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  1. Andrea Grymes announced on IG her second child is due in February.
  2. WCBS played the National Anthem before the start of the morning newscast. Was able to get part of the video.
  3. That's a big change from the initial reporting that the channel was ending. As you said it appears FiOS is just changing their partnership for production of the newscasts.
  4. The Telemundo 47 anchor announced on IG (translation to English): "I invite you to join a prayer chain because tomorrow I go into brain surgery where they found 3 tumors that we should remove as soon as possible. Thanks for your support. I will be absent for a while from TV during my recovery but soon we will be together again. For now I am in the best hands: in the hands of the best healer God, in the hands of unconditional love, my wife @carolinanovoaarias and in the hands of the best professionals: NYC surgeons. Thank you very much to my family at @ telemundo47 for being aware of us. To my family and so many friends, to all the people who have been on the lookout."
  5. Andrew Brill from ESPN NY is filling in doing the reports. He did the morning taped report and is back at 5 PM.
  6. The two video panels on the front of news desk were replaced.
  7. The before and after of the changes of the video wall set for in studio interviews and weather forecasts. In addition to changing the video panels to a solid screen they added two dark blue panels to the top and bottom on the right side.
  8. Sorry if the question was not clear. What I'm asking is, did News 12 Traffic and Weather show infomercials 12am-5am before the rebranding as News12+ or is this something new?
  9. The program guide News 12+ shows infomercials 12am-5am. were they doing that before the change?
  10. News 12+ seems like a hybrid of FiOS1 news which is a mix of news and non-news programming.
  11. Fox News Channel Spins Its ‘Cube’ Off the Screen https://variety.com/2017/tv/news/fox-news-channel-cube-graphics-tv-news-1202554511/
  12. She changed her twitter handle to @EricaGrowNYC.
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