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  1. Okay, the paperwork regarding the construction permit apps of the 18 new allotments are now up. Gray: Freeport, Eagle River, Flagstaff, Yuma & Winnemucca. Weigel: Wittenberg, Silver City, Carlsbad, Ely & Tonopah. Marquee: Walla Walla, Sheridan & Price. Sinclair: Syracuse BEK: Grand Forks TCT: Alexandria Ventura: Vernal Aberdeen (SD), Eureka, Fairbanks, Jackson (WY), Butte, Great Falls, Havre (MT), Idaho Falls & Sun Valley (ID) had no bidders. Had a sense that TCT was going all-in on the Minnesota allotment, but I wished they could've fetched that Aberdeen one to add a repeater to KTTW. Gray should've broke the bank on Grand Folks. But that's just me.
  2. From this article last year, the developer (which is the same one that bought the highrise the station is moving to) is going tear down the old building and redevelop it into apartments.
  3. And the deal is done. Even though the station announce the completion yesterday, the consummation paper states it was closed today (7/15). Marquee COO Gene Steinburg will be the new GM of the station, replacing Henry Littick which he'll stay on as a "consultant" as the article states "to help ease the transition".
  4. Man, this is sad. Longtime media columnist/blogger Robert Feder is stepping away from the daily media grind after 42 years.
  5. They just had that set five and a half years ago. Why they need a new set now?
  6. A small M&A. Gray is getting two LPs in Wyoming. They're acquiring W28HL-D Riverton & W30GV-D Shoshani from the Riverton Fremont TV Club for $25K.
  7. Scripps got its replacement. WXYZ ND Jeff Kiernan will be the new VP/GM at Channel 13. He was also the former ND at WTMJ & WBBM.
  8. Sinclair has completed the channel switch of KRCG in central Missouri from VHF 12 to UHF 29.
  9. The deal was greenlighted today.
  10. Couple of things...... After nearly nineteen months, the FCC has finally approved (R&O) the KTVL channel switch (10 > 16). It comes after the station settled with that LP religious broadcaster in Medford. Also, a small M&A. The Lilly brothers of Brian (WICU (SJL)) & Kevin (WSEE (Lilly)) have teamed up to form Condado Holdings. That firm will acquire Erie's LPs WEPA-LD and WXTM-LD from Commercial Assets, Inc. for $105K.
  11. All My Children/The Chew never had an earlier feed prior to GMA Day/GMA3. Those shows had to be aired on a 23 hour delay.
  12. GMA3 actually have an Noon ET/11am CT feed. Sister station KETV Omaha, and another ABC affil WBRZ Baton Rouge carry the earlier feed.
  13. New M&A. Owners of the former Fox affiliate in the Central Coast is selling its station. Seal Rock Broadcasters is selling now CW affil KCBA to VistaWest Media for $1M. The paperwork included an SSA & an Option agreements between NPG (owners of KION) & VistaWest.
  14. So follow up regarding KTVL's move to RF 16. Last fall, I mentioned that a religious broadcaster (which operates on that same allotment) filed an objection to KTVL's move because it would "lose" its "unique voice" in the Medford area. It appears there is a settlement between KTVL & theDove Media. theDove has agreed to withdraw its objection to the petition (with prejudice). And once KTVL's petition is approved, theDove will file a displacement application to move KDSO-LD from RF 16 to RF 24. KTVL will reimburse theDove (up to $23,420) the expenses relating to KDSO-LD's channel move, including the costs of acquiring and installing the new RF 24 facility. KTVL also agreed not to start operations on RF 16 until KDSO completes its move to RF 24. So in other words, this religious broadcaster wasn't going to move unless there was some sort of financial incentive involved. That's basically what it came down to.
  15. New M&A. Gray is getting a new LP. Ths time in southern New England. They're acquiring WWAX-LD (formerly W27ER-D) from Triple Seven Media for $900K. Even though its COL is Westmoreland, NH, its antenna facility is located 63 miles south in Holyoke, MA (near Springfield). Gray is in the process of moving that other LP (WSHM) to WGGB's tower (expanding its contour). Wouldn't be surprised if it move this new LP to that facility as well, should it get the FCC greenlight.
  16. New Petition. RNN has filed to have Norwell, MA's WWDP to vacate VHF 10 and move to UHF 36. I would've rather see WGBH (RF 5) or WSBE (RF 2) move to this allotment than a station that only shows wasteful infomercials and shopping channels.
  17. New M&A. Bert Ellis is selling Anaheim, CA's Independent station KDOC to TCT (Radiant Life Ministries) for $41M.
  18. Philadelphia's first Black TV reporter Trudy Haynes passed away at the age of 95.
  19. The FCC is asking the parties for new information in regards to this transaction. From Bloomberg:
  20. Mentioned about it back in March. The deal was greenlighted on May 11. It has yet to be consummated.
  21. It seems when they close to completing an LP deal (WKSY deal was approved today), a new LP deal comes up. They're getting Selma, AL's K35OX-D from Richardson Communications for just $40K. And also this needs to be mentioned, remember Gray announced they're building that new production facility at the former car plant near Atlanta? Well earlier this week, Gray had struck a deal with NBCUniversal for NBC to lease and operate the facility, once its up and running in 2023. From the press release:
  22. Hold the phone. When they last switched to the current (WVLT) pack? 2019?
  23. This question comes up because on the station's website, there a background on the header that looks similar to that graphic pack. Don't know if or when a graphic change will be in effect. Probably won't happen until after the station moves down the street to Blackstone (Kiewit) Plaza.
  24. WITI morning anchor Angelica Duria is leaving after 12 years at the station.
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