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  1. So a couple of advocacy groups (i.e. Common Cause & Public Knowledge) have asked for more information and extension of time so they can file their oppositions of this deal. The FCC has granted a limited extension of time to file. So anyone who wants to file a deny petition, the new deadline will be June 22. For oppositions to the deny petitions, you'll have to file those by July 7. And for replies, you'll have to file those by July 18.
  2. Sad news for the ABC family. Walter Liss, former GM of WABC and later becoming the president of the ABC Owned Television stations, passed away earlier this week. He was 78. He started as a promotions manager at WPVI. Some of you might not know that he was credited for writing the lyrics to Al Ham's iconic "Move Closer To Your World" theme song. Before going to Channel 7, he was also GM of Fresno's KFSN.
  3. Today (5/19), the FCC announced the ten qualified bidders who have advanced to participate in Auction 112, which will begin on June 7. BEK Sports Network, Inc. Gray Television Licensee, LLC Major Market Broadcasting of North Dakota, Inc. Marquee Broadcasting, Inc. Radiant Life Ministries, Inc. Sinclair Television Group, Inc. SJL Television Inc. TV-49, Inc. Ventura Media Communications, LLC Venture Technologies Group, LLC The ones listed as not qualified are Estrella Television, RxDIO.com, LLC, Renard Broadcasting, and previously-announced Redwood Empire Public Television. Also to mention, four entrants have claimed a "New Entrant" bidding credit. BEK Sports, Ventura Media & Venture Technologies have a 25% credit. And SJL have a 35% credit.
  4. Well it only took seventeen & a half months and three amendments. But the WDVM minor modification app (moving its signal a bit south so it can reach the D.C. viewers), was finally approved by the FCC today. Here's the contours of both. The upper one is the current signal, and the lower one is the proposed new signal.
  5. And if there's a vacant channel available, why get rid of an LP? There's always some value for another set of spectrum. Anywho, new R&O today. And good news in West Virginia. FCC has greenlighted WDTV's move from VHF 5 to UHF 33.
  6. Whether they move the big station (WVII) or not (which I'm not taking about), that's up to them. Should that PBS station be sucessfully in its petition, Rockfleet going to have to displace that LP to a new allotment. Anyway, we have one R&O. KSCW (12 > 28)
  7. Should that change go in effect, LP Fox station WFVX-LD would have to find a new channel to go to, since they're on 22. And LPs don't get allotment protection.
  8. Let's get back to the Gray talk. Two things today. Last week, I was reading article about Gray's Q1 earnings. And it mentioned about they've added more local news, as "three syndicated shows came to an end". So earlier, I read the transcript of their earnings call and it stated this: Now PeopleTV was already announced its ending back in March. But I haven't seen any releases from your usual publications about the ending of Right This Minute. But that show's Facebook page hasn't been updated since April 29. __________________ Also, Gray's LP-picking continues to roll. This time in St. Louis. They're getting KDTL-LD from Word of God Fellowship (Daystar) for $1M.
  9. It's been mentioned before, but Gray owns the trademark "First Alert Weather".
  10. Gray just bought an LP in Macon (W21EN-D) and had that signal modification app approved today. I'm hoping they'll expand that signal contour in the future.
  11. This might explain all of this LP buying.... Gray announced it has expanded its partnership with Telemundo to carry the network in 34 markets. The 22 new markets are primarily in the Southeast.
  12. Looks like WYFF debuted its own Hearst "set-in-a-box" yesterday.
  13. Another Hearst outlet is launching the 4pm. WISN (Finally!!) will launch the new show, beginning June 6. Weekend Anchor Kristin Pierce and 9pm anchor Derrick Rose will anchor the new broadcast. Program lineup will also change 2pm - Tamrom Hall 3pm - Ellen DeGeneres (will be replaced by Jennifer Hudson in the Fall) 4pm - 12 News at 4pm Looks like The Good Dish would probably be burned off in the overnights for the remainder of the run.
  14. KCRG switched to the WBAY/WBTV package.
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