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  1. Yep! We still have all 100 deliverables CD's for the 2002 WFSB graphics package as well. Ah, those were the days...
  2. 1998 WDIV was done by TVBD. There is one brief version of their 1998 site that was never archived (also featured the original HD launch graphics done for KRON).
  3. LoConte Goldman's website used to be great but I can't remember the address anymore so I can't find it on archive.org Also I see on Linda Kane's site that she has some early pitches for the WBZ 2000-era graphics. Given that those were done by Viewpoint Studios (which is still around) I have to assume she was a contract employee for them at the time.
  4. How to tell we've been news gfx geeks for wayyyyyy too long
  5. WLBT looks more like Giant Octopus' work at the time (WBNS, etc) than Cinemagic. Cinemagic had a very unique high-gloss style.
  6. https://web.archive.org/web/19980110120633/http://tvbd.com/tvbd_news.htm "Balls and Walls" was TVBD and a second version was developed in the early 2000's for then-WOKR in Rochester. TVBD's site used to have a GREAT timeline of station work and packages.
  7. The latest Baron control software lets stations run rapid update "sector" scans that focus on individual storms instead of doing full sweeps. That's about the only advantage gimmick left for those smaller radars.
  8. Identical? Can I interest you in a new pair of glasses?
  9. TNF had no place on broadcast networks. The games were never headliners and often blowouts and brought in minimal if any revenue for affiliates. There's a reason it's now been unceremoniously dumped by two networks.
  10. My guess? It's probably a retronet using the Viacom classics library now that CBS and Viacom are back under one roof.
  11. Considering the list is the best places to work at, not the "best station" it's a bit hard to debate the list unless you've actually worked in some of these places.
  12. I was making reference to the misspelling in their graphic (best seen at 0:08)

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