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  1. Well that didn’t last long. I’m surprised they didn’t utilize the other tracks like KPIX uses.
  2. Late to this post. I have NewsNation now on my YTTV lineup but KRON is still missing.
  3. Aww man, a total downgrade for KSWB when they move. FOX5 is a 2 story building and well kept, however, KUSI’s building is so dated and falling apart. I remember them saying how the roof is leaking in the center of the studio and different parts of the newsroom. I hope Nexstar will invest and will bring the building up to date. KSWB’s building doesn’t have enough space for 2 studios. The way their studio is set up was such a unique design during the WB News at Ten era. (I can’t find the website that shows the design and layout) Basically, it was a hybrid newsroom and corner studio design along with a curved staircase that leads to an upstairs open area with a balcony and a corner office that overlooks downstairs. right below the upstairs corner office used to be the news director’s office which is now the weather center when the relocated the newsroom into the center of the building.
  4. Looks like they also kept the 13 on the desk. KPIX is the only one in the group to change it to the call letters instead.
  5. FOX 5’s BDI Set was under the Tribune era. Hopefully after this merger or sale, they won’t bust a KDVR and downgrade. then again KSWB’s original studio is very small during WB era and relocated the newsroom when they got the 360 set.
  6. FINALLY A NEW SET RIP One and Only. Hello Aerial
  7. KRON is already a MyNetwork Affiliate unless KICU (KTVU Plus) picks up the affiliation
  8. KPIX will need to ramp up and hire more staff including at least 2 more meteorologists and will be competing heavy with KRON of PIX decides to go the KCAL route.
  9. SFTV

    In Memoriam

    Former KUSI and FOX 5 anchor Paul Bloom has Died https://fox5sandiego.com/news/local-news/former-fox-5-anchor-paul-bloom-dies/?utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_source=facebook.com&fbclid=IwAR0ZpcZ_ii5QNy4OkxBH8eO9KLVLAMoxfbKO_Ci1x3jjIzg--0GKAjln0dw
  10. KPIX uses all the cuts except the main intro heard on the other stations in the group. if they didn’t use that tacky 11pm production music for “The Late News,” then that main intro theme / opening cut seen on WCBS would work for 11pm The closest KPIX can get to using that theme is heard on the opening tease on WCBS before the intro. That cut with the soft ending (:17-:27) is used for the Noon and 3 closing.
  11. There’s too many CBS 2’s. 4 to be exact in the O&O station group. Hence why they want to give each market a unique and local feel with the call letters since channels don’t mean anything these days with streaming. This leaves WCBS the only one that kept the CBS 2 in its branding. Chicago is going the call letter route like KDKA, and KCBS focusing on KCAL instead.
  12. KGO mentioned on the 7am show that they are doing some jackhammering beneath the studio. since KGO and KRON are in the same building, KRON’s studio must be closer to the construction which noise could interfere with the newscast causing them to relocate them into the newsroom. As of the 8pm show, they are back in studio.
  13. KPIX viewers might think it’s Breaking News since Niners are Red and Gold. Then again KRON viewers are used to its Red and White look
  14. KPIX updated the weather graphics as of this morning.
  15. WCBS debuted the new look https://youtu.be/60fbdDWX9s4
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