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  1. Those 86” LG TV’s to create that window look don’t come cheap either.
  2. https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/kron4-tvs-new-studio-debuts/
  3. https://fb.watch/1fqPuuJby_/ KCAL studio is opening soon. KPIX Mornings and Noon now has 2 anchors in studio. Traffic and Weather still done at home. Evenings still has one anchor and weather in studio while the other anchor is downstairs in the newsroom
  4. The music sounds like a tool kit add on since it still has the 6 tone signature logo in the theme.
  5. Haven’t seen the open yet but looks like they went blue in the mornings and dropped the yellow in the lower thirds and tweaked the Good Day LA bug
  6. Ooh...the OCD in me makes me cringe when they use the Full Logo Theme Cut instead of the last second of the 3 tone Logo Theme. It will synch to the opening of the Q13 News title card with the swipe transition. Which right now it currently doesn’t.
  7. Another sneak peek. No SFO this time. We got the roof cam overlooking Embarcadero
  8. SFTV

    Out & About

    Obviously she should’ve went to the professional and contacted a certain LA anchor for some advice when she was dating the Mayor of Los Angeles back in the day.....
  9. SFTV

    Out & About

    KGO’s Eric Thomas retires after 26 years. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/9/28/signing-off-in-san-francisco
  10. It’s so rare to see a Blue Chroma Key in a studio.
  11. SFTV

    Out & About

    I agree and Liberty is too into herself especially on Instagram. Don’t live for likes
  12. SFTV

    Out & About

    So is Chrissy taking all mornings shows with Aloha mid shifts and Brad in the evenings? Liberty and Justina seemed to be the hybrids and fill ins.
  13. Question: is Jenny doing traffic on the chroma key or on the 3x9 setup? they can expand their set and remove the chroma key unless they are planning to use it as a virtual set in some stand ups
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