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  1. Not even a week in with the new look and they changed the X handle. However, it’s wrong it was correct when they launched.
  2. I mean GDLA always plays music during the weather reports but at least there is someone talking over it
  3. KGO has flipped to the new look right now at 11am and brought back the main opening theme. during 2020-2024 they have been using the Breaking News / COVID theme
  4. My have the tables have turned. It used to be the other way around.
  5. Ah the previous FX Design Desk used on KSWB! Wow never thought I’d see this day! RIP KUSI set
  6. Just noticed this. KTVN got the new look. Is this the first station out of the station group to get the package?
  7. I just realized KABC still hasn’t got the updated weather graphics on air and on its website. it’s either WPVI or KGO to get the switch anytime soon.
  8. The lighter shade of Sky Blue KABC uses kind of didn’t age well. KGO’s was more neutral with the Royal Blue look. music wise, I wonder if KGO will revert back to the original opening theme pre 2020 pandemic or still stick with the “breaking news” theme which became the main theme during the pandemic.
  9. Jobina Fortson out at KGO Huge loss to ABC7 Mornings. She decided to leave on her own terms and wants to spend time with her family and head back home to Atlanta. The bond, the chemistry is definitely real on and off air with the KGO crew. They even called themselves “cousins.” the last half of the 7am streaming show was dedicated to her starting at the 25:15 mark of the video https://abc7news.com/14154597/
  10. Yep it’s now up and running on its morning show now. Made its debut on air.
  11. the morning music is too chirpy. Playing that track over a serious story doesn’t fit well. they only cut that KPIX doesn’t use is the main extended theme heard throughout the station groups (especially the KCAL, KOVR, KCNC opens) I was hoping they would’ve used that track for its new primetime newscasts but they went with the 7pm music route instead.
  12. So many faces have come and gone from KGTV that I remember when growing up (Listed below) that they didn’t interview and some of those videos seen in the reports were pulled from YouTube . Hal Clement Leonard Villarreal Steve Wolford Kyung Lah Lee Ann Kim Bill Gaines Leon Smitherman Fred Blankenship Lisa Lake Lauren Reynolds Laura Castaneda Bianca De La Garza
  13. The VR weather set is only used on PIX+ primetime newscasts but will slowly integrate on KPIX newscasts. didn’t realize they had a secondary studio. That studio is larger than what they currently have.
  14. Now all we wait is for a new studio/set which has been in place since 1995!!!
  15. KPIX was producing local news inserts for its short lived 10pm Seattle News Now. I guess it wasn’t attracting much viewership to launch a news dept. I guess it’s back to square one producing only weather reports for Seattle with the previous CBSN block weather graphics on its website.
  16. Amanda Starrantino out at KPIX and headed down to CBS Los Angeles. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cwh_moZxjqP/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  17. So that’s where KPIX got their PIX+ promo with a virtual set of a building seen here with Jane Pauley, but in SF instead for their new prime time newscast that will debut one September.
  18. Oh good! I noticed on Sunday during the storm coverage they added a radar box in the corner of the screen to blend in with a smaller UPDATED logo with the time and temp blended in.
  19. FOX 5 will be having special coverage tomorrow since they don’t have a weekend morning show. Shally and Raoul will be anchoring.
  20. Nicole Zaloumis is the new anchor
  21. KBCW will be branded as KPIX+ and will launch an 8 and 9pm show. No word if they are adding a 10pm newscast.
  22. KPIX finally updated their mic flags yesterday.
  23. it’s interesting that Shayla has been filling in for Lisa Argen on weekend mornings the last 2 weeks at KGO. Legendary Spencer Christian was doing weather from home a few weeks ago. Must be under the weather. Frances Dinglasan was filling in for Spencer last week and this weekend. Drew Tuma pulled overtime the other day doing all newscasts except 11pm which looked taped and still worked Friday morning. I guess they couldn’t get Lisa. Spencer or Frances since Sandyha was out. Side note: KPIX. We only have 3 person weather team and we’re still surviving Not that I’m aware of….
  24. KGO is fully staffed 1 morning traffic anchor Jobina Fortson who also does LIVE Desk updates since Alexis Smith left for Seattle years back. 7 On Your Side consumer Michael Finney reporter during the 4,5 and 6pm shows 3 investigative reporters. 1 full time (Dan Noyes) and 2 (Stephanie Sierra /Melanie Woodrow) that report in the field when not doing investigative reports 3 sports crew. (used to be 4) 2 on air (Larry Biel and Chris Alvarez) 3rd one (Casey Pratt) is a senior sports producer and will fill in from time to time 5 weatherperson team. (Used to be 6, recently left to KSHB) the 5th one (Frances Dinglasan) is the back up when needed
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