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  1. Oh wow, looks good and they kept the KPIX desk with the refresh.
  2. Out with the old and in with the new....here’s to another 14 years to go on this set. Lol
  3. Too bad there’s no video, I’d love to see the reaction. KPIX didn’t show Nichelle due to 2 breaking news stories so they had anchors doing a short hand package reading it with video. nothing tops out Erica Fox when she visited San Diego to emcee an event after leaving KSWB to go to WLKY after a few years and they brought her in for a tease for the 9am
  4. Looks beautiful. I prefer the chrome and blue look than the white retro curvy look seen on KBNT and KDTV.
  5. SFTV

    Out & About

    Vicky Nguyen is leaving KNTV and headed to the Mothership at 30 Rock as a Investigative and Consumer Correspondent
  6. The show debuted with Elex in the KTVU Newsroom doing interviews via satellite. After the first commercial break, everything was in the FOX 11 News set and interview area..
  7. Wow that lobby looks like an Apple store
  8. SFTV

    Out & About

    Reporter Matt Keller out at KGO for a PIO Position http://richliebermanreport.blogspot.com/2019/03/another-tv-news-person-splits-for-pio.html?m=1
  9. SFTV

    Out & About

    KPIX gets a new camera from Treasure Island. One of the rare shots of the skyline we can now finally see.
  10. Im surprised KFMB is retirement home 2.0 KUSI was notorious for getting all the ex KNSD, KGTV, and KFMB folks. Lately it’s been mishmash since they have been hiring younger ones with looks than the retirees.
  11. NBC Bay Area Storm Ranger a top San Bruno Mountain
  12. SFTV

    Out & About

    Rich Lieberman is back. Bay Area tidbits continues on...
  13. SFTV

    Out & About

    The only part they goofed up is the AMS seal during the weather report. It still ends at the old part before the extension lol. true on the left. However KPIX does use a lot of GFX on the left like “New at 11:00, STORM WATCH, and other Story Clip Art shared with the O&O’s when needed if it’s not the half CBS Eye.
  14. SFTV

    Out & About

    KPIX and KBCW finally moved their bug out of the safe zone. You would think their LIVE Bug would have been moved too. Nope. Looks a bit odd now with a stretched out Lower a third. makes me wonder tomorrow how or where they will put the placement of the Stock Board on the noon newscasts or Doppler Radar during stormy weather since it was outside the safezone
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