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  1. B&C is already covering it. Here's the original story about that specific incident. There's no words.
  2. Why the hell he's still getting paid?!!! From his attorney posted in this B&C article:
  3. The sale was consummated on April 1.
  4. Is it showing OTA live in Tulsa right now? Because I don't see it on the listing for KJRH or KTPX.
  5. A couple of passings to note. Longtime WRC anchor & reporter Joe Krebs passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 78. He was the anchor of the morning show News 4 Today for 18 years until his retirement in 2012. Also, former WDRB meteorologist Paul Emmick passed away last week of natural causes. He was only 55.
  6. They should've posted it on the day of the launch instead of a few days later.......
  7. Newsy is going "Over-The-Air" beginning October 1st.
  8. Update on the channel changes. We have a Report & Order (R&O). FCC has effectively approved the channel change for KRIS from 13 to 26. Now they'll have a month to file a new minor change app to get the permit. And two PRMs have advanced to NPRMs. And these are Sinclair outlets on the low-VHF dial. WCYB (5 > 35) WRGB (6 > 35)
  9. End of an era in Corpus Christi. Longtime KIII 3 anchor Joe Gazin announced that he will retire in late May after 43 years at the station.
  10. Let me try to clarify what you're saying. Are you talking about a station (licensee) who already channel-sharing with another on the same frequency? Or are you talking about a license for a brand new station and that new station is sharing the frequency with an already-established station? If you're talking about the latter, the FCC hasn't approved licenses for new TV stations. I know Gray has filed for two new licenses (Freeport, IL & Eagle River, WI) but those are on vacant frequencies (9 & 26 respectively). There hasn't been any station that has filed a new l
  11. Before last year, WABC aired the movie at 8, because of the Auto Show special at 7. But since its been curtailed due to the pandemic, they've now start the movie at 7. WTEN could've preempted Wheel/J! repeat tonight. Most ABC stations that carry these shows did.
  12. Marquee has nevered "sidecar"-ed with Lowcountry. They've both have swapped LPs with each other last year. But they have no ties with each other. And again, no company needs to sidecar when acquiring LPs (either operational or unbuilt). I don't understand why you continue to think one company is buying the LPs on behalf of another when there's no ownership limitations on LPs.
  13. More shedding for HC2. Lowcountry 34 Media, LLC is getting nine LP-permits for $96K. KJNM-LD Fayetteville, AR K32OG-D Pueblo, CO W27EO-D Panama City, FL W14ET-D Panama City, FL WJEA-LD Augusta, GA WDDZ-LD Augusta, GA WDZC-LD Augusta, GA W35DV-D Augusta, GA K34MX-D Odessa, TX
  14. It appears that WJLA has slightly modified its logo. They still used the legit Circle 7 design, but it has enlarged the ABC Logo (which I don't like). It also changed the news brand to "7 News" in lieu of "ABC 7 News".

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