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  1. I'm sure this is just Wolf scaling back. I mean the man's been working 7 days a week for months. CNN has a great pool of reporters to step up to the roles.
  2. Since the coronavirus I've noticed he's been on Monday through Friday and with special editions of the Situation Room on both Saturday and Sunday. So yes basically every day he works. This could also be due to the election as well.
  3. I like the music package. It screams traditional news. Some of the package elements make me interested to see what else they are going to show on the show. Like car report and a couple others that they have themes for. I'm really hoping this goes off really well for them with how much is invested into this.
  4. Today I saw a promo for News Nation on The Weather Channel today. So they're trying to get the word out.
  5. In Feders post it said that Rob was joining the investigating unit. Hes been part of it for awhile now. Granted there haven't been a lot of reports filed under it by him. Maybe it was a personal decision to move over to more of an investigator role. He worked at Dateline for quite awhile before coming to Chicago. I'd really hate it if they pushed him out in favor of Holt. Although I really like Stefan. He was great with Zoraida in the mornings.
  6. Here's Feders post as well. I'm actually quite shocked at this. I'm wondering why they're breaking up Rob and Allison at 10pm? They were the longest news team in the market. Still not getting a co-anchor for the morning news just seems bizarre to me too. Definitely one of the most major changes at WMAQ in quite a long time. They've always made small changes here and there or they've taken their sweet time promoting people but this his a huge sweep of changes.
  7. Michelle Relerford just posted on facebook that she is the new morning anchor Monday-Friday from 4-5am starting in August. She will then do top story updates from 5-7am. Feder also provided more information on the change and to the weekend teams. I'm very curious why they moved Alex to weekends to solo anchor and have Zoraida anchor solo weekday mornings. I know Michele will be there but it seems like shes just providing top story updates, not co-anchoring. Interesting moves at NBC 5.
  8. Today's Feder... Mass layoffs at WBBM (CBS2). https://www.robertfeder.com/2020/05/27/mass-layoffs-cbs-2-hit-pam-zekman-valued-members-team/
  9. I've seen some inconsistencies with their social distancing on the set. Last night both Rob and Allison at 10pm were together at the desk which contradicts this article. In the morning, Alex is in the weather center while Zoraida is at the desk. Seems to be a little all over the place throughout the day.
  10. A week or so ago I saw them do sports either right before or right after weather (cannot remember exactly) during the 9pm to do a special segment before the 10pm started. So they've moved sports around before.
  11. Isn't it typically at the end of the first block before the first commercial break?
  12. NBC 5 Chicago


    I believe she's on maternity leave.
  13. I wonder where in Chicago he is headed?
  14. Of course they would butcher this. The bug and L3's are nice. But they are still using the opens and transitions from the previous package. I wish they would use the full version of this new package.
  15. A 7PM newscast would not work at WMAQ or KXAS because that is when network programming starts. Chicago and DFW already have 6PM newscasts which is the 7PM equivalent to the east coast stations.

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