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  1. Okay. The Tegna sale talk is in this thread in the Speculatron.
  2. That extra CW Plus feed on 21.2 is gone completely. Only the 21.1 feed was moved to WPDE.
  3. Bump. Looks like Sinclair is doing more shuffling of its networks this week. In Greenville, SC, MyNet is being moved from WMYA 40.1 to WLOS 13.2. In Myrtle Beach, The CW is being moved from WWMB 21.1 to WPDE 15.2. In Nashville, The CW is being moved from WNAB 58.1 to WZTV 17.2. In Omaha, The CW is being moved from KXVO 15.1 to KPTH 42.3. And in Wichita, MyNet is being moved from KMTW 36.1 to KSAS 24.2. On the displaced slots, 15.1 in Omaha now airs diginet TBD, while the rest are airing diginet Dabl.
  4. They also use that version for Nightline. Oh, so I see 20/20 with the "regular" on-screen bug. Why can't they just be consistent with what they use?
  5. I knew Tegna was going to drop the "Local" branding. But do the logo needs to look like WVEC with that slant on the end?.....
  6. "Clear The Shelters" is a yearly pet adoption drive where the NBC O&Os (& affiliates) team up with the local shelters to try the find these pets a home. They've been doing this initiative for years. This special only airs once a year. They normally air this special right around August.
  7. So Gray is adding another weekly program to join Greta. Its investigative unit is launching a new weekly half-hour program this weekend, appropriately titled InvestigateTV.
  8. One R&O. One NPRM. R&O: KTUL (10 > 14) NPRM: Channel 4 NCE allotment Fort Bragg, CA - One Ministries, Inc. filed this PRM for this new allotment.
  9. A couple of M&A approvals today. The KTNL deal in Sitka, AK to Ketchikan Television. The KASA deal (along with the plethora of LPs & translators in NM) to NBC/Telemundo.
  10. OMG! Giorgio Moroder's Chase as a news open. Wow!
  11. Follow up. The FCC has greenlighted the Lotus acquisition today (9/10). This approval comes with a condition: So close this deal by three weeks from now (10/1). Or you won't be able to until after the FCC renews your license. I've never seen this kind of stipulation before.....
  12. There's alot that has to happen. Not only they need the FCC (& DOJ) greenlight, but also the approval from Meredith shareholders. And of course, they have to complete the spinoff of the National Media assets. But getting the WJRT approval this soon is a big plus. And Allen could close this deal before Gray completes the Meredith acquisition.
  13. This is a true surprise. The FCC has greenlighted Byron Allen's acquisition of WJRT. I find it surprising that they would approve this before the main transaction (it would normally happen concurrently.) But not to fret. Gray is basically in the driver's seat, despite that laughable & wasteful informal objection from that Antenna guy. Gray & Meredith have written rebuttals to Mr. Antenna's comments.

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