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  1. SFTV

    Out & About

    the best part is that she saw and recognized mother who sent in a request with the photo of her and her son at the bus stop while she was on her jog around the neighborhood.
  2. SFTV

    Out & About

    Dion Lim had to get permission from KGO management to give one to an ABC7 fan who had a medical condition.
  3. KPIX turned on the Bold on their lower thirds. Not sure if it’s an upgrade and prepping for the new graphics. “Zoo Funding” was the before look.
  4. Yeah, the other day they had a retired LAPD on the phone and Pat Harvey covering a pursuit with a play by play. Very awkward since his signal he was watching the coverage on was delayed.
  5. That’s an updated Univision Package. KDTV uses this already. I’m surprised KBNT got it so late.
  6. The half hour Nightbeat newscast was cancelled back in January for CBSN Bay Area which went full hour. Veronica didn’t go on leave until Mid March? All I remember the last time I saw her on air was shortly after the Grand Princess Cruise Ship saga on where to dock. I do hope she is okay and will be back on air soon.
  7. KBCW is airing an episode of Friends instead of CBSN Bay Area. However online is streaming a repeat of the 7pm News Rich Lieberman is reporting they canned CBSN Bay Area https://richliebermanreport.blogspot.com/2020/05/breaking-blowout-wednesday-at-cbsn-bay.html?m=1
  8. SFTV

    Out & About

    Come back to the Bay!
  9. I was thinking the same thing. Like is there other stations that even started a remodel but have been halted due to the pandemic?
  10. CBS: COVID Broadcasting Station It hit the network, an anchor at KPIX and now KFMB.
  11. SFTV

    Out & About

    https://richliebermanreport.blogspot.com/2020/05/415-media-exclusive-kpix-anchor.html?m=1 well this explains why she has been MIA.
  12. I wonder how their setup will be since they have a very small studio connected to the newsroom. If you compare them with WFOR, they would be on top of the list. I wonder if they will use part of KMAX’s studio since it’s a bigger functioning studio or condense the newsroom to build a setup.
  13. That monitor wall behind Dominic is really sharp. Looks like it’s Chroma Key. Also, they still haven’t stretched out their lower thirds. KPIX had some 11pm teaser demo vids on Vimeo for quite some time testing out with the new cuts, however looks like it went private.
  14. SFTV

    Out & About

    She was the jack of all trades. Sports, Anchoring, Reporting and she was last doing weather for the afternoons and evenings.
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