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  1. Also, Lauren Petty moved from reporting weekday mornings to full feature health reporter. WMAQ hasn't had that since Nesita Kwan who left in 2015.
  2. Why don't you just make your main volume a safe level while browsing NMSA. That's what I do and I have no issues.
  3. No live overnight coverage tonight. They do have intense music playing and are doing top and bottom of the hour updates.
  4. Here's the new schedule: CNN Special Midterm Election Programming Schedule: 4pm-5pm ET: The Lead, anchored by John Berman/Brianna Keilar 5pm-7pm ET: The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer 7pm-8pm ET: Erin Burnett OutFront 8pm-9pm ET: Anderson Cooper 360 9pm ET: CNN Tonight, Jake Tapper 10pm-12am ET: CNN Tonight, Alisyn Camerota and Laura Coates Don Lemon and Poppy Harlow will sign off their respective programs on Friday, October 7th to begin work on the network’s new morning news show launching later this year. Both will continue to appear across the network until then. Fill-in hosts for other programs will be announced in the coming days. It'll be interesting if some of this sticks after the midterms, if so its going to be a complete schedule shake up. I'm glad they gave Wolf an extra hour and left Erin and Anderson alone, for now.
  5. Looks like Patrick Fazio is off the morning shift and will only be on at 11am with Marion Brooks. I haven't seen an announcement for a new morning anchor so I wonder if it's in-house musical chairs. I was really starting to like Michelle and Patrick in the morning. Patrick can be quite funny however the chemistry was a little off with Michelle. I still think Michelle is best suited for evening/10pm news. https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=491049226172733&set=a.144880187456307
  6. They were on the temp set for 4 weeks. What I've noticed is sets in Chicago change around 10 years per station. WLS's is the oldest at 2015 however still modern. They've got a few more years on that set yet.
  7. We've got our first Breaking News look of the desk.
  8. Yes. The LED lights around the home base screen, desk, and behind the new monitor to the left are all orange/tan. The video screens use those images up until about 6am and they switch to the Michigan Ave cam.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/PatrickFazioNBC5/videos/618968573186057 Here's a video of the complete set from Patrick Fazio's Facebook.
  10. Since COVID Brant has been using the temp area upstairs and not in the studio. No idea if he will join them. I hope so. I liked how Paul uses the video screen and Stefan interacted with him there at 4pm today. There is also another video screen to the left of that curved screen. Allison showed it at 10pm today. I wonder if they only have 1 green screen now in the studio instead of the 2. It'll be interesting to see how the morning crew utilizes the set.
  11. Since they didn't change the background screen I didn't include the anchor close up's since nothings changed there.
  12. Definitely a nice facelift and FINALLY a new desk. I cannot tell if its a video screen one or if that NBC Chicago logo is physically on it. I don't like that they used the NBC Chicago logo . It looks blurry at times. The set is a lot brighter! I have a feeling those LED's can change colors where the brick is and around the screens. It would be nice if they could use orange for mornings. I think its a nice touch when WTVJ does it. I loved that they brought back the wide shots! Hopefully those stay across all newscasts and not just today to show it off. One thing I don't think will last long are the glass dividers between the spaces. I don't think its needed. Sure it breaks up the spaces but kind of redundant if you do a wide shot. They did some nice angles as they were going to break today. Here is how they used the set at 11am and will provide more to see how they use the set during the 4pm.
  13. Looks like the end of the week is the debut. Michelle Relerford eluded on Facebook to Friday being the big debut. My assumption would be Thursday as they typically debut at 4pm and the morning crew gets it the next day.
  14. I agree. I think we'll get mostly a refresh but the screens will most likely still be there since they just installed them a few months ago. I know COVID really put a squash to a lot of the wide shots and everything is in boxes. I miss those though. They gave the newscast some depth. With them having a tight space they still made it work when tossing to weather and sports at their locations. I would like to see them go back to this again. I think with the new screens though they weren't able to pull that effect off without showing their black curtains at the top and bottom of the screens. So hopefully this update will help them to achieve wide shots again. I also agree with this. In 2012 when they did the full makeover it felt very fresh and so new. New set, logo, music, and graphics. They had great promos and really made an effort. Over the years its felt stale. The set has gone through so many different upgrades but home base basically is the same except for the backgrounds screens. It's like there's been no effort or a cohesive effort. Their creative promos are gone. They don't even use a full VO anymore. Although I know that seems to be a trend nowadays. I hope they can get back to how they were in 2012. I feel they were really energized and put in so much effort to be competitive in the market.
  15. A little set update: Marion Brooks is back from vacation this week and posted on Facebook today to look for the new set next week.
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