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  1. KWQC has yet to switch fully to the new graphics. But earlier this week, their new investigative segment open is definitely GrayONE with a "slightly tweaked" TV-6 logo. The "6" insignia is the same but the italicized "TV" font follows the overlapping letters trend.
  2. So they implemented the graphics on a weekend morning..... What a weird time to do it.
  3. What's worst is next week, ABC will carry the early 7:15 game (ESPN will have the 8:15). That'll pre-empt both J! & Wheel.
  4. Former ABC News correspondent Kenneth Moton, becomes the new 6 & 11pm anchor on WTTG next Monday.
  5. CBS has picked up a couple of NHL rights for two indie stations. From B&C, KCAL 9 will air six LA Kings regular season games. While WPKD will air two Pittsburgh Penguins preseason games.
  6. Okay. The ABC talk is in the Speculatron.
  7. One R&O. Nearly one year after its filing, this Nebraska PBS outlet is going UHF. KUON (12 > 27) This means that Flood Comm.-owned Telemundo LP KFDY-LD would have to vacate RF 27 for a new channel in Lincoln.
  8. New scuffle. Hearst stations are blacked out on Dish Network.
  9. They don't officially start their new 3pm show until Monday. Yet they streamed their 3pm show on their streaming channel just now. Makes me think they're "testing out" some things......
  10. Big News. Former KTRK anchor Chauncey Glover will be anchoring Weekday Evenings on KCBS/KCAL. He'll be anchoring the 5pm & 11pm-cast with Pat Harvey on Channel 2; along with the 8pm & 10pm-cast on Channel 9. This change will go in effect October 2nd.
  11. No. Today's the first day Tamron is airing on the new timeslot. Tamron was on at 10am on Friday.
  12. Here's WCIU/WMEU's fall schedule. New Byron Allen shows' Justice For The People s (2x) and Mathis Court (2x) will air at 1pm & 3pm, respectively. Equal Justice will air at 7am (with a 2nd airing at 7pm on WMEU (except on Thursdays)). Repeats of The People's Court moves to 8am; while the Judge Mathis repeats will stay at 2pm. Second airings for both shows will air from 8-10pm on WMEU. Cutlers Court will air at 7:30am (with a 2nd airing at 2:30am the next AM). Court Cam (2x) will air at 6pm on WMEU. And looking at WPWR, looks like the MyNetworkTV block will be shifted again. From 8-10pm to 10pm-Midnight. The Family Feud two-hour block will be split up. The 5pm hour will be retained. But the 2nd hour will be moved to 7pm. In its place at 6pm will be airings of Person, Place or Thing and Who The Bleep Is That? (with 2nd airings for both shows at Midnight). Should've place this on the 7pm hour, IMO. If it ain't broke?..... 48 Hours will air at 8pm (with another airing at 9am). And looking at WFLD, this explains why they split Family Feud on 50. 32 will air Feud on the 6pm hour to replace Big Bang. And the before-the-news Feud will move from 3pm to 2pm. TMZ Live will be the news lead-in at 3pm. People Puzzler will occupy the 1pm hour. And this should also be mention. And looking at a couple of guides, apparently 32 is replacing the 4am Good Day Wake Up for a simulcast of Fox Weather.
  13. KOAT also had an hourly 10, and so did that Hawaii station KITV. Those two dropped theirs after WISN, and before WEAR.
  14. An end of an era here. They were one of the last ABC affiliates not to air JKL on time....
  15. Small follow up regarding the ABC daytime changes. Based on the guides, and watching a promo, Tamron Hall is moving to 2pm this Monday (9/4). Rachael Ray will move back to its original timeslot at 10am for one week to wrap up the run. And that's when the stations will debut its new 10am shows the following week (9/11 on WPVI & WTVD; 9/12 on WABC).
  16. Nexstar completed the KUSI sale yesterday (8/31). Bye-Bye McKinnon. RIP to founder Clinton McKinnon.
  17. ....Same as seattle11.com and tampabay44.com..... The ones that have attached news sites have better-looking sites like detroit50.com....
  18. I can't see them not moving those show to 7pm or sometime on the weekend where it won't interfere with sports programming.
  19. Nexstar website says its WPCH. Also in the release, it has renewed its affiliation agreement in 42 markets (the 13 others markets are from a previous deal). The launch on Channel 17 will be in effect this Saturday (9/2).
  20. A small M&A. SagamoreHill is fetching three LPs from Edge Spectrum for $447,180. K32FW-D - Pierre, SD KCKW-LD - Eugene, OR WTKJ-LD - Watertown, NY Also, Weigel has filed a callsign request for one of its new allotments. KKEL - Ely, NV (eff. 10/01)
  21. There will be a primetime special airing Thursday night (reairing on Labor Day morning) honoring the late game show host. There'll never be another TV giant like this one. A true legend. May he rest in peace.
  22. WXYZ dropped ET about a decade ago for Scripps' The List. ET was last aired on WWJ in the overnight hours.
  23. This confirms it on the guide. With a 2nd airing at 12:30am. I don't understand why XYZ didn't bring back ET instead of Access. ______________________________________________________ WPTA has posted some changes. But I'll note three key ones: Tamron Hall moves from 3pm to 10am. Jennifer Hudson moves from 3pm (on NBC 21.2) to 10am (on MyNet 21.3). Local lifestyle program INsider moves from 12:30pm to 3pm (expand to an hour; simulcast on 21.2).
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