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  1. WNBC does do 5.1 audio for the newscasts. The anchors, reporters and reports are on the center channel. The music and sound effects are on the left and right channels.
  2. The Saturday morning newscast is Cindy anchoring solo from the CBSN New York studio. The bottom graphic is frozen.
  3. Darlene Rodriguez and Michael Gargiulo had been alternating a week at home, then a week in studio. The last two weeks Darlene Rodriguez has been at home with everyone else in studio. WABC might be the only morning NYC newscast where, as of last week, everyone is in studio.
  4. Heather announced in an instagram post that she'll be back in studio starting on June 22.
  5. Mike noted on Saturday that Michelle returns to the studio next weekend.
  6. Am I correct that CBS2 has not done traffic reports since they stopped using the main studio? Natalie Duddridge, who took over doing traffic when Alex left, has gone back to reporting for CBS2.
  7. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/behind-the-scenes-wnbcs-new-studio-at-30-rock/604903/
  8. WNBC has improved the video for the talent at home. The color of the video from Maria looked a bit off and it was adjusted this morning.
  9. Thanks, I understand it's most important they are doing the broadcasts.
  10. No studio use this morning. Chris and Mary are both anchoring from their homes. John is doing weather via the Mobile Weather Lab in Essex County, NJ. The odd thing is Mary anchors one block, then after commercials, Chris does the next block. Not sure why they can't co-anchor?
  11. Citing social distancing, Dan said he was anchoring for a half hour then switching with Betty.
  12. Maria LaRosa is the first from Today In New York to start working from home.
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