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  1. Michelle Relerford just posted on facebook that she is the new morning anchor Monday-Friday from 4-5am starting in August. She will then do top story updates from 5-7am. Feder also provided more information on the change and to the weekend teams. I'm very curious why they moved Alex to weekends to solo anchor and have Zoraida anchor solo weekday mornings. I know Michele will be there but it seems like shes just providing top story updates, not co-anchoring. Interesting moves at NBC 5.
  2. Today's Feder... Mass layoffs at WBBM (CBS2). https://www.robertfeder.com/2020/05/27/mass-layoffs-cbs-2-hit-pam-zekman-valued-members-team/
  3. I've seen some inconsistencies with their social distancing on the set. Last night both Rob and Allison at 10pm were together at the desk which contradicts this article. In the morning, Alex is in the weather center while Zoraida is at the desk. Seems to be a little all over the place throughout the day.
  4. A week or so ago I saw them do sports either right before or right after weather (cannot remember exactly) during the 9pm to do a special segment before the 10pm started. So they've moved sports around before.
  5. Isn't it typically at the end of the first block before the first commercial break?
  6. NBC 5 Chicago


    I believe she's on maternity leave.
  7. I wonder where in Chicago he is headed?
  8. Of course they would butcher this. The bug and L3's are nice. But they are still using the opens and transitions from the previous package. I wish they would use the full version of this new package.
  9. A 7PM newscast would not work at WMAQ or KXAS because that is when network programming starts. Chicago and DFW already have 6PM newscasts which is the 7PM equivalent to the east coast stations.
  10. Could we see a new graphics package debut on NBC Boston? It would align with the NBC O&O's debuting new graphics ahead of the Olympics every 4 years since look C.
  11. Hello, Want to work on a project together? I was thinking of launching a news forum with you?

  12. Could Judy fill in then as well?
  13. Rob Johnson and Marissa Bailey out at WBBM! https://www.robertfeder.com/2019/03/13/cbs-2-drops-anchors-rob-johnson-marissa-bailey/
  14. Looks like they’ve added another member to the NBC 5 Storm Team. Kristen Kirchhaine debuted tonight. Patrick Fazzio announced it during the 10pm news tonight. Did this fly under the radar? I don’t remember seeing anything about her.
  15. Looks like they've done some very minor studio upgrades. They've upgraded the TV in the stand-up area to a much bigger TV. Also, the weather center TV's look bigger to the left. The other day they had Brant in the weather center and they had two videos of conditions to the left. The standard weather center graphic with temperature underneath and to the right they had a big picture of the skylines. I don't remember the monitors to the left being flush with the background for such a big monitor array.
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