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  1. WABC has started to show the wide shots of the news anchors at the desk at 5 and 5:30 AM during the morning newscast.
  2. Former NBC10 meteorologist Michelle Grossman was on QVC tonight.
  3. Why not put the news desk back in the studio?
  4. For Today In New York on Friday, they were sitting at the table that replaced the news desk instead of using the other area of the studio.
  5. They have changed from having the anchors standing in front of the table to standing by the sides of the table.
  6. Maria was back in studio on Monday. Raphael Miranda was in for Maria today. For 5 PM the anchors were standing for the entire newscast. Also noticed the weather graphics got another update since the last one in September of 2019.
  7. This is anchor sitting area for Today In New York.
  8. They are still using it this morning.
  9. Chris is in studio, Mary is anchoring from home. They are also back to doing that odd thing where Chris anchors one block of the newscast, then after the break Mary anchors the next block of the newscast. Curious what happened to have them revert to the anchors working from home?
  10. Maria is back to working from home.
  11. Tonight he’s subbing for Chuck and working from home.
  12. Gus and Pat were in studio this morning. They use the same set up as a weekday mornings, standing in front of the desk and then using the other table area for sitting.
  13. Pat was back in studio this weekend. She mentioned Gus at the end of the newscast, but he wasn’t on screen. I’m guessing he was on from home.
  14. Pat was on as a guest this morning from home. I believe she was promoting a special show hosted by her and David Ushery. Gus did Weekend Today In New York with no co-anchor.
  15. The Today In New York team are all in studio as of today, Are any of the other WNBC newscasts using this area of the studio?
  16. Today In New York still has one anchor at home.
  17. They have been running a promo this week about Chuck returning to the studio. Wonder when Today In New York has both anchors in studio?
  18. Both anchors are in studio .
  19. They made a small change to "Today In New York" this morning. Darlene, anchoring solo, opened the newscast standing in front of the desk, then Maria did the first weather forecast from the green screen instead of the video wall. They did they same at the half-hour. Checking on Monday, they still have one anchor at home.
  20. Reporters now have ABC 7 logo branded masks.
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