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  1. Follow up regarding KTRK. It's Gina that's leaving the 10. She staying on the 6. She made the announcement earlier tonight.
  2. Looks like KOVR just switched.....
  3. And Big Bump. Gray has now filed that lawsuit to the 11th Circuit over that fine.
  4. I really think Tegna needs to lay low on any future M&A takeovers for a good while.
  5. While one big M&A was terminated last night, another deal is about to reach the finish line...... Nearly seven weeks after filing the paperwork, the FCC has greenlighted this WBBH deal.
  6. From that press release: That $136M Standard General has to pay up won't be enough. I hope Tegna file suit to get every penny owed. Shareholders better file their own suit too.
  7. After Gigi Sohn withdrew her name from the nomination, President Biden has appointed Anna Gomez to fill that vacant commissioner spot.
  8. If I remember from Sinclair-Tribune, Tribune announced the termination of that sale the day after the outside date (and of course filing that lawsuit). All that wasteful time trying to convince the FCC to change their minds and rescind that HDO, what Soo should have done was to go to the [incumbent] Tegna board and beg them not to sue him for all this waste of time. If you don't hear anything today, you'll definitely hear something tomorrow.
  9. Well..... I blame LIV on this. Why you want to put your league on a channel that no one watches???.......
  10. With CBS dropping the CW on WKBD, looks like Nexstar "might" have found a new home.... Looking at this paperwork, Adell Broadcasting is selling WADL to Mission Broadcasting for $75M. Nexstar will provided services to WADL, including an SSA, an option agreement, and sell of commercial time.
  11. Big departure in Central Florida. Longtime WESH 2 anchor Jim Payne announced that he is retiring from the station this September.
  12. Small M&A. More LPs are coming their way.... Gray is getting three more LPs from Lowcountry Media for $600k. W16EL-D - Augusta, GA W35DV-D - Augusta, GA W18FC-D - Florence, SC Of that $600k, Gray is giving Lowcountry two real estate properties, valued at $450k. The old WRDW studio building in North Augusta ($250k). The tower facility of WSJV ($200k). Here's what it says on the asset purchase agreement : Don't understand why Lowcountry is getting the latter, unless there going to acquire an LP in the Bend in the future.........
  13. McKinnon is only selling full-power signal to Nexstar. The sale does not include the Temecula repeater. I think I read in the paperwork that the permit for the LP expires later on this week (5/12), so no word if McKinnon is going extend it or not. And no word on what they'll do with that repeater after the KUSI sale is completed.
  14. That Temecula translator (which currently have a permit to move to channel 3, becoming "K03JB-D") will stay under McKinnon ownership.
  15. Paperwork is now up!!! On the local tv ownership compliance attachment, it said (according to the Nielsen March 2023 data) KUSI is ranked within the top-4, and KSWB is ranked fifth. And just to clairify, this is overall viewership (from sign-on to sign-off) and not just during newscast timeslots.
  16. The station sale talk is in this thread.
  17. That was first announced a few days back. And as you see, Diamond has clapped back and filed that lawsuit yesterday, to block that new TV deal.
  18. The swap was consummated yesterday (5/1).
  19. Gray has a brand-spanking new full power TV allotment that's about to launch there (KAZS 27).
  20. I guess some viewers missed the channel after WJZY drop the diginet two years ago.......
  21. We do have some M&A approvals today....... Nearly ten months after filing the paperwork, the KCBA deal was granted. And the KNIN/WPGA swap was also greenlighted today.
  22. I'm not going to say its officially over. But any chances of Standard General getting the deal done at this point is pretty much moot. We're exactly one month away from the outside date (May 22nd). That day in which [the current owners of] Tegna can walk away from the deal without paying the breakup fee. Also the financial obligations from the banks would run out on that date as well. That's why Soo went on and filed those two suits to the DC court. And let's not forget the FCC Hearing with that ALJ likely won't happen until after that May 22nd date. But given how desperate Soo's been throughout this whole process, why am I'm thinking he could attempt to appeal to highest court of the land?!! There's no way he would win, but could he be that gutsy to go all the way?......
  23. Standard General's second appeal to force the FCC to vote on the Tegna deal was denied by the DC Circuit today.
  24. They probably don't have any vacant UHF channel available (without interfering with allotments nearby). Anywho, unrelated to this, thirteen and a half month since the deal was granted by the FCC, Allen Media has finally completed its acquisition of Montgomery's WCOV/WIYC.
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