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  1. Any video caps of the new AM Open? EDIT 4:35am/CT: Just watched to the open. It sounds like a variant of that morning cue from Inergy, without hearing the theme's logo.
  2. I'm happy they've changed the time/temp bug. The old one looked didn't looked right.
  3. Sadly, this is a Tegna thing, on a good chunk of their morning-casts.
  4. It's been delayed until January 6th.
  5. And to no surprise, Pai is challenging the Third Circuit ruling by filing in a petition of review.
  6. It appears Fresno's KMPH & Omaha KPTM have the new graphics. That means for Omaha, that mean no more Fox O&O gfx & Convergence theme music. Also, nearly a couple of weeks back, Medford, OR's KTVL also switch to the new graphics. This also came as the station's move to a brand new studio inside the Mail Tribune building in downtown Medford. Video Courtesy of Daniel Garcia Media from YT. I do find it strange that their sister station to the north (KVAL) is still using the old KOMO/Fisher style graphics but the Weather gfx are the new Sinclair graphic.
  7. There are some stations that have the 4pm started the show at 3:58, 3:59. I'm not sure if every station does it but WABC does it after GH. And WLS does it after J!
  8. WWL meteorologist Chris Franklin has been promoted to Chief Meteorologist for the station. He replaces Carl Arredondo, who left the station back in February, after nearly 28 years at Channel 4.
  9. Looks like the Fox O&O daytime lineup will stay the way it is for the most part. It has renewed four shows from Warner Bros. TV. The Real is getting a two-year renewal through 2022, while Extra, TMZ & TMZ Live get a three-season renewal through 2023. Fox is also planning on reformatting the programs to eliminate the commercial break between the end of the show and the start of the new one.
  10. Ratner was used during the 2000s decade on WCBS & later WNBC. And I'm sure Tracey was also used on WPIX at one point or another. Should Chapin be used on Channel 7 permanently, this will be the third station he's been used in town, after WNBC during the 90s thru the early 2000s (the original 4NY & NewsChannel eras), and WNYW during the mid 2000s.
  11. Looks like MGM "might" be doing it alone. They've relaunched the This TV website, with a page of the new affiliates after being displaced from the former Trib outlets. I do agree with you. Weigel should've reacquired This TV (since they'd launched it with MGM over a decade ago). It would've been better channel placement in Chicago than the place of a LP station that's on a hard-to-reach VHF frequency.
  12. That's strange. Because I've watched WBTV (before their switch), and KCBD currently, where they used the Raycom gfx, and used the Gray ticker on the bottom. I'm sure there'll change it in due time.
  13. So follow-up regarding KMNF. They did some testing on their new signal this week. They didn't announce a launch date but it did say it should be in full operation once testing is completed.
  14. And here's the 11pm Open tonight. Vid courtesy of Daniel Garcia Media from YT.
  15. WALB just posted this 11am digital update with the new graphics. It appears to be the WVLT gfx package. It also switched the music to Guardian.
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