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  1. 3 hours ago, mre29 said:

    Any word on the Montana stations?

    There isn't an active transaction involving those stations. At least not yet....



  2. On 12/3/2023 at 9:18 AM, wabceyewitness said:

    They had a 4pm long ago — “From the heart of the tri-state area, street level on 5th Avenue, with Dana Tyler and Stephen Clark…” — that was replaced by Judge Judy. 


    WCBS actually had The People's Court at 4pm before Judy's return to Channel 2 in 2006 (after 7 years on WNBC). 


    Before that newscast ended completely in 2003, it was truncated to a half-hour at 4:30pm.


    Filling that first half hour in Jan. 2002 was the Weakest Link. And that got replaced the following fall by Millionaire.


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  3. On 11/19/2023 at 5:01 PM, sfomspphl said:

    On the Tuesday topic...this is a 1985 demo, not many surprises in here other than high quality sound on the Lets All Be There news promo music at the beginning, KXTV mid 80s theme around 2:00, and the News 88 full theme at the end.

    That image campaign (on the 3:00 mark on the reel) came from the launch of WPDS-TV 59 (now WXIN) in 1984.



  4. 1 hour ago, tyrannical bastard said:

    Another tell-tale sign of the Tulsa market was that KOKI was one of the two "legacy" Cox stations cast off to Imagicomm (along with WLMT in Memphis).  This was one of the Clear Channel stations purchased by Newport, who instead of dumping them to Sinclair or Nexstar, sold them to Cox at the time.  Cox is still the primary cable company there, right?



  5. On 2/26/2022 at 3:52 PM, CircleSeven said:

    Looks like we have another hold up regarding one of the petitions.


    This is pretty much similar to what is occuring in Medford where the LP doesn't want to move away from their allotment. King Kong Broadcasting, which owns KGNG-LD (which operates on RF 26) filed comments opposing of Scripps' channel move of KTNV from VHF 13 to UHF 26.


    King Kong states that the KTNV's move "would eviscerate the outstanding broadcast offerings of" KGNG, since the station carries subchannels that are geared towards minority & underserved viewers. And yes, (just like what happened in Medford), King Kong has placed a "counter-proposal" to have a new full power signal on RF 26.


    On the reply comments (p.5), Scripps made an offer to King Kong to donate its old VHF 13 equipment and let King Kong temporary operate KGNG's signal from KTNV's downtown studio (at the expense of Scripps), while they build a brand new permanent facility. King Kong turned down that offer and filed that opposition.


    This placing a "counter-proposal" is nothing more than a "tactic" to delay KTNV's process to move to that allotment. Filing a new allotment petition (similar to what Gray did in Freeport last year) normally take years to do. And when it does get approved, they still have to wait until FCC start a new auction. That process could also be lenghty.


    But in the end, like I stated in the Medford situation, King Kong don't have any standing. KGNG-LD is a regular low power station (not a Class A). And LP don't have protection in their allotments. And if KTNV wants to move to that allotment, it can. KGNG just doesn't want to move again, after leaving RF 47 during the spectrum repack.


    It'll probably be lenghty, but I believe the FCC is going to greenlight KTNV's petition and throw that "counter-proposal" in the cellar.


    Big follow up. 


    Twenty-nine months since filing the petition, the FCC just greenlighted KTNV's move from VHF 13 to 26. 


    And they've also subsequently denied King Kong's opposition & counter-proposal. This was why the process was held up all this time. Now King Kong (owner of KGNG-LD) have no other choice but to vacate off of 26.



    Four More R&Os from the new NCE allotments, plus an existing one switching.



  6. Isn't that Fox 29's weather branding?


    2 hours ago, susquvalleywgal said:

    A 100+ Market weather branding for a Top 5 TV market.  Odd.

    IIRC, WNYW used that branding back in the early 2000s. And used it for a while.


  7. It seems Marquee has found a new news partner in Idaho.


    Marquee Broadcasting-owned Boise Fox station KNIN has ended its news partnership with Scripps-owned KIVI. From the BoiseDev publication, it stated that its made a new agreement for Sinclair's CBS station KBOI to produce its weekday 7am & its daily 9pm broadcasts.


    After the acquisition from former owner Gray, Marquee was initially planning on starting its own news operation on KNIN before deciding to partner up with KBOI.

  8. I think I mentioned this before in this forum, but since GMA3 tape its show at 10am/ET, the network DOES have an early Noon/ET feed of the program. Stations like WBRZ, KGRV, KETV and KMBC air it at 11am/CT before their Noon-casts.


    WFAA could've kept their hourly Noon show instead of moving it to 11am. 


    3 hours ago, bpatrick said:

    I don't recall but once when Barker acknowledged Cullen at all, and that was when Cullen appeared to promote his short-lived game show Child's Play.

    There was another occasion where he mentioned Cullen, during a pricing game. And that was a few years after that Cullen appearance.

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  9. New petition. This station took the spectrum auction money to move to VHF-low. It now wants to go back to the "U".


    Religious broadcaster in South Carolina, WGGS-TV was on RF 16 when it sold its spectrum during that auction a few years back for $44.3M. The station elected to move to VHF-low RF 2. 


    They've sinced filed to vacate VHF 2 for UHF 29.


    EDIT 9/28: Another petition from a Religious broadcaster. And its a familiar one.


    Remember theDove Media? They were the owners that filed a complaint over Sinclair's KTVL move to RF 16 in Medford (which was later settled)?


    Just recently, they filed a petition for a new full power allotment in nearby Jacksonville, Oregon on VHF 4. That petition was advanced today to NPRM.


    And let me slip this one in. A couple of weeks back (9/14), the FCC had dismissed WSWG's petition to change the city of license from Valdosta, GA to Moultrie, GA. FCC basically saying that Valdosta would lose their "first and only local TV service", even though the station said Valdosta wouldn't lose its signal.


    Here's the letter.

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