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  1. New M&A. Marquee Broadcasting is getting another Ohio station. They're acquiring Lima, OH's WLMA (formerly WTLW) from owner American Christian Television Services, Inc. for $2M.
  2. New scuffle. Dish Network has blacked out the Standard Media stations (KLKN, KBSI/WDKA & WLNE).
  3. Follow-up. Almost two years since they'd filed, the station have now withdrawn this petition.
  4. So after exactly one year after a graphics changes & technology upgrades and whatnot, now they're going to install a new studio set? All of that should've been taken care off last year.
  5. I don't know why they switch LMAD off the 9am in the first place last season. Glad it's been corrected. _______________________________________________ Anywho, Kelly Clarkson just been rewarded a two-season renewal on the NBC O&Os today.
  6. Nope. The FCC ordered Gray to just pay that fine. No divestitures.
  7. Hold the phone. Nicco didn't do the 5p. He did the 11a & 4p. Sandhya does 5 & 6p.
  8. So the press release states that Rudabeh will be paired with Jamie on the 7-10am portion. Kalyna will solo anchor the 4am half-hour, as well as traffic anchor throughout the show. And assuming they're keeping Marci & Chris on the 4:30-7 portion, who's going to anchor the 10am hour?
  9. Big Follow-Up. The FCC is following through with the $518,283K fine. Gray said it will appeal through the courts. Here's the forfeiture paper.
  10. A deal was made between Nexstar & Verizon Fios today (10/28), ending a two-week blackout.
  11. What's to stop WHIZ of getting ABC? Sinclair doesn't own a station in the Zanesville market.
  12. Okay a couple a things. New Petition. Gray wants to make a switch to one of its newly-acquired allotments from that auction. They want to move the Yuma allotment from VHF 11 to UHF 27. Also, WWDP's petition (10 > 36) has been advanced to NPRM yesterday.
  13. They should've gotten this set in 2015.
  14. It's probably too early to talk about March Madness because College Basketball season doesn't start for another two weeks or so. But there could be a major change to its post-season event after the end of this season. Longtime CBS Sports personality Jim Nantz has announced he will call his final NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament in Houston this Spring. But according to the NY Post, Nantz is not leaving the coverage completely, as he'll continue to handle the trophy presentation. Nantz has been involved in this March Madness tourney since 1986, first as a studio host, then calling the games since 1991. Nantz will continue to call the NFL games and Golf coverage. Ian Eagle will take over Nantz's spot as main play-by-play announcer in 2024.
  15. Three months after Marquee acquired the station, Zanesville, Ohio's WHIZ is adding Fox on its subchannel 18.2 on November 14.
  16. Let me first remind you that WSHM-LD recently moved to WGGB's tower some weeks back. And its contour expanded as far south as northern Connecticut (close to Hartford). And with a larger height, it should be reachable for those southern areas you've mention. As for that WWAX-LD move to Hartford, that Circle diginet has not been cleared in that market. But that might not be the only reason they want to use this LP in Hartford. It'll be interesting to see what they'll do with it. With the Peacock & Weigel in the market, there's not much diginets to grab. ____________________________________ New Callsign for Channel 9 Freeport. It is NOT WIFR. It is WSLN. No word on when it'll light up its new full power signal. But the callsign (if approved) will go in effect on 10/26.
  17. Fox reached a last-minute deal with Altice to avoid a blackout. However, Nexstar has yanked its signals off of Fios.
  18. .......And another one. Fox & Altice. Networks could go dark by Midnight tonight.
  19. New retrans scuffle. Nexstar & Verizon Fios. Blackouts could happen on Friday.
  20. This should also be mentioned that KTRE have that active petition to move the station off of VHF 9 to UHF 24. Little update regard an LP in Western MA. WWAX-LD has recent gotten the greenlight to move its facility further SOUTH to WFSB's tower.
  21. Well, I guess the deal is done. Nexstar has announced the completion of The CW acquisition. Also announced that Nexstar board member Dennis Miller will take over as president of the network, replacing Pedowitz.
  22. Gray did renewed the CBS stations it already had, last November. However, it didn't include the newly-acquired Meredith stations, since that deal didn't close until the following month. Looking at this biennial paperwork (p.6 on the PDF) in the station's public file, the Meredith-CBS agreement don't expire until this coming July of 2023.
  23. Callsign change will go in effect on Monday (10/3). Glad to see a rare Friday launch. But not all that thrilled that the new brand is its overall brand. My pet peeve has always been stations using "News" in their brand during non-news time periods. Using the calls WANF (at least verbally) would've been appropriate.
  24. Another Bay Area departure. Longtime KGO reporter Davie Louie is retiring after over 50 years at the station.
  25. It's too early to speculate whether these new shows come back next year. This is only just their first week numbers. The only reason why Drew's show is up is because Nielsen is counting the ratings two separate half hours together. This is similar to what they do with Family Feud ratings since that show is aired multiple times a day.
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