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  1. New M&A from Gray. And we're going back to Hawaii. Gray is acquiring the Telemundo affiliate KSIX-TV from Mauna Kea Broadcasting for $1M. We all know what Gray has in the Islands. Honolulu's KGMB (CBS) & KHNL (NBC). And KHNL satellite's KFVE (formerly KHBC) Hilo and KOGG in Wailuku. KSIX's signal primarily serves the western sections of the Big Island. Gray is saying the station's signal doesn't overlap with their Honolulu station or KFVE, which that serves the eastern part of the big island. Here's the contours of both KFVE & KSIX signals in the Big Island.
  2. That's not legit. It's just a regular mask with someone drawing the "Circle 7" logo with a permanent marker.
  3. Shirleen filled in on World News Now earlier this AM.
  4. New station. WOAI. But sister station KABB is still using the old Glass gfx. Vid courtesy of dma37dude of YT. Don't like half-assing. Either both get the new gfx simultanenously or don't do it at all.
  5. I guess we're heading into Cordillera territory...... Vid courtesy of KTVQ's YT page. When did MTN get a new logo?
  6. WNCN has the CBS package. Why would they want to change their graphic package too quickly?
  7. Watched the livestream. And there's no new graphics on the 4:30am-cast this morning.
  8. They switched to Aerial. Graphics are a status quo.
  9. Morning anchor Mary Calvi has been appointed as new weekend anchor of Inside Edition. She will still anchor the morning & noon broadcasts on Channel 2. But she will also fill-in for Deborah Norville on the weekday IE broadcasts. Channel 2 airs IE Weekend Sunday mornings at 4:30am. Maybe they should move it up to 5:30am, leading to the local show at 6am.
  10. The FCC did approve most of that transaction (only the KFNE part of the deal was not greenlighted). It was the DOJ that threated to sue to block the sale. And this was after those FCC approvals. I wished they would've fought this in court.
  11. It appears that Sinclair is making its first TV station purchase since the consent decree. They're buying two LPs in the DC area. WDCO-CD in Woodstock, VA & WIAV-CD in Washington from WMTM, LLC for $8.5M.
  12. But would Lockwood be willing to blow most of their budget just to start an in-house op for WTNZ? I strongly doubt it. In fact about it, I don't they've ever started an in-house news op from scratch. The only reason why they have it on KAKE, WCAV & WFXG is because it was already established by those respective station's previous owners.
  13. Follow up. Robb is now recovering at home.
  14. Here's WDFX's promo
  15. New station. WSBT is now using the Sinclair gfx.
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