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  1. Looking at this guide, it airs from 10am-1pm (two hour delay) after the news.
  2. Where have you been? They've been doing weekend mornings since January of 2018.
  3. Isn't that set they're in right now three years old? And their graphics are more recent?
  4. Meredith & Dish has reached a new retrans deal, two months after blackout.
  5. You got to be bleeping me. Seriously. What the hell is this?!! Forget the lottery ball, this is worse. It looks like they took the "3" from a sign out of a street corner. This is not a TV logo, it's an outdoor sign. I swear you can't get any worse than this. Pitiful. Just plain and extremely pitiful.
  6. Where's is this new logo? Let me see it..
  7. I don't think this was mentioned on this thread (you can correct me if I'm wrong). But I want to know who composed this theme. This is from WTTV in the mid-80s. Vid courtesy of kyndel hewitt from YT Is this theme based on its station promo "4 The Good Times"? Listen closely. Vid courtesy of TheClassicSports from YT. Vid courtesy of Chuck D's Classic TV Playhouse's YT page.
  8. Sounds like changes are ahead on the morning show.
  9. And given that the Lighthouse will acquire KSTU. So I wouldn't be all that surprised if these new graphics on KSTU would be short-lived.
  10. The Standard Media deal was approved on July 3. And it wasn't closed until two months later (9/5). After approval, sometimes deals tend to close promptly (like within a week or less), and others might close right around the start of the new month (or longer). Usually after an applicant receives FCC approval, they have 90 days to consummate the transaction. But they can file an "extension of consummation" to get more time to close the deal. I'm still in shock that Tegna/Dispatch was greenlighted so quickly, despite being a $500M+ price tag. I thought this would be a lengthier process.
  11. We have a brand new carriage dispute. And this is a big one. AT&T/DirecTV and Disney/ABC. That's not just the eight ABC O&Os, but all of the Disney & ESPN networks as well. Now they didn't mention when they'll probably pull the networks off of the AT&T/DirecTV platforms. KGO posted this message about the dispute on its Facebook wall.
  12. Damn. Two former Fox 5-ers anchoring mornings Channel 9 (along with Annie Yu).
  13. WBTV implemented the new Gray graphics last night.
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