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  1. You must not have seen my previous post above. Almost for certain those radio simulcasts (from the incumbent owner) will likely see the ax once Weigel completes the deal.
  2. B&C states that KOB 4 will now produce KASA's evening broadcasts, as of tonight.
  3. WTVM's new graphics in action. This was last from last Sunday. Vid courtesy of "Studio 7"'s YT page.
  4. So just in time for the November books in the Twin Cities. This coming Wednesday (10/20), KARE 11 will turn off VHF 11 and light up UHF 31.
  5. New M&A from Gray. Remember back during the Schurz deal six years ago, Gray divested what was "KOTA" to a female-ran broadcaster? Now Gray wants that station. It is acquiring MeTV outlet KHME/KQME from Legacy Broadcasting for $500K. Pai's dereg order eliminated the Eight Voice Test. So it can easily acquire a non top-4 outlet. They say that "the new" KOTA (formerly KEVN) is ranked #1, and KHME is not in the top-4. I should also point out the only other Legacy outlet is KMLU in northern Louisiana. Could they be snagging that too?
  6. I'm watching the live stream now. Its the same music WHBQ just switched to. Vid courtesy of "I'm A Office Boy" from YT. Could this be a new station group music theme for the Cox stations?
  7. Didn't they drop it some weeks back?
  8. Jersey Matters hosted by former news anchor Larry Mendte. It airs twice on the weekends. WDPN also carries it.
  9. WOW! This could be Weigel's biggest acquisition yet (in terms of price)...... They're acquiring PMCM's WJLP for $62.5M! The deal also includes NYC LP outlet WNWT-LD. So PMCM has now sold both of its TV stations. WDPN was sold to Marantha Broadcasting (owners of WFMZ) in 2015 for $25M.
  10. Update. Seems that Vaughan has withdrawn the application. Don't know why that it. EDIT: I just thought of this just now. Remember when Sinclair started shifting the networks around earlier this year? They moved Fox to the sub of WKEF. That probably made WRGT a non top-4 station and WBDT the new 4th ranked station.
  11. I know this is not related to this transcation. But it appears that Barry Diller's IAC/InterActiveCorp. will acquire the rest of Meredith (its magazine biz) for $2.7B. IAC will merge Meredith's biz with its exisiting Dotdash unit, and the combined entity will be known as Dotdash Meredith. Don't know why you want to keep the "Meredith" name but whatever.
  12. I should point out that this October 20 will be 70 Years since the "Eye" debuted.......
  13. The Tegna signals could be blacked out on Dish Network on Wednesday.
  14. New PRM. Another Gray station wants to get off of VHF. KKCO wants to move from VHF 12 to UHF 30.
  15. So Dakota News Now continues is fulfillment of expanding newscasts by adding weekend morning shows. It was launched a couple of weeks back (9/18). To not compete with KELOland, their shows are aired on the late morning hour at 9am. It airs on KSFY on Saturdays after the 2nd hour of Good Morning America; and on KDLT on Sundays after Meet The Press.
  16. Happy October. New M&A. Weigel is snagging another CA station. They're getting Bishop's KVME from Venture Technologies (Bellagio Broadcasting) for $4M. This comes after Weigel bought three other Venture stations in the LA market last month.
  17. "First Alert" for a news brand........ The question is why?
  18. New M&A. Looks like Byron Allen is grabbing another TV station in Hawaii. Allen Media is acquiring Honolulu station KIKU from RNN National for $4M. Remember last year, the station acquired ABC outlet KITV 4 from SJL Broadcasting for $30M.
  19. I would wait until Scripps posts its channel listing on it's website.
  20. KPIX airs EN at 6:30pm. I sure they'll keep that airing. And KABC (in LA) airs WNT @ 6:30 (KGO @ 5:30).
  21. Byron Allen has closed its purchase of WJRT today. This is the first time WJRT & WTVG have not been commonly-owned in over 30 years. Also, I don't think I remember a time where the divested station gets their deal closed before the big transaction get completed. I believe this is also a first. Normally, all of related deals be completed simultaneously.
  22. This is just sad as hell. The "Q" was their brand. As of right now, "Q13" is still around for tonight's 5pm. But with the website being updated, it shouldn't be that long now...... I would love to see the reaction from viewers when the inevitable happens.
  23. Two PRMs (KNOE & WYMT) have advanced to NPRM. I really thought the WYMT one would be the hold up petition giving that they're roughly close to Cincinnati's WLWT (which serves northern Kentucky) whose also on RF 20. Look at the two contours here. _________________________________ There is a hold up, however regarding Medford Oregon's KTVL move from VHF 10 to UHF 16. A religious broadcaster theDove Media (the owner of LP station KDSO-LD, which currently occupies on RF 16) filed comments against KTVL's move to their allotment. They say it would "lose" its "u
  24. So we now know what they'll be using WLFM-LD for. WOIO will be launching a new Telemundo affiliate for Northeast Ohio with new callsign "WTCL", beginning January 1st. Still hope they can repeat WOIO on a sub (19.10) on that stick for those in-city folk who can't get 19 on RF 10.

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