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  1. WCBS was the only station not doing traffic reports today. They rebranded to "WEATHER ON THE 2s"
  2. Darla Miles is subbing on World News Now.
  3. WCBS is now using CBSN New York weather graphics.
  4. Raegan Medgie is now part of the Fox 5 Weather Team.
  5. FiOS1 was shut down at 12 AM.
  6. Alex announced today that she’s leaving CBS2, returning to Nashville, and Natalie is going to take her place as the traffic reporter.
  7. Another might be Scott Chapin voiced news promo is running today.
  8. Sam and Heather were in today, but I noticed at 8:27 AM Amy was in for Sam and Alex was in for Heather. I wonder why both Sam and Heather had to leave during the 8 AM hour?
  9. The News12 channels are already active in NJ if you use the QAM tuner in your TV. News12 HD is on QAM channel 125.728. News12 SD is on QAM channel 125.730. News 12+ is on QAM channel 125.729.
  10. Does WABC have a new voice for their news promos?
  11. Natalie Duddridge was subbing for Alex today. Jenna DeAngelis subbed the other days this week that Alex was off.
  12. WNBC has done some updates to the studio. They added a silver frame around the large video screen. The higher floor for the area to the left of the news desk has been removed and they added sliver molding to the bottom of the walls. The desk next to the left of the video wall was not there today.
  13. According to titantv.com the only replay of the 11 PM newscast is 2:37 am on Saturdays, though the FIOS guide says ABC World News Tonight is on then. The Tuesday-Friday overnight schedule is: 1:07 AM Jeopardy! 1:36 AM Tamron Hall. 2:35 AM ABC World News Tonight. 3:05 AM ABC World News Now.
  14. Eyewitness News is doing an Internet only 6 PM newscast as college football is broadcast on WABC.
  15. Does anyone know what is going on with "Live With Kelly & Ryan" announcer Tony Pigg? Since mid last week Ryan Seacrest has being doing the show intro.
  16. Yes she was. Chris Wragge subbed for Andrea Grymes on Saturday morning. Lonnie Quinn subbed for Vanessa Murdok Saturday night. Jessica Layton subbed for Jessica Moore on the weekend evening newscasts.
  17. The walls of the interview area got a remodel.
  18. Former WNBC reporter Kerry Barrett has started her own business doing media training and consulting. https://kerrybarrettconsulting.com Also this promo just ran on WNBC: "The only all local morning team is on Today In New York". What does that mean? Who on the other morning newscasts are not local to the tri-state area?
  19. What I meant was, does any other station get rid of their "Traffic & Weather" branding then bring it back as CBS2 does?
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