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  1. That show loves having national "has beens" as hosts! Dave Nemeth, Jerry Penacoli, and now Maggie Rodriguez!
  2. That's why I said they had one foot out of the NHL door when they gained the NBA.
  3. ESPN already had one foot out the NHL door when they gained the NBA from NBC in 2002. The last contract was a one year deal for the Locked Out 2004-05 season with ESPN 2 sharing with NBC. NBC would have taken the games ABC had. ESPN is now seeing how vital the NHL was for them and how people longed for the National Hockey Night days.
  4. I don't see this happening unless they try and get WFXT back for a 3rd time. They tried to own every NFC market station but buying WJZY in Charlotte bombed. FTS is better to get an already established station like they have with KCPQ and KTVU.
  5. There was (is?) a video floating around YouTube with a behind the scenes look at CBS Master Control in the mid-late 80s with Don doing his "This Is CBS" ID, and the person who shot the video had Don do one of his Sports Saturday promos off the cuff, It was awesome! The video also had the late-Gaylord Avery another CBS booth announcer who was mostly known for being the Voice of The Honeymooners and WCBS Channel 2 News until 1989. Got it! Skip to 1:14 and 2:29 to see Don Robertson in action. Right after that is Gaylord Avery.
  6. I think after the damage of what CBS, NBC, and then ABC experienced with letting the NFL go, I think we may see all networks now get involved in NFL TV rights in one way or another and contract negotiations and rights will almost become formalities like it was in the 70s and early 80s with the Big 3. The only change we might see with the Big 4 networks in the next 10-15 years after the next deal may be if CBS or Fox feels compelled to swap conference affiliations, but that has become blurred with cross-flexing. Plus, Fox owns a station in almost every NFC market except for Charlotte and New Or
  7. That’s the one aspect I loved about that market when I lived near there 6-10 years ago and should not change is the separation of focus between the two stations. WEAR is completely a Florida based TV station where WPMI focused mostly on Alabama.
  8. Yes. And this was the second Super Bowl theme that CBS turned into their College Football theme as did this with the theme for Super Bowl XVIII three years earlier.
  9. What's funny is people aren't in the know of the TV Sports industry or who are younger than 40 thinks Disney should buy the rights to the theme. But what they don't know or remember is that the theme has been CBS's College Football theme since 1987, nine years before CBS acquired SEC rights in 1996. Before 1996, that theme was known for the Sun Bowl and regular season games with former independents Miami, Penn State, and Florida State, and pre-NBC Notre Dame before the SEC.
  10. I don't think we would see affiliation switches. Maybe affiliation droppings ala WNEG years ago thanks to UGA. I think a CBS affiliate that will be the most affected will be Gainesville's WGFL, whose CBS affiliation pretty much depended on the Gators. If it wasn't for Jacksonville's WJXT ditching CBS in 2002, there would either be no CBS affiliate in Gainesville or it would be a subchannel on WCJB probably 10 years later. If it wasn't for Sinclair operating WGFL for New Age Media, I think WGFL would have been vulnerable of dropping CBS and affiliating with a diginet like Me, Antenna, or Cozi t
  11. It’s now official. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30492065/sec-espn-strike-10-year-deal-college-football-basketball-starting-2024
  12. The earliest example I've seen of stations advertising together as one was from 1987 when the West Palm Beach-Fort Pierce market stations had PSAs advocating for viewers to watch the stations in that market. Many people in Palm Beach County would opt to watch Miami stations over WPB stations on cable and antenna, especially WTVJ over WTVX for CBS before the Big Switch of 1989.
  13. Great! Now I have to break out my indoor antenna! Otherwise, I'm stuck with 2 crappy low budget understaffed stations owned by Sinclair and Morris!
  14. Now that I have been living in the Macon market since January, I can tell you WMAZ would have to literally self destruct for either of its competitors to come close to them. They could change its news music to Rebecca Black's wretched song "Friday" and people would still watch them 4:1 over WGXA and WMGT. WGXA had given up on morning newscasts on their ABC subchannel even though my Directv listings still show them scheduled from 6-7am M-F. I don't think they have enough people on their staff for daily newscasts and they don't have the elaborate sets like their bigger Sinclair sisters. And don
  15. Yes, she wasn't there long. Maybe 2 years. I remember one day she was anchoring at 5pm on WTSP and then a couple of months later I see her co-hosting the (1992?) Fiesta Bowl parade on New Years Day on NBC as she had just joined KPNX.

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