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  1. It's official. Kaitlan Collins will get the 9pm slot starting next month.
  2. Laura Coats has been named Chief Legal Analyst.
  3. Vivian has sadly never freelanced after her departure from TWC. I was quite sad when she left. She was a huge staple of when I watched in the 90s and 2000s.
  4. Jennifer Lopez has been back on and off for awhile. She freelances at TWC just like Julie Martin, Jeff Morrow and a few others when the full time OCM's are either in the field or on vacation and they need extra help.
  5. I have not seen WGN get added yet. Cannot wait for that to happen.
  6. Which this makes me think WBBM will be last to change. KOVR and WJZ will probably switch before WBBM since we've seen some subtle changes with them already. There's been nothing with WBBM. With Jennifer Lyons, there could be a decent change to WBBM. This is the perfect time to do it and be bold.
  7. Take this with a grain of salt but Radar is saying Kaitlan Collins is moving to the 9pm slot temporarily as a trial starting next week . If true, sure adds more fuel to the fire. I quite enjoy Katilan Collins. I like her style and she seems very well connected to get the scoop on a lot of things. As for Don Lemon, I liked him when he was here at WMAQ in Chicago but I would agree I feel his ego has been inflated too big and he comes across pompous and arrogant most of the time. While I'll typically agree with his views its his delivery that I don't quite enjoy. I tried watching CNN this morning. I enjoy Poppy and Kaitlan more than Don.
  8. Now with a Moderate risk being issued: TWC is live this afternoon and I suspect all evening until 1am EDT. Fox Weather is live as well with Michael & Kiyana.
  9. They could have been taping specials in that space. That's what happens with The Weather Channel when they do that. They'll move programming to The Lab.
  10. I believe the standard maternity/paternity leave is around 8 weeks. Some companies may offer up to 12 weeks.
  11. Dang! I love Lisa's Target5/NBC 5 Responds reports. She is a great journalist with great reporting techniques. I will miss her reports. Man, they are starting to dwindle at NBC 5. Wonder who will fill that spot for consumer type reports now? One thing I have also noticed is Patrick Fazio has done a few NBC 5 Investigates pieces. I wonder if he is shifting to more of that type of reporting now that Rob Stafford and Phil Rogers have retired or he is just the face delivering the report.
  12. So, with most big companies they still have to post the job offer even if an internal candidate wants it or interviews. My previous job was like that and you still had to go for all of the formalities even if it was internal. With that said.. I agree.. I hope Ravi would get the job. What would make sense would to just do Ravi and Karen but I know that would be a huge deal with Cheryl Burton. Viewers are already use to Ravi and Karen on the weekends and they are quite the formidable team since they've been anchoring together for forever. Another factor that came to mind is maybe some of them don't want the M-F top spot so they're posting to get external candidates. I'm not an avid viewer but almost every time that I have watched since Alan retired it was Ravi who has filled in the most followed by Rob Elgas. I know Terrell did around the holidays too.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Cheryl have that? Or did they just not pass it on to anyone after Jerry retired?
  14. Here is Frank Whittaker's send off from the 6pm show today. Also retiring is 10pm Executive Producer Joe Kolina who's been at the helm since 2002.
  15. Here is Phil's send off from the 6pm show. I will miss his style of reporting.
  16. Looks like Frank Whittaker VP of News at WMAQ is also retiring this week. He's been there for 26 years. So far 3 retirements, Rob Stafford, Phil Rogers and Frank Whittaker this year.
  17. Interesting. I wonder what this means for Alex Maragos. With Rob retiring I wonder if he'll take over the 4pm. But I figured Patrick Fazio would be both 11am and 4pm with Marion. Honestly I thought with WMAQ hiring Evrod Cassimy he would have went right to weekday mornings. I don't mind JC but he's more suited for reporting. They just need to revamp the morning anchors. Michelle should have stayed on Weekend nights. Now with Evrod moving to weekends they would be a great pairing.
  18. And another retirement. Phil Rogers will be leaving after 31 years at WMAQ on Friday. Not sure if he is part of the early retirement being offered as most of those were announced weeks ago. The investigative unit is taking a hit with Rob Stafford and now Phil Rogers gone.
  19. I know its holiday season so there's different people filling in however I thought todays pairings were interesting: 4PM: Rob Elgas & Judy Hsu (normal) 5PM: Terrell Brown & Karen Jorden 6PM: Terrell Brown & Judy Hsu 10PM: Terrell Brown and Judy Hsu It was Val and Tanya this morning. Diane Pathieu filled in for Roz. Has she previously filled in on traffic before? I wonder if they'll use this time to test pairings. I've never been a fan of Cheryl Burton. I don't care for her style. However Terrell and Judy was a surprise and a good pairing.
  20. Also, Lauren Petty moved from reporting weekday mornings to full feature health reporter. WMAQ hasn't had that since Nesita Kwan who left in 2015.
  21. Why don't you just make your main volume a safe level while browsing NMSA. That's what I do and I have no issues.
  22. No live overnight coverage tonight. They do have intense music playing and are doing top and bottom of the hour updates.
  23. Here's the new schedule: CNN Special Midterm Election Programming Schedule: 4pm-5pm ET: The Lead, anchored by John Berman/Brianna Keilar 5pm-7pm ET: The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer 7pm-8pm ET: Erin Burnett OutFront 8pm-9pm ET: Anderson Cooper 360 9pm ET: CNN Tonight, Jake Tapper 10pm-12am ET: CNN Tonight, Alisyn Camerota and Laura Coates Don Lemon and Poppy Harlow will sign off their respective programs on Friday, October 7th to begin work on the network’s new morning news show launching later this year. Both will continue to appear across the network until then. Fill-in hosts for other programs will be announced in the coming days. It'll be interesting if some of this sticks after the midterms, if so its going to be a complete schedule shake up. I'm glad they gave Wolf an extra hour and left Erin and Anderson alone, for now.
  24. Looks like Patrick Fazio is off the morning shift and will only be on at 11am with Marion Brooks. I haven't seen an announcement for a new morning anchor so I wonder if it's in-house musical chairs. I was really starting to like Michelle and Patrick in the morning. Patrick can be quite funny however the chemistry was a little off with Michelle. I still think Michelle is best suited for evening/10pm news. https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=491049226172733&set=a.144880187456307
  25. They were on the temp set for 4 weeks. What I've noticed is sets in Chicago change around 10 years per station. WLS's is the oldest at 2015 however still modern. They've got a few more years on that set yet.
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