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  1. This is the what New York Living looked like from the new studio.
  2. The only odd thing I'm noticing from the new studio is, the graphics look distorted when they do the weather forecast from the video wall.
  3. Does anyone know why the meteorologists at Fox5 need two remotes when doing the forecast?
  4. Elizabeth Vargas will be using the studio at WPIX for her new NewsNation show. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cpa3FPZu_b-/
  5. When Chris or Marysol have been off, they use Alex Lee as co-host.
  6. Kirstin Cole posted a video of them rehearsing in the new studio. https://www.instagram.com/p/CpF8OIjD5rj/
  7. They were testing out the new studio this weekend. Star Harvey said in an IG story "Just a few more weeks."
  8. Am I correct that WNBC is the only local channel mixing their newscast audio for DD 5.1? The music and sound effects play on the front left and right audio channels and the anchors and reporters are on the center audio channel.
  9. PIX11 is no longer live streaming newscasts. The newscasts now stream on a delay. At 10pm the 5pm newscast is being rebroadcast.
  10. What I was wondering when they would go back to normal. I thought the current anchor spacing on WABC, which is closer than it was during the pandemic, was done to leave room to display graphics on the video wall behind them?
  11. Those with FIOS can still watch the PIX11 newscasts on PIX11 website and app. They still don't have an app for TV streaming devices since the change in ownership.
  12. WPIX is gone from FiOS. "Our contract with Nexstar ended on October 14, 2022 and your Fios TV package contains Nexstar channels. We currently do not have the rights to show their programming. We are trying our best to reach a reasonable deal with Nexstar and hope Nexstar will restore its channels to our lineup soon." https://www.verizon.com/support/residential/content-agreement-information/content-information?CMP=OLA_CON_OTH_22222_NA_20220916_NA_NM20220085_00001
  13. The first episdoe of the new Showtime series "Let the Right One In" uses a simulated newscast from WCBS.
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