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  1. From their webpage, they were going to launch the new 9pm later in the year.
  2. The new VO at 5 has been there since (at the very least) last Fall.
  3. He acted a ton of times, before jumping to the news biz. This Daily Herald piece from February, explains his reasoning of the name.
  4. He's 70. He should've gotten tested anyway.
  5. KSHB just posted this within the hour....... I wished they posted this last week. Looks iike the 1pm airing of Right This Minute is getting axed.
  6. New Station. WSFA is broadcasting from its new downtown facility tonight. They're using the WMC package. Vid courtesy of "KLMO"'s YT page
  7. I'm looking at the guides as well. Both airing of Jeopardy is listed. And I don't see any "41 Action News at 3pm" listed.
  8. They're both sitting at the far ends of the anchor desk.
  9. From this RBR article last Friday: So that means after closing of the deal, callsigns, virtual channels and intellectual properties will be swapped. Both are basically switching sticks. Currently: Telemundo - KNSO - Virtual Ch. 51 - RF 11 - Fac. ID 58608 Cocola - KGMC - Virtual Ch. 43 - RF 27 - Fac. ID 23302 Post-closing: Cocola - KGMC - VC 43 - RF 11 - Fac. ID 58608 Telemundo - KNSO - VC 51 - RF 27 - Fac. ID 23302 OTA viewers would have to rescan their TVs to get Telemundo 51 on a superior UHF signal. And Estrella 43 will be on the VHF allotment.
  10. This is DeMarco's third night filling-in. Only this time, he'll be seen nationally.
  11. They're back at 57 this morning.....
  12. That secondary link live streamed the broadcast.
  13. We have a very interesting M&A. In Fresno, NBC's Telemundo O&O KNSO and Cocola Broadcasting's flagship station KGMC are exchanging facilities. Once the deal is finalized, NBC will take ownership of KGMC's facility on UHF RF 27, while Cocola will own KNSO's facility on VHF RF 11. Callsigns will also be swapped after closing. Along with the exchange, NBC will pay Cocola $4.5M. And while this deal is pending, Telemundo will temporarily carry programming (simulcast?) on an SD suchannel on KGMC current stick RF 27. Might as well ask the FCC to exchange virtual channels to alleviate confusion while they're at it.
  14. That's going to be a hard sell because It's been a while since the FCC approved a brand new full-power TV station. And I don't think its going to happen in the near term, as stations are still in the process of repacking after the spectrum auction. And anyway, Gray didn't really need another full power TV station. They already have full power KVLY, and those three LPs (KXJB, etc.). If that deal would've went through, they probably would've moved one of those other networks (CBS or CW) over to the new FP. ______________________________ New M&A. John Wagner is selling the Ion station in the Mississippi Delta, WFXW (the former CBS station WXVT) as a donation to Christian broadcaster, TCT.
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