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  1. This is the studio used for the local news update during NBC News Daily.
  2. Sam Champion was just announced as part of the cast of Dancing With The Stars.
  3. Mike Marza was in for Bill tonight. Has he anchored the weekday 6pm newscast before?
  4. This month marks 15 years at WABC for Jeff Smith. Bill mentioned it, as they showed a photo of Jeff with the award, before going to Jeff for the forecast during the 6pm newscast.
  5. Correct, it was only streamed on abc7NY, which would explain why they did not do a full broadcast.
  6. National Dominican Day Parade broadcast on abc7NY is very odd. There are no hosts, the broadcast is one camera, you can't see the performance stage, which is to the right of the camera, and people are standing in front of the camera.
  7. Former WCBS reporter and QVC host Katie McGee will be subbing for Heather on the traffic reports. She currently works for Total Traffic who provides the WABC traffic data.
  8. Heather has been doing traffic reports at home due a possible covid exposure.
  9. Checking tonight, there was 7 min of local news at the start of CBS News New York Now from Kristine Johnson in studio. Alice Gainer did a report and it was dark outside, she said she was live, though there was no live bug on screen. After that they went to CBS News anchor Tom Hanson. At 9:20pm they did have a local weather forecast. Another local news update ran again around 9:34pm.
  10. Yes, KTXA produced the newscast which was shown on WLNY and other sister CBS stations. This means there is no CBS2 produced newscast on WLNY at 9pm.
  11. Only caught the end of CBS News New York Now on WLNY, it appears from the credits, the newscast was done by KTXA and was not shown on CBS News New York.
  12. Thanks, that was my guess for why they were using the flash cam studio. Shirleen Allicot was using it this morning. Mike was in studio.
  13. Noticed for the noon newscast, Lauren is in studio and David looks like he's using the same alternate space that Bill Ritter used. Odd they did not try to match the framing for both camera shots.
  14. Saw a promo on WLNY that "CBS News New York Now" starts July 18th at 9pm. Titan TV description: "Get up to date with the latest news, weather, and sports with CBS News New York Now on WLNY."
  15. New Eyewitness News AccuWeather Promo featuring the song "Weatherman" By Eddie Benjamin.
  16. For those wondering when WABC might get new graphics. ABC is switching to a shared graphics package for all their O&O stations. ABC Chicago’s WX graphics first piece of new group design mandate https://www.newscaststudio.com/2022/06/29/abc-7-chicago-new-weather-graphics-preview/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialpost
  17. The only difference I notice is the video wall is bigger. The desk area is very bright and I'm guessing they'll adjust that after the newscast.
  18. Bill has returned to the studio.
  19. Ana Patricia Candiani has joined Univision 41 as the morning and 12:30pm news anchor. https://www.mediamoves.com/2022/06/ana-patricia-candiani-joins-univision-41-team-as-an-anchor.html Tuesday she and Rafael Bello were anchoring the morning newscast.
  20. Bill mentioned two sports anchors were on vacation and the other was out sick, so Mike Marza, who is anchoring in the morning, was in to do the sports report.
  21. Same for this evening. Not COVID related as he was at charity event in Central Park on Saturday. https://abc7ny.com/central-park-yai-event-young-adult-institute-challenge-bill-ritter-new-york-city/11928235/
  22. Noticed Johny Fernandez reporting from Long Island. Is he a recent hire?
  23. The morning newscast is using the same area of the studio.
  24. Sometimes when an anchor is off for the week, they have Jen Maxfield sub. Darlene was off Monday-Tuesday and returned this morning.
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