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  1. Haven’t been back home in a while....is their 11am still half an hour or is it a full 90 min newscast 11-12:30? hows KGTV and KNSD at 11am?
  2. SFTV

    Out & About

    KPIX only produces minute weather forecasts on KSTW
  3. SFTV

    Out & About

    KGO’s Vic Lee retires from ABC 7 after 50 years in journalism https://abc7news.com/society/legendary-bay-area-reporter-vic-lee-retires-after-50-years-in-journalism/5827912/
  4. SFTV

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    KTVU is using the new graphics with lower thirds on their website promos during commercial breaks that are featuring the top 3 stories on KTVU.com. However they are using a larger text in all caps to fill the screen like the current lower thirds on the current graphics package.
  5. SFTV

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    I agree! Sounds more daytime and the KTTV cut is good for evenings.
  6. SFTV

    Out & About

    Just heard Starcrossed during the Niner and Seahawks Game. They were using some parody Price is Right graphics for Marshawn Lynch’s stats
  7. KSWB has too much mish mash. Are they still box kite or a sideways look? The Mic Flags are sideways and the set uses the Box Kite.
  8. I’m guessing CBSN Detroit will be CBSN with local weather inserts?
  9. SFTV

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    Curious to see how KTVU will implement the logo in the box since they strictly promote the Laser 2 circle and not FOX. They still use the OSI Good Day theme for their 9am show as well as the OSI Fox theme on it’s title card graphics “Top Stories, Developing News, etc.” however....The new lower thirds are much better and have much more text room.
  10. SFTV

    Out & About

    Veronica and Ken mentioned at the end of last nights Bay Area Nightbeat Newscast on KBCW that it will be going off the air. Tonight will be the last produced newscast on KBCW. Starting Monday (12/9) KBCW will be broadcasting/simulcasting an hour of CBSN Bay Area Newscast in place of its 30 min Nightbeat Newscast. Veronica will continue to anchor the hour long 5pm newscast on KPIX. Ever since the launch of CBSN Bay Area, KBCW now simulcasts KPIX 5 Morning News from 4:30-7 in place of informercials. There was a short stint back in 2016 with the simulcast of Good Day Sacramento from 7-9 on KBCW 7 days a week but that didn’t last long.
  11. SFTV

    Out & About

    Yikes https://abc7.com/ex-tv-medical-correspondent-arrested-by-lapd-juvenile-division/5624361/
  12. Now will KCPQ be the new stepchild keeping the Q13 Branding like how KTVU kept its Laser 2?
  13. This would creep me out after Brady Bunch reruns growing up https://youtu.be/Q5fVJwc8hiE
  14. KPIX is one step closer to debuting CBSN Bay Area. Here’s a sneak peek of the Newsroom Set Up compared to what they have right now which is a podium recycled from their old set in front of the control room window. It looks like they recycled the FX Multi Purpose Desk that they also used when it was Super Bowl 50. i was hoping for a overhaul of their current set going on 7 years now. They’re the only California O&O that hasn’t adapted to the current BDI Design used on KCBS and KOVR.
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