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  1. WAFF, WTVM & KCBD are also using the Gray Ticker, while still using the Raycom L3s. I know KCBD have been using the ticker for like a few months.....
  2. As of now, KCPM is not a top-4 ranked station in Fargo. KVLY is a top-4 outlet. But because of the reinstatement of eight voice test (which mean it suppose to have 8 unique owners after a deal is completed), Gray can't acquire KCPM without acquiring the "failed station waiver". The 8-voice test was nullified under Pai 2017 dereg order, until the courts vacated that order back in September. It would be speculative to say which programming (either new or existing) to be moved to KCPM, since they haven't made any post-closing plans. But they do plan to change the callsign of KCPM to KXQK once the deal is over. Here what they said in the press release almost two years ago: When they'd announce they were acquiring KNCT in late Summer 2018, they didn't announce that they were going to move The CW from KWTX to that stick under the deal was already finalized. But the question is why the deal is still pending almost two years after the deal has been announced? The FCC could've easily gave this deal a greenlight, given the regulatory relief throughout most of that time. That's because the deal was challenged by the current owners of KRDK-TV (which was the former KXJB-TV). They say that the current owners of KCPM kept the signal off the air for more than a 12 month period. And that would trigger an automatic forfeiture of the station's license, if it stays off the air for a full calender year. So in their eyes that station's license should be revoked.
  3. The rollout is almost complete. NBC Sports Boston will broadcast Celtics Pregame Live from the new building tonight.
  4. What? Gray is not stupid to give up an LP station/CBS affiliation to a group that's not even in the market. I'm sure if the KCPM deal falls through, the market will stay a status quo. It would be a better chance that KCPM would be shut down completely than to be acquired by another broadcaster.
  5. So follow-up regarding the KCPM deal, which has been going on for almost two years. They posted an amendment tonight and they're now in a process of filing a "failed station waiver" to acquire the station. This is because FCC ordered last month to go back enforcing the 2016 ownership rules after the Third Circuit struck down Pai's 2017 dereg order last fall.
  6. Certain shows listed (More In Common, Bite Size) are already airing on LWN right now. This will be in direct competition with NBC's LX diginet launching on their O&Os later this year.
  7. The station changed its branding when the new set debuted last year.
  8. This is getting silly. WADL is launching a new half-hour 10pm news program entitled News Now with Kevin Dietz, hosted by former WDIV reporter Kevin Dietz. But this will not be your typical news program. As explained by station owner Kevin Adell: The program premieres tonight, one day before WKBD's new 10pm show (produced out of Fort Worth, TX) premieres.
  9. WBTS is airing its final morning broadcast from the Newton location. At 6pm tonight, they'll be broadcasting from their new building in Needham.
  10. Follow up. Disney is beginning to phase out the "Fox" name in some of the 21CF assets. The film studio will go as 20th Century Studios & Searchlight Pictures. They're also in a process of renaming the TV arm as well. But the opening fanfare will stay the same.....
  11. The B&C article states that KTVT will only produce the Detroit show (WKBD). The other two, WCBS will produce the Atlanta show (WUPA); and WFOR is going to produce the Tampa show (WTOG).
  12. Update regarding the three Ohio papers. The FCC yesterday granted CMG a two-month extension to comply with the order. So that means they can continue with the 7-day publication until at least March 16. If CMG didn't get the extension yesterday, they would've had to comply with 3-day publication order today. Also said on the document, CMG has gotten offers from four unrelated third parties for the papers. And since the papers are integrated with the other media properties, they're offering a transition service agreement to the new buyer for a period of six months after closing. But it also said (on the footnote), if the buyer can't close the sale by March 16, then CMG would have to comply with the 3-day publication order.
  13. Also from Feder, the station's PM executive producer Dominick Stasi will replace Lyons as ND for the Channel 9 broadcasts.
  14. It opens today. Here's some pix of the new building. WNEU will debut its first Telemundo Nueva Inglaterra broadcast from Needham at 5pm tonight.
  15. This is really interesting. Remember Rockford, IL CBS station WIFR gave up its full-power signal during the spectrum auction? Its now on a LP signal. Back in November, it moved from its out-of-core RF 41 signal for RF 28. And after that move, viewers in the northeastern portion of the area complained that it can't get the new signal. RF 28 is also used in adjacent markets (WISN Milwaukee & WEDE Chicago). So after a few days, it temporary went back to RF 41. Starting Wednesday (1/15), the station is going back to RF 28 signal. But it has also announced that Weigel Broadcasting's WFBN-LD (RF 23) will simulcast WIFR's main signal on virtual channel 23.11. If this sounds familiar, that's because Weigel has also simulcasted Chicago's CBS-owned outlet WBBM for about a few years on WMEU-CD 48.3. This is due to some viewers who aren't able to receive WBBM's main VHF signal.
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