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  1. Jim Gardner announced on the air Ducis would be back in studio Monday.
  2. Melissa McGee replacement. https://tvnewscheck.com/more-news/journalism/article/wpvi-philadelphia-news-adds-two-journalists/
  3. https://www.pacenewsonline.com/2020/10/30/meteorologist-melissa-magee-joins-nbc4s-award-winning-weather-team/
  4. I just noticed they’ve run a 7pm newscast with Jacqueline and Jim this week instead of Access Hollywood, it looks like a permanent change.
  5. I agree, no chemistry between Rick and Sharrie, most of the changes seem to come out of nowhere, change for the sake of change. Sarah should be on at 5 with Rick, it was a solid newscast. This reminds me of the debacle when they tried to change the theme music.
  6. Noticed it also, was unusual, When Allie Gorman came on she said she was in for Rick and Sarah as she opened 12:30 block.
  7. NBC10 Airs First Newscasts From Comcast Technology Center https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/business/NBC10-Telemundo62-Comcast-Technology-Center-Center-City-Philadelphia-Launch-Newscast-498163201.html?akmobile=o
  8. I noticed the change also, highly unusual and no mention of why the change. It happened about 12 minutes into newscast.
  9. When Joe Holden & Rahel Solomon filled in it was a better newscast, Jim Donovan may be a good consumer reporter but he's no anchor.
  10. going to mornings in washington
  11. What a waste of the talents of Ukee, broadcast is not a news program it's a features program.
  12. Diane Rocco is a horrible anchor, her delivery really leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully since they've made changes already they'll bring people in that are anchors qualified to be the in the 4th largest market.
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