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  1. The Judge Judy repeats will stay on the air for three more years.
  2. Fubo has filed an antitrust lawsuit to stop this joint venture project from happening.
  3. Gray is about to expand its Investigate TV franchise to the Spanish-speaking audience. InvestigateTV+ en EspaƱol will premiere on 2/26 on their Telemundo affiliates. Most of them will air it as a lead-in for its early evening newscasts.
  4. The three CBS O&Os actually air IE at 7 and ET at 7:30.
  5. From that same article, it seems that the Worldwide Leader is going to follow through with those plans......
  6. CMG has blacked out its signals on DirecTV.
  7. The paperwork is up. The stations Gray is trading up for Marquee's KCBU Price, UT: KCWY-DT - Casper, WY KGWN-TV - Cheyenne, WY KSTF - Scottsbluff, NE KNEP - Sidney, NE KCBZ-LD - Casper, WY K16JI-D - Casper, WY K19FX-D - Laramie, WY K28HL-D - Riverton, WY K30GV-D - Shoshoni, WY The ONLY station in WY Gray is keeping is Sheridan's KSGW. And that's because Marquee already has a unbuilt permit in that COL (KSWY 7).
  8. The updated ownership rules are not in effect yet. The new rules will be in effect 30 days after the order is posted in the Federal Register.
  9. No surprise by this news. After they weren't able to cluster up a few years back, Gray couldn't do anything in Wyoming.
  10. IMS does this so they can "so-call" boost attendance. They want seats to be filled at IMS for the big race. This "put the race on TV, no one will come to the stands" mantra is so backwards-thinking. Why you want to hinder the local viewers from watching the race live on TV? NFL use to do this (if there's no sell-out 72 hrs before the game).
  11. Yep. They still do the local blackout. And that's a shame.
  12. A couple of things. The Weigel's COL switch from Wittenberg to Shawano on RF 31 was greenlighted (1/24). Now I'm hoping in the future, should a new low power/translator filing window comes about, and if there is a vacant channel available for an LP, Weigel should pursue filing to get an LP repeater to serve the immediate Brown County area. Because I don't think that new RF 31 would be easily reachable for OTA viewers in that area, unless they have a really good antenna. Also, the Coastal/Red River transaction was greenlighted (1/23). Are we surprised by this?
  13. WWBT is already using Gray One graphics. I don't think that "Vote 2024" graphic is from Gray One.
  14. New petition. Tegna's WTLV Jacksonville wants to vacate VHF 13 for UHF 33.
  15. We haven't seen a new petition in a while, but we have one. This time its a joint petition. Remember a couple of years back Gray's KCBD in Lubbock wanted to get off VHF 11 for UHF 36? Now, Gray wants to try a different approach. A three-station frequency swap. KCBD (11 > 35) KJTV (35 > 23) KLCW (23 > 11) In the petition, it states that KJTV's current tube transmitter is failing. And replacement parts are not available. Gray has already bought new equipment for KCBD and will use that for RF 35, instead of RF 36. KJTV would use the transmitter currently used by KLCW on RF 23. And KLCW would move to KCBD's current VHF transmitter on RF 11. Gray evaluated moving KLCW to RF 36, but it stated that buying equipment for both stations would be "financially infeasible in this smaller market".
  16. From this press release, It's official. After 25 years on the weekends, Sandra Bookman is moving to the Noon show. Also announced, former KTLA reporter/anchor Pedro Rivera will anchor Weekend Mornings, beginning February 3rd.
  17. Tegna has renewed its affiliation agreement with NBC in all 20 markets.
  18. Sunday would be 29 years to the day it dropped that network.
  19. Gray has an "agreement in principle" to renew its affiliation deal with NBC in all 56 markets.
  20. When Fave first started a couple of years back, it was airing lots of 90s comedies like the Wayans' Bros. Was unaware of the slight shift of format.
  21. Some of those already had a "non-network" logo on the website header, prior to the latest purge.
  22. The paperwork is up. Purchase Price: $18.1M.
  23. There isn't an active transaction involving those stations. At least not yet....
  24. Is that Arial I see? Hope this is a test and not made it on the air.
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