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  1. Yeah because in 2023 when stations can barely afford to keep staff on the payroll, they're wasting money buying decoy swag?
  2. I think you have the wrong end of the stick on this... all the videos posted today have the same graphics they've had for a while.
  3. What? A Nexstar station using the real Gotham instead of Monserrat????
  4. I just watched a few other videos from their YouTube page and the graphics are definitely Renderon. I do like the seamless monitor wall!
  5. Not sure which "she" you're referring to, but if you're talking about Wendy McMahon, she was head of Creative, Marketing, and Community Engagement for KABC for several years so it's safe to say she knows the market inside and out.
  6. Stations in central time sometimes have to switch source feeds mid-way for live network events. My guess is MC at KSTP dropped the ball.
  7. Breaking a bit of the fourth wall here, but we commissioned updates of Advantage from WC in 2019. They frankly were not great. Sometimes you just need to go in a completely different direction.
  8. To me this rebrand looks great and is extremely forward-looking to the way people get their news and info today. Call letters and channel numbers don't hold the cache they did 50 years ago in TV's golden age. If the network brand has a stronger affinity than the local stations (especially most CBS locals which have always placed in 3rd or 4th) why not lean into it?
  9. Likely because all of the local talent they hired has zero name recognition in the market?
  10. After nearly 30 years of use, Gari's Advantage has officially been retired by WFSB and replaced with SAM's Guardian.
  11. WTIC 1080 in Hartford as well. They simulcast on an HD-2 feed from WTIC-FM but there is practically no FM availability left even with translators in the market, and I can't see Audacy flipping any of their other 3 stations here since they perform extremely well.
  12. Wikipedia has a 2022-2023 listing, not sure how accurate it is though.
  13. The NBC O&O's and CNBC used Pyburn Films in the mid 90's to mid 2000's. From their website it appears that CNBC is still an occasional client.
  14. New CBS season kicks off tomorrow. There's a decent chance at least one or two O&Os will fully launch.
  15. FX's set design elements are really starting to look cheap and dated. They're especially bad here!
  16. Now I'm wondering if any of the O&O's will launch the new look today to coincide with this.
  17. The new look's gotta be coming soon. Notice the monitor wall graphic from WCBS this afternoon...
  18. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing those on Giant Octopus' original website back in the day.
  19. Losing someone as daring as Wendy from the mix tends to do things like that. No coincidence that both WBZ and KABC debuted iconic ahead-of-their-time looks under her watch.
  20. It's so bad the video was pulled offline LOL
  21. Call it 615Music v2… Randy Wachtler is back with a new news and production music company. Almost a dozen new news themes out the gate. https://www.11onemusic.com
  22. Why does the 7 in their everyday font have more style than the 7 they used for the logo???
  23. Bigger concern... someone should be reaching out to Warner Chappell who actually owns the copyright for those works.
  24. That should change soon with Matt Quinn now in charge. Not saying things will change quickly (100+ stations is a lot to handle), but they'll get there.
  25. The 14:9 bug placement looks out of place in 2022 because that's what the "median" between SD and HD aspects was decided at for SD cropping of widescreen HD back in the day. That said, WABC's graphics were already dated (and infamously contained spelling mistakes) the second they hit air six (!!!) years ago. They really haven't aged well in the meantime. Since they're on VizRT and likely the same version that's running at KABC and the other O&O's, I don't think that's what's keeping them back... more just extremely conservative design choices by the local CS team.
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