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  1. Okay. The Paperwork is Up for KJTV & KLCW. Gray is going "failed station waiver" to acquire KLCW. The Shared Services Agreement between Gray & SagamoreHill will be rule-compliant, the parties say. Gray will provide back office & programming services, but won't sell any ads on behalf of SagamoreHill. On the KLCW paperwork, the transaction does include MeTV LP KLBB-LD & H&I LP KABI-LD. Purchase Price for KJTV to SagamoreHill: $5M Purchase Price for KLCW (and the LPs) to Gray: $10M
  2. No. WTVD is far more distinctive. In fact about it, the new KRDO L3 is more of a knock-off of WTVDs.
  3. And Gray has swiftly closed on the KUBD acq. on Monday (10/19).
  4. I'm surprised they didn't mention the MeTV outlet KLBB-LD...... Maybe we'll see it on the paperwork? Gray seems to love MeTV like Hearst does.
  5. I hope this ain't WHIO Tonight.......
  6. Ramar Communications is cashing out in its flagship market in Lubbock. Ramar announced that it is selling its Fox affiliate KJTV & low-power outlet KJTV-LD to SagamoreHill Broadcasting. Ramar is also selling CW station KLCW, MyNet station KMYL-LD, and Telemundo outlet KXTQ-CD to Gray Television (which owns the NBC outlet KCBD). Ramar will continue to own the Lubbock radio stations and its Albuquerque TV stations.
  7. It sounds more like club music to me....
  8. Michaela made her debut on Good Day this morning.
  9. Vid courtesy of "dma37dude" from YT. Love the use of light blue on the edges of the L3, in lieu of red like the rest of the stations.
  10. I guess we forgot to mention KNIN. Here's their weather graphic......
  11. "Solutions" is moreso like KGO's "Building a Better Bay Area". where they discuss an array of issues (job hunting, homelessness, race issues, etc.) I wouldn't call this a form of investigative reporting. They do have an "ABC 7 Investigates", but they're being done by the regular reporters since they don't have an assigned investigative reporter.
  12. KABC did use the '7 On Your Side' moniker for Consumer reports in the early 2000s. But that was when Ric Romero was there before he retired a few years ago.
  13. It was greenlighted by the FCC earlier today. Again, this deal doesn't include Sitka's KTNL or Juneau's LP KXLJ-LD. Those two will stay with Denali with silent station KTVA.
  14. Follow up. Over the summer, Tegna filed a petition (PRM) to move Twin Cities' KARE 11 from VHF 11 to UHF 31. Northpine first posted this back in late July. Update: KARE's petition is now a NPRM.
  15. Nexstar has dropped another MeTV affiliate. Syracuse's WSYR is replacing MeTV for its own classic diginet Antenna TV on channel 9.2. The change goes in effect tomorrow (9/15).
  16. What are you talking about? WGN doesn't need a new set....... Their current set is over three years old.
  17. Well color me surprised...... This is 2009-2010 all over again..... There's TWO Notice of Proposed Rulemakings (NPRM) involving two Tegna stations. They both want to get out of the VHF dial for a UHF allotment. One, Portland, OR's KGW wants to leave VHF 8 for UHF 26. While the other, Phoenix's KPNX wants to vacate VHF 12 for UHF 18. And I don't think they just want to get out of VHF because of viewer signal issues. On a footnote on KGW's NPRM (p.2), it stated based on the petition (PRM) they wrote that “moving to UHF would improve the station’s future ability to offer robust ATSC 3.0 service over the air.”
  18. Gray hasn't been all that vocal on ATSC 3. At least not like the other big groups (Sinclair, Nexstar, etc.) I'm thinking moreso of a UHF translator. WOIO/WUAB is on VHF 10. Not sure if that's the reason they're buying the signal. But if it is, the question would then be will the signal stay in Mansfield? Or will the signal be moved closer to Cleveland? If you remember they recently bought TCT (Radiant Life Ministries)-owned station WLNM-LD, and made that a Lansing UHF translator of WILX. And earlier this summer, Gray applied for WMC to have an in-city UHF translator on RF 14.
  19. Looks like Gray is "LP-picking" again..... They're acquiring Mansfield, Ohio Class A LP, WOHZ-CD from Mid-State Television for $450K. WOHZ is the sister station of full-power independent, WMFD-TV. Not sure what Gray is going to do with this LP.
  20. it's really a three-note logo (not the first note before the "This is CBS" VO). There have been several other bumpers with that three note logo (including the "Welcome Home" days). Vid courtesy of "eyeontv" from YT.
  21. You should've done a grab on that L3. The font they use is hideous......
  22. Katie was basically getting the same ratings numbers as Steve Harvey's original talk show. But the station execs felt that she didn't deliver on their expectations. In other word, they were expecting Katie to get even stronger numbers than what she had. It also didn't help that it was a very expensive show. She was getting $5M per season.
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