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  1. And just a day after they filed that request in Iowa, the FCC granted it. Also, Weigel has completed the California & DC transactions (KHTV/KSFV, KPOM, KVME & WAZT) on 12/1.
  2. A big departure in Jacksonville. Longtime WTLV/WJXX reporter from Ken Amaro is retiring after over 42 years at the station. The station gave him a big sign-off on Wednesday.
  3. Back to that other deal, this is probably one of the laziest logos I've ever seen. Did they use Microsoft Paint to create this? I mean, they couldn't comeup with anything better than this? Look, the "t"s don't even match.
  4. Sad that Meredith couldn't achieve scale. Especially after Nexstar snatched MG away from them a few years back. Anywho, here's Gray's new footprint. I'll also slip this in. News coverage from WGCL 46 on the completion. Video courtesy of WGCL's YT page.
  5. And it is done. Gray has completed the acquisition of Meredith's Local Media assets. And IAC's Dotdash has completed it's acquisition of Meredith's magazine & digital business. Bye-Bye Meredith. RIP Edwin Meredith. The founder of the company that lasted nearly 120 years.
  6. They should've waited until after tomorrow..... Unless the Meredith stations have a different end date.
  7. I read this from LA Times. It explains about FCC's equal time provision.
  8. This was the last thing Gray needed. And it was the approval from the Meredith shareholders. Now both deals can close, after the spinoff is completed tomorrow.
  9. And just like that, the FCC has greenlighted this Black Hills expansion.
  10. Seems that they've switched to the similar graphic pack WAVE 3 received.
  11. Gray is removing its stations from NewsON at the end of the year. They will continue to stream on Syncbak's VUit.
  12. And speaking of the devil, the LP (now known as KDIT-CD) filed to move its signal closer to Des Moines. Surprisingly, Weigel had to file a request so they can move to the proposed facility (Alleman). Because earlier this month, the FCC placed a condition on the license to cover grant that they had to operate its signal continously for a twelve-month period at their current facility (Baxter).
  13. Former WJLA chief meteorologist Doug Hill passed away suddenly in NC yesterday.
  14. It wasn't really Gray's fault. It was owners of KCPM that kept the station off the air all that time. I wouldn't be all that shocked if Gray try to bid for that allotment again. Also, do they want to bid for Aberdeen again (KABY)? WNYS was suppose to move to RF 15 in the repack. That was before Apollo turned-in that license. There also a few that were occupied by the late Jim Rogers' Intermountain West Communications group. Including two (Ely, NV & Jackson, WY) that those stations were later moved to the east coast. Initially, the FCC didn't want KVNV & KJWY
  15. So big follow up regarding two new allotments (Ch. 9 Freeport, IL & Ch. 26 Eagle River, WI). The two are a part of 27 construction permits of full power television stations that'll be up for auction, which is tentatively scheduled to begin next June.

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