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  1. Ah boy. Another news expansion. Cincinnati's WLWT is launching a new hourly 4pm and half hour 7pm-casts. The 7pm will launch as the Olympics are starting on July 26. While the new 4pm will start after the games on August 9. Ellen will be moved to 3pm and that will bump Tamron to 2pm after Days.
  2. ........And two weeks later, it has advanced to NPRM. And we have an R&O. FCC has approved WCYB's change from VHF-low 5 to UHF 35.
  3. Looks like we have Kweilyn Murphy's replacement in NOLA. KSBW morning meteorologist Art Jarrett will become the new meteorologist on WDSU's morning show.
  4. If the term of the channel sharing arrangement (CSA) expires and the parties decide not to renew, then the the spectrum-less station would be free to form a new CSA with a new station. ______ What I forgot to mention yesterday was 12 years ago was the anniversary of the DTV transition of 2009. That was when all the full power analog signals had to be turned off. Today is the 13th. So next month on July 13, the remaining low-power and translator stations have to turn off their analog signals. It shouldn't be any analog nothing at this point. But the FCC has m
  5. Gray is unloading its other radio property. Lamesa, TX Spanish radio outlet KTXC is being sold to religious broadcaster VCY America, Inc. for $650K. Upon closing, the callsign will be changed.
  6. This is interesting here. Remember back in 2017 when former Chicago PBS outlet WYCC sold its spectrum in the auction, and ended up channel-sharing with WTTW after the latter bought the former's spectrum-less assets? Now the parent of WTTW wants to dissolve the channel sharing arrangement & relinquish the license of WYCC so that WTTW can use its full 6mhz channel capacity. I have a feeling this is nothing more than a cost-cutting move. Why pay license fees for two commonly-owned, separately-licensed stations that's shared on the same spectrum?
  7. Reading one of footnotes in the petition, Gray actually tried to get that COL changed to Moultrie back in 2012. But the FCC never acted on that earlier petition......
  8. New PRM. It's not a channel change. It's a city of license change. Marquee's WSWG (UHF 31) wants to change its COL from Valdosta, GA to Moultrie, GA (about 38 miles SE of Albany). However, they're not proposing to move it transmitter/antenna closer to Albany.
  9. It's now in the correct column.
  10. Once it gets posted in the Federal Register, the 2017 Order will be reinstated in full effect.
  11. Gray has raised its offer to acquire the Meredith stations to $2.85B. From the B&C:
  12. So an amendment regarding KCWX's PRM. The station is now proposing to operate RF 8 as a DTS (distributed transmission system) facility, comprising of six SFNs (single frequency networks) in these following locations: Fredricksburg (Main signal) Austin San Antonio Mountain Home D'Hanis San Saba ________________________ Couple of small M&As Jeffrey Winemiller's Lowcountry 34 Media is acquiring 45 unbuilt permits from Landover 2, LLC for $1.3M. And remember Ramar Communications? The one that sold
  13. Welcome to June. And we have a new PRM. This is from a PBS outlet. Staunton, VA's WVPT has petitioned to vacate VHF 11 for UHF 15.
  14. WILX currently don't air midday news. It would be wise to air last two hours of Today in-pattern. Then slip one in (either 11am or Noon).
  15. NO BLACKOUT THIS YEAR. This year's Indy 500 will be aired live on WTHR 13 this year.

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