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  1. Looks like a mix of the network graphics and the "NFL on CBS" elements. Are we sure the screengrab isn't part of a spot designed specifically to run in the NFL playoffs? I'm not sure why there are yard line markers on a weather graphic otherwise.
  2. Most likely explanation? It's just pure coincidence. CSD's wanting to try different voices. Lewis demanding too much money at renewal. Could be a million things.
  3. He was the voice of WVIT throughout that time. No change with them whatsoever.
  4. Oz doesn't have anywhere near the cachet (or the audience) he did even just a couple season back. That said, I'm frankly surprised his show website has become his candidacy website, but I'm sure he has ultimate control over the URL. According to the L.A. Times, Oz's show will have a permanent replacement if he makes it through the primary: Sony has a long-term plan if Oz wins the Republican nomination and spends 2022 running in the general election. Starting in mid-January, Oz’s daughter Daphne — a chef, author and TV personality — is slated to take over Oz’s time periods with a program called “The Good Dish,” according to two people familiar with the plan. “The Good Dish” would replace “Dr. Oz” for at least the rest of the 2021-22 TV season, said one person who does business with TV stations that carry “Dr. Oz.” A representative for Sony Pictures Television had no comment on its plans. Daphne Oz is a judge on the Fox reality series “MasterChef Junior” and was a co-host on the ABC daytime series “The Chew.” That's one way to spin it to the core audience: "we wanted to but we're not allowed".
  5. Brandon actually knows how to use these weather systems and isn't afraid to try things. Some mets are super conservative with that kind of thing.
  6. Yeah that's definitely not a group look. CBS has adopted TT Norms as the groupwide font and it would most certainly appear in any O&O package since the font family is being provided for free to all CBS affiliates. Here's another recent spot from KCNC....
  7. From what I remember they weren't around all that long... maybe three or four years. The only other big claim to fame was the early 2000's Univision affiliate package.
  8. I forgot all about RudeHoney. Based on the angled design on the left I'd say this was their work! Attached image is from the homepage from archive.org.... unfortunately the site used to be a Flash popup site so there's nothing else left.
  9. I was just cleaning out a folder of old screengrabs (and I do mean OLD) and I found the attached images dated 2002. They're definitely "NBC 3" launch pitches for KNTV's switch, but I can't quite place the graphics firm. Thought they were worth sharing here either way.
  10. A lot of great stuff came out of that dumpster dive that person did including some vintage airchecks. When WWLP moved they left EVERYTHING behind.
  11. Still using Avenir for the "mornings" text so I don't think that has anything to do with the new graphics.
  12. Okay I'm just gonna say it before this thread turns insane: I don't think we need to see what each and every station's network overlay bug looks like.
  13. The new name sounds like a morse code mistake.
  14. The simple reason for that? The entire font package is included when you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and it looks good (for now). Font licensing can be a HUGE cost and pain point for stations.
  15. That would be the regional MC hub at WWLP in Chicopee, MA's fault. I'm going to assume that someone mis-programmed the show for multiple stations, not just TNH.
  16. Flat and basic is a common cultural design esthetic across mulitple platforms these days, not just TV. You see it in the evolution of Apple iOS, product packaging, even in interior design and more. Glossiness, bold gradients, and 3D are OUT and actually look pretty dated unless you're talking male-skewing sports content. Simple high contrast colors, natural textures and basic shapes are the way things are going right now.
  17. I'm going to guess they're so low budget at this point that they're doing all the graphics, etc through a TriCaster or something like that.
  18. IMO it's no different than what's being done now for music beds. Times have changed some... synths and drum kits have replaced bass guitars and high hats, but there's nothing in these tracks that stands out as particularly special or adding extra drama to me. If anything, some are so bland and sparse they're actually dragging the energy down (I'm looking at you, WLS). Gari used to deliver "full" and "bed" versions of tracks. Now most companies provide stems to allow local stations to pick their mix with the amount of melody and instrumentation they want.
  19. WVIT finally launched the new look this week.
  20. It's entirely possible they still hold the syndication contracts even if they aren't airing the programs.
  21. CBS affiliate AM crawls are all inserted locally with a "suggested" font only. In addition, morning tickers aren't mandatory and some stations may not have the equipment to put them to air or properly trigger them. Stations were literally sent a PNG base file with font sizes and logo positioning.
  22. Bugs were originally developed to help with accurate ratings tracking. They were intentionally large and obnoxious (to BUG you) and remind you which station you watched when you were writing things in your Nielsen diary. Now that that data collection is automated and digital, there is no need for an overly large bug.
  23. I'm sure some of this is comp time from storm coverage, etc as well. It's normal.
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