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  1. WCBS made another change to the morning newscast. John and Alex are no longer shown standing at the area to the right of the news desk for the start of the traffic and weather segments. At the top of the hour and half hour, Alex is at the chroma key wall and John stands at a podium. Alex did the other traffic reports from the news desk except for 5:45 and 6:45 when she was standing at the video wall.
  2. They did no traffic reports Monday as Alex co-anchored subbing for Chris.
  3. Most of the newscast was done from the newsroom except for the weather forecast. Is this part if the new studio or an existing part of the old studio?
  4. Chris was back today and Alex was off. They used Jenna DeAngelis to do traffic, after two days of doing no traffic reports as Alex subbed for Chris.
  5. Alex was subbing for Chris who was guest co-host of "The Talk" today. Instead of having a sub do the traffic reports, they skipped the traffic reports and rebranded the segments "Weather On The 2s"
  6. Before the move to the newsroom they appeared to be using much less of the studio and having the anchors stand at the green screen. I'd guess you are right and the studio is getting a remodel.
  7. They use the new traffic and weather area at the top of the hour and half hour on GDNY.
  8. They are using it on GDNY for the weather forecasts.
  9. CBS2 has made some slight changes to the morning newscast this week. For some of the traffic and weather segments at the top of the hour and half hour, the camera starts at the side of the desk then moves around the desk and ends with a closeup on John. Around 5:25 AM they are doing a "CBSNEWYORK.COM Most Viewed" segment from the couch. Around 6:25 AM they have everyone sitting at the couch for traffic and weather and "2 Talkers" segments. Here's also a bit more of the anchors standing next to video wall to intro reports.
  10. They are using that new set area for Sports Extra. I believe that is going the be the area they do the traffic reports from. They went back to the news desk for an interview.
  11. Janice Huff and Erica Grow are on at 6 PM for coverage of the winter storm arriving tonight.
  12. If I'm correct, the temporary set is the current news desk and walls moved over to where the musical performance and interview areas were located. The new traffic and weather center are located opposite the new temporary location for the current news desk. Here are some stills from an IG video showing the new traffic center, green screen and weather center.
  13. It appears they moved to the new temporary studio tonight.
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