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  1. Tuesday Alex was co-anchoring subbing for Mary and they used the "Weather on the 2s" branding, having Alex do limited traffic reports. Today Alex was off but Jenna DeAngelis‏ was subbing doing traffic and the "Traffic & Weather on the 2s" branding returned. Do any other stations do this?
  2. Does anyone know if News 12 Varsity still exists or are they done doing high school sports? FiOS1 had been broadcasting high school sporting events and I wonder if they are done in November?
  3. WNBC updated the 10-Day Forecast graphic.
  4. They used the video screen to the right of the news desk during the 4 PM newscast.
  5. I wonder if the change was in part due to complaints from viewers about the reduction of traffic reports? Few weeks ago Chris Wragge posted to his IG story a video that panned from him to Alex with text "For all those asking where the traffic reports are". By Friday traffic reports were deemed not important. Alex was off and they only did "Weather On The 2s".
  6. Full traffic reports returned this morning as CBS2 brought back "Traffic & Weather On The 2s". Another change was Alex and Elise did the "CBSNewYork.com Top Trending Stories" and "2 Talkers" segments. "CBSNewYork.com Top Trending Stories" had been Alex, Chris and Mary and "2 Talkers" was Alex, Chris, Mary and Elise.
  7. Amy said they were using the newsroom studio this morning due to renovations going on in the studio. Curious what else they might be upgrading?
  8. Andrea Grymes announced on IG her second child is due in February.
  9. WCBS played the National Anthem before the start of the morning newscast. Was able to get part of the video.
  10. That's a big change from the initial reporting that the channel was ending. As you said it appears FiOS is just changing their partnership for production of the newscasts.
  11. Andrew Brill from ESPN NY is filling in doing the reports. He did the morning taped report and is back at 5 PM.
  12. The two video panels on the front of news desk were replaced.
  13. The before and after of the changes of the video wall set for in studio interviews and weather forecasts. In addition to changing the video panels to a solid screen they added two dark blue panels to the top and bottom on the right side.
  14. Fox News Channel Spins Its ‘Cube’ Off the Screen https://variety.com/2017/tv/news/fox-news-channel-cube-graphics-tv-news-1202554511/
  15. She changed her twitter handle to @EricaGrowNYC.
  16. I'm pretty sure when her contact was renews she mentioned that she would be doing more than traffic. That's why she subs for Mary and is anchoring on CBSN NY. Kristine Johnson updated why she has been off air.
  17. For morning newscast they have ditched the "Traffic & Weather on the 2s" branding and reduced the amount of traffic reports. The full traffic reports were done at 5:15, 6:00. They did shorter "Commuter Alert" segments at 6:15, 6:22. 6:44. 6:53. Alex also did a segment called "Happening Today" at 4:38., 5:38, 6:36.
  18. Elise was subbing for John this morning. Jeff Berardelli is subbing for Vanessa. Scott Rapoport is subbed Friday night and is on tonight doing sports.
  19. Rob mentioned this morning that they were using the newsroom studio because their main studio was receiving technical upgrades this weekend. Curious what they are upgrading? The only thing I’ve noticed on TV is the chromakey wall didn’t seem to be keying in the graphics cleanly since they came back on after the blackout.
  20. They had the camera shot wider to fit the ACCUWEATHER logo at the top of the frame.
  21. John Marshall was subbing for Elise today.
  22. Sorry for getting repetitive. I agree in general it's not a big deal, except when they are the only local TV station to not have someone sub when the regular traffic reporter is out I do find that odd. In other CBS2 news, noticed Nina Kapur, previously with News 12 Connecticut, joined WCBS in June as a reporter.
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