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  1. KPIX dropped the CBS 5 logo on the anchor desk in their main studio in place of its call letters instead. It doesn’t look good I’m surprised they didn’t go with the CBS NEWS Bay Area logo instead. The newsroom desk has the updated logo.
  2. Because it’s a CBS Syndication and WWJ airs it on their channel. KPIX doesn’t air Dr. Phil, it’s seen on KRON.
  3. The bigger monitor wall on the side of the set would’ve been a better backdrop and bigger market feel for the anchor desk instead of its current placement.
  4. Ah in the secondary studio. I’m so glad they didn’t get that “desk” and kept the KCNC desk from BDI
  5. It’s a nice refresh and nice to see they whole studio is being utilized. No more green screen and they brought back a weather center. Last time they had a weather desk was back in 2000 before the Local 8 Era. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CkjFqV1JZR5/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  6. Before Nicco…Spencer did 4 and 6 pre pandemic and before the rotation/change in shifts and Sandyha did 5 and 11 When they produced the weekday 9pm News on KOFY until it ended, they had Drew do the forecasts as well on the weekends (KGO 5, 6 and 11) with 2 days off during the weekdays and Sandyha would do 5, 9 and 11. KPIX can use 1 or 2 more since they only have 3
  7. I thought the same as well when they shifted Spencer Christian from 4 and 6pm weekdays to weekend evenings. They have a huge weather team, with Mike leaving they’ll just have it like the old schedule and extend Drew to middays, Frances, Spencer or Lisa to replace for Mike’s shift at 4 and 5pm and with Sandyha at 6 and 11.
  8. Such a big loss for KGO after being there for 16 years, I know he is glad that he’s coming home.
  9. It’s giving KYW vibes with that desk
  10. NBC Sports Bay Area now has a side by side scorebug with only team logos. It’s no longer on the top and bottom. The city/team name acronyms are now omitted and this emoji pops up when they score a 3 pointer when the score changes.
  11. Yes it’s an updated set and a better rendition of the Nexstar corporate/cookie cutter sets but the sad part is that it takes away the local elements of Denver that were used to design the previous set.
  12. And the monitor wall to the left
  13. For a Scripps Station. The set design is giving me Nexstar vibes.
  14. The 11pm newscast on KPIX now says “The Late News.” On my DVR. I’m guessing they are doing the same thing for Stephen Colbert
  15. Simple setup in their secondary studio. They salvaged the 3x3 wall and the old stand up desk that was supposed to be used for the 10pm start up for CW. the sports set is the old monitor wall from the first generation set debut in 06 you can see the set in action from their archived newscasts. https://www.cbs8.com/watch
  16. That desk was the old newsroom desk when it debuted back in 1997 from Devlin Design Group. It’s refreshed from brown to a grey tone and they added lighting to the desk.
  17. Right? My DVR has the new branding. I was hoping a custom morning open and updated bug, yet they’re still using the KPIX 5 Bug. When they had a 10pm newscast pre pandemic, they at least had the KBCW bug instead. The only mention of CBS NEWS Bay Area Branding is only on the 6 and 7pm with the custom open “CBS NEWS Bay Area with Juliette Goodrich” but the DVR still says KPIX 5 News at 6pm
  18. KPIX finally launched a new morning show on KBCW called CBS NEWS Bay Area: Morning Edition. The newscast is mostly News driven and not like it’s sister station KOVR/KMAX with the “Good Day” format. Prior to the launch, they have been only simulcasting KPIX from 5-7am then straight to Paid Programming. As of this week they dropped the 5am hour simulcast for syndication programming. 6am is still a simulcast KPIX 5 NEWS at 6am. 7-9am is CBS NEWS Bay Area: Morning Edition. With KTVU and KRON dominating the mornings. Hopefully KBCW will at least get some viewership.
  19. KFMB can do some minor tweaks here and there. They have the cheap KCNC look. The Tegna Graphics sure don’t match with the studio. KGTV seriously needs a makeover and new flooring. KUSI is a lost cause. Their FB past and present employees group page already has been begging for a new set and new roof since it leaks near the desk when it rains.
  20. Nice studio it’s giving me modern vibes with a retro twist (Chroma Key Backdrop behind the anchor desk)
  21. Watching the Niners and Bears game. This 360 set is beautiful. This augmented reality is amazing. I was thinking that camera shot behind the anchor desk showing the play by play would be some kind of chroma key set up but the video playing literally reflects off the plexiglass on the anchor desk.
  22. KPIX slowly debuted the new look on the monitor wall and some Lower thirds Juliette Goodrich doing a standup for the 6pm tease “CBS NEWS BAY AREA with Juliette Goodrich.” im kinda impressed with the NEW B-Roll shots they are using of the SF skyline and the SF Bay with the Golden Gate Bridge from afar.
  23. I’m surprised they didn’t have a custom engraved KCAL logo for the desk and use a plain metal sheet instead to cover the CBS2 logo or at least upgrade the anchor desk to a monitor screen like WCBS and KPIX has. Then again KCBS was the first to debut this look so everything is still original.
  24. KNTV just announced their line up 12pm NBC NEWS Daily 1pm Access Daily with Mario & Kit 2pm The Rachel Ray Show 3pm The Kelly Clarkson Show 4pm NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt 4:30pm NBC Bay Area News at 4:30 5-6:30pm NBC Bay Area News 6:30pm NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt 7pm NBC Bay Area News Tonight
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