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  1. SFTV

    Out & About

    Happened to see that KOFY is promoting a local Dance Party Show that’s been a staple program filmed at the studios normally seen on weekends. However, starting July 22 at 10pm, it will be seen Nightly which is normally a rerun of the 9pm news produced by KGO. Im looking at KOFY’s tv schedule on Titan and it shows that Last Man Standing is airing at 9pm on July 22 which is normally ABC 7 News at 9pm on KOFY TV 20. Is KOFY is cancelling the 9pm Newscast all together since they stopped doing weekend newscasts not too long ago? Also it looks like they are bringing back a full hour of the 7pm news on KOFY to compete with KTVU Plus and KPIX (only :30 min). Unless, its ABC 7 News at 6 rerun?
  2. SFTV

    KOVR Logo Update?

    Didn’t know KOVR had its own app. Mine is still the CBS Local app for KPIX
  3. SFTV

    Out & About

    Because it was during their 11am newscast when they broke the story followed by an ABC NEWS Special Report.
  4. SFTV

    Out & About

    Interesting how KGO is simulcasting WPIX and then switched to WCBS of the Breaking News of the Helicopter Crash into the building.
  5. They’ve been using that daytime backdrop for their promos when they debuted the new set. 7 months later they now finally realize to implement it onto the set. Lol
  6. SFTV

    Out & About

    Wow a 4pm newscast? They might as well bring back the Noon or 7pm news unless they don’t want to mess with KGTV since they are the only 7pm newscast.
  7. SFTV

    Out & About

    I felt like he was slowly pushed out of Morning Weather and demoted to Traffic when Jodi Kodesh came thru during the Universal Budget cuts... on the other hand, former CSN, NBC Sports Bay Area and now KGO Sports Anchor/Reporter Mindi Bach leaving the news business for a PR Gig. http://richliebermanreport.blogspot.com/2019/05/415-media-exclusive-mindi-bach-to-leave.html?m=1
  8. Did they also get rid of the table extensions or do they only add the 3 piece when there is a guest?
  9. Oh wow, looks good and they kept the KPIX desk with the refresh.
  10. Out with the old and in with the new....here’s to another 14 years to go on this set. Lol
  11. Too bad there’s no video, I’d love to see the reaction. KPIX didn’t show Nichelle due to 2 breaking news stories so they had anchors doing a short hand package reading it with video. nothing tops out Erica Fox when she visited San Diego to emcee an event after leaving KSWB to go to WLKY after a few years and they brought her in for a tease for the 9am
  12. Looks beautiful. I prefer the chrome and blue look than the white retro curvy look seen on KBNT and KDTV.
  13. SFTV

    Out & About

    Vicky Nguyen is leaving KNTV and headed to the Mothership at 30 Rock as a Investigative and Consumer Correspondent
  14. The show debuted with Elex in the KTVU Newsroom doing interviews via satellite. After the first commercial break, everything was in the FOX 11 News set and interview area..
  15. Wow that lobby looks like an Apple store
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