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  1. UPN's first couple years were really rough. The shows were super low quality and hokey outside "Star Trek Voyager". I remember being excited when the network came on the air but it helped to ruin the legacy of former independents like WSBK in Boston and WWOR in New Jersey.
  2. WSB's on-air appearance has always been like wallpaper to me. Flashy but never in an interesting way... slick but not to the point of standing out. Even their set, for all the advancements added to it, doesn't look like it was built in the last 15 years. They do everything well enough but nothing really "wows" me or looks remotely contemporary about them.
  3. 1998 called. It wants its HDTV back.
  4. So I just found this spot on the station's YouTube page and the first of the two end screens looks very Hothaus-like to me. Maybe the WGCL/KPTV look?
  5. At this point NESN needs to go back to the drawing board. Their look has really gotten stale.
  6. Yeah Bank Gothic was like one of the hottest fonts at the end of the 90's. No knockoff there.
  7. So I just watched the 10pm live stream and the majority of the filler promos had the updated logo bug in them along with chunkier, nearly solid-white 7 in some of the larger logo animations. If they were prepping for a completely new look they probably wouldn't have done that.
  8. For some reason their 4pm isn't streaming today. That's odd.
  9. This was a Novocom package. I actually have a really low-rez RealPlayer file with one of the extended opens somewhere.
  10. It's Hothaus. It's on their site and been there for a year.
  11. The elements seen on KIDK all come from the "CBS Eyecon" reel which used to be released to stations annually. They consisted of network graphics and b-roll elements that any affiliate could (and still can) use.
  12. I'm pretty sure the 1997 WCNC look was Giant Octopus.
  13. Thanks for the reminder to re-up my "ignore" list.
  14. WTNH launched the WISH-TV look on Monday evening. No surprises here, though there are hints of blue absent from the WISH look. The opens are identical, save for the standard versus slanted 8's and the retained Helvetica "NEWS" in the logo.
  15. It's definitely VideoHelper but I can't think of the track title offhand. I'd go to their site and listen to discs 25-34.
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