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  1. Also missing a Weather Center.
  2. Looks more cleaner. I don’t recall the studio being that huge! The best part is the monitors on the floor. It’s similar to what NBC Sports Bay Area uses on its post game shows. I’m feeling this will be used for elections especially. Raj does a tour at the last 2 minutes of his video. https://www.instagram.com/tv/Cfavr_5tdLa/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= a better version of a 360 loop on its studio bump before the break. https://www.instagram.com/p/CfalHber5m3/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  3. That’s going to be an interesting move… KGO was first to start a half hour 3 pm show called “Getting Answers.” However instead of a traditional newscast, they ask experts questions the viewers want to know in real-time on todays current topics. During commercial breaks the news continues with post interviews and open to more questions on Facebook live that will be answered on air. KRON airs a full hour of news at 3pm KPIX just joined the 3pm race as well but only a half hour. when 3:30 hits KGO and KPIX go live for the Network Evening shows. KGO continues at 4pm with news while KPIX goes a full hour of Judge Judy until the news at 5 begins.
  4. interesting how the article says KRON not KNTV
  5. Short staffed or Covid at Eyewitness News? It looks like they had to use help the past 2 mornings from KGO with Mike Nicco on the roof for his weather hits since it clashes with ABC7 Mornings and he can’t be in studio for a green screen.
  6. Why does their background backdrops look like they have been in the sun looking all faded like a hole in the restaurant light box menu. Somewhat similar to instagram filters
  7. KTVU had a Ukraine Donation Ad in place of the News Ad but it’s been gone for a few weeks now. Yay for being Ad free.
  8. Hothaus designed that package. This was when KGTV was at its best and very competitive with KFMB during its “Local 8 News” era.
  9. Wow that extended forecast WLS is using brings back late 90’s vibes. KGTV used something similar before. also KGO and KABC still haven’t updated its abc on-air bug on its newscasts. However regular programming and promos have the updated version.
  10. Allen Martin retires from KPIX. You’ll see some former co-anchors from the past at KPIX, KSBW and KFOR in this package. https://www.cbsnews.com/sanfrancisco/news/kpix-5-anchor-and-reporter-allen-martin-set-to-retire/?fbclid=IwAR2gAMagVRxtftnq2y4tPkIqTdsgO6SVHkhXG7qs3V5BLP9hohifC0LI7xo#l44mfr3flnvzpl79798 also KGO did a farewell this morning to General Assignment Reporter Amy Hollyfield who is leaving after 21 years. She started off as a writer then becoming an on air GSA Reporter for ABC7 Mornings.
  11. All that hype for nothing and the old set still remains
  12. It will debut in May for May Sweeps
  13. Warranty already kicking in?
  14. KPIX only uses the Red Version of First Alert when there’s a storm or heat wave hitting the area. “First Alert Weather Day.” is KCBS only left in the station group not adopting the branding since KNBC uses it? The only time I’ve seen an overlap branding was when KTVU during its Cox Days would use StormTracker 2 and KRON (still to this day) uses StormTracker 4 on its radar.
  15. Rob Roth retires from KTVU after 38 years https://youtu.be/yJ55JWHhE_E Maria Cid Medina is leaving KPIX next week. https://www.instagram.com/p/CaDt5xYPQZV/?utm_medium=copy_link Morning Meteorologist Mary Lee is stepping down at KPIX, she will be freelancing on science and earth stories here and there. She also went viral earlier in February when her fiancé proposed to her in studio while taping a weather segment for CBS NEWS Bay Area. https://youtu.be/lg_HHHIAKDE 3 New Reporters join KGO Tara Campbell from WOWT Karina Nova from WBNS. She already filled in anchoring this past weekend on the evening shows Gloria Rodriguez from its O&O group WTVD. She will be mostly be reporting in the mornings.
  16. The original set is almost 9 years old and the refresh of the current set they built on the side where the old GDLA is only a few years old.
  17. You can see the desk with a wire sticking out in front. Looks like it’s prewired for a curved monitor display like they have for the weather center desk. But yes such a sad downgrade. Looks like they spent more money on replacing the 3x3 monitor and not enough for a better desk. https://www.instagram.com/p/CZrkdEjlCOJ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  18. That was my favorite graphics package too. KGO had something similar by (I believe Hothaus) but instead of yellow, it was a white themed elements. KFMB used the same KGO package as well but only for its opening sequence (2005-2013) https://jonberrydesign.com/kabceyewitnessnews
  19. Devlin Design Group was pretty good in the 90’s KFMB 1995-2001 KTLA 1997-2004 (WCCO) had a similar design but was more focused on Brown tones on its design
  20. I agree. The purple and orange TEGNA graphics on the monitor on the anchor desk does not fit the look. Their set had so much potential and was screaming to be an O&O before the sale to TEGNA since they got the KCNC look with the desk and Duratrans.
  21. KPIX adopted the new motto https://youtu.be/D8J_lZDQNGs
  22. KGO now promoting its new online 7 am newscast on its shows and social media as of this morning.
  23. Tuning in right now. KGO is live and it’s called ABC7 @ 7. The format seems more like it’s 11am show, “Midday Live,” but more relaxed and with more banter. I’m getting KTLA vibes. Then again the chemistry with Reggie, Kumasi and Drew is real as it gets.
  24. It’s the new mic flags for me. Who ever chose the design for the previous “NEWS 8” flag should’ve been reassigned to another position. I’m glad they brought back the CBS 8 logo.
  25. Well this will be interesting. Nexstar is in my market. KRON could take the CW affiliation from KBCW. KTVU Plus could take the MyNetwork affiliation with KTVU’s duopoly. KBCW could be the new KCAL for the Bay Area with its duopoly with KPIX.
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