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  1. It looks like a throwback to sister WTVT's 1978-1989 logo. WTVT | Logopedia | Fandom
  2. They had this fantastic look and sound for maybe a little over a year and then Scripps went and ruined it with a switch to a standard package which was a huge step down.
  3. Forgive me if this was already posted. From The Media Stash YouTube Channel by Roma Torre A bunch of TV nostalgia, mostly from Pittsburgh. I don't think Roma posted these on her old channel that got killed. The Media Stash - YouTube Two of my favorites below that helped me learn more about the Pittsburgh market. 50 years of Pittsburgh TV and Radio with great clips with a long promo from WPXI's 1981 call letter and image change. 1998 video documentary about the Ethical Dilemma of TV News by Patti Burns
  4. Roma Torre former News 12 Long Island and NY1 anchor and daughter of legendary KDKA anchor/reporter Marie Torre took down her YouTube channel. No reason known (Altice copyright striking?) but her channel had tons of airchecks from News 12 Long Island from the late 80s and early 90s! Clips never seen again until her channel. Definitely childhood nostalgia for me as my mom and dad were obsessed with News 12 when I was growing up before we moved to Florida when I was 9.
  5. The New York Style theme would later be used on the Florida Lottery's Game Show Flamingo Fortune from 1995-1997.
  6. Mike Abinanti who runs a video production company posted a bunch of opening title masters from Pinnacle Productions on YouTube. The most notable being 1988-89 ABC Sports Opens with the “I Wandered By A Brookside” theme. Monday Night Football https://youtu.be/3M7VLgLP0a8 Boxing MLB League Championship Series College Football College Basketball 1989 Thursday Night Baseball (For their final season ABC moved Monday Night Baseball to Thursdays) 1989 World Series (
  7. This was just an old picture he posted for memories. He is not coming back to TV (yet).
  8. Former Miami News Anchor and Reporter Michele Gillen has passed away. Michele worked at WPLG, WTVJ, and WFOR.
  9. I’m going to miss his annual Thank God For Kids segment every Christmas time. I have never lived in the DFW area but I watch it on WFAA’s website every year. Dale is the one of the last great local sports anchors that will tell it like it is.
  10. Sadly, we are about a few hours from a handful of Local network affiliates/O&Os becoming just news services outside of network shows. I think we have only the hours of 10am, 1pm, and 2pm (Don’t start a list!) where there hasn’t been a newscast in that slot. Probably 15 years ago, I laughed when someone brought up the premise of a local morning newscast beginning at 4:30am. I said what are they going to call it, “Channel xx News, Graveyard Edition”?!!
  11. According to Billi’s personal FB page, he left TV and took an area liaison job with the Tampa International Airport.
  12. Looks like WOFL anchor Charles Billi has left the station. His Fox 35 Facebook page and his bio are gone and he’s hinting moving back to his hometown of Tampa on his personal FB page.
  13. Here is Andrea when she was a young upstart anchor at then-2 year old independent station WFTS Channel 28 in Tampa. 11 years before they would become an ABC affiliate. WFTS TV News, Andrea McDaniel (May 1983) - YouTube
  14. I haven't followed the Biloxi market in a while but WDSU got kicked off cable there?!! Wow! They used to have a separate local feed for cable there with a sales office near the Gulfport airport. I remember in 2010 before WLOX and WXXV launched their subchannels, the satellite companies launched local channels for Biloxi/Gulfport. Originally, Directv was going to have Mobile's WKRG and WPMI used for CBS and NBC (I don't know if the following was really true) as they are geographically closer to Biloxi by 30 miles but WDSU threw a fit as they felt they owned territorial rights to NBC in Biloxi d
  15. It's a Morris thing (Except for WTVQ, I'm guessing). WMGT here in Macon has a stereo store infomercial on Saturday Nights at 11pm. But their Sunday newscast is just a recorded recap of the week's stories. I'm guessing from the promo that WXXV's Sunday newscasts are live. When I left the Biloxi area 7 years ago, WXXV's news department was just 2 years old and I think only had a few newscasts across the two channels.

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