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  1. KUSI is like the only station with a weekend morning newscast or did they bring back NBC from 8-9am again. im surprised FOX 5 hasn’t launched a weekend morning show.
  2. I can see the “Get it on 13” moniker on KCOP again
  3. KTVU and KGO has office space in San Jose. KGO doesn’t have a camera set up but you see it in the tease before the news open with a reporter and photographer walking between cubicles. KTVU has a camera setup with a blue wall that says FOX 2 NEWS San Jose Studio KPIX seems to be out of reporters homes. KNTV has a bureau inside the NBC Sports Bay Area building in San Francisco.
  4. SFTV

    Out & About

    Len Kiese mentioned on his Facebook that he is leaving WFTV and headed to KPIX to anchor the Morning and Noon show. He replaces Kenny Choi who will go to reporting duties.
  5. SFTV

    CBS Evening News

    Now you can throw Denver into the mix. Are they just spinning the wheel and choosing a random O&O for The Evening News? So far I’ve seen KCBS, KTVT and now KCNC.
  6. I was shocked when the Rookie ended last week, it was a full black screen with credits and random production music from the show. no promos, no local news inserts.
  7. KNTV still has it on its daytime programming. However the Newscast and Social Media photos has been reverted back to the regular logo. ive noticed NBC Bay Area added a Stock Market bug underneath the time, temp icon on its newscast today.
  8. well it seems in some live reports, also including KTVU, I’ve seen the Skype logo in the corner, Xoom and probably FaceTime
  9. KTVU now doing newscasts from home. No one in the studio right now.
  10. That’s a big 8:11
  11. SFTV

    Out & About

    KGO is debuting ABC7 NEWS at 3 in a few minutes just like it’s sister station KABC which has already been having a 3pm newscast followed by World News Tonight and ABC7 NEWS at 4.
  12. KPIX was also testing an emergency studio set up the other day.
  13. With the Olympics now being postponed, I’m guessing the graphics will be pushed back as well.
  14. Seems like meteorologists and the third/fill in anchors are now starting to work from home.
  15. KTVU has their traffic anchor now doing their reports from home. KNTV has their chief meteorologist and 6 & 11pm anchor from home KPIX does the morning/noon LIVE News Desk from home. They also distanced their second anchor from the studio into the Newsroom/CBSN Bay Area set now downstairs.
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