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  1. That's going to be interesting to see what they do considering WHCT doesn't even have must-carry status anymore.
  2. Airchecks probably don't get much older than this!
  3. Outside the region the SEC games pull minuscule numbers on a lot of CBS affiliates. Given continuing audience fragmentation and the other factors cited above this is no big surprise.
  4. WOAI is celebrating 40 years and all of their spots feature a vintage Gari package. Can anyone identify the signature? I know it's not Hello.
  5. How's that tinfoil hat working out for you?
  6. Not to turn it into one of those threads but KNXV has uploaded a billboard with the new look. It seems like the only animation on the entire thing is the logo outline fading in in the background. It's just... weird.
  7. Not to digress even further on the movie end of things, but the sex/violence issue is precisely why Disney started Touchstone Pictures in the 80's. They're just using Fox (a bigger, more well-known name) for that now.
  8. Andrew's been with WFSB for the last year or so.
  9. The set looks nice. I wish they'd finally dump the last vestiges of the 2008 graphics though! Those are getting realllllllly dated.
  10. WSMV launched today. It's essentially KPHO's set.
  11. The blowback on their Instagram page is already pretty fierce. Also, why go through the trouble if you're gonna have your new graphics be a step down from your old ones?
  12. So NESN is now a tech startup? This logo doesn't make much sense to me. The squiggly N is kinda cool, but the notches in the N's in NESN seem out of place. Also... enough of the Avenir/Gotham/Proxima Nova already.
  13. From the one video I saw it looks like an LED curtain. The animation in there definitely has some movement to it.
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