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  1. Variety said many of its current sports properties (such as NHL & NASCAR) will move to the USA Network.
  2. And to no surprise..... Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel is now the acting Chairwomen of the agency.
  3. Byron Allen has completed the KITV acquisition.
  4. Here's the audio of the oral arguments from yesterday (1/19).
  5. A local ministry in Montgomery will take over the former WSFA facility on Delano Avenue. The station moved to the RSA Tower in downtown (within blocks from the State Capitol) last Spring.
  6. If any of you missed it, KCDO is back as an indie station. Grit moved to 3.2.
  7. It's going to be a long wait before we see those Katz Nets to the Ion spectrum. The Univision carriage deal of the nets doesn't end until 2024.
  8. Sinclair renews an agreement for 13 CBS affiliates.
  9. Just a couple months after the sale closed, KMGH has relaunched KCDO as "Local 3". Syndie shows include Right This Minute, The List, Family Feud and secondary airings of Tamron Hall & Kelly Clarkson during the evening hours. It will have an extended morning news from 7-9am and a "special" 1pm broadcasts.
  10. Seems that over 2 million people watched the Bears-Saints Wild Card matchup on Nickelodeon.
  11. Two Sinclair channel change PRMs have now advanced to NPRMs. KTUL from 10 to 14. KRCG from 12 to 29.
  12. Slowly, but surely, the new graphics are creeping into the pre-Raycom outlets. Valley News Live (KVLY/KXJB) have the same graphic pack its sister station down I-29 have (KSFY/KDLT).
  13. That transaction has been granted. Now let's see which "non-profit" will occupy the full-power sticks.

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