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  1. This is somewhat related. The last Scripps' outlet to carry MeTV is dropping the network. Next Friday (4/21), WPTV is yanking MeTV off of 5.2, and its moving to Hearst's WPBF 25.5. The memo is on top of the MeTV page: No word on what diginet (likely their own) WPTV will replace on 5.2.
  2. Nexstar's WVLA/WGMB unveiled its new studio set yesterday (4/10).
  3. The paperwork is now up. Purchase Price: $220.54M It also includes the pre-1996 grandfathered time brokerage agreement with WZVN (then WEVU).
  4. Should that change go in effect, LP Fox station WFVX-LD would have to find a new channel to go to, since they're on 22. And LPs don't get allotment protection. So follow up regarding LP WFVX. It has now proposed to channel-share with full power WVII on RF 7.
  5. Mr. Desperado is going to fight till the end..... We have now gone to unchartered waters. In over a decade of following all of these M&As, l have never seen anything like this. For an applicant to go to the courts to overstep a federal agency, just to get a deal approved. Hope the courts let this suit sit until May 22.
  6. Two R&Os. One, Virginia PBS outlet getting out of the "VHF-low" hellhole. The other, this Tegna station wants out of VHF, period. WBRA (3 > 13) WVEC (11 > 35)
  7. New callsigns for the Weigel New Mexico stations. Carlsbad (19): KKAC Silver City (10): KKAD Silver City (12): KKAB
  8. New M&A. Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. (owners of the Spanish TV network Mega TV) is selling its stations in Florida (WSBS-TV & WSBS-CD) and Puerto Rico (WTCV and its satellites) to Voz Media, Inc. for $29M ($19M for the FL stations and $10M for the PR stations).
  9. They have contracts for those shows that last until the end of 2024. I don't think they can drop those shows two months early.
  10. Two R&Os. Two NPRMs. R&O: KOSA (7 > 31) KTRE (9 > 24) NPRM: KCFW (9 > 17) KENV (10 > 20)
  11. The three related transfers are all tied together with the big Tegna deal. If the big deal gets scuttled, the other related deals are also scuttled as well. Soo continues to make a complete ass out of himself, begging the FCC to vote, after they just handed him that HDO paper. Once they hand that paper, it's no longer in the Commissioners' hands. It's in the ALJ's hands now. What Soo needs to do right now, while he's barking at the FCC, he needs to be pleading with the Tegna board to not sue him when the outside date hits in May for all that wasted time.
  12. That's only if the current leaders of Tegna don't walk away from the deal once it reaches the Outside Date. I wouldn't give Soo any breakup fee before then. This was his mess. He wanted Tegna so bad.
  13. Well?........ Two days after it extended the cut off date, the FCC gave Soohyung Kim a real surprise tonight. Hearing Designation Orders usually be the "death kneel" of any transaction. It's even more of a rarity if the parties to actually go to the hearing itself. Because that process could take up to a year to actually see the judge. The craziest part about this is that a couple of days ago, Standard General was so confident that this deal would get to the finish line. The FCC waited until after trading day ended (4pm) to make this HDO announcement. Talk about Friday Night News Dump. How does Mr. Desperado feel now?.....
  14. One R&O. Gray's soon-to-launch Yuma outlet. KAZS (11 > 27)
  15. But don't they blockout the network/syndicated programming from that feed for Macon viewers?
  16. New callsigns for the three allotments it won from last year's auction. Winnemucca, NV (7) - KWNV Flagstaff, AZ (32) - KAZF Yuma, AZ (11) - KAZS Already mentioned Freeport (WSLN), so that only leaves Eagle River. The calls above will be in effect next Tuesday (2/21). No word on when any of these new stations will launch. Gray has active petition to move the Yuma outlet to UHF 27.
  17. Gray already has a little LP for Telemundo (WTMH-LD). I wouldn't be surprised if it gets move to the full power signal......
  18. New M&A. Looks like Gray and Marquee are swapping. From TVNewsCheck, Gray is selling its Boise, Idaho Fox affiliate KNIN to Marquee Broadcasting. Upon the closing of the KNIN deal, Gray will then acquire Macon, Georgia's MeTV outlet WPGA.
  19. New week, new petition. PBS member station KDIN in central Iowa wants to vacate VHF 11 for UHF 34. Also, I was unaware of this news until this past weekend, Mizzou-owned KOMU lit up its UHF 27 signal last month (1/9).
  20. The 55kW is the wattage of their current VHF 7 signal. On the engineering PDF, it states 1000 kW. So that 55kw is an error on the filer's part. Anywho, two new signals was lit up this week. Looks like Savannah's WTOC has lit up its UHF signal on RF 23. Also BEK's new station in Grand Forks, KNGF filed a license to cover app on Thursday (2/9). That usually indicates the signal is up and running. No word on if they launched programming on the new signal, as of yet.
  21. New Petition. Lockwood is switching one of its signals in Knox. Indie station WKNX is vacating VHF 7 for UHF 21.
  22. After he left Channel 9, he also anchored that financial news block that aired on WCIU for several years. May he rest in peace.
  23. No, their opening up the market for linear (OTA and Cable) and streaming (SVOD) platforms beginning 2024. It doesn't look like its leaving syndication anytime soon.
  24. On the second week of its debut, 62 has launched the 5pm hour tonight. Rachelle Graham & Terrance Friday are anchoring the hour.
  25. I'm thinking it goes by the OTA numbers (not cable allotments) 8, 10, 39, 69. But even then, its still not in numerical order because PBS is 15.
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