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  1. Two wider camera shots of the studio and everyone at the desk during Today in New York.
  2. A few more from the 4pm and 5pm newscasts.
  3. More of the studio from New York Live.
  4. An IG story from one of the anchors mentioned today for the move to the new studio. Guessing they won't switch until the evening newscasts.
  5. Maria Bartiromo is no-longer co-host of WABC's Columbus Day Parade coverage. They added Mike and Sandra as co-hosts.
  6. Yes the plan is to split the old nightly news studio 3B into two studios for WNBC and WNJU.
  7. Lindsay Tuchman is reporting on the morning newscast today..
  8. Darlene posted on IG that she's back on Monday.
  9. Rare double anchor sub on Today in New York as Jen and Gus are in for Darlene and Michael.
  10. The only thing I can think of is, it's some type precaution and she's isolating from everyone in the studio.
  11. I've noticed this week, Brittany has been doing the weather forecasts 4:30-6am and Sam is on for 6am. Also it appears that Heather is doing the traffic reports from a different green screen key wall. She was not in studio last week and after two days off was not in studio today.
  12. Noticed today Katie McGee was in studio doing traffic reports on Eyewitness News First at 4.
  13. PIX11 has resumed streaming their newscasts live and they have added the PIX11+ app for TV streaming. https://pix11.com/pix11-is-now-available-on-roku-amazon-fire-tv-and-apple-tv/
  14. For the 4pm newscast, they are using the new weather graphics.
  15. The abc7NY Dominican Day Parade broadcast is the same as last year. No hosts, one camera to the left of the stage, which means there is no full view of the performances, and you frequently have people standing and walking in front of the camera.
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