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  1. WCBS debuted the new look https://youtu.be/60fbdDWX9s4
  2. I actually don’t mind the CBS NEWS PITTSBURGH Black Box. It blends well with the KDKA BOX
  3. KGO in newsroom for a while. They mentioned during the morning show that the studio is getting new lighting.
  4. It’s kind of tricky with the last O&O desk design since the Channel Number is designed into the desk. -KCBS killed off their desk for the new KCAL set -KPIX is the only one that executed well by changing the number into call letters and the monitor on the desk says CBS News Bay Area. -WFOR kept the number branding and even removed the wave on the desk. But to me it looks tacky to have both 4’s stamped on the desk. Not sure if they have a monitor or if it’s a duratrans. we’ll see now the others in the group with the O&O desk will turn out (KOVR, WBBM, WCBS, & WJZ)
  5. Sandra Maas wins case against KUSI. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/courts/story/2023-03-09/maas-verdict?fbclid=IwAR14_Dm8iCQ0iGpU1FKCbm8OtkeoDtjtfc9OIj1V5M3HefrkG8rBAy_1dv0
  6. Looks like they kept the Telemundo O&O/KNSD (2016-2022) Jack Morton desk design with the new updated NBC wall design.
  7. So Nexstar is retiring the set in a corner design for this mini KTLA/WPIX window backdrop with another monitor in front? I’ll take it…
  8. I’m guessing the KCBS set is now obsolete. I was thinking Sports Central would’ve salvaged it.
  9. When I saw the morning graphics, I thought they’re still working out the kinks. Looking at this picture, it’s still the same. When KPIX debuted the look. They sticked with the color schemes….The Breaking News is in Red as so as the CBS Los Angeles bug should be red too. SKYCAL? You would think SkyEYE
  10. It’s pretty much what KPIX does with KBCW in the mornings. They will simulcast at 6am on both channels as CBS NEWS Bay Area Morning Edition. Then KBCW will continue from 7-9am KCBS will be the opposite. KCAL will be branded on KCBS instead.
  11. CW Bay Area was dropped when KPIX dropped CBS 5 / CBS 5 Eyewitness News in 2013 in favor for call letters. they are branded as KBCW and KBCW 44 cable 12. With their heavy jingle imaging “44 cable 12” promos that air throughout the day https://youtu.be/GSTLBPVjnHE
  12. That part! NBC was ahead of its time look at NBC Bay Area, and NBC Connecticut. They have been doing well without the channel reference. Boston and San Diego had a short lived branding until it decided to bring back the channel numbers.
  13. Syndicated programming now with the updated bug. If that’s the case, makes me wonder what the new mic flags will look like.
  14. KTVU called they want royalties for the opening b-roll shot
  15. Waiting to see when NBC makes its rounds to the Bay Area. They just hired some new anchors not too long ago.
  16. They still mention “KPIX 5’s *reporters name* has the latest” the website is still referred to KPIX.com I’ve yet to see new mic flags
  17. She said “KSBY News Bay Area”
  18. Actually not that bad looking. KSWB is still using the mish mash graphics from its Tribune Era. The Lower Thirds and ticker is the only Nexstar update they got.
  19. KPIX dropped the CBS 5 logo on the anchor desk in their main studio in place of its call letters instead. It doesn’t look good I’m surprised they didn’t go with the CBS NEWS Bay Area logo instead. The newsroom desk has the updated logo.
  20. Because it’s a CBS Syndication and WWJ airs it on their channel. KPIX doesn’t air Dr. Phil, it’s seen on KRON.
  21. The bigger monitor wall on the side of the set would’ve been a better backdrop and bigger market feel for the anchor desk instead of its current placement.
  22. Ah in the secondary studio. I’m so glad they didn’t get that “desk” and kept the KCNC desk from BDI
  23. It’s a nice refresh and nice to see they whole studio is being utilized. No more green screen and they brought back a weather center. Last time they had a weather desk was back in 2000 before the Local 8 Era. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CkjFqV1JZR5/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  24. Before Nicco…Spencer did 4 and 6 pre pandemic and before the rotation/change in shifts and Sandyha did 5 and 11 When they produced the weekday 9pm News on KOFY until it ended, they had Drew do the forecasts as well on the weekends (KGO 5, 6 and 11) with 2 days off during the weekdays and Sandyha would do 5, 9 and 11. KPIX can use 1 or 2 more since they only have 3
  25. I thought the same as well when they shifted Spencer Christian from 4 and 6pm weekdays to weekend evenings. They have a huge weather team, with Mike leaving they’ll just have it like the old schedule and extend Drew to middays, Frances, Spencer or Lisa to replace for Mike’s shift at 4 and 5pm and with Sandyha at 6 and 11.
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