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  1. Seems odd to move Mike from his weekend morning anchor shift to anchor the weekend evening newscasts.
  2. PIX11 is doing storm coverage at the top of the hour and half hour. Byron was on earlier and Mr G. was on at 2:30 PM.
  3. Raphael Miranda, Maria LaRosa are in studio and Dave Price is reporting from East Hampton, NY for hurricane Henri coverage.
  4. The weekend newscast had been using the CBSN New York studio.
  5. Natalie anchoring solo at 12am. Figured they wouldn’t be doing solo anchor shifts during the Olympics.
  6. The WABAC The updated promo for Robin Roberts guest hosting still uses Bill and Sade as the 6 PM anchors.
  7. The weekend newscasts are back in the studio. Cindy Hsu anchoring solo at 6 and 9 AM. Jessica Moore anchoring solo at 6 and 11 PM.
  8. They showed Lee, in a recorded video, during the 11PM newscast outside near the ocean saying he would be monitoring the storm overnight into the morning.
  9. Amy is back and did an update just before 2 PM on the storm that moved through the area.
  10. WNBC got the new O&O station graphics package today.
  11. Romney Smith announced she is joining WNBC in August as a reporter for Today In New York. https://twitter.com/romneysmith/status/1408163057793126406?s=21
  12. Shirleen Allicot is not on maternity leave yet, but noticed Candace McCowan has been subbing for her at 12 PM. Also noticed Sam was on the morning newscast, but Amy has been in for him at 12 PM.

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