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  1. Today Darlene joked that joked that she was six feet tall and said she was on the wrong box. They have boxes for the anchors to stand on and switched to smaller one for next time they were standing.
  2. Social distancing is done for Today In New York.
  3. Live with Kelly and Ryan has ended social distancing for the hosts. Curious when the same happens for the newscasts.
  4. I've noticed at the start and the middle of the newscast they promote streaming of the newscast on hulu + LIVE TV.
  5. Saturday morning Mike was anchoring from home with Michelle in the studio. Today Liz is anchoring the 4 PM newscast from home with David in the studio.
  6. Janice Huff and Matt Brickman are on the 11 PM newscast for storm coverage.
  7. News12+ NJ is showing the NY State COVID-19 Briefing.
  8. Sunday Natalie was subbing at 6 PM and anchoring from home tonight. Matt is in studio for weather. Monday for Today In New York, Maria was back in studio. Michael was co-anchoring from home.
  9. Maria and Janice are doing weather forecasts from home.
  10. Special Eyewitness News intro for storm coverage. https://youtu.be/AGvFYTIHb8w
  11. Maria LaRosa and Raphael Miranda are on Today In New York for storm coverage.
  12. Noticed the lower third graphic is larger and the font is bolder.
  13. Noticed as of last week Audrey has been doing the weather forecasts from home and today Mike Woods is doing weather from home.
  14. Amy returns Friday morning. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIW9OynnXsk/?igshid=yv28lqs94rui
  15. Everyone was in studio for Today In New York.

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