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  1. Some updated pics of the temp set. Instead of green screen when tossing from the 4pm to the 5pm today, they used a stand up area that looks like it is to the left side of the desk. I'm not certain but it looks like the desk is peaking out by Kate near the bug. I posted the other pictures of the morning team in the Chicago thread but this temp set up seems to be a little more elaborate which is nice to see.
  2. For those wondering about the newsroom.. it has not changed since the last time the columns were painted blue and the peacock logos were added. Kye does traffic from the newsroom now. Alicia's last day was today before maternity leave and I saw this photo on Patrick Fazio's Facebook. I'm curious where they are broadcasting from. There looks to be a monitor to the right and seems to be a little more to it than the shots we've seen. Back in 2012 they were in studio 5 for a good couple of months before going back to the tower. If this is only going to be 2 weeks they cant be doing a full gut. I would imagine it would be some updates and new desk (hopefully).
  3. Here's a few more pics I grabbed from 4pm-5pm. I was curious how they were going to handle the toss from the 4pm to 5pm. Good old green screen. Brant I've noticed since COVID has never been in studio to do weather. He's in a different location in the building. You can see near his feet here is a grey/cream colored flooring which is not the flooring in the studio. But it also looks like it's part of the graphics since he stands on it. He's the only one that has this all the other meteorologists I've seen present in the studio. Either at the green screens or the "new" corner monitor.
  4. Very interesting. I wonder where they're at? In 2012 they still had Studio 5 so that is where they temporarily broadcasted from in 2012. I thought I saw in Kate's Facebook page that the area behind the new stand up had a new blue background behind it which it didn't have before. I'm curious if this is going to be a gut and replace or just upgrades again. If its a complete gut it seems like a waste of time to keep constantly upgrading small portions of the set each time to just completely get rid of everything. Now the most important question is.... will there be a new desk??? lol It's literally the only remaining piece from the 2012 set.
  5. Chris Hush is moving to WTVJ-NBC 6 in Miami to be the weekend anchor and weekday reporter. Press release below.
  6. WMAQ got rid of their weather center recently. They use it as a stand up area now. This is a direct result of the pandemic. I hate it. I miss the wide shots and tosses from weather and sports at stand up areas or the weather center. It gave the shows more depth then talking in boxes and switching graphics or using transitions.
  7. Wow... their better option would be 8pm ET. Run their live programming through the day and then at 8pm is the rebroadcast of Pattrn then they can run their deep bench of reruns of shows. This also gives them an option if Pattrn didn't air that day due to severe weather they can run a show if severe weather isn't happening at 8pm or continue with live coverage. I actually like Pattrn. It's a really neat show and I like where they're going with it. You'll still get updates on weather across the country. The climate stories they are doing are quite interesting and informative.
  8. Tyler Mauldin made his debut today on Storm Center. Looks like he freelances a lot at CNN/HLN and now TWC.
  9. In Out & About it was posted that Tevin Wooten is going to NBC Boston. It explains why he hasn't been on air since the beginning of May. Now, I wonder if they'll replace him on Storm Center or just keep it Jacqui and Chris. Felicia posted on her socials that she was no longer going to be a regular on Weekend Recharge with May 21-22 being her last time as a regular on there. Curious to see if we'll see some shuffling around and if they'll hire anyone new any time soon. With the holiday weekend they've had a lot of the part time OCM's on to help fill the voids.
  10. Explains why Tevin hasn't been on TWC since the beginning of May.
  11. See regardless if its not dramatic as tornado coverage its still severe weather. That should ALWAYS be covered. I get your assumptions regarding the 10% and hatched tornado risk. Regardless there needs to be a better parameter for covering severe weather. If there are active tornado warnings and you're approaching going into programming hours they should pre-empt, period. That's the reason people turn to the weather channel anyways or at least used to. I know ways of getting warnings and keeping informed have changed since TWC formed but a channel devoted to weather should still be devoted to at least covering the severe cases of weather.
  12. Looks like they've extended morning coverage to overtake the live edition of Pattrn today. There's an enhanced risk of severe weather but nothing like the past severe weather days so I'm curious why the change today. Wonder if WU will take over the 1pm hour for additional coverage and if there is extended overnight coverage or they just ended up scraping Pattrn for today.
  13. They did break in twice so far to update the status of those storms. I don't know why they just didn't do another hour of Storm Center until things calm down then bring Carl in. Their severe weather coverage outside of their shows sucks anymore.
  14. Don't get me started on the lights. Half the time Storm Center is blue and the other half its yellow, like today. Then we got T-Mobile for Pattrn which I feel is way overboard than the other shows. Samantha Mohr is on tonight during Storm Center. I forgot she was a fill in again. They've been going deep into the fill ins this week for coverage. Yet they had Felicia on yesterday during Pattrn but Molly at the beginning of the week. It'll be interesting to see who's going to be paired with Carl for the late night hours. But so far Mark, Jeff, Colleen, Samantha have filled in this week. Chris Bruin filled in for Alex Wallace on Monday even though Alex was there for the 40th anniversary. It's been an interesting week with the OCM's.
  15. Interestingly today they are not showing Pattrn at all and running live storm coverage with Jen and Alex during the noon hour. I suspect Mike and Alex will take over at 1pm for an extended Weather Underground coverage. They're already advertising extended coverage for the evening and overnight so I suspect an added hour to Storm Center and then Carl Parker will do coverage late night. Yesterday was a higher outlook for Severe Weather than today so I'm surprised they went this route however there is already a Tornado Watch out so maybe that's why.
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