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  1. Here is a real find! WFLA’s coverage of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Disaster from May 9, 1980 from retired main anchor Bob Hite’s secondary Youtube channel. It is confirmed WFLA used Part of Your Life through 1980.
  2. Yes I remember Right This Minute being paired with America Now on Raycom stations in 2011. When I was living in Biloxi, WLOX went big on America Now when it first launched and then added Right This Minute when they launched their CBS subchannel in 2012. I wasn’t a fan, I thought it was ridiculous to watch a bunch of people sitting at a table critiquing YouTube videos.
  3. Near complete WIIC (now WPXI) Noon newscast from March 7, 1975.
  4. Yes! I hate that YouTube got rid of the ability to see what videos were deleted from playlists! I noticed last week it was gone. The version I think you’re taking about also had a short promo with Richard Dysart from LA Law promoting West Palm Beach NBC affiliate WPTV not switching affiliations like the other stations in Miami and WPB.
  5. I have recently discovered a YouTuber by the name of JaguarGator9 who does daily 15 minute videos covering obscure NFL historical stories and facts and almost half of them involve NFL broadcast controversies. Yesterday, he covered about when KYW in Philadelphia in 1986 decided not to air the first game of an assigned NBC doubleheader to instead show a movie. His videos are always an interesting watch and I always learn something new. Has anyone watched his videos before? https://youtube.com/c/OfficialJaguarGator9
  6. From the Big Guava! Former WFLA director Mark Antinori posted his first video in 8 years. The last one was our first view of the 1981 The Look...Alive Gapped 8 logo in action. These are promo spots for the launch of then-new hourlong 5pm newscast Live at Five with a misspelling in the promos (can you find it?) and some promos for their 11pm newscasts. All the promos were mixed between Fall 1988 when they were the “awkward" WXFL call letters and the New Year's Day 1989 call letter reversion back to WFLA-TV.
  7. Cheap Charlie’s target of only non-sports viewers is almost complete.
  8. On New Year’s Day, ewjxn is going to upload a full February 1983 newscast from WTSP.
  9. Yes all correct. WFTS would keep the same graphics and blue logo until the switch was complete in December. There were no news cut-ins at 25/55 after the hour but there was a still graphic with background music during local weather cut-ins.
  10. I remember when WTSP showed the MDA Labor Day telethon that year they were advertising CBS This Morning and The Price Is Right moving on September 12th. Only the network morning shows and morning daytime shows which was only TPIR and ABC’s Mike and Maty at that time switched channels prior to December 12th.
  11. Because ole Uncle Joe in rural SEC country can't miss his all important Saturday night Andy Griffith Show rerun! (Sarcasm)
  12. It looks like a throwback to sister WTVT's 1978-1989 logo. WTVT | Logopedia | Fandom
  13. They had this fantastic look and sound for maybe a little over a year and then Scripps went and ruined it with a switch to a standard package which was a huge step down.
  14. Forgive me if this was already posted. From The Media Stash YouTube Channel by Roma Torre A bunch of TV nostalgia, mostly from Pittsburgh. I don't think Roma posted these on her old channel that got killed. The Media Stash - YouTube Two of my favorites below that helped me learn more about the Pittsburgh market. 50 years of Pittsburgh TV and Radio with great clips with a long promo from WPXI's 1981 call letter and image change. 1998 video documentary about the Ethical Dilemma of TV News by Patti Burns
  15. Roma Torre former News 12 Long Island and NY1 anchor and daughter of legendary KDKA anchor/reporter Marie Torre took down her YouTube channel. No reason known (Altice copyright striking?) but her channel had tons of airchecks from News 12 Long Island from the late 80s and early 90s! Clips never seen again until her channel. Definitely childhood nostalgia for me as my mom and dad were obsessed with News 12 when I was growing up before we moved to Florida when I was 9.
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