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  1. At least KUBE actually airs programming. Unlike the other stations in the group, which run roughly a 20+ hour Revenue Frontiers.......
  2. Well, this is a common occurance for this anchor on Fox 31. Yuhnke says this all the time.....
  3. No, KSTU has fully implemented the new graphics for all of their newscasts. Not just the graphics for the streaming content during non-newscast times. I was saying yesterday, they were playing the OSI theme music on the bumpers during their Midday broadcast (11am).
  4. I'm watching KSTU's live stream. They're the new station with the graphics. But on some of the bumpers, I hear the OSI theme music playing with the new graphics. I hope they get that fixed.
  5. There's a good chunk of affiliates west of the eastern time zone that carry the local news at noon after Y&R (i.e WWL, KHOU and O&O WCCO). WBBM & KTVT are just the lucky ones that follow the eastern scheduling pattern to a T. But I do agree with many of you, there's no way these local stations are going to give up another hour of local time just to air another network program. Hell, not all stations west of the east coast carry LMAD at 9am local time. Some air it at 2pm after The Talk.
  6. That was Jim Rogers' plan. Until he passed away......
  7. Someone captured the open via phone, the new 3pm open uses the new theme from Aerial (same cue that WBRC is using).
  8. I checked out KGNS's live stream over the weekend and they're using the WMC package (seems to be the default graphic pack for most of their footprint). But it sounds like they've dropped Inergy for two music themes. On the opens its U-Phonix, but on the bumpers/teases and closes its Third Coast. As for WIFR, it appears they have a variant of the WBAY/WBTV graphic package with a change of fonts.
  9. There is a big change in the Bay Area. It appears that KGO has gotten rid of its 4:30am local news. ABC 7 Mornings will now start at 5am each weekday morning, and that started today (9/14). According to their guide, it's 4:30 timeslot is now being occupied by a reairing of America This Morning.
  10. They should've had a more unique graphic package than that.
  11. Wow! The FCC has greenlighted the KWWT/KMDF-LD transaction. What I'm shocked about is where is the document that states that the "failed station waiver" is GRANTED? It's a document similar to this when they approved the WYCI's FSW.
  12. New M&A. Weigel is at it again. They're acquiring Lebanon, TN's WJFB, from HC2 Broadcasting for $5.5M. WJFB became a MeTV affiliate, after Nashville's WKRN dropped the network last fall.
  13. That show is still in syndication?
  14. Let them have room to breathe. Why they need to go another half an hour? No one else is doing it at 12:30. 90 minutes is enough. As for Fox 26 getting Extra this season, you would think it would be wise to put it on at 6:30pm, right after the new NewsEgde show. ______ Judge Judy is moving stations in San Diego. As KFMB is starting their new 4pm show (and moving Evening with Norah from 6 to 5:30pm), Judy is moving from KFMB to KSWB with new eps at 3pm, and repeats (from a few seasons ago) at Noon. You would have to wonder if 69 is going to keep the Judy repeats going once the original run ends next fall.
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