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  1. Paperwork for KEYU-FM is up. Alpha is paying $250K for the station. And it will have new call letters either at or sometime after closing.
  2. B&C confirms RTM will be back this fall.
  3. On this corporate structure posted with the paperwork last night, Deborah's McDermott Communications is the parent of Standard Media Group.
  4. Not at all surprise of this news. In fact about it, I'm kind of surprised that this show has lasted this long, despite the changes of hosts & the venues. As of now, we still have yet to find out the timeslot for Tamron Hall's new talk show on the ABC O&Os. Yet many were speculating the 2pm slot, where Millionaire & Right This Minute currently occupies.
  5. Yeah, you can't blame Deborah for KRON's prolonged problems. Their problems happened way before she came to the scene in 2013. But I'll say this though, this sets up to be interesting in the Meredith TV stakes.
  6. From B&C tonight, Common Cause has filed a petition of deny over this deal. They say as their cutting to the bear-bone tactics (private-equity firms are known to do) is not in the public interest. Former FCC Commissioner & leader of the advocacy group Michael Copps stated this: American TV Alliance also wrote an objection (but not a deny petition) addressing the multiple big-4 network affiliated stations in the NBI's markets (Mississippi Delta, Eureka & Yuma) and a potential for Apollo to use that as leverage to raise prices in retrans.
  7. A follow up. To no surprise, the cable advocacy groups of the ATVA & the NCTA have written informal objections (not a petition of deny) over this deal. They fear that NPG having control of the major affiliated stations (despite the incumbent three are LP'd) might use the new station as leverage in retrans negotiations.
  8. Nowhere. It's being canned. Taped its final show yesterday. Will be airing repeats throughout the summer.
  9. She'll be anchoring the 10pm show there in October.
  10. New M&A. Tegna will be acquiring the Justice Network & Quest TV from Cooper Media for $91M.
  11. Looks like WTSP has finally switched to the standard L3 bug & gfx, like the other outlets.
  12. Who didn't see this coming a mile away? No scale. Calling Hilton & Pat.......
  13. That's a return to the nation's capital for Jummy, after leaving WJLA for Channel 4 a couple of years back. At least she's staying with the peacock. Wonder who would take her weekend spot.
  14. As of now, Nexstar is requesting to keep the two (WXIN/WTTV) together, as they're taking advantage of Pai's change of allowing certain top-4 combos on a case-by-case basis. Pai's FCC has already approved a top-4 duo in Hawaii from Gray-Raycom at the end of last year. And since it's an already-formed duopoly (just like the Hawaii duo), I don't think there would be an issue on the FCC side to get the greenlight. It's getting through Makan Delrahim and the DOJ's Antitrust Unit that's going to be the one to watch. Shockingly enough, during Sinclair-Tribune, Indianapolis was NOT one of the ten TV markets it had to divest by the DOJ. Again, since WXIN/WTTV & WISH/WNDY are already-formed (and it's proposed to stay that way post-transaction), I don't see anything Makan would do outside of ordering Nexstar to divest one of the duopolies. It isn't like Nexstar is proposing to keep both of the duopolies. So far I haven't see Makan order a group to break an already-formed top-4 duo. Otherwise, he would've told Gray to break it up in Hawaii (and he didn't even touch that market). Anyway, expect the advocacy groups to complain over the spin-offs (despite it being completely clean deals with no attached JSA/SSAs). And I wouldn't be surprise if those parties complain over Nexstar's buyback option of WPIX. ______________________ Anywho, here's the full write-up from the FCC regarding the spin-offs. And along with that comes a new comment period. For those who want to file a petition of deny, you'll have until May 27 to file. For oppositions of the deny petitions, you'll have until June 11 to file. And for replies, those are due June 18.
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