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  1. Jenna DeAngelis has subbed for Alex but I guess CBS2 would rather have her reporting for the morning newscast. Thursday they did have Alex, while subbing for Mary, do a few "Commuter Alert" segments after the weather reports but no full traffic reports. I also don't get why they no longer have a sub for Alex. Friday Jenna DeAngelis subbed for Alex.
  2. Tuesday and today there were no traffic reports again when Alex subbed for Mary.
  3. David Novarro and Bill Ritter are anchor breaking news coverage of the 7th ave helicopter crash.
  4. John went from weekday mornings to weekend mornings. Vanessa Murdock has moved to weekend evenings. John also does the forecasts for Scott Shannon in the Morning on CBS-FM. Curious if he does the CBS-FM forecasts from CBS2 then does the forecasts on CBSN New York.
  5. John did the forecasts this morning. Vanessa is doing the evening forecasts.
  6. Alex Lee is now the regualr sub for Heather at WABC.
  7. John is no longer doing the forecasts on CBS 2 News This Morning. He has been on CBSN New York this week doing the morning forecasts.
  8. Wednesday and today Alex was off and they did no traffic reports.
  9. Jeff Berardelli is doing the weather forecast tonight.
  10. Noticed Shirleen Allicot is not co-anchoring at 12 PM this week. I've seen Michelle and Sandra subbing. I wonder if when Shirleen goes on maternity leave if her sub is going to anchor the morning news and 12 PM? Always found it odd Shirleen did the morning news and 12 PM while Ken only does the morning news and David anchors with Shirleen at 12 PM.
  11. Lee is on at 11 PM. I'm guessing Amy is on vacation and Jeff is on Monday morning.
  12. They said she was in for Amy.
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