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  1. qunewsguy

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    I'm pretty sure the 1997 WCNC look was Giant Octopus.
  2. qunewsguy

    Out and About

    Thanks for the reminder to re-up my "ignore" list.
  3. qunewsguy

    WTNH new graphics

    WTNH launched the WISH-TV look on Monday evening. No surprises here, though there are hints of blue absent from the WISH look. The opens are identical, save for the standard versus slanted 8's and the retained Helvetica "NEWS" in the logo.
  4. qunewsguy

    Video Helper Theme

    It's definitely VideoHelper but I can't think of the track title offhand. I'd go to their site and listen to discs 25-34.
  5. qunewsguy

    NBC 10 Thread

    Futura? Hmmm...
  6. qunewsguy

    WPIX - PIX11 News

    Does Trib offer paternity leave? If so, expect Anthony DiLorenzo to be off for a bit too.
  7. qunewsguy

    KMOV new graphics

    I'm pretty sure this is Hothaus given the lower thirds which are a dead giveaway.
  8. qunewsguy

    Spectrum kicked out of NY state

    One can always hope for Cox to make a play. As a cable operator they're really solid.
  9. qunewsguy

    Cox Media Group up for sale

    Could THIS be why Cox chose right now to announce their sale? They're private but they'd still have to sell to the highest bidder. For those markets and stations I'm sure Sinclair would go nuts.
  10. qunewsguy

    Stephen Arnold/Megatrax Mashup

    Production libraries have been known to knock off other companies before. I've seen tracks pulled once the original creator complains. That said, the FirstCom track is much older. It's possible the composer on that did a bit of work for Stephen Arnold too.
  11. qunewsguy

    WHNS new graphics

    Not sure when they launched but WHNS has new graphics: a blue/red version of the WGCL/KPTV look.
  12. qunewsguy

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    I think FOX can still pull off an all-animated Sunday night lineup. That night has always felt different than the rest of the week anyway.
  13. qunewsguy

    ITV Sport Studios

  14. qunewsguy

    Non-News Classic Video

    Man it was good to see that Riverside commercial. That's the amusement park I grew up with, just about 15 minutes down the road from me.
  15. qunewsguy

    The Address is CBS - 1997

    WDBJ was a CBS affiliate, right? Just wondering... since none of the shots in the entire promo are from CBS shows (I mean, except Andy Griffiths).

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