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  1. KGO now promoting its new online 7 am newscast on its shows and social media as of this morning.
  2. Tuning in right now. KGO is live and it’s called ABC7 @ 7. The format seems more like it’s 11am show, “Midday Live,” but more relaxed and with more banter. I’m getting KTLA vibes. Then again the chemistry with Reggie, Kumasi and Drew is real as it gets.
  3. It’s the new mic flags for me. Who ever chose the design for the previous “NEWS 8” flag should’ve been reassigned to another position. I’m glad they brought back the CBS 8 logo.
  4. Well this will be interesting. Nexstar is in my market. KRON could take the CW affiliation from KBCW. KTVU Plus could take the MyNetwork affiliation with KTVU’s duopoly. KBCW could be the new KCAL for the Bay Area with its duopoly with KPIX.
  5. FTV reporting KPIX 5 News Director is out. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2022/1/4/breaking-news-san-francisco-news-director-out this comes as Ryan Yamamoto and Sara Donchey are supposed to make their debut sometime this week.
  6. KGO’s Laura Anthony retiring after 30+ years in the business and 20 at ABC7
  7. Sad news to report, a well known news anchor in my area was arrested on suspicion of DUI last night. The video of the anchor ramming the other car and getting arrested was overwhelming to watch. im not going to post it. You can put the puzzle pieces together and will most likely hear about it this weekend.
  8. Interesting. I was under the impression Extreme was FOX since it was always FOX affiliate opens on that video package when it first dropped on his website.
  9. FOX tested out the waters before changing the branding with q13. KTVU sure was a fail. They ruined a legacy station.
  10. Just noticed the other night that KGO’s station affiliate logo isn’t the transparent black when returning from break. Just noticed now during the Celtics and Bucks game it’s a full white logo now. Makes sense because the Black ABC7 logo was so hard to see before switching over to the abc logo
  11. With the spike in new cases of the new variant. All the stations in my market are social distancing again. Hello Brady Bunch boxes!
  12. Just like the failed marketing CBS LA did with “NewsCentral. News that’s Central to your Life.”
  13. http://www.newsmusicnow.com/player.php?id=4219 found the cut that’s catchy (Tease B). This is the full closing theme used at Noon and the 3pm show, but they use a minus one version for its bumpers on the A Block (12:10pm) at Noon and B block (3:22pm)
  14. Oh wow Gari is being phased out just listened to the sampler of CBS Local on NMSA. All this time the morning promo music was CBS Local. Interesting.
  15. Didn’t want to make a new thread under News Music. Wasn’t sure if this is part of a new update with graphics soon….. KPIX now decommissioned the CBS Enforcer Metropolis Package in favor for either a 2021 Version 2 Update or a new CBS Enforcer Version 3 theme. (It’s not the version 3 theme that was uploaded on YouTube a while back and deleted) Metropolis is only used for its 4:30-6am opens only. Millenial Beat, Modern Classic, Epic Energy from Version 2 is also decommissioned for its bumpers and closing music The Noon, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 11pm Opens are now rolled out with the new updated Enforcer theme along with new bumpers and closing music. The new theme is more slower and dramatic. However there is one track on its bumpers which I do like because it’s upbeat and catchy.
  16. Right? Even the old weather icons….Also the CW11 Mini Sports Cast produced by KPIX uses the old recycled graphics from Bay Area Nightbeat which was cancelled for CBSN Bay Area News at 10 which also didn’t last long and got replaced by a whole hour of Two and a Half Men.
  17. If CBS is investing on launching WWJ….Throwing this out into the ring, they might as well invest in starting newscasts in the CW O&O group. I believe there’s only 3 in the group. - WUPA in Atlanta has a newscast produced by KTVT in Dallas. - KBCW only simulcasts KPIX 5’s 6am show, nothing at night. KSTW Seattle only does weather and sports casts produced by KPIX on social media (FB & Twitter,) not sure over the air. Interesting fact, the weather graphics/templates for CW11 that KPIX generates for them is from the First CBS O&O Graphics Package from 2010-2013
  18. If it was chroma keyed you might see the green reflection on the desk. also it was mentioned they are using the Telemundo Studio for the morning newscasts
  19. Right, I was waiting for a confirmation to post yet KPIX is still struggling with a 3 person weather team. They should at least hire 1 more person for back up. Just saying…
  20. Out the station group who had the Blythe set, WFLD wins because they replaced their duratrans with a monitor wall instead which slowed down the aging of the set.
  21. Roberta Gonzales announced on her Instagram that she is returning to the airwaves and joining KTVU as a part time meteorologist. It’s been 4 years after she left KPIX to focus on starting her own production company.
  22. Morning Traffic reporter Jenny Milkowski posted on Instagram that she is leaving KFMB and will be moving up the dial across town to KUSI.
  23. https://ibb.co/JBFL0L0 here’s a new graphic shot KPIX used over the weekend
  24. I was thinking it was a toolkit because KPIX uses the same Network Eye graphic where it breaks apart and switches from KPIX 5 in white (without the gold 5) to CBSN Bay Area on its monitors in studio.
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