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  1. 13 minutes ago, Nelson R. said:

    No, their opening up the market for linear (OTA and Cable) and streaming (SVOD) platforms beginning 2024.


    It doesn't look like its leaving syndication anytime soon.


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  2. 6 minutes ago, Bsean said:

    I agree. I use YouTube TV and regardless of the channel number, the first channels that appear are CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox. I'm in San Diego, so the order isn't even in number order... 8, 10, 7, 5... 


    I'm thinking it goes by the OTA numbers (not cable allotments) 8, 10, 39, 69. But even then, its still not in numerical order because PBS is 15.

  3. 1 hour ago, DirtyHarry said:

    But why? What's the problem?

    Forum wants to use a waiver of the top-4 rule to acquire the station, the same way Gray was able to get KDLT in Sioux Falls a few years back.


    The problem is nearly 14 months later, the deal is still pending and you have Democratic-run FCC that isn't too kindly to deals like this.


    Don't know if they'll ever get the greenlight. But with this FCC and given how long this deal has gone, I don't like their chances. 


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  4. Fox 11 announced that Extra hosts Jennifer Lahmers and Melvin Robert will join the morning program Good Day L.A.


    The changes will be in effect starting February, as the ratings period begins.

    • 4-6am - Brooke Taylor & Bob DeCastro
    • 6-9am - Jennifer Lahmers & Melvin Robert
    • 9-11am - Araksya Karapetyan & Sandra Endo


    Araksya, Bob, Brooke, Jennifer & Sandra "will contribute enterprise news content throughout all seven hours" of the show. And Melvin and Jennifer will keep their roles on the syndicated newsmagazine.


    Almost forgot to mention that Lahmers is no stranger to the Fox family, as she spent several years as an anchor and reporter at Fox 5 in New York.


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  5. The FCC has just proposed a fine of $504k to Fox for a violation of using EAS tones outside of an actual emergency.


    We propose a penalty of $504,000 against Fox Corporation for apparently willfully violating the Federal Communications Commission’s rules that prohibit the transmission of, or causing the transmission of, false or deceptive emergency alert system (EAS) codes or EAS Attention Signals, or simulations thereof. On November 28, 2021, FOX apparently transmitted, or caused the transmission of, EAS Tones during a FOX National Football League (NFL) promotional segment in the absence of any actual emergency, authorized test of the EAS, or qualified public service announcement (PSA).

    I believe this was the incident in question.


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  6. With all the talk about KCBS & KCAL these recent weeks, let's not forget how it started.


    Twenty years ago today (1/20/03), the on-air consolidation of these two stations at Columbia Square began...... 

    Videos are from Sloan's YT Page.

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  7. 5 hours ago, FiveNews said:

    One thing I'm a little confused with is the weather lineups. Olga has been starting off from around 4-8am. Then Alex Biston or Mary Yoon will come in for a few hits during the 8 and 9am hours. Olga returns for the 10 at 10. I know Paul Deanno is coming to the station in February. Just seems a little odd for Olga to return on the back end. I'd like to see one consistent weather personality for the early AM and another consistent person for the later news block.

    Isn't Olga is filling in for Amber Lee since she's on maternity leave?

  8. The long-awaited channel switch in the Mid-South is one step closer to reality.


    On Monday, the FCC granted WMC's petition to change its signal from VHF 5 to UHF 30.


    It's been a long time coming. Since the digital transition in 2009, they've been trying to get off that VHF hellhole. They even tried to move to UHF 17 back in 2011, only to be told after the auction & repack that they're dismissing that petition. It wasn't until after the freeze was lifted two years ago when WMC tried again and filed this petition. And even that was a long process.


    I think the reasoning for the lengthy process was FCC probably had concerns for the viewers in those far fringe areas potentially losing WMC after its move to UHF. So Gray had to come up with a remedy by launching three small translators serving some of those lost coverage areas (contours). 

    • WANF-LD Dyersburg (serving the northern fringe)
    • WDDY-LD Jackson (serving the eastern fringe)
    • W20DW-D Clarksdale, MS (serving the southern fringe) 

    So what's next? The station has to file a minor change app to get the construction permit. The R&O actually says once the order gets posted in the Federal Register, they'll have 10 days (not the usual 30 days) to file the app. 


    I should also point out that Gray also has the permit to light up that new LP WTME-LD (formerly WYMP-LD) on the same tower as WMC's new UHF signal. So once the construction process is completed, Gray will be launching TWO new signals in Shelby County. 


    That LP will likely be used to launch Telemundo (the webpage is already up, even though the station hasn't launched yet).  


    But I'll tell you this right now. This should've happened before 2011. WMC should've filed at the same time Nashville's WTVF filed to move off of that same allotment. Hadn't it done so back then, we wouldn't be talking about this today. But better late than never. 


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  9. New petitions. Sinclair filed three of them in the West.

    • KCBY (11 > 34) - Coos Bay, OR
    • KCFW (9 > 17) - Kalispell, MT
    • KENV (10 > 20) - Elko, NV

    EDIT: Big News in the Mid-South.


    After more than 25 months since its filing, and basically nearly 12 years since this process began, the FCC have gave the greenlight (R&O) to WMC's move to UHF. 

    I talked about this in detail in the Gray thread.


    There's one more R&O today.

  10. 1 minute ago, Lukelikesgraphics said:

    i doont think that bug is supposed to be there


    It's only the first day. You're going to see old logos here and there. Just like when the graphics launched this morning, we did not see the time/temp ticker on the bottom of the screen. Let them take the time to change the logos.


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  11. I know CBS dealt with delays and such, given the magnitude of these changes, I wished they would've had longer window (at least three weeks) to promote these changes on the air, instead of three days before implementation.


    They could've aired some "coming soon" promos the week before Christmas.

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  12. So updates regarding Gray's three petitions......


    On 12/6/2021 at 2:58 PM, CircleSeven said:

    Gray has filed two new petitions today. Both are in the Lone Star.

    So just a year after filing, the two Texas PRMs have now advanced to NPRM. 



    On 7/23/2021 at 12:26 PM, CircleSeven said:

    New PRM.


    Gray wants Presque Isle, ME's WAGM off of VHF 8 and move to UHF 28.

    Just sixteen months after this filing, Gray has withdrawn its Presque Isle petition. So WAGM will stay on VHF 8.


  13. On 10/28/2022 at 3:59 PM, CircleSeven said:

    New Petition. Gray wants to make a switch to one of its newly-acquired allotments from that auction.


    They want to move the Yuma allotment from VHF 11 to UHF 27. 


    Update: This Yuma petition has been advanced to NPRM.



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