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  1. With the Delta Variant rising again, are the stations in your market taking a step back again? KGO started to separate anchors again as of this morning. they currently have 5 different set up options for its anchors to socially distance again. 1. Desk 2. Weather Center 3. Side Set 4. Newsroom 5. Lunchroom
  2. New set, It’s the Look N for me
  3. That 6x18 wall could’ve been used for the backdrop with the anchor desk if they wanted that big market feel. Very impressive for a small market station to have that in studio.
  4. I’m not surprised with the “conflict of interest,” of him being in a relationship with an anchor. also Chris Nguyen mentioned on Twitter he is leaving KGO after 7 years. Friday is his last day. Not sure where he is headed next since he didn’t mention or specify.
  5. I noticed WNBC doesn’t use the social media bar, unless they fixed that since I haven’t seen it in any recent YouTube videos except the 6pm newscast.
  6. Yeah, looks like they killed off “We Investigate” for this new slogan “Moving You Forward,” in preparation for its new 7pm newscast and I guess they wanted to add it to the intros now by revising it in Look N and now debuting on Look S’ intros. Im guessing they want to compete with KGO’s “Moving Forward and Building a Better Bay Area.”
  7. Viral TikTok star and former dancing weatherman at WJZY Nick Kosir has been named one of the meteorologists of this new start up. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210624005706/en/FOX-Weather-Names-First-Meteorologists-to-Helm-Programming-Across-the-FOX-Weather-Streaming-Service
  8. That “blog” reported Emily’s departure. yes forgot about Michelle! That’s 4! they just hired Justin Andrew’s. So that’s one replacement for a reporter position.
  9. Susie Steimle announced on Twitter that it’s her last week at KPIX. Second, Emily Turner also leaving… this is a third departure from KPIX this week with Veronica De La Cruz officially gone.
  10. A certain blog is reporting that Veronica De La Cruz is out at KPIX. Her bio is gone from KPIX
  11. im guessing that this is probably one of the last stations that were still carrying the KSWB 2008 Hothaus Graphics
  12. FTVLIVE reporting Sandra Mitchell joins KTLA as a per diem reporter from being laid off after 20 years from KCBS/KCAL.
  13. News Director Tim Wieland from KCNC has confirmed via Twitter that Michelle Griego is leaving KPIX and will be heading back home to anchor CBS4 Mornings. Michelle tweeted she will be heading home in August. Not sure who will replace Michele’s position... The only candidates come to mind are Anne Makovec, Emily Turner, maybe Veronica De La Cruz if she comes back since she’s been on LOA for health and personal reasons.
  14. Looks like KNSD isn’t participating in the 7pm race. Wheel of Fortune still stands at its slot.
  15. Or did they pull a WNBC and had to scrap it because they didn’t like how it turned out and it’s back to square one... then again it took KGO almost 6 months to debut their set.

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