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  1. The deal was completed on Thursday. And so did the switch of format. They're now a Rhythmic CHR radio station "WE 102.9"
  2. Add U.S. Sen. Rounds to the pool of politicians in support of getting this deal done.
  3. That "7" is the same font as the "25" logo. They could've either kept the old "7" logo or use a fatter 7 to fit that box. Wonder what the branding is going to be vocally on WTVW. "Local 7", "CW 7"?
  4. The ratings for King of The Hill have been mediocre at-best in recent years. I think most of the stations will probably replace it with weekday airings of Bob's Burgers (it's already airing on weekends, but daily airings begin this fall).
  5. The Meredith stations could be removed from Dish Network on Monday Night at 7pm/ET.
  6. The FCC has opened up a new docket for the Cox radio assets. 19-197.
  7. The FCC hasn't greenlighted the deal yet. But I'm very surprised about these recent turn of events, which included statements from the politicians favoring this deal. Makan probably would've sat on this deal until Gray would've threw in the towel (the same as the Wyoming deal last year). And should the FCC acts on this deal, this could somehow opens the door for more new top-4 combos in the small markets in the future. And while FCC is at it with this deal, they should also act on that also-prolonged KCPM deal in ND as well.
  8. TVNewsCheck has dropped some big news tonight. The GM of KDLT announced that the DOJ has "cleared" the $32M sale of its station to Gray. If I was Gray, I would restart that Wyoming deal stat.......
  9. They'll likely add the network on a new subchannel, while keeping the other diginets in tack. Look at Charlotte (where WJZY/WMYT share the same frequency) they carry eight separate channels in one frequency.
  10. The Charlottesville deals are still awaiting consummation, but I've noticed that the WVIR's logo is removed from Waterman's main website. Lockwood has to close on the WCAV/WVAW sale, before Gray can consummate the WVIR deal.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. I was about to say...
  12. What?!! It's not being cleared on any of the main channels? Not even TXA 21?
  13. The FCC greenlighted the sale earlier this week (7/1). Also upon the deal's completion, Alpha will change the station's calls to KVWE.
  14. And the deal is done. Completed on Wednesday. Byron Allen now owns WEVV & KADN/KLAF. Now DuJuan McCoy will be waiting for the completion of Nexstar-Tribune to acquire WISH-TV.
  15. Big changes coming to WTOC in the fall. First, the station is dropping its local 7am hour of The News at Daybreak, in favor of CBS This Morning at its network timeslot. Then, the station is replacing its longtime local 10am program Mid-Morning Live for a new live local morning show at 9am, Morning Break (where did I hear that before, WBTV). And replacing Let's Make A Deal at 3pm (which is moving to 10am) will be that new syndie game show hosted by Meredith Vieira called 25 Words Or Less. Here's how the lineup will look like come 9/16. 4:30am - WTOC The News at Daybreak 7am - CBS This Morning (NEW TIME; from 8am) 9am - Morning Break (NEW Local SHOW - Replacing Mid-Morning Live at 10am) 10am - Let's Make A Deal (NEW TIME; from 3pm) 11am - The Price Is Right 12pm - WTOC The News at Noon 12:30pm - Young & The Restless 1:30pm - Bold & The Beautiful 2pm - The Talk 3pm - 25 Words Or Less (NEW SHOW - 2x) It's only a matter of time (not if but when) before WFMY would have to give up its 7am local slot for CTM.......
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