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  1. The folks that run the "keepmystation.com" webpage should at least know that WGN is NOT a "My Network" affiliate.....
  2. Big news out of Steel City.....
  3. I think the reason why they bought KSIX was not just for acquiring Telemundo. But to get the "K5" stream back on satellite, which they haven't been since Nexstar took over KFVE's former cable allotments (cable channel 5) almost two years ago. General Manager Katie Pickman basically confirms this in this Star-Advertiser article back in October: So here's what I found out from the station's article earlier this month. The "K5" stream was moved on cable to channel 6 on Charter Spectrum, Hawaii Telecom & DirecTV and channel 8 on Dish Network. Telemundo
  4. That's not new. The KSIX stream has been simulcasted on KKAI's sub, prior to Gray's acquisition.
  5. Follow-up since the KSIX transaction closed a couple of months back. A callsign changed occured in the Big Island on November 13th. The station that was KFVE (the former KHBC-TV) is now KSIX-TV. And the station that was KSIX-TV (the station Gray just bought) is now KFVE. No word if the "K5" stream (KHNL-DT2) is airing on the new KFVE.
  6. We have another Nexstar station that's dropping MeTV for Antenna TV. La Crosse/Eau Claire's WLAX/WEUX is replacing MeTV for Antenna TV (25.2 & 48.2, respectively) beginning December 3. MeTV will be carried on Quincy's WXOW 19.3 (formerly Decades). Also, no word of what Gray's WEAU will be carrying to displace Antenna. It'll highly likely it'll carry Gray's Circle diginet in its place. I think its "safe to say" that Nexstar is waiting patiently for those MeTV contracts to expire.......
  7. He was already in studio for a special live edition of UpClose that Sunday. This was because the network called the winner of the election that previous morning.
  8. Sinclair is unloading its duopoly in Paducah, KY-Cape Girardeau, MO (KBSI & WDKA) to a new firm Community News Media, LLC for $28M. Community News Media will be ran by Standard General, LP leader Soohyung Kim. Could this be the sign of Sinclair unloading more stations? We know they have an enormous amount of debt ($8B) from those RSNs. And that $28M won't be enough to pay down that debt.
  9. You still think they're going to switch to that god-awful noise? Talkback 16 would be jammed!!.......
  10. The Alex Trebek tributes is in this thread.
  11. Glad that Sade & Bill are anchoring on this historic night.
  12. KDLV & KTTM signals greatly overlap. But I thought about this. Last year, Gray did successfully acquired the former KHAS-TV (now KNHL) in Nebraska by making it as a satellite station of KSNB. Not too sure if they're going to follow through in acquiring KTTM. It might be more risky because it'll probably depend on who'll run the FCC past January 20. That KNHL deal lasted just about six months. It might take even longer under a Democratic-ran FCC. The democratic commissioners weren't happy about Pai approving the KDLT deal by a waiver. Anywho, the LP translators of KT
  13. From Variety, ESPN will be laying off 300 employees. It will also leave 200 vacant positions unfilled. Sounds like they want to beef more resources on digital & streaming. And this is at a time more folks are cutting the cord.....
  14. Well I was wrong... They ended the stream before 3am.

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