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  1. I think standing cheapens the look. They really need a new desk and rethink this whole standing thing especially for this being the #1 market. Other O&O's have much better desks.
  2. I saw that same promo. That's the only time I've seen the new logo on air yet.
  3. Like sister station WNBC, KNBC is adding a 30 min 7pm newscast anchored by Colleen Williams. From TVNewsCheck
  4. At first I thought it was AR. But the floor kind of gave that away then I became curious to where in the studio this actually could be. The only other big area they have in that studio is where the two green screens are but they cant get ride of those. I wonder if we'll ever get wide shots again tossing to sports or the toss from 4pm to 5pm. It would look cool with a nice background behind them.
  5. So the past couple of days (haven't watched the news in a few weeks) I've noticed a new area where the anchors present and was kind of shocked. It looks like they got rid of their stand up area completely and put in almost floor to ceiling screens. It's way better than what they had previously. I found a video from Michelle Relerford's Facebook page from a couple of days ago that shows it not in use behind Patrick Fazzio. https://fb.watch/5CWcQP1K1b/ Also another video of the same area in the middle of April before the upgrade. https://fb.watch/5CWJZ_Cpam/ N
  6. Today KCBS accidentally aired a live zoom call during a local weather hit during CBS this morning. Here's Deadline's article regarding the incident.
  7. Aren't the NBC O&O's due for a graphics refresh? Basically since 2008 they've refreshed the graphics every 4 years around the Olympics. Since Tokyo didn't happen last year due to the pandemic I'd suspect changes would be in order this year. Especially since they're getting a new set. This is the first O&O to show any signs of change. It'll be interesting to see what happens.
  8. CBS 2 Hired Laura Bannon as the weekday morning meteorologist. She comes from WSMV in Nashville. https://www.facebook.com/LBannonWX/posts/5769627929717866 And Feder just posted. https://www.robertfeder.com/2021/03/16/napervilles-laura-bannon-headed-home-morning-weather-job-cbs-2/
  9. Man the more days go on without WLS saying anything is just creating so much backlash on all social platforms. Mostly hate/insults for Cheryl. Granted we REALLY don't know what has happened and it isn't any of our business however all of this reporting sure is fueling this firestorm. You'd think the station at least would issue a statement since there has been so much backlash to try and set the record straight instead all of the silence is fueling more gossip/truth.
  10. I agree. Mike Caplan deserves the spot. He's one of the cities best meteorologists. I've been watching a lot of Good Day the past couple weeks and he is indeed great on there. I love his love for the weather. It'll be interesting to see if they promote within or hire out. I noticed Kaitlin Cody wasn't on the 9am show but she's on at noon. So maybe she's doing the evening ones this week?
  11. I saw it this morning. Kind of surprised since he's been there for awhile. Wonder who is going to fill the top spot. They only have 3 of them left. I haven't watched a lot of fox but I have recently been watching during the day. Is Mark on during the weekends?
  12. Doesn't WGN have 3 studios? WGN-TV is in 1, WGN American is in 1, and there's another one that WGN America used for their studio before it was completed. Unless I'm missing something.
  13. I'm sure this is just Wolf scaling back. I mean the man's been working 7 days a week for months. CNN has a great pool of reporters to step up to the roles.
  14. Since the coronavirus I've noticed he's been on Monday through Friday and with special editions of the Situation Room on both Saturday and Sunday. So yes basically every day he works. This could also be due to the election as well.
  15. I like the music package. It screams traditional news. Some of the package elements make me interested to see what else they are going to show on the show. Like car report and a couple others that they have themes for. I'm really hoping this goes off really well for them with how much is invested into this.

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