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  1. Identical? Can I interest you in a new pair of glasses?
  2. TNF had no place on broadcast networks. The games were never headliners and often blowouts and brought in minimal if any revenue for affiliates. There's a reason it's now been unceremoniously dumped by two networks.
  3. My guess? It's probably a retronet using the Viacom classics library now that CBS and Viacom are back under one roof.
  4. Considering the list is the best places to work at, not the "best station" it's a bit hard to debate the list unless you've actually worked in some of these places.
  5. I was making reference to the misspelling in their graphic (best seen at 0:08)
  6. Looks like WAVE is about to lose their custom look...
  7. Or you can just subscribe to satellite radio and listen to it 24/7...
  8. The "tonight" branding is group wide for 11pm newscasts and has been running since at least March. All the stations have variants of the same graphics utilizing each station's usual font. If those graphics were rolling out to earlier shows they would have by now.
  9. I was watching WFTV’s 11pm stream tonight and after it ended, “National News Tonight” started airing. Not sure how long it’s been around but it’s a hosted by Jovita Moore at WSB and uses reports from Cox stations across the country. Sorry about the poor quality photos I grabbed my cell and snapped a few pics.
  10. KSL has always had great graphics and these continue the trend! Nice job by their team.
  11. Somewhat worth noting that the WFSB win was by anchor Denise D'Ascenzo, who passed away suddenly in December.
  12. I just watched the retrospective video. Why wouldn't they have one of his longtime co-workers track the piece? Having the voiceover guy do it just sounds so impersonal.
  13. The plexi skyline backdrop from this set still exists and it's actually installed in current anchor Dennis House's attic.

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