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  1. It has already been stated that Maury will live on in repeats.
  2. Maury's replacement Karamo, has cleared in 90% of the country.
  3. At the end of the 6pm, I heard Bill saying that the press conference were going to be aired on their streaming channel. They should've still aired it anyway, even if it wasn't going to be long.
  4. I never remembered a time where so many "longtime" syndie show get the blade like this. But Fox is going to have to reshuffle the deck. They're losing alot of shows. I know they're getting Jennifer Hudson & Sherri Shephard. Maybe move Divorce Court from the MyNet side to the Fox side since Star Jones will be the new host. But it would be asinine to fill those empty slots [on the Fox side] for another run of TMZ & Extra.
  5. WISN has announced it has appointed Bally Sports Wisconsin studio host Dario Melendez as new sports director. He replaces longtime sports director Dan Needles, which he retired last month after 32 years at the station. Melendez is no stranger to the big 1-2, as he was the weekend sports anchor from 2010 to 2012.
  6. New M&A. Gray is fetching another LP in their home state. They're getting WKSY-LD in Summerville-Trion, GA from Narrow Path Productions, for $325K.
  7. And At last, At last At Last!! After more than 16 months since filing the petition, WMC's proposed move from VHF 5 to UHF 30 has finally advanced to Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. This is only the comment phase of the rulemaking process, but barring any objections, this is poised to get full approval (R&O). And in the not-to-distant future, OTA viewers in Shelby County wouldn't have to rely on watching Channel 3 anymore because they can't get Channel 5. It's been a longtime coming. They tried to move off of RF 5 after the digital transition (RF 17), but it was never acted on. They even applied for a fill-in repeater on RF 14 (and asked for a waiver on the freeze on new DRTs). That app has been stalled. But with today's action, this is just a couple of steps closer to getting off that VHF hell-hole. ____________________________________________ This is likely the final follow up regarding KSNB/KOLN. Because of the launch of KSNB's powerful UHF signal (RF 24) last month, KOLN announced that it will eliminate the NBC & MeTV (4.1 & 4.2) simulcasts on KOLN's spectrum tomorrow (4/6). They kept the duplicative streams going as a grace period. So the final channel lineup (based on the guides and previous releases) are as follows: KSNB: 4.1 NBC, 4.2 MeTV/MyN, 4.3 Ion KOLN: 10.1 CBS, 10.4 H&I, 10.5 Circle, 10.6 True Crime KCWH: 18.1 CW, 18.3 CBS KNHL: 5.1 CW, 5.4 Ion KGIN: 11.1 CBS, 11.2 NBC, 11.3 MeTV/MyN, 11.4 H&I, 11.5 Circle, 11.6 True Crime
  8. Three R&Os today. WNYT (12 > 21) KTVQ (10 > 20) NCE RF 4 Vernon, AL
  9. A couple of things. A new petition. Augusta, Maine PBS outlet WCBB filed to move the station from VHF 10 to UHF 20. Remember when Ramar sold its Lubbock TV empire to Gray in late 2020? Well, I was kind of surprised when I saw this app that Ramar is going to acquire this "New" LP-permit (could become K26PJ-D) from Mako Communications for $30K. Ramar still own the Lubbock radio station. It'll be interesting to see what Ramar is going to use this LP for.
  10. New M&A. Tegna is acquiring Yorktown, VA LP station WYSJ-CD from Jacobs Broadcasting System for $1.15M. But buried in the transaction discription (p.2 on PDF) was that WVEC is planning to file a petition to move from VHF 11 to UHF 35. EDIT 4/1: Here's the PRM (WVEC 11 > 35)
  11. From the NYPost, Dotdash Meredith is pulling the plug on PeopleTV. The program will air its final shows in April.
  12. Looking at contours two LPs, plus WALA & WLOX, I don't think Gray wants to shut down WGUD. If anything, should that W31FB new app gets approved, plus the WGUD deal, I wouldn't be all that shocked if Gray move WGUD toward the west; either from WLOX tower, or a nearby tower so Biloxi & Gulfport viewers can see the signal. We'll see what happens. I almost forgot to mention that they also bought an LP in Huntsville (WMJN-LD), so they have now bought LPs in the four major markets in the state. ___________________________________ Gray has completed the transaction of 24 LPs formerly owned by Lowcountry Media on Tuesday (3/22). The deal was approved on Monday (3/21). The WKTB deal was also approved on Monday, but it has yet to close.
