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  1. CircleSeven

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    I'm talking about proof from credible and verifiiable sources. Not from Wiki. You can't always believe what's posted on that site and take it as gospel. But again, we'll wait until Nexstar post the amended paperwork.
  2. CircleSeven

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source.
  3. CircleSeven

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Where's the proof that Nexstar is keeping KXNW and going to use it as a semi-satellite station? I read many of the press releases from the publications this week, and not one mentioned anything about what they'll do with KXNW. Going back to the original comprehensive exhibit (p.29 (30 on the PDF)) however: Interesting that the FCC is still classifying KNWA as a satellite of KFTA. But I'm going to wait until the amended paperwork gets posted, to see whether Nexstar is keeping KXNW or not. That'll probably won't happen until they finalize the deal of which Indy property they'll sell off.
  4. CircleSeven

    Voice Actor Chris Corley Dead

    Weigel posted this small tribute, as he was also one of the VOs of Movies!. I'll always remember him as the VO of WPWR after Fox took over in the early 2000s. May he & his wife rest in peace.
  5. CircleSeven

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    WNEP going to the Deathstar? That's one real headscratcher there. The only conflict in-market that hasn't been mentioned is Indianapolis. It'll be interesting who will acquire the spun-off property there. There were reports that Nexstar wants to keep WXIN/WTTV if they're allowed to by the new top-4 rule. You better hope they don't play the shell card there.
  6. CircleSeven

    Gray Television - General Thread

    Gray completed the KNHL sale on March 1st. But the consummation notice was posted tonight. But not sure when the station will restart carrying NBC on channel 5 for the first time in five years.
  7. CircleSeven

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    The deal is officially done. As of 12:02am, the 21cf.com url was immediately redirected to this page on the Disney site.
  8. CircleSeven

    Cox "Exploring Options" for Radio Cluster

    This has been contemplated since they'd announced their TV sale.
  9. CircleSeven

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    And here come the advocacy groups....... ATVA, NCTA, DISH, Frontier, & Common Cause have wrote objections to the deal. The latter three are Petitions of Deny. Free Press should be forthcoming........
  10. CircleSeven

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    The New Fox Corp. website is live. The mouse will close out on the remaining Fox assets at 12:02am/ET tonight.
  11. CircleSeven

    Out & About

    WTTG is adding a new 4pm hour in the spring, competing against WRC & WJLA. They didn't announce an exact date. But could they be launcing before the May books?
  12. CircleSeven

    AT&T buying Time Warner?

    Oh Boy. Plepler gone. Levy gone. And now Tsujihara is gone because of a sex scandal. Tsujihara, one of the last executives of the old Time Warner gaurd, was going to keep his post as CEO of Warner Bros, after parent WarnerMedia announced its restructing for the media conglomerate.
  13. CircleSeven

    2019-20 Syndication News

    Looks like the Lighthouse is going to pull the plug on Pickler & Ben. They stated that a lack of clearance in the top markets (in O&O territory) for their decision, despite growing in over two-thirds of the TV households. From this article during its Q4 earnings call a couple of weeks ago:
  14. CircleSeven

    Scripps to acquire Cordillera

    Nothing new at the moment. They're still waiting for that FCC greenlight.
  15. CircleSeven

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    It's an end of an era. As a syndicator, Raycom Sports will televise its final ACC Men's Basketball Title Game tonight. Raycom Sports will continue to be involved with ACC on the production & digital side, including producing content for the new ESPN cable network, launching in August.

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