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  1. Pannoni has posted a lot of late 80’s-early 90s WTSP clips on his multiple channels lately. I probably saw some of these commercials live as a kid as my mom watched ABC soap operas back in the day before she went back to work when my sister reached school age in 1992. Now if we could only get some newscasts from this era.
  2. Let’s see how long NMSA will take to edit it.
  3. With the slogan in the image campaign promo at 3:44, it probably is safe to say the news music package known at WTVT 1983 Theme should probably be titled “Where News Comes First”. Who knows they probably had been using it since 1982 just like WFLA’s “Spirit of Tampa Bay” theme was discovered as starting that year too.
  4. Having lived in Florida for 16 years of my life and helping my dad fix and install HVAC at some elderly people's homes, I can only imagine what that office smells like with the old furniture in it. Not just Florida but anyone who has had a elderly relative that never modernized or updated their home. Haha!
  5. Ed Ansin was a maverick. He had balls. He pretty much told NBC GFY when they bought WTVJ on the cusp of one of NBC’s biggest years with their hit prime time shows, 1988 Summer Olympics, and the World Series and the network asked to take the affiliation away over a year before the agreement was to expire. He made them honor their contract! And then NBC turned around begging him to take their network for WHDH when Westinghouse/CBS took WBZ away from them only for NBC to screw Ed over again when they decided to create their own station in Boston. With his son Andy in the family business, I think the 7s will be fine! Ed was the last of a dying breed of truly local TV station owners. RIP Ed Ansin.
  6. I remember watching Regis as a little kid on WABC's The Morning Show. My mom watched it every morning. Then when my parents moved to the Tampa area in 1990 when I was 9, we tuned in to WTVT and there he and Kathie Lee where and I said "Wow! I didn't know they were on down here?" This was before I knew about syndicated TV. But that show always ran like it was still a local NYC show even in syndication. Regis was the ultimate entertainer. He is arguably up there with Dick Clark to me. His passing was the first celebrity passing that I felt in my heart in a long time. RIP Rege!
  7. This!! They could easily run Press Your Luck and Pyramid or Card Sharks as half hour versions. All Press Your Luck has to do is cut the Bonus Round. Pyramid or Card Sharks can become single runs. Actually the best idea for ABC would be to launch a game show block to counter The Price is Right at 11am and move The View to 1pm or swap it with General Hospital and have The View counter The Talk. I'm sure The View gets crushed at 11am by TPIR. Really the only show that ever really came close to countering TPIR was when NBC ran Wheel of Fortune against it in the 80s.
  8. Those snowbirds or migrated New Yorkers living in Florida won't be able to "move" their service address anymore since all NYC stations are on spot beam now. Ok I will admit I was a guilty "mover". I did it every time I PCSed (moved) duty stations to get more local stations and RSN team options plus I could get my physical local stations on an antenna. It was nice having Tampa stations in Orlando DMA, Mobile stations in Biloxi DMA, and Cincinnati then Columbus stations living in Dayton area. I just moved to Georgia and was going to "move" to Atlanta or Jacksonville area but I read that ever since AT&T took over Directv, their billing system changed to ATTs billing system used for U-Verse TV and Internet which makes calling to change your service address nearly impossible to do without a service technician coming to that address. This impacts RVers who have a dish already on their vehicle and people with vacation homes with an existing dish. All they had to do was call and say they are at a campground or their vacation home and the CSR would change the address now that not the case and most of the CSRs are outsourced to the Philippines now.
  9. WMAZ still uses the Urban Vocal cut of This Is Home to close out their newscasts on Friday Nights.
  10. Yes, you’ll need to watch it on a desktop with Adobe Flash. If only I knew how to rip it to mp4 and put it on Youtube.
  11. Here is a link to that promo from the Internet Wayback Machine. You have to hit continue go to the 70s, then 1977 and then click on Bob Hite sails to Tampa, the promo then plays. https://web.archive.org/web/20050326181659/http://media.tbo.com/wfla/flash/timeline/popup.htm
  12. I could think of a couple of really good cases for Significantly Viewed Stations for Directv to carry from areas I've lived in like WLOX being SV for Hancock and Pearl River County, Mississippi as their news covers those two counties extensively and better than the New Orleans stations that they are designated under. Or Philadelphia stations in Ocean County, NJ which parts of the county are closer than NYC. Or Orlando stations in Polk County, Florida. The possibilities are endless. I think I remember. Didn't FCC release a manual years ago of what stations are "significantly viewed" for certain counties?
  13. WPMI is owned by Sinclair. Kind of a go figure. If any other group owned WPMI, Greg Peterson probably would have been fired for violating state law with his side venture.
  14. The logo may look similar to KGTV and WJAR's old logos but I think it looks more like a knockoff of WFLA's 1982-1988 Spirit of Tampa Bay "Figure 8" logo. Kind of an odd looking logo for 2020.
  15. After communicating with them on Facebook, WMAZ had technical issues so they decided to nix the newscast for Friday morning. WMAZ has one anchor and meteorologist in studio, and their other anchor, anchoring from home in the morning. WGXA, who knows, they are a Sinclair owned station so I don't care to communicate with them anyway. They're a Fox affiliate with an ABC subchannel.
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