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  1. Is Bruce in charge of the O&O look? Is he as bad as the (not going to name) person who is the creative director at WJZ who was so against the “look”
  2. Nothing here in CA. CBSLA, KPIX and CBS13 still using the old template screenshots of the radar on its sites.
  3. KPIX is using new title card graphics for its sports with the roll out of the CBS network graphics. Not sure if it’s a tool kit or in-house but it’a good updated look. however the new KPIX logo on the sports graphic and on the monitors during the newscasts doesn’t have the gold 5 anymore besides the bug on the corner
  4. A nice update, but I would prefer the 3 sided rectangle triangle mic flag for the logo to perfectly fit well instead of a condensed FOX5 into a cubed square.
  5. Kari Lake resigns from KSAZ https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/3/2/kari-lake-resigns
  6. That projector wall behind the anchors needs to be fixed. It’s too dim
  7. Here’s a somewhat 360 view of the set. chroma key wall is gone and replaced with a wall and back up desk. traffic center seems to be a mini couch set.
  8. They basically got the BDI BOGO deal. Buy a Monitor Wall and get the Desk for free. It seems and looks like a refresh of the previous set since they kept the frame from the previous look and only updated the duratrans. the monitor wall on the anchor desk is finally expanded and centered, how it should have been from the start with the old set. It’s now a 5x3 set up instead of the previous 4x3. They got rid of the second desk but kept the 2x2 wall and using it for stand ups instead. The weather center desk is now gone. They ripped out the worki
  9. Looks like the set will debut tonight. just saw Ken Bastida doing a promo tease with the new set in the background but the lighting was off
  10. SFTV

    In Memoriam

    Former CNN anchor Brian Christie has passed. He was last seen at XETV until 2007
  11. The cities and temperatures in boxes look like the CBS O&O weather templates
  12. They had 2 working sets, a weather and traffic center. I doubt they will get a couch set since they rarely had interviews on their newscasts besides satellite interviews (except for their current affairs programming: Bay Area Focus, Mosaic, Black Renaissance) pre COVID. not sure how KPIX will design their look. Are they getting a green room like WJZ or the couch set seen on KCBS, WBBM and WCBS?
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CI_B40BBuhj/?igshid=1ikfjfex2dos4 all this time speculating and noticing the chroma keys behind the anchors, I called it!
  14. Goes to her Hawaiian roots. She was also Miss Hawaii

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