11, let's all pay attention to this slogan, which is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year. Let Lou sing it for you. [yt]PPAQ9LYtDc8[/yt] Video Courtesy of WGN's YT Page.
  23. New Year, new acquisition completion. From this FCC Note, posted this morning (1/3/13), London Broadcasting has completed its acquisition of Fox Stations, KIDY in San Angelo & KXVA in Abilene and a few LPs from DuJuan McCoy's Bayou City Broadcasting. The deal was consummated on New Year's Eve. London now owns stations in seven Texas markets; including its flagship station, Me-TV Affiliate, KTXD in Greenville (serving the Metroplex).
  24. Okay, yet another station group transaction has been consummated. And this one hasn't been mentioned on this site. It appears that Bonten Media has completed its acquisition of Northern California Fox Affiliates KCVU in Chico & KBVU in Eureka; MyNetworkTV affiliates KRVU in Redding, KZVU in Chico & KEMY in Eureka; Plus several other low-power stations in both markets (including three Chico/Redding stations that affiliates Univision, Telefutura & Telemundo, respectively) from Sainte Partners. Since Bonten already owns ABC affilates KRCR 7 in Redding & KAEF 23 in Eureka, KCVU & KBVU will be assigned to Esteem Broadcasting (which also owns WEMT & WFXI/WYDO), while KRVU/KZVU/KEMY & several other LPs will be assigned to a new shell, California Broadcasting. All stations involved will be operated by KRCR under shared services agreements. Sainte Partners continues to own KCSO (Telemundo) in Sacramento & KFBI (MyNetworkTV) in Medford. At least for now.
  25. WEWS 5 released Monday (on the station's 65th anniversary) a 1953 presentation this station produced entitled "Right Before Your Eyes", which shows a then-up & coming television infrastructure in Northern Ohio. They'd also included the two stations in nearby Youngstown (WKBN & WFMJ).
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