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  1. WNBC has improved the video for the talent at home. The color of the video from Maria looked a bit off and it was adjusted this morning.
  2. Thanks, I understand it's most important they are doing the broadcasts.
  3. No studio use this morning. Chris and Mary are both anchoring from their homes. John is doing weather via the Mobile Weather Lab in Essex County, NJ. The odd thing is Mary anchors one block, then after commercials, Chris does the next block. Not sure why they can't co-anchor?
  4. Citing social distancing, Dan said he was anchoring for a half hour then switching with Betty.
  5. Maria LaRosa is the first from Today In New York to start working from home.
  6. Ken and Shirleen must be in different places because they were never shown together in a wide shot of the studio. Heather is doing the traffic reports from home. Amy was in studio for weather.
  7. Chuck Scarborough and Janice Huff are working from home.
  8. Glad they have a temporary home. Noticed there is no LIVE bug.
  9. This morning started with Mary and Chris outside who then tossed to an anchor at CBS LA.
  10. CBSN NY live feed is back to showing CBS2 newscasts. Wonder for how long they are only going to use the CBSN NY studio? Update: There is no 12 PM newscast. Inside Edition is on.
  11. NBC Owned Stations across the country are adding new 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. newscasts to keep viewers informed about the latest coronavirus pandemic developments in their communities. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/246042/nbc-owned-stations-expand-local-newscasts/
  12. The CBS2 noon newscast has returned. Mary anchoring solo from CBSN NY. CBSN NY is still showing CBSN Boston.
  13. They have not returned to the main studio. Mary anchored from the CBSN NY studio today.
  14. Chris Wragge anchored 6-9am from the CBSN NY studio.
  15. CBSN New York is showing WBZ. https://www.cbsnews.com/live/cbsn-local-ny/
  16. Technical glitch had WCBS showing the WBZ morning newscast at 4:30. At 4:37 AM they were able to get the CBS2 newscast on WCBS. Chis is anchoring solo. Vanessa is doing weather reports via the CBS2 Mobile Weather Lab at Columbus Circle.
  17. CBS2 is doing the 11 PM Newscast from the CBS New York studio.
  18. Sam is subbing at GMA this week. He's doing the weather for WABC from the GMA Times Square studio.
  19. The latest Eyewitness News This Morning promo uses the song "Keep Your Head Up" by Andy Grammer.
  20. FOX5 got the new news graphics package today that other O&O Fox stations got.
  21. Interesting they would go so far out of market for a sub.
  22. The same thing happened Friday during Jeopardy! The abc7 bug kept flashing on and off the screen.
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