  13. New M&A for Weigel. They're getting an LP in Cleveland. They're acquiring W27EA-D from Media-Com Television, Inc. for $2.2M. Don't know why Weigel doesn't want to break the bank and try to snag WBNX. They run most of their diginets on that channel (WOIO carries MeTV).
  14. Regarding Birmingham, Gray just bought an LP near Tuscaloosa earlier this month (WJMY-CD). Looking at the contours of all three (WBRC, WBXA & WJMY), if they're contemplating using it for a WBRC repeater, it would be wise to move the new LP towards the east, near Anniston & Gadsden. Channel 6's main signal reaches Anniston, but its in the extreme eastern fringe.
  15. New LP for Gray. They're fetching Pascagoula, MS WGUD-LD from Scranton Broadcasting for $400K. I should also mention that Gray is in the process of moving nearby Eastabuchie's LP W31FB-D to WALA's tower. This is while they're waiting for the greenlight to acquire the LP from Lowcountry Media. EDIT 2:30pm/EDT: Gray is getting four more LPs from L4 Media, LLC for $1.25M.
  16. Follow up regarding KSNB. The station filed a license to cover on its updated facility today. Now the station hasn't made any announcements, but when a station files a license to cover, that usually indicates construction has been completed and the new facility is now in operation. If that is the case, this will be the very first time OTA viewers in Lincoln can receive an "in-market" NBC affiliate on its primary DT1 signal.
  17. I'll always remember her distinctive voice in those station promos/movie opens back in the day. May she rest in peace.
  18. The OP also used the word "confirmation", when the article in question did not make any confirmations. I know its not the OP's intent but you just can't throw the word "confirmation" out there, when nothing has been set in stone. You'll never hear confirmation that your favorite show will likely be renewed. You're gonna hear confirmation that your show will be renewed. I stand by my previous post. _________________________________ Going back to the topic at hand, The Doctors should've been gone a long time ago. Don't know why CBS still want to keep this abysmal show pedal.
  19. Uhhhh. Let's Re-examine that part of that article. Last time I've checked, "Good bets" does not mean confirmation. Those two shows have not officially been canned yet.
  20. Gray is fetching another LP. This time it's in the Valley of the Sun. They're getting KPHE-LD from Lotus Communications. for $1.75M. Lotus owns several radio stations in the West Coast. It'll be interesting to see what Gray would use this LP for, given that they have that full power duopoly in KTVK & KPHO.......
  21. That link doesn't work. But yes the Paperwork is now up. Here's the comprehensive exhibit & merger agreement. In regards to the Dallas situation, if you remember when Tegna bought KMPX from Estrella back in the fall of 2020, there was an option agreement in which Estrella can acquire WFAA (but only the VHF equipment (antenna, transmitter, etc.) and not the studio or programming) within five years after the original deal was completed. I don't expect post-transaction Tegna would keep the other Dallas station long term. But should the option be exercised, expect the callsign & virtual channels to be swapped, but viewers won't notice the difference once they rescan their TVs. Well, other than having WFAA on a stronger UHF signal.
  22. And nearly one year after filing the petiition, it has now advanced to NPRM. They had to amend the original petition to provide further analysis that some of the lost coverage areas (after the move to UHF; mostly in the far-fringe areas) would be served by other CBS affiliates in the region (KDKA, WIYE, WOWK & WTRF) and also WDTV's signal would be simulcasted on subchannel of WVFX (which operates on VHF RF 13). Also, the six Scripps Montana stations have advanced to NPRM. KTVQ (10 > 20) KPAX (7 > 25) KRTV (7 > 22) KBZK (13 > 27) KTVH (12 > 31) KXLF (5 > 15) And one more petition posted late Thursday (3/10) Milwaukee station WIWN (owned by CNZ Communications) wants to vacate VHF-low 5 for VHF-high 7. Most folks know that RF 7 use to be occipied by Chicago's WLS, but they bolted to UHF post DTV transition (first to 44, then to 22 after the repack). But a low-power station in the city have now occups that allotment. And that's Venture Technologies' WCHU-LD. And should WIWN gets approval in the channel switch, then WCHU would have to either greatly-reduce its contour or be displaced to a new allotment since LPs don't get protection.
  23. And to no surprise, two major cable industry groups filed their objections to this deal. The ATVA filed an informal objection, while the NCTA filed a petition to deny.
  24. New M&A. Legacy Broadcasting, owners of Monroe, LA's MeTV affil KMLU (formerly KAQY), is acquiring Grenada, MS LP W13CS-D from Whitfield Media, LLC for $85K. It'll be interesting to see what they'll do with this station.
  25. Stations like WCVB need to fill that 3pm slot.
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