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  1. Another WFTV alum headed to the big leagues at WSB. I'm glad to see him come up to my new neck of the woods, I liked Jorge when he was at WFTV the first time around when I was in Cocoa Beach.
  2. It wasn’t that late. At least according to this ID before an episode of Super Password in May 1988 it wasn’t.
  3. This is probably when they launched the "Watch Our Spirit Now" promos with the "Newswatching Out For You" slogan. But as a newscast close from 1984 shows, WXFL didn't stop using the soft instrumental close to close the newscasts. They had so many graphic iterations of promos during The Spirit of Tampa Bay's time. They had the pre-call letter change multi colored logo which was on the trucks, the yellow logo with black background on the mics, and the gold logo with blue background after the call letter change. I think I saw 5 different show promo graphics for the station from 1982-1985 to when they went to the Gannett knockoff graphics and they went with Power News for newscasts and Turn To News for promos.
  4. The only viewership WIIC got in the 70s was when the Steelers played on Sundays and Pirates played on The Game of The Week on NBC. If it weren't for the Steelers success starting in 1972, I'd think WPXI would still remain a laggard in the ratings.
  5. 10 minutes of a WTAE newscast from January 20, 1980, the night the Pittsburgh Steelers won their fourth Super Bowl. Most of the open included too. At the end you see part of KDKA’s news open from that same night, which KDKA posted on their own website 10 years ago. Which was the last time the Steelers won a Super Bowl.
  6. Maybe we see those RSNs go back to their Pre-Fox/Sportschannel names like Sunshine Network, HSE, SportsSouth, PASS, etc.
  7. Jamie Simpson, the Chief Meteorologist at WKEF/WRGT Dayton who was made famous for during an EF 4 tornado hitting the Dayton area telling viewers complaining about missing The Bachelorette due to storm coverage “I’m done with you people” was arrested this morning for OVI (Ohio’s term for DUI, DWI aka drunk driving). www.whio.com/news/crime--law/meteorologist-arrested-for-ovi-miamisburg/RdipSddDy1cKHJ3YzawlJK/amp.html Here’s the kicker though, the ND from WKEF/WRGT told the other Dayton media outlets that he was already unemployed before the incident occurred this morning. His profile was on the station’s website yesterday. He hasn’t been on air in 2 weeks but something smells fishy. Simpson was fired from his Chief Met position at WHIO back in 2014 after he blew a .228 and swerved and hit a tree.
  8. You just made my morning. Fantastic find!
  9. I wonder if this means Movies! or Buzzr disappears from Fox O&Os. I think most likely Movies! but Buzzr has the most accessibility of any netlet out there being on video streaming apps Pluto and Sinclair’s Stirr. So if Buzzr goes it’s not a huge loss.
  10. To add to this. Here is coverage from the Big 3 Pittsburgh stations of the Pirates World Series parade. Beginning with the end of the KDKA newscast I linked earlier.
  11. With my Youtube find from yesterday, how about I post the next year with the Philadelphia Phillies winning the 1980 World Series. I found this a few years ago, it has post game/celebration news coverage with channel flipping through all 3 Philly TV stations and post game coverage from WPHL who was the long time OTA flagship for the Phillies at that time. One question comes to mind. When did League Championship Series and World Series games stop being carried by the team's OTA Flagship station? I knew WPHL did their own coverage of the 1980 NLCS parallel with ABC's coverage but it was interesting to see KDKA show the World Series when they are a CBS affiliate showing a game off of ABC.
  12. Partial KDKA 2 Eyewitness News October 17, 1979. The night the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series.
  13. This was the bid for WM VI in 1990. LA wouldn’t get this one, Skydome (now Rogers Center) in Toronto would get it. LA would host WM VII the next year. Vince McMahon used security concerns from Operation Desert Storm as his excuse for why the event was moved to the LA Sports Arena from the Coliseum to cover up the low ticket sales.
  14. So you're the one that bought the WXFL SoTB Plate! I was going to buy it to put it on the front of my Orange Ford Escape with a Bucco Bruce era Tampa Bay Bucs license plate frame! Haha! Good find! Lucky you!

    1. TheOneManHerd


      Yeah. I couldn't pass it up, especially considering the sunset 10 jacket was too small for me. I probably won't be putting it on my car, though; that's the kind of thing I'd like to keep away from the elements.

  15. I’m hoping they repost the post-Super Bowl XIV newscast from January 20, 1980 again. KDKA had it on their website 10 years ago when the Steelers won their last Super Bowl. Also maybe they should or should have redone (since it’s winter) an image campaign like their sister WBZ did last year. Maybe Here’s 2 or Renaissance 2.
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