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  1. Hello, Want to work on a project together? I was thinking of launching a news forum with you?

  2. Could Judy fill in then as well?
  3. Rob Johnson and Marissa Bailey out at WBBM! https://www.robertfeder.com/2019/03/13/cbs-2-drops-anchors-rob-johnson-marissa-bailey/
  4. Looks like they’ve added another member to the NBC 5 Storm Team. Kristen Kirchhaine debuted tonight. Patrick Fazzio announced it during the 10pm news tonight. Did this fly under the radar? I don’t remember seeing anything about her.
  5. Looks like they've done some very minor studio upgrades. They've upgraded the TV in the stand-up area to a much bigger TV. Also, the weather center TV's look bigger to the left. The other day they had Brant in the weather center and they had two videos of conditions to the left. The standard weather center graphic with temperature underneath and to the right they had a big picture of the skylines. I don't remember the monitors to the left being flush with the background for such a big monitor array.
  6. One is for sure in Chicago. WMAQ barely uses it but heavily promotes it. When they do use it they put it close to Live Doppler 5 for some reason. Sometimes it comes in handy when they place it in northwest Indiana to show lake effect snow bands.
  7. That's true. I do have to say I've quite enjoyed seeing more of Dick Johnson. I've always liked Dick and felt he got the short end of the stick when it came to anchor positions. Yes, he tumbles a little from time to time but his marathon anchoring has made me have quite a lot of respect for him.
  8. I saw on their Facebook page, or maybe it was on Alex's Facebook page, that Marion confirmed that Patrick Fazio will join her at 4pm. But it won't be right away. Maybe in time for sweeps?
  9. So interesting evening schedule. Marion Brooks and Lauren Petty anchored the 4pm news which made me think Dick Johnson finally got a week off. Allison Rosati joined Marion at 5pm, however, Dick filed a report from the control room at 5pm but joined Allison for the 6pm and 10pm as well. Maybe they're testing things with Lauren Petty or finally giving Dick lesser time at the desk.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, this is week two for Andy being on vacation. Kalee subbed for him all last week too.
  11. Looks like WNBC is getting their own radar... [MEDIA=vimeo]195291987[/MEDIA]
  12. WMAQ played rotating anchors today. Alex Maragos anchored at 4pm with Marion Brooks. Dick Johnson then joined her at 5pm. At 6 it was Dick Johnson and Lauren Jiggetts. Then at 10 it was Allison and Dick. WMAQ is in desperate need of male anchors but seems to be in no hurry to find any.
  13. My DirecTV guide starting August 22 has NBC 5 News @4pm with Access Hollywood at 1pm and Extra at 1:30pm. I checked the next day and it says the same thing.
  14. NBC 5 unveiled their 4pm newscast extension today. Surprised it was during the Olympics. Looks like Rob Stafford and Dick Johnson will alternate the 4pm anchor position alongside Marion Brooks.
  15. WMAQ just upgraded their own radar to a high frequency S-Band radar. (Which now competes with WLS's Doppler 7 Max (also S-band radar)) They've been heavily promoting it during the Olympics. They also have Storm Chaser 5. A new promo during the opening ceremony promoted their new Live Doppler 5, Storm Chaser 5 and Storm Ranger 5. So it looks like WMAQ has theirs or will have theirs shortly. They haven't shown it on air other than the promos.
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