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  1. SFTV

    Out & About

    KGO’s Eric Thomas retires after 26 years. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/9/28/signing-off-in-san-francisco
  2. It’s so rare to see a Blue Chroma Key in a studio.
  3. SFTV

    Out & About

    I agree and Liberty is too into herself especially on Instagram. Don’t live for likes
  4. SFTV

    Out & About

    So is Chrissy taking all mornings shows with Aloha mid shifts and Brad in the evenings? Liberty and Justina seemed to be the hybrids and fill ins.
  5. Question: is Jenny doing traffic on the chroma key or on the 3x9 setup? they can expand their set and remove the chroma key unless they are planning to use it as a virtual set in some stand ups
  6. Neda Iranpour posted that starting Monday they’re will be a new wall to present the weather. Well here is your answer. They modified the interview set that’s rarely used which will be for weather and their new 4pm show.
  7. Here’s the new newsroom desk. FX with some BDI elements resembling KCBS.
  8. Oh wow best of luck to him. I remember he was freelancing reporting as well as filling in anchoring weekends at KNSD before going to CBS.
  9. SFTV

    Out & About

    Starting September 14, KRON 4 is launching an hour newscast at 3pm. It looks like they want to compete with KGO’s 3pm 30 minute Interactive Newscast before World News Tonight where viewers connect thru Facebook Live called “Getting Answers,” discussing topics like a Coronavirus, Wildfires, Education, Unemployment, etc. Its not a normal newscast like KABC does at 3pm so no weather and sports. Strictly interviews and Answers. This is a big jump for KRON since they are finally adding more newscasts. Hopefully a 1pm Newscast would be nice down the road since their sister Nexstar stations KTLA and KSWB have a 1pm show.
  10. SFTV

    Out & About

    Bay Area Blogger Rich Lieberman in hot water after 29 female journalists past and present sign a letter denouncing him as sexist. https://medium.com/@bayareanewswomen/we-are-better-than-this-5780d57c7ff4
  11. KIAH got KRON’ed out with that side weather bar
  12. THIS! I thought I was the only one.
  13. Delivery Truck for the KRON 4 News Set from FX Design just arrived today. Remnants of the old set will be donated to Academy of Art SF.
  14. Just noticed the CBSLA/KCAL Newsroom got rid of the CBSN Los Angeles Signage that hangs along the beam seen behind the anchor.
  15. I mean their set was decent and a huge upgrade when they moved from Van Ness to Embarcadero. I mean if they added a monitor wall behind the anchors instead of that durations that would be a simple refresh. hopefully it’ll be better.
  16. CBS Weekend Evening News closed out with B-Roll footage crediting Anchorage, Alaska KTVA
  17. SFTV

    Out & About

    Multiple reports stating Regis Philbin has passed at 88. he started his TV carrer at KGTV in San Diego before moving to LA and NYC.
  18. KPIX mostly shows chopper footage with no audio during breaking news other than that it’s mostly reruns of its newscasts now. i haven’t seen any CBSN feeds lately on KPIX KBCW replaced the 10pm CBSN Bay Area with a full hour Two and a Half Men
  19. It’s a good look and matches the current CBSN PITTSBURGH bug when you slap it over the KDKA Logo. The double text line on the Naya Rivera with the Grey Eye Lower Third looks clean! Im not sure if I’m feeling the Gold Eye yet on the Kelly Preston Lower Third, It would look good for mornings.
  20. SFTV

    Out & About

    the best part is that she saw and recognized mother who sent in a request with the photo of her and her son at the bus stop while she was on her jog around the neighborhood.
  21. SFTV

    Out & About

    Dion Lim had to get permission from KGO management to give one to an ABC7 fan who had a medical condition.
  22. KPIX turned on the Bold on their lower thirds. Not sure if it’s an upgrade and prepping for the new graphics. “Zoo Funding” was the before look.
  23. Yeah, the other day they had a retired LAPD on the phone and Pat Harvey covering a pursuit with a play by play. Very awkward since his signal he was watching the coverage on was delayed.
  24. That’s an updated Univision Package. KDTV uses this already. I’m surprised KBNT got it so late.
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